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  • Lisa Pappas
    Lisa Pappas 2 hours ago

    So I pushed my bro in the pool in mid-sneze

  • McClain Carter
    McClain Carter 13 hours ago

    3:16 all Joey can look at is himself In the camera

  • Malaysia _ Loves roses
    Malaysia _ Loves roses 16 hours ago

    Matts eyes in the thumbnail tho

  • sheenakocher
    sheenakocher 2 days ago

    hi chad biggest fan OMG

  • sheenakocher
    sheenakocher 2 days ago

    nice abs Bryan

  • Charles Cait Cabalu
    Charles Cait Cabalu 3 days ago


  • Sara Alaoui
    Sara Alaoui 3 days ago

    I was jumping into a pool and I accidentally jumped on top of someone and chipped a tooth

  • Emilyn Reyes
    Emilyn Reyes 3 days ago

    Why is matt so small

  • Destine Lee
    Destine Lee 5 days ago +2

    I was swimming and a huge be started chasing me so I went underwater till it went away long story short I almost drowned lol luckly my sister scared it off by splashing it.

  • Jax and Drew Vlogs
    Jax and Drew Vlogs 7 days ago

    Brian is built

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev 8 days ago

    Bryan your body is good.. great hope it's not ster

  • XxTheGoalie17xX Youtube

    Front flipped off the high diving board and bellyflopped the second time

  • Beth Trout
    Beth Trout 10 days ago

    I was bleeding in the pool and part of the pool turned red

  • Rebca Demessie
    Rebca Demessie 13 days ago

    Dang Bryan is fit 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Rhys Speier
    Rhys Speier 14 days ago

    4:35 what is that ;)

  • NSC Nikki
    NSC Nikki 14 days ago

    Why are Matt’s eyes so big in the thumbnail and why is Joey so hot

  • Harsh Tandel
    Harsh Tandel 14 days ago

    I peed

  • Potato Child
    Potato Child 15 days ago

    When I heard you replayed it I heard it but then I went back and heard it

  • Brittany Whisnant
    Brittany Whisnant 15 days ago

    Don't u just love old team edge

  • Evil Morty
    Evil Morty 16 days ago

    Pause the vid and look at this huge boner! 4:33

    UNICORNS FOR LIFE ! 17 days ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Danny plays stuf
    Danny plays stuf 18 days ago

    He wassont cheating

  • Mawer Mawerlewzi
    Mawer Mawerlewzi 18 days ago

    Matt is a lier I’m eight years old

  • 100 subs with no vids?

    Joey is a good singer
    “Big splash time”

  • Harry Calamity
    Harry Calamity 19 days ago

    Pooped in the pool once

  • tan yewsiang
    tan yewsiang 20 days ago

    joey singing sucks

  • AleXandrie West
    AleXandrie West 20 days ago

    3:33 any one notice J-Fred moving his pecs? 😂

  • jermyklengkleng
    jermyklengkleng 21 day ago

    Do a back flip in the swming pool

  • Hero six Murray
    Hero six Murray 21 day ago

    Why does j-fred look like Logan Paul?🤔

  • L Carpenter
    L Carpenter 22 days ago

    I'm so sorry Matt they didnt go far... and that scream Beyan geez! Omg I was about to pause when the scores came and it went away... wow

  • L Carpenter
    L Carpenter 22 days ago

    Love the underwater camera! And that reminds me that my Hommy kept forgetting her underwater camera pouch.

  • L Carpenter
    L Carpenter 22 days ago

    Am I the only perosn who noticed that they all had the same haircut? I love swimming I would've won for sure!

  • jonboymd1
    jonboymd1 22 days ago

    I like Bobby better than Matthias

  • TheFamfam5
    TheFamfam5 22 days ago

    Joey is so thin, I could not stop laughing 🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isabella Thomas
    Isabella Thomas 23 days ago

    one time i was in a pool and someone pulled me under for like 10 seconds (cries because of fear)

  • Chriscool _
    Chriscool _ 23 days ago

    Good memories

  • 51pegasus15
    51pegasus15 23 days ago

    Once I was in a public pool and I had a ring on. The ring fell off my finger when I went down a slide and into this really dirty piece of the pool. The same happened with a toy. 😂

  • Emma DaVlogamer
    Emma DaVlogamer 23 days ago

    Matthias won the big splash and the small splash I think

  • Coolmiafaith
    Coolmiafaith 23 days ago

    4:52 Says 2.....Holds Up FIVE fingers

  • Lori Karp
    Lori Karp 24 days ago

    I did a but flop in the pool

    STOP THE LIKES PLEASE 25 days ago

    4:38 *_BONER ALERT_*

  • Patryk Rys
    Patryk Rys 25 days ago

    I grabbed someone's leg under water a random person😂😂😈😱

  • Edessa Poli
    Edessa Poli 26 days ago

    You can see J-Freds boobs jumping up and down at 3:34

  • Joe Wesner
    Joe Wesner 26 days ago

    My soul died in the pool

  • Owen Wheeler
    Owen Wheeler 26 days ago

    One time I was in my grandma's pool and my sister came up behind me picked me up and dunked me in a 8 foot pool.

    GALACTICFIRE plays 26 days ago

    I was cosapsytid and i poopd and it was big

  • Taylor Stone
    Taylor Stone 27 days ago

    I farted and everyone herd it.

  • Ray Mond
    Ray Mond 27 days ago +5

    Whos here for 2018?😀

  • Brooklyn A
    Brooklyn A 27 days ago

    I farted in the pool and everyone heard me it was fake crying hashtag. People get

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen 27 days ago


  • Stacie O
    Stacie O 27 days ago


  • Sea Steak
    Sea Steak 27 days ago


  • Killer Instincts
    Killer Instincts 28 days ago

    👇🏻 this is Molly she is 0 1 like is one age

  • Kristina Pohlman
    Kristina Pohlman 28 days ago +1

    I did dofin in the pool

  • Matthew Wurtz
    Matthew Wurtz 29 days ago

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol Mathis is so tiny and j-Fred is skinnier than Bryan but Bryan made a smaller splash than j-Fred it's so funny but it's grate content

  • Daria Stross
    Daria Stross Month ago

    you guys are the best youtubers ever

  • Josh Stirrat
    Josh Stirrat Month ago

    Watching this is so much funnier when you know j-Fred is looking at himself above the camera lol

  • Joe Knueven
    Joe Knueven Month ago

    we went in the pool with our underwear

  • Janis Gerald
    Janis Gerald Month ago

    Did bryan have a boner 4:34

  • God Loves_all
    God Loves_all Month ago

    I clicked on the video bc matts eyes looked so creeps

  • EMMALEE Mason
    EMMALEE Mason Month ago

    Joey is the only one without a ring

  • Moon sky [ a pumpkin boy]

    I dare you to kill each other

  • Nissanguy1231
    Nissanguy1231 Month ago

    LOVE your intro it made me laugh Matt I watch your RYC VIDS.

  • osogowkcowkfkw neiekvolwpfkeo

    There will be a kid named Bobby coming on your show

    POP GIRLS Month ago

    Smallest splash

    POP GIRLS Month ago +1

    M-Matt won!

  • Leydi Escalona
    Leydi Escalona Month ago

    You guys always make me laugh

  • The Toxic Assassin
    The Toxic Assassin Month ago


  • Aidyn Choate
    Aidyn Choate Month ago

    Matt won

  • Mc Alex Gamming Alex

    My brother made a number 2 in our pool.

  • Jovian Chew
    Jovian Chew Month ago

    juses cry sus

  • Legendary QV
    Legendary QV Month ago

    Me and for the people didn’t join terrible we almost got rid of the whole pool water 💦

  • GlitterForce Fanatic

    Still good video in 2018

  • Victoria Zack
    Victoria Zack Month ago

    Bryan has a bonner when he did the target under water and he was the target if you look then you will see

  • Leo nootnoot
    Leo nootnoot Month ago

    bryan doesnt do it small

    BEYBLADE 2 Month ago

    I brought my dog into the pool and didn’t turn out so well because Doug me to big splash and splash everybody

  • Leandro Betancourt
    Leandro Betancourt Month ago

    4:35 Bryan had a boner from seeing j-Fred’s pecks

  • Sophia Camara
    Sophia Camara Month ago

    Here is my story. One time when I was in the pool I dropped a pool noodle out of the pool. We have rocks in our back yard that makes like a den that foxes would hide in. So one of the foxes grabbed the pool noodle. I screamed THE FOX STOLE A POOL NOODLE!!! My mom and cousin didn't belive me. My dad went over to the den and pulled out a green pool noodle with bite marks in it. That's my story

  • Mikayla Brown
    Mikayla Brown Month ago

    Joey flexing and looking at him self

  • Xavier Stone
    Xavier Stone Month ago


  • Xavier Stone
    Xavier Stone Month ago

    Iin a pool all i did for an hour is sink to the bottom

  • ObviouslyKiwi
    ObviouslyKiwi Month ago

    7:12 LOl

  • Tom & Denise Moody
    Tom & Denise Moody Month ago

    I think J- Fred won against Brian big time

  • hey boy
    hey boy Month ago +1

    J-fred is the biggest dude like if agree

  • Sofia Farah
    Sofia Farah Month ago

    Splashed challenge
    2. MATT

  • Kolby Not a person
    Kolby Not a person Month ago


  • Alex Sherman
    Alex Sherman Month ago +1

    Team matt

  • adi ahmed
    adi ahmed Month ago

    team edge so cool video

  • Unicorn Bro
    Unicorn Bro Month ago

    It’s been so long sense I’ve seen Matt without a beard.

  • Louise Ossy
    Louise Ossy Month ago

    i bellie flop

  • Islalloyd Lloyd
    Islalloyd Lloyd Month ago

    Are j-Fred and Mathias brothers

  • Owen Kline
    Owen Kline Month ago

    Matt will always win

  • Emma.Draws YT
    Emma.Draws YT Month ago

    Instead of hear it says here.... 6:26

  • catherine barrow
    catherine barrow Month ago

    We're Bobby and Joey

  • Alex_Playz
    Alex_Playz Month ago

    I nearly drowned

  • Jeanette Diesel
    Jeanette Diesel Month ago

    I was at my friends house and I was standing near the pool and fell in and I hit my back on the bottom of the pool

  • Nikos Mavroforos
    Nikos Mavroforos Month ago

    3:33 what is wrong with Joey's chest bro

  • Flash HD
    Flash HD Month ago


  • Dog lillY Kitty
    Dog lillY Kitty Month ago


  • Dillon Jang
    Dillon Jang Month ago

    3:31 xD