Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • "Mary Queen of Scots" stars Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Margot Robbie British? How do you pronounce Saoirse Ronan? Was Margot in a soap opera? Robbie and Saoirse answer all these questions and more!

    "Mary Queen of Scots" is in theaters on December 7
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    Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Comments • 3 839

  • Basti Emiliano
    Basti Emiliano Day ago

    no entiendo ni mierda pero me encanta margot robbie

  • gaurav joshi
    gaurav joshi 2 days ago

    Lovely bones was such a heartfelt movie....

  • Rishabh Bhardwaj
    Rishabh Bhardwaj 4 days ago +1

    Is no one gonna talk about that hickey on margot's neck???

  • Y Q
    Y Q 5 days ago


  • North Wind
    North Wind 6 days ago

    Why did they switch their names in the intro?

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson 7 days ago

    She said her name like 80 times and I already forgot how to pronounce it

  • Sasha Elgen
    Sasha Elgen 8 days ago

    Uhhhhh you can tell Margot looks waaaaaayy better than the other one

  • Dovee Dano
    Dovee Dano 12 days ago +1

    I love Saoirse's "Yeah" 💓😍

  • bladecreed 9
    bladecreed 9 12 days ago +1

    Now i know why the irish people fought so long for their freedom, they asked for it, but no one understood them.

  • SleepyHead
    SleepyHead 12 days ago

    they say margot robbie 38 TF Shes look like 19 yr old

  • carlsong643
    carlsong643 13 days ago

    They're both such wife material

  • Tom Family
    Tom Family 14 days ago

    Both are so beautiful

    DREVM 15 days ago

    Two best actresses alive right now in my opinion.

  • Chick Filla
    Chick Filla 15 days ago

    Saoirse is so beyond gorgeous!

  • Adelino Almeida
    Adelino Almeida 17 days ago +3

    I admire so much the two. I always wanted to be actress and my inspiration are these two women

  • Gabriel M.
    Gabriel M. 18 days ago

    Could by my dream threesome

  • ParallaxNick
    ParallaxNick 18 days ago

    I think the confusion re: Transformers due to Rachael Taylor, who looks a bit like her and is also an Aussie.

  • lyco46
    lyco46 18 days ago

    Sear cha

  • Ivan Reyna
    Ivan Reyna 18 days ago

    More like 48

    • LK Tzu
      LK Tzu 18 days ago

      She can show you her birth certificate. 😎

  • Jub Yaz
    Jub Yaz 19 days ago

    An irish and an Australian walk into a bar.. hey mate. You want a pint? 😂😂😂

  • Yuvana Chai
    Yuvana Chai 19 days ago +2

    Omg, I love them both so much. They're so gorgeous ❤️

  • TheGonzo
    TheGonzo 20 days ago

    I cannot believe I just discovered this. "Mary Queen of Scots" was one of the best films in 2018, in my opinion (which, according to my AMC A-List movie watches was 40+). Saoirse Ronan is wife material, respectfully.

  • Hulianna JACE
    Hulianna JACE 20 days ago

    Saoirse’s laugh is so contagious lmaoo

  • Mike Nunyabizness
    Mike Nunyabizness 20 days ago

    Rachael Taylor was in transformers, she looked a bit like Robbie and is an Aussie too I believe.

  • Ryan Howell
    Ryan Howell 20 days ago

    Two Beautiful Women

  • Joaquin Phi
    Joaquin Phi 21 day ago

    Not to funny to be honest.

  • BerkanaLynx
    BerkanaLynx 21 day ago

    I LOVED "I Could Never Be Your Woman" - Great movie.

  • RHF
    RHF 21 day ago

    I love you my Duchess

  • Psy Cho
    Psy Cho 21 day ago +1

    My two favourites in one video ❤️

  • obajjed
    obajjed 23 days ago

    I hate Saoirse Ronan since Atonement movie...

    ALAN BROWN 23 days ago +1

    Poor wee Saoirse, the poor wee lassie! Its not her fault that her name is very strange indeed, it is Irish you see! If she had a better name the poor wee lassie might have won an Oscar by now the noo jimmy!!!!

  • Lillie Church
    Lillie Church 23 days ago


  • tritone11
    tritone11 23 days ago +8

    Why is Saoirse Ronan more attractive than Margot Robbie!

  • joanna v
    joanna v 23 days ago +1

    Saoirse Ronan looks like Trevor moran .

  • Katie Holt
    Katie Holt 25 days ago

    can why don’t we do one

  • Kevin Brender
    Kevin Brender 25 days ago +2

    saoirse her voice is just like asmr to me

  • Dog Face
    Dog Face 25 days ago

    I love this scene 2:50

  • paul leepoy
    paul leepoy 26 days ago

    hannah and suicide girl

  • Sneaky Weasel
    Sneaky Weasel 26 days ago +6

    "I wish!"
    I volunteer as a tribute.

  • ice cream
    ice cream 26 days ago

    I LUV THE BOTH OF THEM ♡ !!!!!!!

  • shubham bisht
    shubham bisht 26 days ago +4

    Did anyone else had to lower the brightness?

  • ReonShide
    ReonShide 27 days ago +3

    Ouch... harsh for Saoirse to stand next to Margot.

  • Joshua English Chua
    Joshua English Chua 27 days ago

    Wait a minute did I see every video with celebrities talking either 1 or multiple people holding multiple versions of Google clipboards to resemble computers that type so many things for them? That’s a lot and a very cool idea to sponsor a company with video website.

  • Tatiana Acosta
    Tatiana Acosta 29 days ago +2

    Susie Salmon :0 :'(

  • Mark P
    Mark P 29 days ago

    Guessing the Transformers question was because Revenge of the Fallen starred another blonde Aussie actress Isabel Lucas, this is her best scene:

  • Aurora Myth
    Aurora Myth 29 days ago

    Beautiful Women

  • Luveesh Purswani
    Luveesh Purswani Month ago +1

    Most awkward WIRED interview...

  • Bmw Forlife
    Bmw Forlife Month ago

    Margot is overdressed next to Saoirse.

  • metalletam
    metalletam Month ago

    3:21 anchorman reference?

  • Wax Wax
    Wax Wax Month ago

    Oh my god Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey are twins

  • Marwan Wakkad
    Marwan Wakkad Month ago +1

    I love you saoires ronan sosososo much iam adored

  • Baguio Byben
    Baguio Byben Month ago

    Is it just me or does Margot have an unusual mole on her right neck. 🤔

  • Scarlet Witch
    Scarlet Witch Month ago +3

    My Australian And Irish Queens in one video

  • Jesus Hernández
    Jesus Hernández Month ago +2

    I love Saoirse so freaking much ❤️

  • Николай Богословский

    В Яндексе поищите

  • Dark Fantasy
    Dark Fantasy Month ago +19

    I understand why everyone loved margot robbie. But personally, Saoirse's beauty is on another level

    • Adelino Almeida
      Adelino Almeida 17 days ago

      No, because Margot Robbie acting and her personality is just BRILLIANT
      I love her because unlike the others actors she is genuine

    • Thomas S.
      Thomas S. 22 days ago

      both 10/10 bombshells

    THE WHITE KNIGHT Month ago +2

    I've never seen this level of Beautiful Thumbnail

  • Sho Nuff
    Sho Nuff Month ago +3

    I am sure Saoirse Ronan is somewhat attractive but no one looks good sitting next to Margot Robbie.

  • Incorrigible Panda
    Incorrigible Panda Month ago

    So, when r these broads getting preggers?

  • YaY YaY
    YaY YaY Month ago

    Why they switched their names at the beginning🤔