The Ending of The Matrix Trilogy Finally Explained

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • The Matrix is one of the most influential action movies of all time, but by mixing stylish gun-fu fight scenes with cyberpunk themes, it built to a trilogy that may have left a few moviegoers a little confused. Now that we've got some distance from the climactic installment, let's take a look back at the movies' meaning and break down the conclusion. Here's the ending of the Matrix trilogy explained.

    One major theme that came to the fore as the series reached its conclusion had to do with the similarities between humans and machines. In the original, they couldn't seem more different, but by Revolutions, programs in the Matrix are portrayed as being almost more human than our heroes, loving and happy individuals, as worthy of existence as any person. Further, characters from the first film who were firmly human or machine are portrayed in the sequels as having a little bit of both.
    The similarities go in both directions. Agent Smith, a program, copied his consciousness onto a human form, entering the real world through the vessel of a resistance fighter named Bane. Neo, a human, reached the Source to discover that being the One was his destiny because it was programmed into him.
    The humanizing of the Machines and the complimentary mechanization of Neo made for a storytelling turn that audiences weren't really ready for. People who saw The Matrix couldn't be faulted for expecting an ending that saw Neo winning by doing his Superman thing and eradicating humanity’s robot overlords. Instead, Neo triumphed by becoming a bridge between man and machine, sacrificing his own life for the sake of securing the future.
    He also made Hugo Weaving’s head explode, but that wasn’t quite as important.

    One widespread but inaccurate theory about the sequels is that the “real world” is actually a second Matrix. While the reasons why this isn't true are explained in the movies, they're also relatively easy to misunderstand.
    The real world isn't another level of the Matrix, but it is involved in another system of control. As the Architect explains at the ending of The Matrix Reloaded, each version of the Matrix is propped up in the real world by a controlled rebellion. With each new iteration of the Matrix, a select portion of the population is freed, allowed to live in Zion. There, they help to liberate people still inside the Matrix, searching for the One.
    Finding the One, the human rebels rally behind them, supporting them until they reach the Source. There, the One discovers that they are not meant to destroy the Matrix, but rather restart it. At this point in the cycle, the Machines attack Zion and destroy it, killing the rebellion.
    The One, having reached the Source, is made to choose between either reloading the Matrix and selecting a handful of survivors to build a new Zion, or walking away, supposedly causing a system crash, leaving the humans inside and outside of the Matrix all dead.
    Up until Neo, every One made the choice to restart, perpetuating the system of control. Because Neo loves Trinity, he chooses to sacrifice everything to be with her. This is the choice that makes him special. Keep watching the video as we explain the rest of The Matrix.
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    The man and the machine | 0:23
    Desert of the real | 1:40
    I see you | 2:57
    The virus | 3:54
    Mecha | 5:11
    The anti-virus | 6:09
    The plan | 7:21
    The meaning of Sati | 8:43
    Version 7 | 10:02
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  • Looper
    Looper  4 months ago +1262

    Do you think they'll ever reboot or continue the Matrix universe?

  • Jodie Palmer
    Jodie Palmer 6 hours ago

    I just rather enjoy the trilogy. It was great from start to end. Still is after all these years. Nothing will come close to what it represents.

  • Tupac is forever
    Tupac is forever 2 days ago +1

    What peace??? I don't understand; the machines still won and humans are still slave (I mean they still need humans' body heat for power) all these programs (Oracle, Architect etc.. in the matrix are not humans otherwise wise from oblivious slaves being used as battery in the real world) so this video argument of peace don't adds up. As long as there's machines sympathizing and being compassionate with humans there can be no peace. Moreover Zion and the real world looks like hell

  • Philipp Ludwig
    Philipp Ludwig 3 days ago

    Besides the details on the way, Inception follows the exact same story premise.

  • factinator33
    factinator33 5 days ago

    I want to offer this... Our overlords, or elites who run the world keep pushing this BULLSHIT narrative that the human race is so violent that we need to be tamed, WHEN ITS ACTUALLY OUR LEADERS THAT STARTED ALL THE WARS FOR CENTURIES ....

  • Assassin Initiate
    Assassin Initiate 5 days ago +1

    This vid totally fried my brain🥴🤯

  • João Dias
    João Dias 6 days ago

    Here s why Kenshi missing in MK

  • Michael Joniaux
    Michael Joniaux 6 days ago

    If the real world isn’t a part of the matrix, then how did that kid bring the spoon with him from the matrix? You know, the one that psychic kid in the matrix had bent when explaining “its not the spoon that bends, but your mind”?

  • Fallen One
    Fallen One 6 days ago

    I think the final fight between Smith and Neo was fantastic. We can easily see that Neo's combat skills still remain superior to Smith's. He is still The One and therefore he knows how to break The Matrix's laws to be unstoppable. Smith, on the other hand, has learned to corrupt The Matrix, allowing him to also be unstoppable but in a different way. It makes him basically resistant to damage, therefore impossible to beat. But during this five-minute fighting sequence, we can still see Neo beating the living hell out of Smith. Right until the moment Neo decides it's time to finish it, the part where he falls. It's such a unique and genius way of granting the protagonist victory, but through loss at first glance. Something we would never see in today's action and sci-fi movies.

  • Irfan Summers
    Irfan Summers 8 days ago

    Did neo die after he fought Smith in the real world?

  • Scott Pepper
    Scott Pepper 11 days ago

    First film was great the other two dogshit.

  • Mpamphs Kangourosaurous

    These Movies have the Deepest Meaning of every movie ever created , You CANT reboot a Perfection .

  • Troy Henry
    Troy Henry 13 days ago

    This explanation for why Neo can see the machines is just flat wrong. It has way to many holes as an acceptable explanation.

  • Jameel Mohammed Syed
    Jameel Mohammed Syed 13 days ago

    So basically what we knew all along.

  • khushwaj
    khushwaj 13 days ago

    Best sci fi movie ever

  • The Nothing Network
    The Nothing Network 16 days ago

    I didn't know it needed explaining

  • Traian Soare
    Traian Soare 16 days ago

    Yesss... elaborate bullshit but still...bullshit of your choice....

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 17 days ago

    All the bad guys were white. Most of the good guys were nonwhite.

  • Gulmund
    Gulmund 19 days ago

    Was it really that hard to understand?

  • hoshen
    hoshen 20 days ago +2

    I actually liked the two sequels...
    I really enjoyed watching them

  • victor arregnelle
    victor arregnelle 21 day ago +1

    Matrix=mother Earth=Gaia=Virgin Mary, the one the brings life without sex. Hence the biblical theme? Meh just a thought.

  • T Rideout
    T Rideout 21 day ago

    7 is the biblical number of perfection

  • AJ Green
    AJ Green 21 day ago

    The new movie should be called the Matrix Resurrection.

  • Milos Jovanovic
    Milos Jovanovic 21 day ago

    The last thing he says to him isn't "Because I choose to". It's "You were right. It was inevitable", which means there was no choice, only the illusion of choice.
    Neither Neo or Smith were free to do otherwise.

  • Naty Bar-yosef
    Naty Bar-yosef 21 day ago

    Metrix didnt even close to the end

  • John M.
    John M. 22 days ago

    What if they re-did the matrix where neo chose to help the agents instead

  • Karl T
    Karl T 22 days ago

    I don't get it

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  • Ippokun
    Ippokun 23 days ago

    This is fantastic. But doesn't Smith reveal in Reloaded that he does, in fact, have a choice when he says "I chose to stay...I chose to disobey".

  • Hex Omega
    Hex Omega 25 days ago

    Yeah but why

  • A.L
    A.L 26 days ago


  • SnoozeVictim
    SnoozeVictim 27 days ago

    I bet they will reboot it with a female Neo next time around who has much more love inside her than men. Wait, female Neo will actually make a baby with the architect and make him experience love for the ultimate freedom.

  • Nto Mo
    Nto Mo 27 days ago

    I still don't understand what the matrix is about but it's provocative,keeps me going.

  • chrishdk
    chrishdk 27 days ago

    I think what Pple misunderstand is that peace is temporary as is existence, the story is about the human condition. Love was actually a variable the machines accounted for bc they also feel it, and the binary choice neo was given have the same result. The revolution is a choice between suffering servitude or accepting impermanence.

  • chrishdk
    chrishdk 27 days ago

    With the philosophy of spirituality, there is no conflict with free will and the inevitable. They coexist. Neo basically surrenders so that everything is one.

  • Fahad Zubaid
    Fahad Zubaid 28 days ago

    But the peace between them doesn’t make sense because the machines literally need to grow humans for sustenance. So what do the machines do now? Stop feeding? Grow new humans? Yeah....this is the only thing that is pretty much left unanswered.

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 28 days ago

    God I hate Agent Smith! What a good antagonist! Played very well by the actor.

  • M C
    M C 28 days ago +5

    The Revolution should have ended differently, first of all, Trinity and Neo shouldn't have died. There were a lot of ways to make it interesting without killing the main characters. I feel like if they killed Morphius instead that would give Neo motivation to keep going instead of killing Trinity

  • kObold gamer
    kObold gamer 28 days ago

    I didn´t know that it had to be finally explained, hahahaha - and mate, there is no gun-fu fight, mixing here shit up from Equilibrium and John Wick🤣

  • kObold gamer
    kObold gamer 28 days ago

    I didn´t know that it had to be finally explained, hahahaha - and mate, there is no gun-fu fight, mixing here shit up from Equilibrium and John Wick🤣

  • kObold gamer
    kObold gamer 28 days ago

    I didn´t know that it had to be finally explained, hahahaha - and mate, there is no gun-fu fight, mixing here shit up from Equilibrium and John Wick🤣

  • LiquidPhase1307 Phase
    LiquidPhase1307 Phase 29 days ago

    Do not (i repeat)
    This trilogy was unique, it will go down in history. It is.....The One

  • MegaGug 95
    MegaGug 95 29 days ago

    Technically, it made sense for Trinity to take forever to die. She’s impaled in the gut, you’d die by bleeding to death.

  • Boris Svetiev
    Boris Svetiev 29 days ago

    What I still don't fully understand is: why Smith glitches before the end?
    I think it has something to do with him not understanding choice as a concept but I cannot yet formulate it as a clear explanation. Would love some feedback and theories on this matter.

  • Mohamad Jamous
    Mohamad Jamous 29 days ago

    and through the 7th version of the matrix neo becomes johnny silverhand!!

  • Jared McCain
    Jared McCain 29 days ago

    Then Neo wakes up as John Wick.

  • Chaos Knight
    Chaos Knight Month ago

    The 2nd and 3rd part were garbage

  • Jack K
    Jack K Month ago +1

    Was agent smith the one, or not?

  • Jack K
    Jack K Month ago

    If the machines try to control people using love, there will just arise an 8th One. The humans are evolving. The problem is that the war apparently never stops because the matrix is never defeated.

  • kage
    kage Month ago

    Machines know love. Watch Animatrix. They send 2 ambassadors to humans for stop to war, and for peace, but great(!) human minds destroy those two ambassadors and fuck it up. So they wanted peace and cooperation but humans are stupid obviously.

  • Nathan Tankersley
    Nathan Tankersley Month ago

    It’s weird this movie is 20 years old wtf when I was little a 20 year old movie looked dramatically worse than a modern movie yet now movies from 20 years ago still hold up very well I believe we are reaching a peak and it will take massive innovation from now on to captivate people like the matrix originally did

  • Tracy Schweitzer
    Tracy Schweitzer Month ago

    For me they could have stopped at one. It was the best of all of them.

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  • CleanerBen
    CleanerBen Month ago

    The way I saw it, with sahti, is that her parents were not really satisfied with the way the machine world operated. That they, and by extension other programs and machines, wanted to be more than just tools for a job. The whole point of fighting humanity was to be free, yet they too found themselves trapped in a system without any choice or free will,a system that they themselves created and uphold for their own survival, just like the human matrix. Sahti was their f u to the system.

  • CJ S
    CJ S Month ago

    They couldn't see the overwhelming success of first one and were not equipped to write anything beyond that.

  • Monkey Robots Inc.
    Monkey Robots Inc. Month ago

    this video sucks

  • diegomer
    diegomer Month ago +1

    The fact is, the first movie was excellent because it ripped off a comic book. The rest was drivel.

  • Leonardo Braynen
    Leonardo Braynen Month ago +1

    This is the most in depth analysis of the Matrix *EVER!!!*
    While action was awesome, some things left me scratching my head.

  • White Noise
    White Noise Month ago

    This is one of the few movie series that got better as the years went on. It deserves a rewatch.

  • SkunkWerks7
    SkunkWerks7 Month ago

    I feel like almost none of this needed explaining. It's all in the movies. That said, I did feel the introduction of the concept of "rogue programs" in the second film was somewhat ham-handed.

  • mandellorian
    mandellorian Month ago

    Still doesn`t explain the monumental stupidity of zion`s defenses, why a clearly incompetent guy was in charge of the zion military or who the fuck thought the mechs with an exposed pilot was in anyway a good idea.

  • Masterplan
    Masterplan Month ago +152

    the machines were lucky John Wick wasnt around.

    • Masterplan
      Masterplan 12 days ago +3

      @Philip Tucker just give him a fooking pencil and the war would be over in 5 minutes.

    • blkwng
      blkwng 12 days ago +4

      @Philip Tucker john wick dont need to dodge bullets bro. Bullets dodge john wick.

    • Philip Tucker
      Philip Tucker 12 days ago +1

      blkwng Neo can stop and dodge bullets bro...Wick couldn't do shit lol

    • blkwng
      blkwng 15 days ago +2

      @AJ Green you would be grossly mistaken 😂

    • AJ Green
      AJ Green 21 day ago

      Masterplan pretty sure neo would’ve kicked the shit out of Wick! 😂

  • Oscar Castro
    Oscar Castro Month ago +1

    Just finished it. Wow so underrated!! Amazing story and fighting scenes

  • SWGoH Cantina and Emporium

    Finally explained? There are literally thousands of videos saying everything this video does

  • J.
    J. Month ago

    I think I need a video explanation to explain this video explanation.

  • Jasim Mohamed
    Jasim Mohamed Month ago

    Very true how did u come up with this

  • David Ward
    David Ward Month ago

    A ceasefire is not a win. The Matrix continues. Failure is not acceptable. There was no restart. No revolution. No solution. A Spectacular but failed Trilogy.

  • Alex Mitchell
    Alex Mitchell Month ago

    Anyone notice the continental hotel in the Matrix

  • Catapult Gaming
    Catapult Gaming Month ago

    If you played The Matrix Online you'd have known long ago

  • Last Panda
    Last Panda Month ago

    That made me less annoyed about Reloaded.

  • Đəmøñhųņťĕř

    Wtf man 10;30 scared yhe shit out of me

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude Month ago +6

    They need to do The Matrix 4 except every character is Jar Jar Binks

  • c j
    c j Month ago

    So, how do I get out of the matrix? I have a feeling I am the one??

  • Movie Box
    Movie Box Month ago +1

    2019 ?

  • Gerald Park
    Gerald Park Month ago +7

    basically neo became a walking wireshark??

  • earthwatcher2012
    earthwatcher2012 Month ago

    Nice with your six frickin embedded ads. Get outta here with that bullsht

  • Maverick's Arcade
    Maverick's Arcade Month ago

    Point of clarification. Neo is not the Anti-Virus in the beginning. He's just the only human/machine that is capable of not being taken over by Smith. Everything that the machines send to stop Smith are overridden with Smith. Any human is killed by Smith/imprinted. Neo isn't able to stop Smith himself, but he is able to allow Smith the override him long enough for the machines to analyse the Smith program and create an anti-virus/clean-up algorithm. This is why the machines and Neo's body react violently when he is 'infected'. Then the machines create an AV definition and push it back into Neo and the rest of the Matrix. The choice Neo made was to allow himself to be the vessel to perform analysis in creating a cleanup utility :-)