Joji ft. Clams Casino - CAN'T GET OVER YOU

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
  • Listen to CAN'T GET OVER YOU (feat. Clams Casino):
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    Produced by Clams Casino, Thundercat, & Roget
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    Music video directed by SAINT and George Miller
    Edited by Miles Trahan
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    Clams Casino
    88 is double happiness
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  • 88rising
    88rising  12 days ago +3275

    BALLADS 1 vinyl + merch pre-order available now at 👀👀👀
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    • KillerRaiin
      KillerRaiin 11 hours ago

      Vinyls tempting

    • Jordan Allender
      Jordan Allender 15 hours ago

      88rising ll

    • im peyt
      im peyt 21 hour ago

      Please come to Philippines!!

    • WolfBiteproductionz
      WolfBiteproductionz Day ago

      Bitch Lasagna could you delete your USclip account and never state your irrelevant opinion again? Thanks pal.

  • Phin Carroll
    Phin Carroll 6 hours ago

    1:03 when your friends are taller and older than you, and you get treated like the baby...

  • CoffinMuffin
    CoffinMuffin 7 hours ago

    I wanna kiss joji.

  • Maria
    Maria 7 hours ago +1

    Filthy frank is that youu 🧐

  • No No
    No No 7 hours ago

    The most powerful weapon in the Galaxy, diamond pickaxe

  • ringo achie
    ringo achie 7 hours ago

    I like this hairstyle better joji.... looks clean and tidy...

  • Chase Bingham
    Chase Bingham 7 hours ago +1

    This beat reminds me of Adventure Time

  • Jasmin Callaway
    Jasmin Callaway 7 hours ago


  • Wolf K.I.A
    Wolf K.I.A 7 hours ago

    Been here since Chloe Burbank

  • One Heatyboi
    One Heatyboi 7 hours ago


  • GreatLakes
    GreatLakes 7 hours ago

    why did you cut your hair

  • Fuutza Ploobs
    Fuutza Ploobs 8 hours ago

    Imagine joji including "ey bose" as a lyric in one of his songs

  • Mr. Limekiller
    Mr. Limekiller 8 hours ago

    In the age of mumble rap, Joji just mumbles.

  • spacii
    spacii 8 hours ago

    i can't get over this

  • bed lam
    bed lam 8 hours ago

    Shut up filthy Frank you pussy

  • Marilyn Escobar
    Marilyn Escobar 8 hours ago

    1:10 lol

  • Marilyn Escobar
    Marilyn Escobar 8 hours ago

    Love how joji posts new songs often

  • RattyMaxReilly
    RattyMaxReilly 8 hours ago

    Everytime I see this I gotta say how cool Joji is!

  • redd eyes
    redd eyes 8 hours ago

    Cake time

  • Toedotjpg
    Toedotjpg 8 hours ago

    hair cake anyone?

  • Plinklyplonk
    Plinklyplonk 9 hours ago

    Are the tattoos real

  • Aizuddin Madani
    Aizuddin Madani 9 hours ago

    Can't get over this song.

    and this is my acoustic cover version of this song.

  • торнег
    торнег 9 hours ago

    Joji finna make a hair cake

  • saiko psycho
    saiko psycho 9 hours ago

    The bloopers are so goddamn cute

  • ɢᴇᴋʏᴜᴍᴇ ƃǝʞʎuɯǝ

    Nice diamond pickaxe

  • X-pert Mercenary
    X-pert Mercenary 10 hours ago

    I would be the guy holding the Zelda sword xD

  • Hikaze Yattis
    Hikaze Yattis 10 hours ago

    I like all the fuckin weapons they had XD

  • Nick Ellis
    Nick Ellis 10 hours ago

    Finally his final form

    Duh duh duh duh duh

    Soundcloud rapper!!!?

  • The Hanging Garden
    The Hanging Garden 10 hours ago

    I don't really like this one too much

  • Alexandra Wang
    Alexandra Wang 10 hours ago

    He actually looks so good with his haircut

  • Gargoyles Remastered
    Gargoyles Remastered 10 hours ago

    "Got a box cutter with your name on it" ouch.. I just got that line.

  • Gargoyles Remastered
    Gargoyles Remastered 10 hours ago

    "Got a box cutter with your name on it" ouch.. I just got that line.

  • Vishys
    Vishys 10 hours ago

    he looks like sashadidntwakeup

  • lazy boy 3535 LB games
    lazy boy 3535 LB games 11 hours ago +1

    That's the joji I like to see. It reminds me about Frank.

  • Blicroll
    Blicroll 11 hours ago

    ey boss

  • Nolan Waithe
    Nolan Waithe 11 hours ago

    Don't worry guys the haircut isn't permanent and the face tats aren't real.

  • Firstly Deadly
    Firstly Deadly 11 hours ago +1

    I’m gonna be frank...
    This song is filthy! 😆

  • Lil' Teriyaki
    Lil' Teriyaki 11 hours ago


  • smogmoth
    smogmoth 11 hours ago

    gonna miss that hair

  • DizDeLusa
    DizDeLusa 12 hours ago

    Somehow i get Kero Kero Bonito Vibes

  • Chicken Beef
    Chicken Beef 12 hours ago

    fresh trim

  • jimquel iop
    jimquel iop 12 hours ago

    annnnnnd today's music video is sponsored by FedEx

  • Matthew
    Matthew 12 hours ago

    What's with the energy sword

  • Blugay
    Blugay 12 hours ago

    Who did you call to get into Black Gangweed? Asking for a friend of course.

  • Marco Barot
    Marco Barot 12 hours ago

    Haha USclip thinks he’s speaking Dutch according to the auto generated captions.

  • Toby Canfly
    Toby Canfly 12 hours ago


  • Feynanimous
    Feynanimous 12 hours ago

    I remember when I first heard of Joji, there was this song called medicine, and I thought it was a really nice melancholic song. I just thought joji was some random dude till I found out it was filthyfrank, and seeing him as anything other than filthyfrank was crazy, he built a solid persona. I thought "man i can't believe there was a time where filthy frank used to make music, and had a different side to him than his videos portray, he'll never make music again, he's too big into his filthyfrank lore." Then came a year or so later seeing him on 88rising the first time, still as Pink Guy, but eventually into himself as the months went on was crazy. It was like receiving a present you never asked for. I still couldn't believe that he's venturing off back to his roots.

  • Master Guy
    Master Guy 12 hours ago

    Filthy Frank version soon.

  • CpXstudio
    CpXstudio 13 hours ago

    Sad boi hours

  • Typhlo9797
    Typhlo9797 13 hours ago

    Energy sword gang

  • Grant basso
    Grant basso 13 hours ago

    So gud

  • Skizzle 69
    Skizzle 69 13 hours ago

    Lets be honest hes been making awesome music since pink Guy lmao

  • Esther Mabera
    Esther Mabera 13 hours ago

    joji blesse my ears every single time

  • Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong 13 hours ago

    The hair and the tatoos look sick

  • Dase MXE
    Dase MXE 13 hours ago

    asina version of far cry 5

  • Noah Kuykendall
    Noah Kuykendall 13 hours ago

    I have really only one really big conplaint about this song: It's too short!

  • Littlelicy
    Littlelicy 13 hours ago

    Joji is one sexy ass mother fucker!! 😋😋😋😋

  • Dj Akademiks
    Dj Akademiks 13 hours ago +1

    He looks like he woke up in the hang over part 4

  • Jackie Amadeus Price
    Jackie Amadeus Price 13 hours ago

    Is that an energy sword

  • Mothinea
    Mothinea 13 hours ago

    I really missed that witty side of joji tbh, so glad to see a bit of that in this music vid

  • WillDog
    WillDog 13 hours ago

    He actually did a mid vid haircut which he's done in like 2 of his FilthyFrank videos i feel papa returning

  • Mya Brittinhgham
    Mya Brittinhgham 13 hours ago

    joji I love u this is FUCKING GREAT

  • MrRussianDoll
    MrRussianDoll 14 hours ago

    He's acting like the frank we know :D

  • soundslikepizza
    soundslikepizza 14 hours ago

    did- d- did he actually get face tattoos?

  • gracie mayne
    gracie mayne 14 hours ago

    Can joji please deliver me flowers on rollerblades

    • gracie mayne
      gracie mayne 14 hours ago

      That would be the only thing to turn my life around

    MOUNTAIN CLIMBER 14 hours ago


  • Kornjacin Vrac
    Kornjacin Vrac 14 hours ago

    We want pink guy

  • miss lime
    miss lime 14 hours ago

    he cant get over pink guy....😍💕

  • TaeTae_09
    TaeTae_09 14 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate how he shimmy shimmy himself out, like how we shimmy ourselves out of this world. SMOOD 0:16-0:18

  • King17playz
    King17playz 14 hours ago

    the filthy frank has come out of joji

  • Armaniac 70
    Armaniac 70 14 hours ago

    Stop being bald please

  • M e K u D u - man
    M e K u D u - man 15 hours ago

    B L A C C K E D

  • EclipseSF
    EclipseSF 15 hours ago

    Loved you then, love you now... Keep entertaining

  • Ceral Boi
    Ceral Boi 15 hours ago

    was that a diamond pickaxe a keyblade and a halo sword 1:27

  • Nereidio Returns
    Nereidio Returns 15 hours ago

    Cant get over, Casino hmmmmmm Br Br br

  • Raihan Gul
    Raihan Gul 15 hours ago +1

    He looks like idubbz

  • nopls b
    nopls b 15 hours ago

    gay uptempos smh

  • S1QuanA
    S1QuanA 15 hours ago

    What does "balance in the limelight mean"?

    MATTHEW EMMANUEL 15 hours ago


  • SkiMask
    SkiMask 15 hours ago

    Juntao from rush hour isn’t dead. Jk

  • Bazamalam
    Bazamalam 15 hours ago +2

    This has mad gorillaz vibes and I love it.

    • Jim 07
      Jim 07 15 hours ago

      True i dont know how people havent noticed yet. It sounds especially like Plastic Beach

  • Gamer Gunk
    Gamer Gunk 16 hours ago

    No type of hairline

  • BelieveInMatter
    BelieveInMatter 16 hours ago

    Homie got the Energy Sword watchout

  • Trajan Willis
    Trajan Willis 16 hours ago

    That one guy got an energy sword 😂

  • Joe Pengelly
    Joe Pengelly 16 hours ago

    Pink Guy began coming through there for a moment

  • Aaron Florian
    Aaron Florian 16 hours ago

    Pink guy is too over rated, if he goes on one of his shows as frank then I’ll nut

  • Fridge
    Fridge 16 hours ago

    Remember reach

  • DarkStaR
    DarkStaR 16 hours ago

    papa franku in an ad , times change man

  • Dr. Nutsack
    Dr. Nutsack 16 hours ago

    Imagine being the store clerk checking out Joji, buying a Master Sword, Energy Sword, Diamond Pickaxe, Keyblade, Shoeuzi, Etc.....

  • Mshark
    Mshark 16 hours ago

    look at this absolute lad with the buzz cut

  • EJ
    EJ 16 hours ago

    I have those skates

  • GoodGuyDza
    GoodGuyDza 17 hours ago

    this is the closest to a filthyfrank video we'll ever get

  • M3xicann 18
    M3xicann 18 17 hours ago

    Ey B0ss we need u bak papá fanku

  • wh pm
    wh pm 17 hours ago

    can't get over this song

  • sniffing star dust
    sniffing star dust 17 hours ago +1

    M O O D

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 17 hours ago

    I love you motherfucker!!! XD

  • ded meme
    ded meme 17 hours ago

    i cant get over this song

  • RightWingSistah
    RightWingSistah 17 hours ago

    *sigh* So dreamy

  • Rehame Haddoumi
    Rehame Haddoumi 17 hours ago

    Is he ok ??

    • Freddie _49
      Freddie _49 17 hours ago

      Rehame Haddoumi, he's gr8, on been on u tube for 12 days and has made 5.7 million views alreadym

  • Aquiles
    Aquiles 17 hours ago

    Esse cant get over you é do casino q eu estou pensando??