We Rank (Almost) All The Reese's Foods

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • We tried all the Reese's!! (Or as many as we could find) Also, check out our friend Eugene, rank things, usclip.net/user/tryguys
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  • Jayson Lavallee
    Jayson Lavallee 12 hours ago

    Dark chocolate is the way to go. Old school nutrageous and sticks rule too :)

  • Cheyenne Wyatt
    Cheyenne Wyatt Day ago

    Need to update with Reese’s thins!!!!!!!! The best!

  • Anayjahlovesyou
    Anayjahlovesyou Day ago

    Ify is finee💓💓😍😍

  • Evan Entertainment


  • Ahhg
    Ahhg 2 days ago +1

    Ify is to good!

  • Callie Williamson
    Callie Williamson 2 days ago


  • Eggfibsh Deluxe
    Eggfibsh Deluxe 2 days ago

    She's fun!

  • Rebekka H
    Rebekka H 2 days ago

    I NEVER had Reese's. Still enjoyed this video :D

  • the gamer sk
    the gamer sk 2 days ago


  • Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin

    Fastbreak is totally underrated

  • Mara Okafor
    Mara Okafor 3 days ago +1

    Big cup (original flavor) is amazingggg

  • Vlogs by Hara
    Vlogs by Hara 3 days ago

    Am i the only one that hates the easter egg Reese's but loves the normal Reese's

  • Turtle Murple
    Turtle Murple 3 days ago

    And im over here and i just tried the classic...

  • Ellie H
    Ellie H 4 days ago

    Anyone else eating reeses while watching this?

  • Brooks N
    Brooks N 4 days ago +1

    Bruh Kelsey's just agreeing with Ify to get stuffed with his "outrageous pieces"

  • Cigit ___kivanc7
    Cigit ___kivanc7 4 days ago +3

    My guy low key sounds like Barack Obama

  • Reagan Carter
    Reagan Carter 4 days ago +2

    She is wrong where she placed the Reese sticks, those things are bomb!

  • FishingtheSkyxd
    FishingtheSkyxd 4 days ago

    too bad you guys didn't have reese's nutrageous. that's one of the best versions ~~

  • Juliet Jones
    Juliet Jones 4 days ago

    White chocolate SLAPS

  • theactualnic
    theactualnic 5 days ago

    BuzzFeed stealing Try Guys content and admitting to it for 16:01

  • cupcake ciara
    cupcake ciara 5 days ago

    When you don't like peanut butter so Reese's has no place in your life........

  • Maria's GachaEdits
    Maria's GachaEdits 5 days ago +11

    A minute ago I was just trying to search "how to stop sugar cravings"

    why am i here?

  • Brooke Vazquez
    Brooke Vazquez 5 days ago

    The white chocolate Reese’s are SO UNDERRATED! They are personally my favorite out of all them but I LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE and I get that many people don’t.

  • Samantha Kay
    Samantha Kay 6 days ago

    I know Nutrageous is hard to find... but it’s the best. Also ya’ll mixing textures with those filled cups. Nasty!

  • Love Johnson
    Love Johnson 6 days ago +1

    Im here for Reese's Cup,Reese's Cup,Reese's Cup,Reese's Cup,Reese's Cup, Reese's Cup,Reese's Cup and Reese's Cup!!!!!!!!🍽

  • song mae-ri
    song mae-ri 6 days ago

    Hershey's next then make another video with the Hershey's kisses becaus there are SO MANY flavors!

  • ChiTown _xx
    ChiTown _xx 6 days ago +1

    Are all those versions of Reese's necessary? 😂
    I love this video though. I lowkey ship them 🥺

  • Deedric Kee
    Deedric Kee 6 days ago +1

    Reese's Big cup and 'Fastbreak are the only ones I care about. But the ice-cream is great too.

  • Deedric Kee
    Deedric Kee 6 days ago

    My favorite candy bars are Reese's and Twix. But I love the white chocolate'Twix but I can't stand the white chocolate Reese's. It just doesn't taste right....My favorite out of all is the original big cup, gotta purchase like 4 though😎

  • JPachu16
    JPachu16 6 days ago +2

    I DIDNT KNOW THEY HAD A DARK CHOCOLATE VERSION!! If I can find them I can finally stop buying Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut cups

  • Alicia joseph
    Alicia joseph 6 days ago

    Now rank (almost) all the kit kat flavors

  • Bibimaru
    Bibimaru 7 days ago

    Reese's pieces>Reese's cups to me

  • Your Bae From Busan
    Your Bae From Busan 7 days ago

    I'm right, you're wrong, shut up!

  • ihateeverythingbruh
    ihateeverythingbruh 7 days ago

    White girls love chocolate

  • ChicaGames
    ChicaGames 7 days ago

    Sticks and fast breaks are the best don’t @ me

  • Tanroop Virk
    Tanroop Virk 8 days ago +1

    I was going to comment something about them doing the same thing as the try guys but since Kelsey said something sweet I couldn't

  • Jaide Montgomery
    Jaide Montgomery 8 days ago

    Y’all are really out here copying the try guys huh

  • krackheads
    krackheads 9 days ago

    DEFINITELY not stolen from rank king

  • austindvarga9
    austindvarga9 10 days ago

    White chocolate is the best Reese’s cup

  • Logan Guthrie
    Logan Guthrie 11 days ago

    Reese clusters are one of the best Reese’s! Anyone reading this who hasn’t had it you need to buy them!!

  • thenxn619
    thenxn619 11 days ago

    Take all the sugar away from Kelsey! She’s dangerous with sugar! LOL

  • Meena Beena
    Meena Beena 12 days ago

    agree with matt thoo...favorite reeses is the fastbreak

  • Meena Beena
    Meena Beena 12 days ago

    I want a man to look at me the way Kelsey looks at dark chocolate Reeses

  • mimz masinga
    mimz masinga 13 days ago

    This guy is so cute ! !

  • summer zhang
    summer zhang 13 days ago +6

    probably ripped off rank king

    And that’s the tea

  • Kay JP
    Kay JP 14 days ago

    Kiiiinnd of offended that the Reese’s sticks were that low

  • Billy Jeans
    Billy Jeans 14 days ago

    i ship it

  • Genesis Inclan
    Genesis Inclan 14 days ago

    The Outrageous is my favorite candy??? I'm so upset

  • foxxi
    foxxi 15 days ago


  • Lance Lee
    Lance Lee 15 days ago

    what a guy 😊

  • Isabella Petrillose
    Isabella Petrillose 16 days ago

    i say reece- cees not reese’s

  • Missgrace97
    Missgrace97 16 days ago

    My dads favorite candy is the nutragous 😊

  • austin w
    austin w 16 days ago

    this video is making me physically ill

  • Happy Pixie
    Happy Pixie 16 days ago


  • Jason
    Jason 16 days ago

    Thank you for saying CARAMEL instead of CARMEL ♥️

  • lostboy626
    lostboy626 16 days ago

    My favorite is harder to find now, the Reese's NutRageous bar, you guys unfortunately didn't get to try, the outrageous bar took its shelf space in many places. Never tried the dark or the ice cream dessert before. Definitely disagree about that Big Cup and would rank it way lower, the best Big Cup is the peanut filled, followed by the pieces filled Big Cup. Fast Break and Sticks deserve higher ranking IMO. Also, I grew up with the miniatures, so I actually prefer them to the originals. You were definitely missing the minis and the spread (which tastes like original thrown in a blender that you could eat by the spoonful), so I will blame your associate for that, lol.

  • Nevaeh Mallory
    Nevaeh Mallory 16 days ago

    I thought the guy in the thumbnail was flippin us off 😂

  • Jesse Sánchez
    Jesse Sánchez 16 days ago

    WAIT...MATT 😍

  • Austin Morris
    Austin Morris 17 days ago +3

    Fun actual fact: Reese’s Eggs have THE BEST chocolate to peanut butter ratio.

    • Jayson Lavallee
      Jayson Lavallee 12 hours ago

      Austin Morris have you had the Cadbury Reese’s? The pb is a different texture. Kind of like the pb fudge in the mini friendly’s sundae cups. So good

  • Ariana Rodriguez
    Ariana Rodriguez 17 days ago

    Pumpkin shaped Reese’s are the best 🥵

  • ShirtlessPanda
    ShirtlessPanda 17 days ago

    Reese’s sticks are the best 😤

  • Monet Williams
    Monet Williams 17 days ago

    I love white chocolate 😍😍😍

  • Monet Williams
    Monet Williams 17 days ago

    I really like Ify why wasn’t he on the ones before 😍

  • Quarantined Cosmonaut
    Quarantined Cosmonaut 17 days ago

    Nutrageous is my favorite but it has become harder to find in stores. ☹️ Especially now with the outrageous taking it's place. 🍫😭

  • Michelle Lim
    Michelle Lim 17 days ago

    This reminds of try guys segment

  • Blazeking416
    Blazeking416 17 days ago

    I almost watched half this video before I realized I’m watching a USclip of somebody else eat candy. Needless to say I got the f*** off this video and re-evaluated my priorities in life. I’m happy I almost stared into the abyss, I wasn’t ready. I’m going to be okay.

  • Rose Thompson
    Rose Thompson 17 days ago


  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia 17 days ago

    When ur black and everything is funny

  • Lesly Reyes
    Lesly Reyes 17 days ago

    My white chocolate was disowned😭

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 18 days ago

    His child is gonna be jealous

  • Brianna Nicole
    Brianna Nicole 18 days ago

    This was something i didn’t know i needed to see

  • Einar Karason
    Einar Karason 18 days ago

    Copieng candid competition

  • Betty Regalado
    Betty Regalado 18 days ago +1

    Ok but why doesn't Ify come out in more buzzfeed videos 😬

  • Dan S
    Dan S 18 days ago +3

    Can you guys rank Doritos?

  • melvasaiel
    melvasaiel 18 days ago

    I had to get a glass of milk halfway through just from watching this.

  • Madison Stachowiak
    Madison Stachowiak 19 days ago

    I love them together!! More videos of them pls

  • Big Daddy Jimmy Dean
    Big Daddy Jimmy Dean 19 days ago

    Reeses fastbreak ftw.

  • Tenzie Boucher
    Tenzie Boucher 19 days ago +1

    *cough* try guys *cough* rank king *cough*

    Nevermind I didn't watch the full video

  • Cole Tillman
    Cole Tillman 19 days ago

    White chocolate Reese’s slaps

  • Kaylie Brianne
    Kaylie Brianne 19 days ago

    the pumpkins are the best. period.

  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 20 days ago

    We don't have reese where i live so i have never tried it😢

  • The Spotter Fox
    The Spotter Fox 20 days ago +1

    Pretty sure they got fat after this

  • Keith Button
    Keith Button 20 days ago

    what is this video

  • Cloe Diagari
    Cloe Diagari 20 days ago +2

    white chocolate Reese’s are the best

  • prettymuch a headass
    prettymuch a headass 20 days ago +2

    ify is so adorable ugh i love my father

  • A Maiers
    A Maiers 20 days ago +3

    I was about to say y'all should date, but then it was like Ify has a daughter 😢😢😢😢😯😯😯

  • jewel kariuki
    jewel kariuki 20 days ago

    Kelsie makes me so happy.

  • Mayya *
    Mayya * 21 day ago

    Why does she look like JJ Criminal Minds. I think it’s the hair...

  • Steady Streaming
    Steady Streaming 21 day ago

    I just had Reese’s puss cereal for breakfast today! Lol

  • Shane Hoffmann
    Shane Hoffmann 21 day ago

    Matt has the best opinions

  • Kemi Turquoise
    Kemi Turquoise 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks so much like Lili Reinhart?!

  • Mikkel Vinther
    Mikkel Vinther 22 days ago

    10:20 be careful you don’t bite your fingers

  • Something NothingIdk
    Something NothingIdk 22 days ago

    Genuinely bothered by him eating them with the wrapper on

  • yeet boi daddy
    yeet boi daddy 22 days ago +7

    oh she’s a dark chocolate fiend??;)

  • Bbq King Alberta’s Number 1

    White chocolate is trash

  • Yahboy deko
    Yahboy deko 22 days ago

    Reese cereal is nasty

  • Yahboy deko
    Yahboy deko 22 days ago

    Just finish the cup it’s not that big why does the girl take one bite then stop

  • Keynan Faison
    Keynan Faison 22 days ago

    I’ve heard this song on a Tasty cooking video.. oh and white chocolate is my favorite Reese’s

  • Uniam
    Uniam 22 days ago +2

    Rank king???

    I mean ... 😏

  • *E E D U Z*
    *E E D U Z* 22 days ago +1

    Ify's a rapper