Waiter Recommends FROZEN Food to Ramsay! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • The look on Gordon's face...
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  • TheCbrown146
    TheCbrown146 13 hours ago

    Stop it Kenny.

  • Rebecca Oprea
    Rebecca Oprea 15 hours ago

    That’s why you read reviews before your go

  • Mc-Laine_AC
    Mc-Laine_AC Day ago

    When I read "frozen" I knew shits about to go down

  • Rambiinno
    Rambiinno Day ago

    "Its only been frozen once" Fucking hell😂

  • Pawel Moskala
    Pawel Moskala 2 days ago

    Gordon: I was nervous, standing here on my own.
    Camera Crew: Am I a joke to you?

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams 2 days ago

    O god, hope you did not stay the night, ewwwwww

  • Izzy Bobizzy
    Izzy Bobizzy 2 days ago +2

    I'm from this town and the way the inn was before is what everything is like there lol. Lots of bugs, passive aggressive control freaks, everything is old and gross, and everyone is white

  • Siddharth Sarwate
    Siddharth Sarwate 3 days ago +2

    How dramatic these scenes are, looks like u r doin for money but i kno u r Professional and real.

  • Angus Reed
    Angus Reed 3 days ago

    I tHinK tHaTs a CocKrOaCh

  • Jefferson Westbrook
    Jefferson Westbrook 3 days ago +2

    That was a Boxelder bug, come from the tree of the same name if anyone was wondering.

  • DerNamenvolle
    DerNamenvolle 4 days ago +1

    He didn't actually sleep in there, did he?

  • janet ruggles
    janet ruggles 4 days ago +2

    Would have liked to see the whole program. 👎😔

  • Regina Dillard
    Regina Dillard 4 days ago +1

    I’m my Mommy Dearest voice, “NO WIRE HANGERS!”

  • Neurotripsicks
    Neurotripsicks 4 days ago

    Oh sweeeet! This is the "note nazi" episode!

  • Allison
    Allison 5 days ago +2

    Unless for TV drama, if you knew your hotel was being reviewed by Gordon Ramsey and put on national television... can't you at least sweep or mop???

  • Nondumiso Crosby
    Nondumiso Crosby 6 days ago

    I would have died if someone poured bugs in my hand

    CHNOPS 6 days ago +1

    Waiter: here’s the ice cream
    Ramsay: is it frozen
    Waiter: yes
    Ramsay: disgusting

  • s driscoll
    s driscoll 7 days ago

    Honestly, THE HANGERS???
    White plastic hangars are $1 for like 10 at walmart.

  • Danielle Slaughter
    Danielle Slaughter 7 days ago +2

    Midwestern people: it’s just a boxelder bug 😂

  • Christian Lemelin
    Christian Lemelin 8 days ago

    ***You're not the Titanic, you're the Fucking Iceberg!***

  • Hossam Hazza
    Hossam Hazza 8 days ago

    Come f__________uae

  • mike Bordeaux
    mike Bordeaux 8 days ago

    I can’t believe he continues to find restaurants that are willing to show their dirty laundry.

    • Sheila T.
      Sheila T. 6 days ago

      Can you imagine checking into one of these fleabag motels?
      I would be so pissed.

  • S B
    S B 8 days ago


  • Vicant_dead angel
    Vicant_dead angel 8 days ago

    The food must be that bad if the waiter recommended frozen food

  • A Toilet
    A Toilet 8 days ago

    Karen looks like a karen holy shit

  • Josh Small
    Josh Small 8 days ago

    Gordon, it’s a box elder bug you rock

  • A H
    A H 8 days ago +37

    Whosever idea it was to switch the music when he was reading the different dishes is a comedy genius Lol

  • 9756 298650
    9756 298650 9 days ago

    This restaurant can't live in China.

  • Michael L Rakes
    Michael L Rakes 9 days ago

    That's actually a Cinch Bug, lawn vermin but not quite as nasty as a cockroach

  • Cvo777
    Cvo777 9 days ago

    Gordon how could you confuse the very common boxelder bug with the infamous Cockroach?? Very disappointed in you, it’s not right to make such claims on a whim. Please educate yourself on the two bug species before raising alarms.


    kitty 😸

  • Iced coffee
    Iced coffee 9 days ago +1

    I admittedly shouted “it’s a box elder bug!”

  • Robert Mckoy
    Robert Mckoy 9 days ago

    Seems not a single hotel or restaurant owner ever prepares for Gordon's arrival

  • ying xiong
    ying xiong 9 days ago

    Me... Oh this is another creepy hotel oh disgusting.
    Me after watching a little..... WHAT ON EARTH IS WITH THE SWEARING AND FROZEN FOOD !
    Press like if u agree!
    PS...I like ur videos and love to see how some people reacts after knowing what their making in life!

  • toonman81
    toonman81 9 days ago +17

    Waiter: Would you like to try our ice cream?
    Gordon: Is it frozen?

  • Crevis Slim
    Crevis Slim 9 days ago

    Jesus christ almighty. Looks like someome dropped a trex foot on my plate. Best insult hes ever delivered

  • Hannah Knight
    Hannah Knight 9 days ago

    Jesus, they do know Gordan Ramsey is coming to their restaurant right?? You think they couldn't clean the dead bugs off the windowsill or idk not serve him FROZEN food. It's like they dont even pay attention ffs.

  • Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice

    That was a boxelder, not a cockroach. That and the lady bugs (or asian beetles) come out in the fall here in MN in droves after the corn and soy beans are harvested. And stay all winter and come out in the spring.

  • Murada
    Murada 10 days ago


  • Jerry Pagac
    Jerry Pagac 10 days ago

    That's not a roach in the bathroom he not that smart.lol

  • Blake Huston
    Blake Huston 11 days ago

    That's a boxelder bug. Not a cockroach

  • EZ R1val
    EZ R1val 11 days ago

    3:22 guess the dogs a cannibal

  • Sol Mayfield
    Sol Mayfield 11 days ago +7

    This inn looks like a polished version of the Texas chainsaw massacre house. Love it

  • Lokman Hakim
    Lokman Hakim 12 days ago

    This hotel or jail..i think jail must be more good😂

  • Charlie Dawson
    Charlie Dawson 12 days ago

    Gordon's dog must eat some amazing food.

  • luke schwenk
    luke schwenk 12 days ago +1

    I felt bad for the waiter he was just tryna do his thang

  • Apple Applepie
    Apple Applepie 12 days ago +1

    How many nightmares Gordon had while sleeping in that room, or if he did.

  • Billy Block
    Billy Block 12 days ago

    People think ramsey is scary. He's set the standard of food around the country. Man deserves knighthood

  • Mary Comiskey
    Mary Comiskey 12 days ago +2

    You know you're from the city when you think a box elder is a cockroach

  • Ryan Burrows
    Ryan Burrows 13 days ago

    As much as i love him, that wasn't a cockroach

  • Cora Duffy
    Cora Duffy 13 days ago

    Thats a box elder bug 😂

  • Simon Grönlund
    Simon Grönlund 13 days ago

    Another one of those guys who think they can run a hotel/restaurant business just out of their superior mind. Hotel/restaurant owners, give the business manager and the chef the freedom to run their business, that is what you hired them to do. If you hired the wrong one, that is your fault but give them the leeway too work without you dictating anything they are in charge of. How awful is it you think you can be a dictator in areas you know nothing. Shame on you!!!

  • Mitch Burke
    Mitch Burke 14 days ago

    that wasn't a cockroach.

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez 14 days ago +1

    Di thumbnail muka gordon mirip joni listrik yg ketiaknya bau asam cuka

  • Harriet Kaufman
    Harriet Kaufman 14 days ago

    I would like to see the whole episode.

  • Mr. Wig.
    Mr. Wig. 15 days ago +1

    That lady was crazy Lol

  • Aaron Vaughn
    Aaron Vaughn 16 days ago

    That cockroach was actually a harmless boxelder bug. Lol.

  • Scary Terry
    Scary Terry 16 days ago +2

    if gordon ramsey saw what i ate on a daily biases i think he’d have more appreciation for food lol

  • Yianis Awad
    Yianis Awad 17 days ago +1

    My god you just cant watch youtube anymore with all this ads.. Just spent 3 mints trying to come back to this video after i missclicked and i had to go through 4 ads

  • Zahara Peters
    Zahara Peters 17 days ago +15

    Who else thinks Gordon and Simon Cowell are long lost

    • acheface
      acheface 3 days ago +2

      Ramsay would eat Cowell for breakfast.

    • Louie Bapestar
      Louie Bapestar 14 days ago

      Zahara Peters I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Egnatios Kassabian
    Egnatios Kassabian 18 days ago

    Thats one way of ending a conversation.

  • Shadowgt
    Shadowgt 18 days ago

    What episode is this from?

  • Rixxq minivan
    Rixxq minivan 18 days ago


  • Jeremy Harris
    Jeremy Harris 18 days ago

    Not a cockroach.. Box-elder

  • Sam Geuvenen
    Sam Geuvenen 21 day ago

    That's not a cockroach! That's a boxelder bug!

  • qTippy
    qTippy 21 day ago

    Gordon Ramsey’s dog probably eats better food than I do 💀

  • Febin Thomas
    Febin Thomas 22 days ago

    'Insect funeral home!' jeez, where does Ramsay get his ideas from?

  • NoahThe NotSoPro
    NoahThe NotSoPro 22 days ago

    Gordon: *Sees small, harmless boxelder bug*
    Gordon: oH sHiT a CoCkArOaCh

  • Rayth Slayer
    Rayth Slayer 22 days ago

    Well this is funny, I just got an ad about a frozen pizza...

  • None Yourbiddness
    None Yourbiddness 22 days ago

    Box elder bug= i think its a cockroach LMFAO

  • RmzBigShed walters
    RmzBigShed walters 23 days ago

    Fuck me even the flys are RAW! Unseasoned bedsheets, what a mess fuck me

  • MrTrainerGuy1
    MrTrainerGuy1 23 days ago

    What a shame.

  • Festyno
    Festyno 23 days ago

    Gordon is a blend of freddy Krueger , & A grandma

  • e gr
    e gr 23 days ago

    I would hate to see what he would say about TGI Friday’s.

  • Swiffer Duster Kitty & Friends

    Poor waiter was sweating bullets... poor guy 🙀

  • roosmarijn fenske
    roosmarijn fenske 25 days ago

    Who is Gordon Ramsay's stylist😖

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune 25 days ago +1

    That's not a cockroach. Stupid Britt....

  • William Di Videos
    William Di Videos 26 days ago

    Imagine Gordon’s dog getting a Michelin starred prime beef rib

  • Ethan-a-a-c 112
    Ethan-a-a-c 112 27 days ago

    Fucking hate that he moans at people for sweating

  • tanmoy aj
    tanmoy aj 27 days ago

    Well am dying!
    Ur fucking iceberg!

    Next sentence: Good night!! 180 u turn xD

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 28 days ago +3

    Ramsay: I want an ice cream
    Waiter: Sure its gonna be out in a minute
    Waiter: here you go sir
    Ramsay: Is it frozen?
    Waiter: Yes sir its frozen

  • Michael Weinstein
    Michael Weinstein 28 days ago

    How do you not make sure the room is ready for the person who is going to save your business?? I think the bugs paid for the room

  • Landon Dull
    Landon Dull 28 days ago

    The "cockroach" was a boxelder bug

  • Medha Tiwari
    Medha Tiwari 29 days ago +2

    When your own staff is rating the rooms 4 on 10 what do you think Gordon Ramsey would rate them - 20 on 10... I mean half of the restraints on this shows would do better if they had fresh food and good hygiene...

  • Axel O
    Axel O 29 days ago +2

    Imagine offering GR ice cream and he Returns the ice cream back to the kitchen and asks if it’s been frozen

  • James jones
    James jones Month ago

    Ramsey needs to go see basil fawlty and his workers.

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley Month ago

    Never recommend frozen food to Gordon Ramsay!

  • Breanna Rojo
    Breanna Rojo Month ago

    What is the episode and season?

  • daz man
    daz man Month ago

    Has all he can take for a day then finds a roach in the bed with him 😂....

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine Month ago

    That’s not a cockroach it’s a boxelder bug you ninny, they are all over North America, not surprised you thought it was a cockroach though concidering you’ve never seen one living in the UK

  • Shelli Bingle
    Shelli Bingle Month ago

    Okay, not a cockroach but the hotel is disgusting & I'm surprised he didn't see roaches!

  • Nicole Pinelook
    Nicole Pinelook Month ago

    U need to capitalize RECOMMEND

  • Just_sayin'_
    Just_sayin'_ Month ago

    2:30 Felonius Gru came along too... I wonder where the minions are at.

  • Avia Historia
    Avia Historia Month ago

    *_Excuse me, What the fuck?_*

  • Chun Chin
    Chun Chin Month ago

    Frozen trout, oh my!

  • Victoria Sharpe
    Victoria Sharpe Month ago

    LOL it doesn’t matter what bug it was people. I still wouldn’t want it watching me on the toilet 🤣🤣

  • olfan92
    olfan92 Month ago

    Even if real food cost more...just like with weed.
    if you buy shit you make no money. if you buy good stuff you will make money and profit.
    as long as you are profiting it doesnt matter how much profit.
    buy shit = lose money.

  • Ian Rivlin
    Ian Rivlin Month ago +1

    Come on Gordon. Stop mincing your words. Tell us what you really think.

    • Let me shit on you
      Let me shit on you Month ago

      Mincing is another word for gay. How do you know that he is a mincing queen?

  • Bill Woehl
    Bill Woehl Month ago

    Chef Ramsey, that is a boxelder bug in the bathroom, not a cockroach 😂😅😜

  • Shani Haddad
    Shani Haddad Month ago

    OK were is part 2