ChefSteps Tips & Tricks: One Steak to Feed Them All

  • Published on Oct 16, 2015
  • The simplest path to steak-dinner success? Let us show you the way.
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Comments • 92

  • B' D
    B' D 2 years ago

    Dayum that steak looks 3 inches thick, no way cooking it right just pan frying, in fact, I'd call that a roast rather a steak

  • sjohn
    sjohn 3 years ago

    Could you guys recommend a cut of meat?

  • MuhLogan
    MuhLogan 3 years ago
    I just did that!!

  • Jerrk64
    Jerrk64 3 years ago

    I agree with chefsteps on pretty much everything, and I kinda like the idea of this video, but I would only do this if I also cooked a whole bunch of other things, which in that case I probably could just cook more steaks instead and just a few other things. The point Im tryna make is Im a hungry guy, so I cook portions I'd wana eat.
    Steak looks pretty on point btw

  • Nick Wong
    Nick Wong 3 years ago +1

    "I find it real fun to just focus on one piece of meat..." - #GrantCrilly2015

  • InvestOrama
    InvestOrama 3 years ago

    Such a good idea, makes it feel a lot more fine dining and impressive than individual steaks: bring on the big ones!

  • Malja Steffi Lee
    Malja Steffi Lee 3 years ago

    dude (Sir Grant Crilly) you remind me so much of M. Gustave of The Grand Budapest Hotel

  • uetzel
    uetzel 4 years ago

    i'd eat one of these myself, too small!

  • Enderwiggan1
    Enderwiggan1 4 years ago

    It's not really a steak anymore then - more like a joint of meat. I dont think it's a good idea sorry.

  • Pro Home Cooks
    Pro Home Cooks 4 years ago +6

    Genius advice! just realized i've been doing this for years without really thinking about it! great vid fellas

    • Alex MacGregor
      Alex MacGregor 3 years ago

      I'm a professional cook, my life has basically been
      summed up to :
      Chefsteps in the streets, Brothers Green in the sheets.

  • ibeleaf
    ibeleaf 4 years ago

    "i find it really fun to just focus on one piece of meat" hahaha

  • Robaroo
    Robaroo 4 years ago

    i thought this was going to show us how to cook the steak. it just tells us to buy a bigger piece to feed multiple people. okay thanks.....

  • Cody McKavanagh
    Cody McKavanagh 4 years ago +1

    Those books in the back ground though!

    • Cody McKavanagh
      Cody McKavanagh 4 years ago

      So good! Ill be there in 5! ;)

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago

      +Cody McKavanagh Right?! We LOVE our cookbook library!

  • DH DH
    DH DH 4 years ago +1

    this is BS

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago +7

      +DH DH Yes, this is "Big Steak"

  • Jimmylqd
    Jimmylqd 4 years ago

    Question: What cut is that?

    • The Witcher 3 Misc
      The Witcher 3 Misc 4 years ago

      +Jimmylqd red meat causes cancer!

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago

      +Jimmylqd New York!

    • stooge81
      stooge81 4 years ago

      +Jimmylqd my guess is that it's a strip...or new york strip...steak.

  • stewsons
    stewsons 4 years ago

    I have started buying different cuts of meat (sirloin, rib eye etc) and serving it up the way they do in the video but it allows people to try and compare different cuts of meet. Sort of like getting 4 different samples of beer or a flight of wine.

  • drey dmello
    drey dmello 4 years ago +1

    hey guys at chefsteps is it true that gabe invested in the kitchen at chefsteps?

    • batt3ryac1d
      batt3ryac1d 3 years ago +1

      +ChefSteps I hope you cooked him a steak.

    • drey dmello
      drey dmello 4 years ago


    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago

      +drey dmello :)

  • JBR
    JBR 4 years ago

    Could you do a recipe for the middle eastern dish called Shakshuka? So tasty, and I'm sure you guys could do one that is amazing.

  • Scrappy 777
    Scrappy 777 4 years ago +7

    Favorite food? Milk steak boiled over hard with a side of raw jelly beans.

  • Lorenzo Bonferroni
    Lorenzo Bonferroni 4 years ago

    Grant should cook without his shirt. I love his moustache he is so sexy.

  • Lorenzo Bonferroni
    Lorenzo Bonferroni 4 years ago

    Grant should cook without his shirt. I love his moustache he is so sexy.

  • Lorenzo Bonferroni
    Lorenzo Bonferroni 4 years ago

    Grant should cook without his shirt. I love his moustache he is so sexy.

  • Lorenzo Bonferroni
    Lorenzo Bonferroni 4 years ago

    Grant should cook without his shirt. I love his moustache he is so sexy.

  • Syaza Nani
    Syaza Nani 4 years ago

    i want see you cook the banana fried

  • Jonathan Patras
    Jonathan Patras 4 years ago

    Grant the beefy beefcake what the fuck does that even mean -_-

  • mjollner23
    mjollner23 4 years ago +1

    Found and started following you guys a couple of months back. Yesterday in a video about Valve I learned that Gabe Newell is one of your investors and believers of your idea.
    I thought you guys were cool before, but now you guys just became waaaaaaaay cooler!
    The fact that he believes in you means you're likely on to something big.
    Say hi to Gabe if he ever drops by to check on his investment!

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward 4 years ago +1


  • Frank Wood
    Frank Wood 4 years ago +2

    The quality of these videos really has gone down recently. Stick to what you do best - science heavy cooking.

  • Keren Wang
    Keren Wang 4 years ago

    With that thickness, sous vide is like the only viable option right? Or oven?

  • Cindy Khalista
    Cindy Khalista 4 years ago +1

    Beefy beefcake.. Yes.

  • Grimey
    Grimey 4 years ago +1

    shouldnt you sear after sous videing? instead of the other way around and ending up with a limp crust.

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago +1

      +p0331546 You could certainly do that as well! We pre-sear for flavor and you post-sear for texture so you can absolutely do both!

  • capitaine caverne
    capitaine caverne 4 years ago

    more inspriration !!!!!

  • Evolete Official
    Evolete Official 4 years ago +2

    Good guy chefsteps. Reuploads video so the world can have good steak.

  • Rachel True
    Rachel True 4 years ago

    Not to *you

  • Rachel True
    Rachel True 4 years ago

    Didnt to guys already post this

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago

      +Rachel True We did! There was an edit that needed to be made so we took it down for a quick alteration!

  • Kai Yan
    Kai Yan 4 years ago

    is it a good idea use butter to sear the steak?

    • batt3ryac1d
      batt3ryac1d 3 years ago

      +Kai Yan Add a teaspoon of oil into your butter so you can get a decent sear temperature.

    • x2lazy2die
      x2lazy2die 4 years ago

      +Kai Yan im not sure what the consensus is but imo, butter burns @ the temperature u want to really sear your steak

      i normally sear with oil then do butter afterwards cus butter is the best

    • Côte de Bœuf
      Côte de Bœuf 4 years ago

      +Andrew Felix Ferdaus Seconding this, though I will say that I have never had a good experience searing with canola. Turns to pitch in seconds. I always use high oleic sunflower/safflower oil or avocado oil. All work fantastically.
      Go for oils that have a high smoke point and are high in monounsaturated or saturated fats.

    • Andrew Felix Ferdaus
      Andrew Felix Ferdaus 4 years ago +5

      +Kai Yan it's very good to add a developed nutty flavor on the crust of ur steak, but u can't get butter hot enough to sear ur steak before the butter gets burned. so sear ur steak with a smoking hot high smoke-point oil (something like canola or sunflower oil), then after u get nice sear on the outside, chuck in ur butter and baste ur steak continuously, around 1-2 minutes away from serving, that way u'll get steak with the perfect sear with the most beautiful nutty flavor from the beurre noisette

    • haydensi
      haydensi 4 years ago

      +Kai Yan Yeah. You can use oil for a "cleaner" taste but honestly butter is so much better. As it cooks the fats will do the deed with the fats from the steak helping make the steak a tad richer. Also as the butter browns its gets a nutty taste which just makes the steak 1000x better. If you don't cook it on high then butter makes the steak 1000x better than oil.

  • Vam
    Vam 4 years ago

    hawt stuff

  • Mario on the Moon
    Mario on the Moon 4 years ago

    put mini steak in mini buns

  • Ben Yu
    Ben Yu 4 years ago

    whatsthe best cut and steps to cook it?

    • Côte de Bœuf
      Côte de Bœuf 4 years ago

      Chuck short ribs, sous vide 131F/55C for 48-72 hours

    • B Martin
      B Martin 4 years ago

      the best cut is the cut you most prefer. the only thing people will be able to tell you is the only they most prefer. I could tell you my cut of preference, and it's different than the commenter before me. how about you select the cut you like most, and then go from there.

    • Andrew Felix Ferdaus
      Andrew Felix Ferdaus 4 years ago

      +Ben Yu the most perfect cut for steak is probably the rib eye, it got the perfect amount of fat, beautiful marbling, and well developed flavor with the perfect tenderness and texture on the muscle. i'll have to say, the best way to cook it is by searing ur beef on a smoking hot skillet (with oil of course) sear it all over the surface. sous vide it with butter and aromats at 55C until the internal temperature hit 55C and then finish ur steak by deep frying it at 200C oil to refresh the crust, then u can season ur steak with salt and pepper

  • Joe Large
    Joe Large 4 years ago +2

    well sure but the point of video is don't buy 3 steaks. do 1.

  • Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew 4 years ago +2

    so no missedsteak is done

  • Shaz Green
    Shaz Green 4 years ago +5

    one steak to feed them all, one steak to find them, one steak to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

  • Fuzzy2U Fuzzy2U
    Fuzzy2U Fuzzy2U 4 years ago +1

    Who the hell would boil a steak in a bag?
    A fail from the start.
    I'm not sure where you fancy boys are from but you need to stop in on Texas sometime and have a piece of steer.
    Cooked like a MAN cooks.

    • Kenneth W
      Kenneth W 4 years ago +1

      who boiled something in a bag? Grant didn't, I didn't, the CS community didn't! who would?

    • B Martin
      B Martin 4 years ago +1

      +Fuzzy2U Fuzzy2U no one would. that's why they didn't. glad we cleared that up.

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago +11

      OK "fuzzy2u" :)

    • MrLokilis
      MrLokilis 4 years ago +4

      +Fuzzy2U Fuzzy2U dont shoot the technique down until you've eaten a steak prepared this way

  • Nad Kudo
    Nad Kudo 4 years ago

    um... wat?

  • Andre Juncal
    Andre Juncal 4 years ago +15

    I like videos with Luigi

    • The Witcher 3 Misc
      The Witcher 3 Misc 4 years ago

      +Andre Juncal red meat causes cancer!

    • Nos2113
      Nos2113 4 years ago +1

      +ChefSteps Haha, it took me WAY too long to get that.

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago +9

      Ya, he just tends to jump higher and have more guts behind the wheel. Am I right?

  • Joe Large
    Joe Large 4 years ago +3

    OK wife wants medium. another medium rare another rare? how do you handle different doneness?

    • Never Gonnatell
      Never Gonnatell 3 years ago +5

      +Joe Large Divorce.

    • stooge81
      stooge81 4 years ago

      +Joe Large typically the ends of the steak should cook faster because they're not insulated like the center.

    • x2lazy2die
      x2lazy2die 4 years ago +12

      +Joe Large divorce her, because medium is a sin

    • ReMarcable
      ReMarcable 4 years ago

      +graefx King of the Hill

  • LovelyDumplings~
    LovelyDumplings~ 4 years ago +13


    • Nick
      Nick 4 years ago

      +lienlemusicstar red meat causes cancer!

    • Rachel True
      Rachel True 4 years ago

      Just read this after I posted my comment

    • Joshua R. Poulson
      Joshua R. Poulson 4 years ago

      +ChefSteps Oops, then that's two changes. I didn't remember a different temp for the earlier version. I thought it was 135F as well.

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago +9

      Exactly Joshua! We had the wrong temp in the video, normally we can excuse the occasional edit mistake, but this was a critical measurement that had to be fixed!

    • Joshua R. Poulson
      Joshua R. Poulson 4 years ago +6

      +lienlemusicstar Exactly one thing changed from the previous version. When the steak is that thick 1h sous vide was not enough time. Now it's 2h-3h.

  • Nipun Koli
    Nipun Koli 4 years ago

    First! leggo

    • Kenneth W
      Kenneth W 4 years ago +1

      omg I love that hashtag #sousvide2k15

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  4 years ago +1

      Hahaha nice. Ya, we made an edit mistake with the temperature, had to fix it!

    • Nipun Koli
      Nipun Koli 4 years ago +1

      Also, good job reuploading #Sousvide2k15

  • sophia ch.
    sophia ch. 4 years ago

    I'm the first!!