Reekz MB - Nobody's Giving Smoke

  • Published on Nov 6, 2016
  • Reekz MB Releases Visuals For Nobody's Giving Smoke Taken Off His Debut Mixtape Right&Wrong(RAW)
    Instrumental Prod By AKLondon
    Twitter - Reekzmb
    Instagram - Reekzmb1
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Comments • 148

  • Jamie Freeman
    Jamie Freeman 6 days ago

    He's way to g fuck these new drill artist fake cunts

  • Nik_Ibeash
    Nik_Ibeash Month ago +3

    Uk Drill hard af. 🔥🔥🔥Greetings from germany and free Reekz.📿

  • Omnis_ FlowZz
    Omnis_ FlowZz Month ago

    Reekz mb gonna escape?

  • leefy jo
    leefy jo 2 months ago

    3 reekz

  • Pacific Quality
    Pacific Quality 3 months ago


  • Nah bruv
    Nah bruv 4 months ago

    reekz is a fucking legend 3ReekzMb1000x

  • eddie doyle
    eddie doyle 5 months ago

    My other dad

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 5 months ago

    man jus wanna make it ome

  • Fabiola Mejia
    Fabiola Mejia 6 months ago

    Esta people por qué no viene a Colombia?

  • C
    C 7 months ago


  • Harry Da Don
    Harry Da Don 7 months ago

    Underrated man 🤦‍♂️

  • janneloffecarlsson
    janneloffecarlsson 7 months ago

    Reekz still da realest, ain’t no lie in them lyrics.

  • krazykanos98
    krazykanos98 7 months ago +10

    "shotgun in the 4door, shotgun on my person" - this bar was the truth and he got 23yrs for it :/

  • Mariokidink Jack
    Mariokidink Jack 7 months ago


  • Mrtrap Giddy
    Mrtrap Giddy 7 months ago +31

    The uk rap game is missing this guy 💯👊🏿👌🏿

  • gamingwithJJ johnson
    gamingwithJJ johnson 8 months ago

    0.75 🔥🔥🔥

  • Younes Shahi
    Younes Shahi 9 months ago

    free him

  • janneloffecarlsson
    janneloffecarlsson 9 months ago +3

    OG skengman, “I got a pack of both and I just want to make it home” ain’t that the truth.

  • qbanz
    qbanz 9 months ago

    This shit 🔥 word from the US

    • Fab
      Fab 9 months ago

      qbanz no cap🔥🔥

  • DC Heat
    DC Heat 10 months ago


  • The Real Azza #RipM #FreeCas #3TheB

    This don was toooo sick

  • GetBizzy
    GetBizzy 10 months ago

    free him soon make it home

    • C_04
      C_04 10 months ago +1

      Soon 😂, more like another 10+ years till he's out

  • 80s Baby
    80s Baby 11 months ago +1

    reekz was before his time RT. he'd be killing it now

  • bunch of cunch
    bunch of cunch 11 months ago

  • bunch of cunch
    bunch of cunch 11 months ago

    AKLondon comin thru with original beats

  • Amelia Mae
    Amelia Mae 11 months ago

    Reekz has been going in from qway back❤️❤️

  • Gang Way
    Gang Way Year ago


  • Gloqu
    Gloqu Year ago


  • Aces Up My Sleeve

    Instrumental link???

  • Tim Kramer
    Tim Kramer Year ago

    3 up

  • Sam Davidson
    Sam Davidson Year ago +1

    I like ya shit it dope 🤙🏿💵💵💵🤐👌🏿🔥💯

  • Danjuma Shekarau
    Danjuma Shekarau Year ago

    Gloves on mode mad !!!

  • termsn
    termsn Year ago

    Ahhh ffs 3 REEKZ man 10x. He was too cold

    • Alex S
      Alex S Year ago +1

      Tell me about it. Favourite artist on the planet and they locked him up

  • Woosher
    Woosher Year ago +2

    On Grm or Link up 500k at least... only real ones ere

  • Woosher
    Woosher Year ago

    Free Reekz

  • Chapo White
    Chapo White Year ago

    Ahh free gun clapper reekz mb

  • Di Bukov
    Di Bukov Year ago

    Can't stop repeat :)))

  • Rari _
    Rari _ Year ago

    3 Reekz!

  • Cameron
    Cameron Year ago +52

    damn, got 16 years, rip mans

  • Muluba -Muyanzi
    Muluba -Muyanzi 2 years ago

    Free Da Kid Reekz

  • Abdul Rafi
    Abdul Rafi 2 years ago

    a year!!!! where df r u

  • Abdul Rafi
    Abdul Rafi 2 years ago

    wherez reekzzzz

  • Beats Studio
    Beats Studio 2 years ago


  • b b
    b b 2 years ago

    Nice beat 🔊

  • Tobias
    Tobias 2 years ago


  • MrNightfox1980
    MrNightfox1980 2 years ago

    Is he in pen

    • Tobias
      Tobias 2 years ago

      MrNightfox1980 ye

  • Abdul Rafi
    Abdul Rafi 2 years ago +1

    da views pmo jus listen to da fukin lyrics and understand

  • Alex S
    Alex S 2 years ago

    Reekz is too much.

  • badhafri gayming
    badhafri gayming 2 years ago +1


  • ace 113
    ace 113 2 years ago

    this nigga bein killing shit since blueprint top driller

  • M Trap
    M Trap 2 years ago +1

    3 Reekz MB 10 x

    MODERNMEMORY 2 years ago +7

    Why did everyone sleep on this banger

  • Bluee Ice
    Bluee Ice 2 years ago +4

    Shoot mans face with no face, man don't wana make it known jeez

  • Uncle Benjen
    Uncle Benjen 2 years ago +1

    he shoulda put dis on link up or grm

  • Uncle Benjen
    Uncle Benjen 2 years ago

    these views are not exceptable

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence 2 years ago

    C.O.D is very shit

  • Ash Impreza
    Ash Impreza 2 years ago +7

    The view count is clearly broken

  • Isaac Lyons
    Isaac Lyons 2 years ago +3

    difference between reekz and every other drill rapper in the south right now is that hes actually got bars

  • young spartan
    young spartan 3 years ago

    bumbaclart that bar near the start was real asf these nigga's are just on the net they don't do smoke

  • Globbyy
    Globbyy 3 years ago

    Spitting flamesss