Top Crazy Russian Homemade Inventions 2019 #69

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • Top Crazy Russian Homemade Inventions 2019 #69
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Comments • 1 187

  • bella chia
    bella chia Day ago

    LMFAO at 4:33 one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile, thank you. Can you use a couple of politicians to achieve the same results?

    TWEAKLET Day ago

    the only thing interesting was the DIY husker and mulcher lawn mower was inefficient trash

  • Marcio Areas
    Marcio Areas Day ago

    4:57 we have this in brasil

  • Phil McCracken
    Phil McCracken Day ago

    Increase capitalism, increase motivation to innovate. Who woulda thunk it? Not many Uni grads with manicures.

  • Cédric Arn
    Cédric Arn Day ago

    4:32 is thez best ever ^^

  • BR S
    BR S Day ago

    But how!?

  • Nemon89
    Nemon89 Day ago

    Ok, not a russian expert but I am pretty sure the crossbow guy mutters in english ;)

  • Цукер Цукерберг

    It's not Russian. It's Ukraine.

  • manu
    manu 2 days ago


  • pbaylis1
    pbaylis1 2 days ago

    Russians are awesome

  • applesoranges
    applesoranges 2 days ago

    most of these aren't even russian you fucking clickbait fucks

  • Jhonatan Garcia
    Jhonatan Garcia 2 days ago

    Los chinos son mas inteligentes que los rusos

  • no name
    no name 2 days ago

    Кто в этом видео русские?? Русские - алкаши что они могут создать кроме самогонного аппарата?)))))

  • badrul samsudin
    badrul samsudin 2 days ago

    The most stupid cross bow ever

  • Ed fred
    Ed fred 2 days ago

    This is not russians , first is Ukrainische, 3th janki

  • NewCli Torg
    NewCli Torg 2 days ago +1

    кукуруза !!! я раньше в ручную так делал )))

  • Nice Surprice
    Nice Surprice 3 days ago

    У вас долбоёбов не меньше!

  • Андрей Ильющенко

    cat shit one ?

  • Андрей Ильющенко

    ха ха :( :(

  • fakeItRight
    fakeItRight 3 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, invention make you

  • fakeItRight
    fakeItRight 3 days ago

    Also the first russian inventions not stolen from the US or GB!

  • Manao Noy
    Manao Noy 3 days ago

  • Dan Strayer
    Dan Strayer 3 days ago

    here's how they do it in the first world.

  • Mark Lott
    Mark Lott 4 days ago

    The one with the red disc i could have told him they make lawnmowers and brush hogs now like in the 50's but pretty cool lol

  • Lori J
    Lori J 4 days ago n

  • Rein Subrov
    Rein Subrov 4 days ago

    Изобретатели велосипедов и самокатов.

  • Adam Poniatowski
    Adam Poniatowski 4 days ago

    2:37 the anti tank crossbow

  • HBN Infotech - Tutorials

    I never new that humans could be used as hot air blowers. Watch this at 4:33

  • PazuzuStalker
    PazuzuStalker 5 days ago +1

    They all seem to live in post apocalyptic ruins, dressed in military surplus and 80s skiing jackets. Drenched in radioactive rain...

  • привет седешный


  • Rooster Sofer
    Rooster Sofer 5 days ago

    Everything here that I saw was useless. Sure sucks to be in Russia.

  • Ievgen Barannyk
    Ievgen Barannyk 5 days ago +1

    Corn: it's UKRAINE invention (not Russia)

  • Randy Carstens
    Randy Carstens 6 days ago

    I wonder what product liability insurance would run?

  • Бравый Швейк

    Crazy 100%

  • Zweideutigkeit
    Zweideutigkeit 6 days ago +1


    industrialisation, 1800 (Russia, Colorised)

  • Simidae
    Simidae 6 days ago

    The second one, why would you want to hear a bell ringing all day? I have tinnitus from a brain tumor & that shit is annoying AF.

  • Paw Paw
    Paw Paw 6 days ago +2

    The first one was kind of corny.

  • taleandclaw rock
    taleandclaw rock 7 days ago

    Ingenuity born of necessity.

  • Andreas Nowack
    Andreas Nowack 7 days ago

    Yeah, liked to see the world deadliest lawn mower

    • 4NR4 3.0
      4NR4 3.0 7 days ago

      a wild rock appeared

  • Filantrop Filantrop
    Filantrop Filantrop 7 days ago +17

    the first story about corn is Ukrainian and not Russian

    • thestreetlawyer1
      thestreetlawyer1 18 hours ago

      ok, the 2nd video was oregon and not washington

    • mary jo manning
      mary jo manning Day ago

      подожди, у вас, ребята, есть имена пользователей на английском, но вы пишете свое сообщение на русском. хмм

      подожди, я тоже смеюсь

    • БегущийС Ветром
      БегущийС Ветром Day ago +1

      я знал, что здесь будет этот комментарий. ))))) и даже на английском

    • no name
      no name 2 days ago

      +Al St не мели чушь, русь с киева пошла!!! Окраина это ты

    • Al St
      Al St 4 days ago +2

      Так это и есть русские, жители окраины Руси, точнее.

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin 7 days ago

    those are corn stalks which he will use as cattle feed perhaps for a herd of cows ?? you've herd of cows ??? and meet the new chief Engineer for
    Briggs and Stratton ??? working his way up to John Deere ??

  • Hatred Fee
    Hatred Fee 7 days ago

    где медведь, водка, балалайка?
    where is the bear, vodka, balalaika)?

  • V. Z.
    V. Z. 8 days ago

    4:32 Works better when inserting penis for maximum vacuum.

  • V. Z.
    V. Z. 8 days ago

    3:54 You need plastic goggles just in case the arrow ricochets into your brain. Or you can buy a full body Kevlar suit and head armor (suggested gear).

  • Monica Christensen
    Monica Christensen 8 days ago

    that is why I admire the Russians a lot, as they always have very good inventions, I think vodka helps a lot, it's a joke, congratulations, for their ingenuity.

    • Filantrop Filantrop
      Filantrop Filantrop 7 days ago

      Vodka helps Russians only to degrade, there is not a single Russian in the video, in the first video there is a hardworking Ukrainian

  • Bến Tre Ơi
    Bến Tre Ơi 8 days ago

    Great, visit my house to play

  • Nick Eclipseman
    Nick Eclipseman 8 days ago +23

    On video Ukrainians and Syrians. Be careful.

    • Max Payne-Profy
      Max Payne-Profy 3 days ago

      +Al St а за малороса ми ще поговоримо

    • Max Payne-Profy
      Max Payne-Profy 3 days ago

      +Al St так, як ти можеш не розуміти української, то скажу тобу твоєю мовою: иди-ка ты нахуй. Ну а якщо я, на твою думку, малорос - то йди ще раз нахрін. Я взагалі походженням з Казахстану, по татовій лінії. Тож ти не кацап, це я тут Кацап, а ти, мабуть, - молодший гівнокидач( то таке звання в диванних військах), чи взагалі монгольський байстрюк( якщо чесно, мені начхати. На тебе і на твоє суб'єктивне бачення ситуації). Тож зараз реально, відійди від свого пристрою і реально пожуй гівна!!!

    • Al St
      Al St 3 days ago

      +Max Payne-Profy Ну вот как с тобой, идиотом разговаривать, если ты не понимаешь простейших вещей) Если уж на то пошло, ты вообще малоросс)

    • Max Payne-Profy
      Max Payne-Profy 3 days ago

      Ок, українці походять від русинів, русичів, то виходить ми більш "русские", ніж росіяни?

    • Al St
      Al St 4 days ago +1

      There is no such nation as ukranians, rhey are russians

  • Filipp Kruglov
    Filipp Kruglov 8 days ago

    Причем тут русские?

  • German Geld
    German Geld 8 days ago

    that not rus!

  • eddie mclaren
    eddie mclaren 8 days ago

    the ride on mower has already been invented, sorry boris

  • Ariel Mizen Hoffman
    Ariel Mizen Hoffman 8 days ago

    Maybe half is Russian and for sure not the Mega cross bow! I hate idiots that do all for show!

  • Wolfboy 227
    Wolfboy 227 9 days ago

    5:06 me putting my little sis in the blender

  • Kuntor Kunty
    Kuntor Kunty 9 days ago

    Boris cut grahss, oh motherland!

  • Kuntor Kunty
    Kuntor Kunty 9 days ago

    They make these things called lawnmowers.

  • Николай Абрамов

    пиздец ебанаты

  • Николай Абрамов

    ты блядь на этой косилке бензина больше по тратишь долбоебъ

    • georgiyzw
      georgiyzw 6 days ago

      Мотоблок на солянке.

  • Николай Абрамов


  • Николай Абрамов

    пока блядь стрелу зарядишь и убьют на хуй

    • Hatred Fee
      Hatred Fee 7 days ago

      этому долбаебу ума не хватило сошки прилепить

  • KGB
    KGB 9 days ago

    the 1st one is ukrainian.. watched to the end hella lame

    • Hatred Fee
      Hatred Fee 7 days ago

      +KGB ага, и не убивают, с библейских времен, как Каин например.. братья они разные бывают, ссорятся мирятся

    • KGB
      KGB 8 days ago

      +Владимир Обручев BULL SHIT.
      Brother does not steal from brother.
      In 12th century the land was first mentioned as Ukraine, no word on russia

    • Владимир Обручев
      Владимир Обручев 9 days ago

      Ukrainian is Russian, who forgot his ancestors.

    JOSÉ CAMILO 10 days ago

    6:20 Esta é a resposta de como foram feitos os Circulos nas fazendas: foi neste tiozinho que inventou a maquina! This is a response to how the crop circles were made: it was the little uncle who invented the machine!

  • Notmyreal nameman
    Notmyreal nameman 10 days ago +2

    This video was made by Chekhov from Star Trek. Who claims everything was invented in Russia.

    • Dj Luminol
      Dj Luminol 15 hours ago

      I could totally see him doing that. He is a seriously grumpy dude. I was friends with his kid in high school. The original not the new Chekhov who died recently

  • Robertus Koppies
    Robertus Koppies 10 days ago

    this is pointless. where's the vodka in this clip?

    • Seton During
      Seton During 9 days ago

      I had expectations when I saw the corn husks, but what can you do.

  • Hephasto
    Hephasto 10 days ago

    Fuck Russian
    Pidory jebani

  • Dance Republic
    Dance Republic 10 days ago

    это когда в селе становится скучно...

  • Dance Republic
    Dance Republic 10 days ago

    5:35 руки туда лучше не сувать

  • Greg Batton
    Greg Batton 10 days ago

    Not! These are crazy Americans with a barrett type crossbow. We have to make cold weapons is prohibited.

  • Borys Citizen
    Borys Citizen 10 days ago +1

    Top Crazy Russian Homemade Invention - starts with ukrainian dude processing corns - well, ok. (4:44 - same dude is finishing with corns :D )

  • Rabbiter
    Rabbiter 10 days ago

    The first part, with corn, is Ukrainian, not Russian.

  • Ron Tan
    Ron Tan 10 days ago +1

    7:13 and 8:35 They are trying to mow the grass right? I don't get it, so much machinery but they are totally inefficient, they just simple pressed the grass to the sides.

  • xedi
    xedi 10 days ago

    cool creations!
    the most advanced invention in 4:31

  • Svyatovit84 Svyatovit84


  • EvilTwin-niwTlivE
    EvilTwin-niwTlivE 10 days ago

    Home made lawnmower with 150% extra crap...only a rooskie

  • Sayeedy's Asylum
    Sayeedy's Asylum 11 days ago

    I heard that AK-47 was homemade too.

  • Руслан Сааев


  • August Johnson
    August Johnson 11 days ago +1

    If Stalin was alive, well you figure it out

  • Никита Волков

    CYBERSLAV 2077

  • Kostya Efremov
    Kostya Efremov 11 days ago

    lol, not a single vid is from Russia in this compilation, author is a retard.

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 11 days ago +1

    There are two types of Russians. The first type is the guy working for the mob who wears sweat pants, and the second type wears camo and he works for the government . The reason the mobster wears sweat pants is so he can outrun the government guy wearing camo. Cheers.

  • Дмитрий Анисимов

    1:39 bamboo is very common in Russia

  • Николай Ерёмин

    ребятки, первое видео из Украины

  • Владимир Муковозчик

    А че говорят по украински

  • Peter Biesbroek
    Peter Biesbroek 11 days ago

    Very soon now, we, in the USA will need the same practical approach to everydays challenges....after chinese took over our way of life. Russian way of selfsupport, thats all that will be left...

  • starsunderer
    starsunderer 11 days ago

    This is why Russians will lead the world into space one day.
    Cost effective and although not particularly safe a lot of times, functional.

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 12 days ago

    I liked the bellows!

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 12 days ago +1

    Most annoying bell ever

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 12 days ago +1

    Gotta love these guys!

  • Salvador Scar
    Salvador Scar 12 days ago

    stupid autor

  • Sasha K
    Sasha K 12 days ago

    First VIdeo is Ukrainian . You might as well call it American because there is a huge difference between what's on the video and what it is called.

  • p603nix
    p603nix 12 days ago

    pesimos y ridiculos...

  • Oleg
    Oleg 12 days ago

    The first video is Ukrainian, not Russian

  • Ян Пономарев
    Ян Пономарев 12 days ago +1

    Касилка каторая гладит траву, арбалет слонобой,и фонтан заеби соседа.Какие нужные изобретения

  • The John Cena Effect
    The John Cena Effect 12 days ago

    this is why the russians got to space first

    • Widerstandkämpfer17
      Widerstandkämpfer17 11 days ago

      ... but for some reason failed to design a car worth looking at twice.

  • Минин
    Минин 12 days ago

    4:33 особенно вот эти бля
    в натуре самых русских нашли
    афтар еблан

  • Wayne Braganza
    Wayne Braganza 12 days ago

    que no trate de matar a un oso con esa ballesta porque con esa apunteria y lo lento que recarga el oso se lo come como 5 veces y todavia pide postre :/

  • Hazard Potato
    Hazard Potato 12 days ago

    Just give them vodka, they won't need the machines.

    • Somi Witl
      Somi Witl 9 days ago

      Hazard Potato ....and weed to americans, they won't need to work.

  • AaronBG99
    AaronBG99 12 days ago


  • Roger Counts
    Roger Counts 12 days ago

    [4:34] wth

  • Roger Counts
    Roger Counts 12 days ago

    Russians are crazy good with mechanical devices.

  • Oppakor PhnomPenhTools

    No one Russian in video!!! crazy...