Pirates of the Caribbean - Accidentally Genius

  • Published on May 19, 2017
  • So, uh... this is very long. I went a little overboard with this one.
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  • Magical Jon
    Magical Jon 50 minutes ago

    I knew pintel and ragetti from the lego game

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen 58 minutes ago

    That mermaid just prefers the long murdering game rather than the direct approach of the others. Its just so much more..satisfying.

  • Hippie Gaymer
    Hippie Gaymer 2 hours ago

    I watch this video once a month... and I enjoy it everytime and I watch the whole thing

  • ProdEnzo
    ProdEnzo 4 hours ago


  • A B Bikes Cars N’ Guitars

    Bro, Country Bears was one of the greatest flicks of all time.... the CGI and voice acting is prestigious...

  • Angel's world
    Angel's world 6 hours ago

    When i clicked this I wasnt planning on watching it for 53 minutes

  • kinglp
    kinglp 6 hours ago

    At 16:15 you commented 'literally not even trying to hit eachother' let me remind you that that was intentional.

  • purplebluedino
    purplebluedino 7 hours ago

    Watched POTC and listened to you talk for an hour. Liked and subscribed, I would love to help you make one of these.

  • pippinisawesome52
    pippinisawesome52 7 hours ago

    23:04 A lot of real pirates actually were kind of Robin Hood figures. The book "The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down" by Colin Woodard gets into it. The NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort, North Carolina (which is where Blackbeard's ship sank, AND where historians are currently searching the wreck!) also gets into it. They've got exhibits on it that are really cool!

    Great video! This is one of my favorite movies too. :)

  • Yoka
    Yoka 7 hours ago

    Why did i watch this a second time? :0 Because you did a freaking good job!

  • Jonathan Moorman
    Jonathan Moorman 8 hours ago

    This franchise does ships right.

  • Tana
    Tana 8 hours ago

    oh so they're making a remake of POTC: On Stranger Tides on 20011...

  • OitbCZSf0bUiQAMXK2Mz
    OitbCZSf0bUiQAMXK2Mz 8 hours ago

    That was excellent. I just can't believe you've left out the "Now, bring me that horizon" line.

  • skloop ski
    skloop ski 9 hours ago

    How is one eyed willy a dick joke

  • Hrian Boyer
    Hrian Boyer 10 hours ago

    50:50 read any Greek story ever

  • Kristian Madsen
    Kristian Madsen 12 hours ago

    am i the only one who absolutely loves all of the movies? and who loves the fact that the movie comes out excatly the number of years later it takes for will to come on land again after he was cursed ?

  • Jerm-X Gaming Channel
    Jerm-X Gaming Channel 12 hours ago

    i realize this is a couple years late, but are you gonna forget about the space pirates from Treasure Planet?

  • Ash
    Ash 15 hours ago

    @11:20 Maybe someone else mentioned this in the 2 years that this video was out but it was mentioned in the beginning of the film that if you kiss a mermaid, you will be able to breathe under water.

  • BlimeyJoe
    BlimeyJoe 16 hours ago +1

    Orrrrr when Norrington's holding the compass, it points at Jack because what he most wants is to bring justice down upon piracy/do his duty and prove himself to be a noble and effective commodore...the fact he would put this over his desire for Elizabeth makes perfect sense

  • Aaron Tkachuk
    Aaron Tkachuk 18 hours ago

    Dude this is awesome.

  • N-Key 2
    N-Key 2 21 hour ago

    Either the cursed crew can feel, and so Bootstrap Bill was drowning for years, or they can't (as evidenced by slogging along the bottom of the ocean at one point) and he didn't.

  • Alana Corbella
    Alana Corbella 21 hour ago

    You missed jack checking out the pussy if that golden statue 😆

  • N-Key 2
    N-Key 2 22 hours ago

    You noticed that the crew of the Black Pearl feel pain when the Moonlight is not direct. Only the Captain defines that he can't taste things or feel body-warmth. Perhaps the curse hits the guy in chargr (& thus more responsible) harder than the rest.

  • Raider 66
    Raider 66 22 hours ago

    Watched the whole video before I realized it was 50min🤦🏻‍♂️

  • N-Key 2
    N-Key 2 22 hours ago +1

    A lot of pirates were surviving Templars, good to their friends, of which there were few, and evil to their enemies, like the official forces of France, England, Spain....

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 23 hours ago

    your comments on johnny depp did not age well

  • Exotic Rekt Lemon
    Exotic Rekt Lemon 23 hours ago

    10:33 check the date it came out

  • Ed Parachini
    Ed Parachini Day ago

    You complain about star wars before Disney, well those were great compared to the shit Disney produced and will continue to produce now that they have a man hating megalomaniac in charge

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C Day ago

    we can finally praise depp without hesitation bc his name has been cleared

  • NYAdirondack
    NYAdirondack Day ago

    Damn good review/retelling of the movie with added insight. Nice work!!

  • Jasen Smaller
    Jasen Smaller Day ago

    This was so damn good! Thank you

  • Zakia J.
    Zakia J. Day ago


  • Jonontoast
    Jonontoast Day ago

    Um Hook?

  • Kyle
    Kyle Day ago

    The Sparrington romance is the real love arc of this story.

  • Sir Piken
    Sir Piken Day ago

    Hook had pirates. They were made to be comedic foils though, not to be cool.

  • Glaceix
    Glaceix Day ago

    Wait, now that i think of it... I'd say the compass is pointing at Jack when Norrington holds it because you know, Norrington really badly wants to catch and arrest (or worse) Jack...or maybe Pirates in general, but especially Jack?^^

  • Daniel Gisborne
    Daniel Gisborne Day ago

    tbh, i enjoyed this video more than the movie itself

  • Underscores_Are_Ugly

    Bruh Maul isn’t the main villain of Phantom, it’s Sheev. The movie is named after him.

  • Shufa sau Stefun
    Shufa sau Stefun Day ago +1

    I did not want to watch this, ended up watching. Laughed throughout, and I love your finesse with the captions. I will look further into your videos since this is the first, but I think I'm a fan :))

  • Dink
    Dink Day ago

    Can't believe i watched this whole thing...

  • Belgian Prepper
    Belgian Prepper Day ago +2

    OH Norrington is definitely gay... he "rejects" Swan 2x, he teases Jack all the time and was amazed by Jacks skill and wit in front of his piers when he stole the interceptor...

  • Lorni Lula
    Lorni Lula Day ago

    This movie is comedic-action-adventure that's as entertaining as Jackie Chan's action-comedy.

  • LeonOrenValentine
    LeonOrenValentine Day ago +1

    *. . . Swag . . .*

  • Terminian Link
    Terminian Link Day ago

    I mean, the compass could be that he wants to catch Jack, as he is notorious for escaping

  • ManitechCorp
    ManitechCorp Day ago

    Watched the entire thing. Good work may.

  • Cat Addict
    Cat Addict Day ago

    6:18 (Pause) He IS LeGOlAS NOw

    ACE WHIM Day ago

    @Stephan Krosecz at 10:27 the year reads "20011". I believe this is an oversight and I want to help you out by pointing it out. I hope this helped.

  • TheUndiscoveredArtist

    I'm rewatching this entire video just to see Jack's romance again.

  • David Miller
    David Miller Day ago +2

    Good video, but you neglected Treasure Planet as a good big-budget pirate movie just prior to Pirates 1. Also Sinbad came out like 5 days later (oof). Both are so underappreciated! I guess you qualified it as pirate movies "that people actually went to see," but still they should be worth a mention!

  • Khosrow the Royal

    Okay I understand what you were saying about musicals but I hate singing in the rain, objectively bad movie thats shoved down your throat multiple times if you take even one theater class

  • David Miller
    David Miller Day ago

    Pirates 1 and Iron Man 1 are two my absolute favorite movies. Both were so amazing they launched entire series of movies, and neither had much to work with (Iron Man was a very minor and unpopular hero in the comics). Iron Man's movie momentum went somewhere because it had so much related material to work with, while Pirates... didn't... but that doesn't diminish the fact that they are both amazing stand-alone movies.

    Also I rewatched it recently and I think Geoffrey Rush's performance as Barbossa carries the movie. Jack Sparrow clearly does as well, but Depp got ALL the credit, and Rush absolutely deserves more. Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom are good and I have no complaints, but the FEEL of the movie is established by the two leading pirates.

  • Jack F
    Jack F Day ago

    Maybe the undead pirates are prematurely screaming because they keep forgetting they can’t get hurt they do seem pretty stupid

  • rainetheawesome
    rainetheawesome Day ago

    This is probably my favorite video on USclip. I've watched this video so many times haha.

  • boo galoo
    boo galoo 2 days ago +1

    When I clicked on this video I didn’t expect to start shipping Jack and Norrington but here I am

  • boo galoo
    boo galoo 2 days ago

    So you never saw treasure planet

  • Written
    Written 2 days ago

    Let us see to what your perspectives views as "Entertainment"

  • Applejack Honesty
    Applejack Honesty 2 days ago

    Yeah wanting the president to be killed as abraham is fucked up

  • Gray Crimson
    Gray Crimson 2 days ago

    i still think one piece is better

  • You're breathtaking
    You're breathtaking 2 days ago +1

    Yo this dude living in 20011, holy shit

  • Caligula Longhbottom

    I disagree about Cutthroat Island, its good. Its about a female pirate captain that actually existed. It was also created in a time where movie weren't that great in general... Its gritty and dirty whereas POTC is childish and disneyfied.

  • Jon Ewen
    Jon Ewen 2 days ago

    Would you consider “hook” a pirate movie? Lol

  • Harrison Odette
    Harrison Odette 2 days ago +3

    What if the person with the compass wants it to point north 😏

  • Morphacis
    Morphacis 2 days ago

    Isn’t it Carih - beean - not Carih - bee - an?

  • Warpy
    Warpy 2 days ago


  • SoLongSidekick
    SoLongSidekick 2 days ago +1

    I bet you feel like a fucking dick taking that bitch at her word and slamming Depp now eh?

  • A A
    A A 2 days ago

    Why are you trying to act like the Goonies wasnt amazing and that joke STILL funny to this day.

  • jo morken størseth
    jo morken størseth 2 days ago

    Everyone keeps forgetting Roman Polanski's Pirates, which is very cool

  • Max Raldin
    Max Raldin 2 days ago +1

    10:27 Damn! They're still making POTC movies in 20011?

  • Zayne simard moore
    Zayne simard moore 2 days ago

    Hey, I liked the Mermaid girl and priest guy’s relationship.

  • Huh
    Huh 2 days ago

    fuck its 4 am now


  • Michael Christoferson

    38:00 u really played that much fucking attention during movies at age 11! Especually during the Most (fuck the plot-kinda but not really) best movie ever! I still dont pay that much attention

  • Michael Christoferson

    Not EVERYSINGLE pirate was bad irl dipshit

  • StoikJ
    StoikJ 2 days ago +1

    Hook?!? As far as pirate movies

  • Jay J.
    Jay J. 2 days ago

    Okay so... Since it was brought up a lot, I thought I'd share my views on the skeletons in pain. If I had to rationalize it, id say that the cursed pirates felt more of an empathetic pain. It's taken too far, especially if they've been cursed for years, but considering their brains and emotions seem to work normally, it would make a bit of sense.
    It sort of like when you see someone get hurt and you wince or utter "ouch," they can see what's happening to them and their brains remind them of other times they may have felt pain from something similar.
    Keeping bodily function in mind, neurons probably don't do their jobs when only your skeletal structure remains, but that would mean they can't move.
    I also believe that Barbosa may not react the same due to heightened intelligence or disillusionment?
    Idk, its late/really early, so I hope this makes sense later

  • Frogwell
    Frogwell 2 days ago +1

    Obiwan vs anikans fight is FAAAR better than obiwan vs darth Vader. Liek seriously you have laser swords and and super powers and you waste it.

  • Fanscape
    Fanscape 2 days ago

    Think it was also confirmed to be a lie in court, careful now.

  • HawkeyeSTiGuy
    HawkeyeSTiGuy 2 days ago +1

    Will breaking the lamp is honestly one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. Why is that so damn funny!?!?

  • Brandon Bolger
    Brandon Bolger 2 days ago

    The delivery of the “drink up” line at the very end is so badass for some reason

  • Lana Del Rey
    Lana Del Rey 2 days ago

    I didn’t actually hate pirates 1 to 4 but pirates 5 now that one I really didn’t like 😂

  • Charles Dunn
    Charles Dunn 2 days ago

    Did this muthafucka forget Hook was technically a pirate movie???

  • TheMarkikiki
    TheMarkikiki 2 days ago

    Oh fuck, Jack and Norrington... now I ship it man. What have you done

  • juanisabastard
    juanisabastard 3 days ago

    disliked because it took a a minute and 27 seconds before i shouted "get to the fuckin point u klutz" before writing this and exiting out so good DAY you LOSE

  • justPlainOl'CommonSense

    Who fucken cares what he did in his personal life, he will for ever and always be a really really good Actor.
    Same thing that Louis Ck will forever and always be funny,
    Despite of how you feel about his personal actions

  • Erlyk Dalkien
    Erlyk Dalkien 3 days ago

    I had to pause right off the bat. Tim Curry is one of my favorite actors of all time. Gets ZERO CREDIT. He's fucking amazing and almost no one knows who he is. Guarantee that they know the roles he has played. Played them so fucking well, very few people even looked into who the actor that played it was. I won't post his roles. Look them up yourselves and be semi-shocked.

  • Shoorf LonelyLokly
    Shoorf LonelyLokly 3 days ago

    One Piece was a blessing back then, but only if you were open minded enough to a watch an anime, and not only an anime, a weird anime even for an anime. One Piece was brilliant at the time untill timeskip which happened liek 4-5 years ago it was all good.
    Pirates of the Caribbean and One Piece are probably the only two things which are great about pirates and aren't books.

  • VolcannXd
    VolcannXd 3 days ago

    Did...Did I just watch a one hour video ???????
    excuse me but, what the fuck ?

  • iheartjared74
    iheartjared74 3 days ago

    Finally somebody who loves PotC1 as much as me. I think I've seen this movie about 150 times since I was a kid

  • Richard Dunn
    Richard Dunn 3 days ago

    You forgot Hook!

  • das_TAKu
    das_TAKu 3 days ago

    HOOK. Ya uncultured HEATHEN!


    I forgot how great this movie was

  • r/IamVerySmart
    r/IamVerySmart 3 days ago

    Great Video. Probably the most interesting video I have seen In months.

  • William Forge
    William Forge 3 days ago

    Sam wise was in the goonies

  • offplay
    offplay 3 days ago

    10:35 Damn they made that movie in 20011?

  • Rick Clark
    Rick Clark 3 days ago

    Cutthroat Island is awesome still watch that shit so fuckoff

  • TotteThorsen
    TotteThorsen 3 days ago

    Third time watching this through, favourite video on youtube for sure!

  • Pestuji
    Pestuji 3 days ago

    this is one of my favorite movies and I'm happy to have watched some serious analysis on it so I feel even better about my taste lol
    also dunno why this showed up in my recommendations but it's easily like a top 10 video I've ever watched, absolutely fantastic production here

  • Clinton Fakalata
    Clinton Fakalata 3 days ago

    Hott Daaamn, it was 53 mins long??? Just proves how beautifully executed this video was. Wow

  • Alandpac J
    Alandpac J 3 days ago +1

    Johnny Depp, had to deal with a lying fucking bitch, and he is actually amazing, he visits hospitals, and donates to children's hospitals and charities ect.

  • Daniel Broome
    Daniel Broome 3 days ago +1

    Well this video didnt age well with the whole proof that Amber Heard was abusing Depp thing...

  • Mik H
    Mik H 3 days ago +1

    Over 6 million views, nice work Stephan Krosecz.