Treatment for Neuroendocrine Tumors

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • Dr. Michael Morse reviews treatment options for neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and explains when each type of treatment might be used.
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  • Lois Dickson
    Lois Dickson Year ago +1

    I am 81 years old and was diagnosed with NETS 3 years ago. I have been on Lanreotide , the once a month injection and it has kept most of the NETS at bay and has shrunk many of them.Four months ago, I went on AFINITOR with disastorous results!! I ended up in hospital for 6 days with Pneumonitis that left me with some permanent lung damage!!! I am on oxygen at night for possibly the rest of my life! I lost 20 pounds and a lot of my stamina.. For 81 years old I am in good health with no heart issues. I regret I tried Afinitor!!!!! I have never experienced any of the carcinoid syndrome since finding out I had NETS.

  • Bambi Gleason
    Bambi Gleason Year ago

    My cancer is in the lung. Left lower lobe removed, middle right lobe because of location, my age, 74, and removal of left bottom lobe, receive Sandostatin monthly... The past 2 months, blood sugar has elavated and am unable to get it back where it should be.. Is this one of the symptoms of reaction. My feet and legs are also swollen and itchy... I have chronic constipation too..