Short Women Become Taller For A Day • Ladylike


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  • Carolann Pupuhi
    Carolann Pupuhi 3 hours ago

    I’m 4’9 feet

  • oli Hall
    oli Hall 8 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure they share that Hawaiian shirt I've seen it on most of them at this point lol

  • EmmTay TwinTastic

    I’m 4’11 and I’m 10! Most of my friends are taller then me tho XDDDD

  • Limey Limelight
    Limey Limelight Day ago

    I’m 5 foot 1 and a half, and I was the tallest in my class, everyone was so short compared to me, and because of that, I’m so insecure about my height I think I’m so tall.

  • Kristy Jones
    Kristy Jones Day ago

    I’m 12 and 5”5 1/2

  • WantoN
    WantoN 2 days ago

    This is it people. You’ve reached the end of your USclip black hole journey. It doesn’t get any shitter than this.
    Go. To. Bed.

  • KillKard Gaming
    KillKard Gaming 2 days ago

    I’m 6’4” so I can potentially date 99.9% of women

  • Lana Rosey
    Lana Rosey 2 days ago

    5'3 and a half is the average height of a woman. I am 5'3 and still growing.

  • Skyler Claybaugh
    Skyler Claybaugh 2 days ago +1

    You are still beautiful

  • Skyler Claybaugh
    Skyler Claybaugh 2 days ago

    But no matter how short or tall you are

  • Skyler Claybaugh
    Skyler Claybaugh 2 days ago

    I am 6'5

  • Jessica Ingham
    Jessica Ingham 2 days ago

    I'm 11 I am 5 .3 2/3

  • Gracie Xoxo
    Gracie Xoxo 2 days ago +1

    I’m 12 and 5’3

  • Blacksilver
    Blacksilver 2 days ago

    I’m 13 in a few days... only 5’ 😂🤣

  • Brianna Will
    Brianna Will 2 days ago

    I am asked whole or taller than all of you and I am 11

  • Narin :/
    Narin :/ 2 days ago

    Im 13 years old and 163cm :3

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 2 days ago

    Do they have shoes that makes me shorter? (Mind you, I’m 184.5 cm and I’m 19)

  • Emmy Playz
    Emmy Playz 3 days ago

    I'm taller than all of them and I am 13 😂

  • MYLIFEASADAM Mylifeasadam

    Chantel ( the one with the white shorts )and her dance partner 👫
    matched ❤️

  • Lil Bay
    Lil Bay 3 days ago


  • Funny Fajitas
    Funny Fajitas 3 days ago

    I'm 5ft 2 but I don't feel short I feel like I'm taller

  • Anahi Molina
    Anahi Molina 3 days ago +1

    Im 11 and im 5.7 and im a girl

    • Anahi Molina
      Anahi Molina 2 days ago +1

      +cofeebeans im just saying that its a struggle like what do you think im not bieng cocky ok

    • cofeebeans
      cofeebeans 3 days ago

      there's a chance you've already stopped growing to dont get to cocky

  • Claire and Me
    Claire and Me 3 days ago +1

    I’m 5’8 (5’9 with shoes) and I’m 13. I’m taller than most the boys at my school and it kinda sucks.

  • Lilly mae 2008
    Lilly mae 2008 3 days ago


  • Heels Down
    Heels Down 3 days ago

    I'm 4'9...

  • Judith Heinzl
    Judith Heinzl 3 days ago +1

    the first video I don't have to search what 5'3'' is bc you put cm in here yey. #nonamericanheartsmiles

  • Andrew Ling
    Andrew Ling 3 days ago

    Wear Heels maybe

  • Hannah Skene
    Hannah Skene 4 days ago

    Omg I’m 12 and I’m the same hight as Freddy

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    5:06 thank me later 😂😂😂

  • alfredo cardenas
    alfredo cardenas 4 days ago

    I’m 15 and I’m 6feet and 3in

  • Emmy Draws
    Emmy Draws 4 days ago

    My grandma is 5’1” my other grandma is 5’2” my grandpa is 5’4” I am expected to turn out around 5’3” but I really hope I am shorter. I dont know why but I really want to be short

  • Emma Harder
    Emma Harder 4 days ago

    Im 14 and 5'8"...And still growing. My back pains are insane and I'm still growing, once I am fully grown I should be about 6' tall😭.

  • heart21197
    heart21197 4 days ago

    I'm sure they've worn heels before in their life, wouldn't that have given them an idea of what it's like to be a few inches taller though?

  • someone
    someone 4 days ago +1

    Short girls are hot in my opinion

  • bean100bean
    bean100bean 4 days ago

    But why didn’t they just wear heels tho

  • Elizabeth Louise
    Elizabeth Louise 4 days ago

    I’m 14 and I’m 5’9 so....

  • isabella sims
    isabella sims 4 days ago

    Well I’m 4’4 and I’m 12 😂

  • Mert Ali
    Mert Ali 4 days ago

    5,9 Girl thinks shes gigantic i have fcking neck problems with my 6,5 Girl chill

  • The Bad Ashe
    The Bad Ashe 4 days ago

    I'm taller than all of them, but shorter than Devin. Idk about Kristin though

  • Wolfy Chan
    Wolfy Chan 5 days ago

    I'm the same size as Freddie and I'm 10
    What does that mean?!😞

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G 5 days ago +1

    I’m 5’6 and I’m 11 years old 😂

  • Zoe Miyashiro
    Zoe Miyashiro 5 days ago

    freddie's hair adds like 3 inches

  • batman awesome
    batman awesome 5 days ago

    My ex bf actually wore this.

  • Elizabeth Shipley
    Elizabeth Shipley 5 days ago

    in elementary school and middle school I have been one of the tallest girls now i'm in high school and now I feel so short

  • HotDogBun
    HotDogBun 5 days ago +1

    Why does Jen remind me of Tracer so much?! I cant be the only one.

  • Julia JJS
    Julia JJS 5 days ago

    i’m 9 and i’m taller than Fred

  • Gabriel Haddad
    Gabriel Haddad 5 days ago

    Shouldn’t they do this with short guys who are probably more insecure about this

  • Pidgeotto 3000
    Pidgeotto 3000 5 days ago

    Is it weird i am 12 and i am almost As tall As devin 1,66 last time i checked
    In halloween month october

  • Spring lamb
    Spring lamb 6 days ago

    I'm 5' tall

  • Ace
    Ace 6 days ago +21

    why do they act like its the first time they have worn shoes that make them taller. have they never worn heels before because almost every women has worn heels at some point.

  • shuujixoxarisu
    shuujixoxarisu 6 days ago

    "Should we both bow to each other?" HAHHAAA

  • Keke Gacha
    Keke Gacha 6 days ago

    I USED to be the shortest, now I’m average hight

  • AnotherGachaTuber _
    AnotherGachaTuber _ 6 days ago

    I’m always he tallest in my class 😂 the tallest*

  • Cally Tungseth
    Cally Tungseth 6 days ago

    devin isn’t even that tall. i’m 5’10’’ and i’m 13🙄

  • Shadow God
    Shadow God 6 days ago

    Girls imo have it easier for height. Be under 6ft and your fine which is like 99% of woman. However men need to be 6ft plus which is like 10%

  • Jason Norwood
    Jason Norwood 6 days ago +1

    This doesn't make sense, because women wear 6 inch heels sometimes. I'm sure they're all familiar with what it feels like to be taller. Should've done the experiment with men.

  • AJMovie Jamaa
    AJMovie Jamaa 6 days ago

    I am 10 and I am taller than Freddie.

  • Vilku Vlogai
    Vilku Vlogai 6 days ago

    Im 10 and im 4'11 sooo 👌

    FORT QUEEN 6 days ago

    Im 12 BTW

    FORT QUEEN 6 days ago


  • guppy719
    guppy719 7 days ago

    I don't get this at all have they never worn heels before because thats probably close to the boost that the lifts give

  • Jelena Oksana
    Jelena Oksana 7 days ago

    ~~~ I'm 5'11 tall ~~~

  • TNT's Cat
    TNT's Cat 7 days ago

    5’6 above average

  • Lily Pope
    Lily Pope 7 days ago

    Freddy is 1 inch taller than me. I'm ten!

  • Lillian G
    Lillian G 7 days ago

    I'm very tall for a 5th grader, over 5 feet, and my best friends like to be picked up and we have a blast with me like prancing around carrying a person on my back and a person in my arms.

  • Delilah Poehner
    Delilah Poehner 7 days ago

    as a teenager (on the younger side of being a teenger) I'm taller than ALL of them. I'm 5'5" and I'm supposed to reach AT LEAST 6'0" as an adult. I constantly hit my head on things...

  • Chuy83
    Chuy83 7 days ago

    All I know is that Devin is beautiful and she can get it. The other ones look like men.

  • Hi I’m Frickin cc
    Hi I’m Frickin cc 7 days ago

    Okay I’m gay im leaving bye

  • Hi I’m Frickin cc
    Hi I’m Frickin cc 7 days ago

    who’s the Asian looking girl 😍

  • LinBel 333
    LinBel 333 7 days ago

    Im short but I dont mind

  • Nicolas Copernicus
    Nicolas Copernicus 7 days ago

    5:06 boii you should shave

  • alivia whitcomb
    alivia whitcomb 8 days ago

    I'm the same height as Freddie

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 8 days ago

    i am short but when ur in crowds u can move eser and not have to crouch when u walk under a tree.

  • Seren Nagle-Fellows
    Seren Nagle-Fellows 8 days ago

    OMG lol I'm taller than all of them and I'm 12!!!! Awwwwwww (I'm 5"6)

  • Catya
    Catya 8 days ago

    omg that dip x'D

  • Haley Brown
    Haley Brown 8 days ago

    I'm 13, and 5'8", like... O.O

  • Tugis Art Studio
    Tugis Art Studio 8 days ago

    That's Asian girl is a tomboy. Probably gay.

  • jas Johnson
    jas Johnson 8 days ago

    I have the hugest crush on chantel and I’m realizing that I only watch videos with her in them on buzzfeed😍😂

  • Rosie Inverarity
    Rosie Inverarity 9 days ago

    I’m only 4'6, but I’m really short for my age cuz I’m 10

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson 9 days ago

    im 11 and 5'6 (I'm a girl) :)

  • vicislame
    vicislame 9 days ago

    wear high heels???????

  • Felix Lagemann
    Felix Lagemann 9 days ago

    5'9 is considered tall for a female?

  • Abstrak Jaz
    Abstrak Jaz 9 days ago

    now you just want to waste my time, right?

  • Katharina Lilly
    Katharina Lilly 9 days ago

    Im 14 and im 5‘4 as a Girl and i looove my height , I stopped growing at 12

  • 0 subs and happy
    0 subs and happy 10 days ago +1

    I wish I was smaller

  • Kendra Graham
    Kendra Graham 10 days ago

    So pretty much they’re just wearing heels?

  • Alyssa Manzi
    Alyssa Manzi 10 days ago

    Anyone else notice sexual tension between Chantelle And her dance partner? They’d be a cute match.

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams 10 days ago

    I’m 4”11

  • Katie Sturgill
    Katie Sturgill 10 days ago

    I’m 16 and I’m 5’9

  • Hermis Kitty Stories
    Hermis Kitty Stories 10 days ago

    I’m 5 foot and I’m 17 years old

  • Brielle Barnes
    Brielle Barnes 10 days ago

    I'm ten and I am 5'1

  • army is lub army is lyf


  • All around Kai
    All around Kai 11 days ago

    Dang I am a half a inch smaller than Frankie and I am 9 yes I said 9

  • Maverick4life
    Maverick4life 11 days ago

    I am 11 and I’m like 1 m and 62 cm😂They are like 20😂

  • reborn asmr slime
    reborn asmr slime 11 days ago +1

    Im 11 and 5'4

  • Colby Reneé
    Colby Reneé 12 days ago

    Limbo is only hard is you’re not flexible but then again I’m not particularly tall either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • gretoka graves
    gretoka graves 12 days ago

    If I wore those shoe lifts I'd still only be 5'0😂

  • Leydi Morales
    Leydi Morales 12 days ago

    I feel you Devin I feel you😶

  • Broadway days
    Broadway days 12 days ago

    I am 4’6’ ok I am short

  • just random
    just random 12 days ago +1

    that girl with the brown dress has realy hairy armpits