First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 Toyota Supra!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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  • Diane Lee
    Diane Lee 23 hours ago

    Lower the supra

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan Day ago

    Why were the clips of them working on the car (washing, applying the window tint, etc. ) silent?

  • Oliver Campbell
    Oliver Campbell Day ago

    Upgrade blow of valve

  • 24k Savage
    24k Savage Day ago

    If the police don’t want tinted windows why don’t they ban it

  • dwight tsanchez
    dwight tsanchez Day ago

    Seriously , what are you on ?

  • lietson goncalves

    I’m confused why does he call it the 2020 Supra if it was made in 2019.

  • Benedicto Fabro
    Benedicto Fabro Day ago

    i want the supra to have a wide body kit if you coould strad

  • jimmy swan
    jimmy swan Day ago +1

    Best mods.
    Take b58 to the dump.
    Install 2jz.

    • jimmy john
      jimmy john Day ago

      Stop it, you're embarrassing the rest of us jimmy's.

  • steven Moya
    steven Moya Day ago

    Hey pal lay off the coke

  • Airsoft Teamm
    Airsoft Teamm Day ago


  • Sam Foxley
    Sam Foxley Day ago

    There’s no sound when the window tint is done

    Just me?

  • Sam Foxley
    Sam Foxley Day ago

    Why don’t you use manual in the supra as manual is better that full auto

  • Kyle Burns
    Kyle Burns Day ago

    I live in Nebraska

  • Snowball Rsx
    Snowball Rsx Day ago

    Exhaust !!!!!

  • Zackary Spang
    Zackary Spang Day ago

    That snap at the end tho

  • Brian
    Brian Day ago

    whats with the red mirrors on the Supra? Can't stand it

  • Taj Lewis
    Taj Lewis Day ago +1

    The LC500 should have been the new Supra at least it’s made by Toyota and it looks just like a new gene Supra and has the horsepower to say so 🤔 who’s with me on this one and if you haven’t seen the Lexus LC500 check it out before talking shit

  • brianmcg321
    brianmcg321 Day ago

    Easy mods:
    1. Sell Toyota
    2. Buy 2020 Corvette
    3. Profit

  • L Face
    L Face 2 days ago

    Wide body mite not fit in the garage.

  • [Osu]Overlord Official

    Did youtube strike the music? xD

  • Area 51 Raid Team leader

    Widebody lower it tune it/engineswap exauhst

  • RealUpdatedGamer
    RealUpdatedGamer 2 days ago +1

    Good thing they were SIMPLE

  • Lil Ty
    Lil Ty 2 days ago

    Is it the beautiful state of Utah or udder garbage

  • Troy Garcia
    Troy Garcia 2 days ago

    waste of $

  • Keller Racing
    Keller Racing 2 days ago

    James buy a 650s

  • Cole T
    Cole T 2 days ago

    You should buy a motorcycle

  • Yuh *
    Yuh * 2 days ago

    Utah really is absolute utter garbage. I moved there from Cali for a few months and it sucked. Cali is way better! Omm!!!

  • Victor Torres
    Victor Torres 2 days ago


  • MrGivearatsass
    MrGivearatsass 2 days ago


    BLAZE 2 days ago

    why tf you have to scream every fucking time

  • daviz1972
    daviz1972 2 days ago

    2JZ Swapped 2020 A90 Supra ////// copy paste search.

  • daviz1972
    daviz1972 2 days ago

    Just watched a downpipe install on the supra you will like the way it sounds when you get it done.

  • Chrome Empire
    Chrome Empire 2 days ago

    I can’t believe i didn’t know you where in Lincoln

  • Karna Rajeena
    Karna Rajeena 2 days ago


  • will making streams of income

    Stradman is knocking in the door of vehicle virgins as far as subs..60 k more subs& he will be at 2 mill& I guestimate he will reach it end of year 2019 or Feb 2020..

  • OG Roshi
    OG Roshi 2 days ago

    MK5trad license plate for sure. Shout me out if you use it. Livery for Aventador ??

  • Evan Hojlo
    Evan Hojlo 2 days ago

    You shoulda brought the aventador to Monterrey car week

  • That LowBlueGenesis
    That LowBlueGenesis 2 days ago

    Ayyyy Lincoln Nebraska that’s where I live

  • Nathan Boria
    Nathan Boria 2 days ago

    Your mic is kinda weird, i think it was the Corvette, it was messed up for the first couple mins of the video

  • street 75
    street 75 2 days ago


  • Yusef Stewart
    Yusef Stewart 2 days ago

    Do everything to the MK5 you would do to a MK4

  • FaZeArchie
    FaZeArchie 2 days ago

    put a spoiler on the back

  • Gabriel Clark
    Gabriel Clark 2 days ago

    I thought the legal tint limit in Utah is 43%

  • Kristian Raices Guy
    Kristian Raices Guy 2 days ago


  • river comstock
    river comstock 2 days ago

    Wide body spoiler

  • OneRussian Boi
    OneRussian Boi 2 days ago

    HA I’m leaving Denver right now. I’m on ya ass

  • Rob Williams
    Rob Williams 2 days ago

    Dude I enjoy your videos but the hard pan camera movements give me motion sickness. I know you're high energy and all but really.....

  • j ojalainen
    j ojalainen 2 days ago

    Toyota "Clown shoe" Supra :D

  • TOXICGamer
    TOXICGamer 2 days ago

    Next time he says window tint is a mod I will comet suiside lol

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 2 days ago

    Aye stradman go to west coast custom

  • Tis Python
    Tis Python 2 days ago

    Can you get a tesla roadster when it starts getting produced?

  • Dom Samiam
    Dom Samiam 2 days ago

    RIP sound I thought something happen to my computer.

  • Ahmad Kamal
    Ahmad Kamal 2 days ago

    Yo boy rap it purple

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 2 days ago

      but i think you should smoke those hard lights and taillights just blackout the whole car drop the car at least 2” ..exhaust and put a lip on the front bumper 🔥

  • Brute 535
    Brute 535 2 days ago

    Streetspeed717 has a louder corvette

  • awaiz kamran
    awaiz kamran 3 days ago

    1000hp Engine swap and 335mm wide rims with that wide body kit

  • I play Games
    I play Games 3 days ago


  • SS_ Tquid
    SS_ Tquid 3 days ago

    U should put lambo doors

  • Azmir Kazi Islam
    Azmir Kazi Islam 3 days ago

    What is is it with you and your supra

  • Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    Wyoming doesn’t exist. Everyone who says it does or that they’ve been there works for the CIA.
    How do I know this?
    Because every time I see a USA states puzzle at a doctor’s, dentist’s or any office, Wyoming is always missing. Damn the spooks!

  • trunks ko
    trunks ko 3 days ago

    this guy have tooo much energie lol

  • Will
    Will 3 days ago

    Did he tint the rear glass from the inside or outside? 😕

  • RedChiron
    RedChiron 3 days ago +2

    Petitions for James to remove the purple wrap from his Lambo

  • GoneFishing 8373
    GoneFishing 8373 3 days ago

    6:18 that senna oh oh ohhhh 🥰

  • Kyle Prince
    Kyle Prince 3 days ago

    Holy crap your about to hit 2 mill subs what you planning on doing for it strad!!!

  • Sasikaran Fam
    Sasikaran Fam 3 days ago

    u should definitely do the same wide-body as the white one from the previous vid, exhaust and maybe a purple wrap
    P.S do 1016 carbon parts

  • joper10
    joper10 3 days ago

    How do you get info for car show?

  • Old Mate
    Old Mate 3 days ago

    widebody + fat wing

  • kyle arce
    kyle arce 3 days ago

    w0w how much you spend that al car ?? that was so awsome\

  • Airam Quiroz
    Airam Quiroz 3 days ago

    Damm bro you out here balling on these nice cars and im still trying to save 5000$ for a down payment for a brz i want😂😢 hope is still there whenever i get that down payment.. but i think you should smoke those hard lights and taillights just blackout the whole car drop the car at least 2” ..exhaust and put a lip on the front bumper 🔥

  • Bassam _yg
    Bassam _yg 3 days ago

    Aye stradman go to west coast custom

  • Jarle Dversnes
    Jarle Dversnes 3 days ago


  • Electric Savage
    Electric Savage 3 days ago

    Straight pipe and add a air cooled intake to the supra and it’ll sound nasty!

  • Austin F
    Austin F 3 days ago

    Didn't he straight pipe it

  • Daryl Anne Servillon

    dontlet your carshoot flames many. inthe youtube the car shoot flame and then
    have a fire

  • s t e v e
    s t e v e 3 days ago