We Rank (Almost) All The Reese's Foods

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • We tried all the Reese's!! (Or as many as we could find) Also, check out our friend Eugene, rank things, usclip.net/user/tryguys
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Comments • 1 127

  • Mason Perez
    Mason Perez 2 hours ago

    Sorry can’t watch the rest of this video I have REESEess

  • Abigail Wilson
    Abigail Wilson 3 hours ago

    Im team cup all the way

  • Kayla Potter
    Kayla Potter 3 hours ago

    Is it just me but does she kinda look like Lili Reinhart

  • Keji Latio
    Keji Latio 4 hours ago

    You can tell that they’re not from the Midwest because they pronounce it like ReesIS, not ReesEEZ lol

  • Cameron Spurr
    Cameron Spurr 6 hours ago

    Poor Matt. This whole video he was just berated.

  • Seamus Bonner
    Seamus Bonner 7 hours ago

    *Try guys who...*

  • Jayden Fontaine
    Jayden Fontaine 9 hours ago

    Does anybody else look at these guys and think of cloak and dagger?😂

  • Emmie M
    Emmie M 13 hours ago

    Her teeth...........

  • Brady Anderson
    Brady Anderson 17 hours ago

    Reese's dark chocolate

  • Zoe Vanderslice
    Zoe Vanderslice 19 hours ago

    I was so freakin excited when they tried Reese’s puffs. THATS MY FREAKIN CHILDHOOD

  • Safia H
    Safia H 19 hours ago

    I got a headache just watching this. 😂

  • Dark Requiem
    Dark Requiem 21 hour ago

    Video sponsored by Nestle.

  • Timothy Sandoval
    Timothy Sandoval 23 hours ago

    Deeply disappointed with the ranking fast break got. I agree wit behind the camera guy that it is one of the best products to come from reese's

  • Reflecting Stars

    My name is Reese and I stg I feel like my name doesn’t exist after hearing it that many times if that makes sense at all

  • Crystal Puffs
    Crystal Puffs Day ago +1

    Eugene should do this,

  • Kenna Breda
    Kenna Breda Day ago

    do Hershey’s

  • carmen Cuen
    carmen Cuen Day ago

    I am allergic to peunuts and peunt butter and buts lucky

  • Sophia Carrasco
    Sophia Carrasco Day ago

    m&ms next!!!!!

  • Mary F
    Mary F Day ago

    I really like these two. They are not annoying like a lot of the buzzfeed folks

  • Katie F
    Katie F Day ago

    Reese’s are my fav candy. I don’t like white chocolate as much as milk or dark but for some reason, the white chocolate Reese’s are my favorite! I didn’t even try them until recently but I was pretty shook 😂

    KiiD KAMIKURA Day ago

    Classic Cup is #1
    Don't come @ me

  • Erin Dargan
    Erin Dargan Day ago

    5:06 Kelsey is so funny

  • Carlie Bank
    Carlie Bank Day ago +1

    Totally not coping the try guys again

  • Nicole Marquez
    Nicole Marquez Day ago

    Your copying clever

  • tlstewart5
    tlstewart5 Day ago

    Actually the best (although out of season at the time of video) THE REESE’S REESTER BUNNY!!!!!

  • Dylan Balise
    Dylan Balise Day ago


  • mars asmr
    mars asmr Day ago

    Kelsey emotes like an animated character it’s so cute

  • Harvey Lemmer
    Harvey Lemmer Day ago

    The prices are awesome if you leave it in your dash on a hot day and the inside melts or if you pop em in the microwave for 5-10 seconds

  • faith korman
    faith korman Day ago

    Umm there’s bigger Reece’s

  • leve816
    leve816 Day ago

    What about the nutrageous bar with the peanuts love those

  • Maysongrace Vlogs

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Reese’s puff cereal?

  • Ari Dana
    Ari Dana Day ago

    She loves some dark chocolate👀

  • Tara Joy
    Tara Joy 2 days ago +1

    you forgot the Hersheys bar with Reeses

  • Sophia Aiello
    Sophia Aiello 2 days ago

    Honestly they did Reese’s dirty... got this list wrong

  • pooka oi
    pooka oi 2 days ago

    when you're allergic to peanuts but decides to watch anyway

  • Lord Grotesk
    Lord Grotesk 2 days ago

    What? No sReese'sracha sauce?

  • Zed :P
    Zed :P 2 days ago +1

    Why did i watch this

  • Bleh is my name
    Bleh is my name 2 days ago

    Wtf hello i just had an inkling to watch emma and looky here she just uploaded (31 mins after she uploaded)

  • Avishai Kruger
    Avishai Kruger 2 days ago +1

    Wow wow wow

    16 minutes of reese's.

  • Rice Guccigoomba
    Rice Guccigoomba 2 days ago

    *has never had Reese's before and is wondering about calorie count*

  • Anna Fed241
    Anna Fed241 2 days ago

    I needed this video

  • Person You don’t need to care about

    Reese’s sticks are my favorite

  • Kaylin Oakley
    Kaylin Oakley 2 days ago

    I hate the Reese's pieces but I love the cup

  • Kaitlinscraftys
    Kaitlinscraftys 2 days ago

    Ummmm no contest the holiday shapes are #1

  • Sofia W
    Sofia W 2 days ago

    This made me want Reese’s also holiday one is the best

  • OvEdEo IoNuT
    OvEdEo IoNuT 2 days ago

    We dont have Resses in Romania. :(

  • Rich Homie Sean
    Rich Homie Sean 2 days ago

    Fast break is the best

  • Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2

    I clicked because I thought he was leek jack.

  • Sillykids Roblox & More

    At my grocery store, they sell an official Reese’s Ice Cream Cake! It’s so big and it’s shaped like a Big Reese’s Cup! I’ve never tried it because of its $20 price tag, but I’m hoping to try it some day

  • Lashanda Johnson
    Lashanda Johnson 2 days ago

    14:54 y’all heard how she said dark chocolate? I think she got the real dark chocolate 😏

  • Lucero Canas
    Lucero Canas 2 days ago

    I was today years old when I found out there was reeses stuffed with pieces .. wtf lol I need to try

  • Kyla Lunth
    Kyla Lunth 2 days ago

    Okay but anyone remember the Reese’s whipped?

  • Rep Games
    Rep Games 2 days ago

    My name is Reece

  • Josephine DeVore
    Josephine DeVore 2 days ago

    TBH I don't like Reese's. Sorry.

  • Josephine DeVore
    Josephine DeVore 2 days ago

    1:17 "wait, we weren't gonna cheers?"

  • Katie Eilers
    Katie Eilers 2 days ago

    Kelsey! You should name one of your 100 babies Reese...

  • Fernando Grajales
    Fernando Grajales 2 days ago +1

    Bruh do Oreos

  • Clarissa Woody
    Clarissa Woody 2 days ago

    I don’t like classic Reese’s so pieces and the outrageous bar are where it’s at for mw

  • rocky362
    rocky362 2 days ago +1

    Yo homeboy looking like a whole pack of Reeses ...!!!

  • Brittany Jenkins
    Brittany Jenkins 3 days ago

    Is it just me but I think
    Reeses are disgusting

  • fluffy panda
    fluffy panda 3 days ago

    I'm gonna cover you in Reese' s pieces chocolate syrup hahaha

  • Justin You
    Justin You 3 days ago

    The black dude should be like “I wanna have me some white-chocolate later on”

  • Sel
    Sel 3 days ago +1

    Their personalities together is so wholesome

  • LeeLee Shafer
    LeeLee Shafer 3 days ago

    You two have great chemistry together. Maybe this is a love connection thanks to Reese’s

  • Paulina Vega
    Paulina Vega 3 days ago

    Her open chewing pissed me off

  • davidjohn long
    davidjohn long 3 days ago


  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 3 days ago

    Y'all should've tried the International Delight Reese's Coffee Creamer. It's SO good, man

  • enis gusani
    enis gusani 3 days ago

    10:06 me when i beat my dick

  • rachel ivon
    rachel ivon 3 days ago

    Times like these I wished I liked peanut butter

  • Aubrey Anna Goodson
    Aubrey Anna Goodson 3 days ago

    Good god why is she trying so hard. PMAB

  • TBD Forest
    TBD Forest 3 days ago

    She is the whitest white chick I’ve ever witnessed.....

  • lormack
    lormack 3 days ago

    i really can’t wait for cody ko to see this

  • Hudson rivera
    Hudson rivera 3 days ago

    Kelsey looks better than the Reese’s just sayin facts

  • Buddy Buckets21 Gaming
    Buddy Buckets21 Gaming 3 days ago +1

    She is so beautiful

  • Angell
    Angell 3 days ago

    chocolate isn’t meant to go with peanut butter

  • Ha C
    Ha C 3 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: I hate Reese’s cups

    • Angell
      Angell 3 days ago

      Ha C that’s not too unpopular, a whole lot of people dislike reese’s

  • chloes daw
    chloes daw 3 days ago

    in the uk we have peanut butter kit kats and they are really good

  • nine iota
    nine iota 3 days ago +1

    Invalid, Reese’s sticks are number 1
    Edit: all the comments about the injustice for Reese’s sticks- I see you.

  • kenziegriff
    kenziegriff 3 days ago

    9:59 , his laugh is amazing 😂🤣

  • kenziegriff
    kenziegriff 3 days ago

    I didn’t even know that most of these Reece’s chocolates were a thing 🤣

  • Keisey Walker
    Keisey Walker 3 days ago

    Is anyone else actually eating Reese’s while watching this video

  • Ava Bullock
    Ava Bullock 3 days ago

    Bro this made me so hungry

  • Reese Celis
    Reese Celis 3 days ago +1

    I feel wierd

  • FrontRow
    FrontRow 3 days ago

    a tree or a leaf or a turd! or a penis

  • Lillie Tansel
    Lillie Tansel 3 days ago

    You didn’t do the Reese’s bar it’s the best

  • Zoe Frattini
    Zoe Frattini 3 days ago

    So much orange

  • Lauren May
    Lauren May 3 days ago

    They copied the try guys, I’m right your wrong shut up.

  • Olivia04 _04
    Olivia04 _04 3 days ago

    Omg we only have reese‘s classic cups here in Germany

  • Logan Playz
    Logan Playz 3 days ago +1


  • Guadalupe Flor
    Guadalupe Flor 3 days ago

    Why am I watching this at 12:16 AM plus I dont like the conbanation with peanutbutter and chocolate!!

  • Eclipse Satyr
    Eclipse Satyr 3 days ago +1

    1 pieces
    2 sticks
    3 cup stuffed witg pieces
    4 cookie

  • Oh Melowpine
    Oh Melowpine 3 days ago

    the only reason i watch buzzfeed is because of Kelsey

  • NotSamuelEJO
    NotSamuelEJO 4 days ago

    I want to see that white ho' rank the taste of my dick in her pretty mouth.

  • Analisa Perez
    Analisa Perez 4 days ago

    he speaks Korean

  • IDontEvenKnow Lol
    IDontEvenKnow Lol 4 days ago

    I love fast break

  • Can we get to 50 subscribers with no Videos?

    I live in England 😩

  • Kyle Haas
    Kyle Haas 4 days ago

    CARE-A-MEL? Angers me so much lol who else just says CAR-MUL?

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow 4 days ago

    Repping the try guys? Damn buzzfeed

  • Lydia Lu
    Lydia Lu 4 days ago

    Buzzfeed tryna copy rank king Eugene

  • Juliette Paynter
    Juliette Paynter 4 days ago

    Should’ve gotten a Reese’s outrageous blizzard from DQ