Fastest People in Slow Motion

  • Published on Feb 28, 2018
  • The world’s fastest card thrower and a fast draw world champion put their skills of speed and dexterity to the slow-mo test. See more tricks like this on The Super Slow Show, only on USclip.
    And to see more of magician and world record-holding card thrower Rick Smith Jr. ,
    Check out his USclip channel at
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  • P4NCAkE!S
    P4NCAkE!S 59 minutes ago

    We found arthur morgen

  • / xXEDAXx \
    / xXEDAXx \ 4 hours ago +1

    I do not want to bother that guy while he is performing his magic show

  • []
    [] 12 hours ago

    irl mccree?

  • Sape Kau
    Sape Kau 14 hours ago +1

    You should put you name ssssssssssssssllllllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwww Mmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooo

  • hitchy24
    hitchy24 17 hours ago

    05:10 yeah most guys do.
    Give it a good tug and then try again 👍

  • Davide43
    Davide43 20 hours ago

    Well done cowboy, but i'm quite sure that my hand during fapping myself is faster.
    Hasta la vista

  • Magma 2cd account 2
    Magma 2cd account 2 21 hour ago

    What about my cousin fapping?

  • Gatop CZ
    Gatop CZ 23 hours ago

    Twisted Fate irl

  • TheScorcherHD
    TheScorcherHD Day ago

    the quickdrawer was john marston

  • Panagiotis Doumas

    twisted fate cosplay

  • Pointless Channel xd

    I know how that carrot feels.. i got a giant uno card thrown at my nose

  • BigPaaryna
    BigPaaryna Day ago

    1:50 whenever girls see me first time.

  • Scrappy Scrip crip

    Pause 3:23


  • Gustavo Oliveira Cavalcanti

    I guess we just have found the real life Gambit

  • Ilyaboss2006
    Ilyaboss2006 Day ago +1

    4:47 *2x speed*

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 2 days ago

    i can do it faster

  • 1000 Subs with no Videos?

    After watching this video
    When you get a Card
    *I am a Ninja*

  • Mohammed Naser
    Mohammed Naser 2 days ago +1

    I wanna see Ricardo Milos arm speed

  • Brendan Marsden
    Brendan Marsden 2 days ago

    Look at the end time

  • Delbird p
    Delbird p 2 days ago

    Slow mo guy try searching this guy djoni liem this guy is the only guy who can shoot needle using his mouth with a great force.

  • JRViana
    JRViana 2 days ago

    4:01 Revolver Shalashaska Ocelot

  • lin zhang
    lin zhang 2 days ago


  • Arnold sanchez
    Arnold sanchez 2 days ago

    Wath hapend to your hand

  • darren besabella
    darren besabella 2 days ago

    That's an impressive Deadeye McCree is better

  • Exophodia
    Exophodia 3 days ago +2

    The thumbnail shows an actual picture of me about to punch my girlfriend in the face

  • GamingwithKaiden
    GamingwithKaiden 3 days ago

    Try to shoot into water

    SONI'S WORLD 3 days ago

    Very fast bro you are a legend

  • Zidane Arie
    Zidane Arie 3 days ago

    Its highhhhhhh noon

  • Dev Parashar
    Dev Parashar 3 days ago +1

    Play the video at 0.25x sounds like all are drunk😂😂😂😂😂

  • Choxolet yo
    Choxolet yo 4 days ago

    Wait why do I hear an eagle at 12 pm?

  • Arth Czar Rolei Taniegra

    2nd one...


    THUNDER DOG14 4 days ago +9

    1:09 I thought my playstation just switched on for a second... 😂😂

  • game-18-& M-no-kids
    game-18-& M-no-kids 5 days ago +1

    100% facts there are a way to throw the car faster than when you think it is with a metrocard

  • Bubblezov Love
    Bubblezov Love 5 days ago +3

    That bullet looked very wobbly. Presumably those are very low powder loads or something?

    • Gino Yesano
      Gino Yesano 3 days ago

      Yeah, there also seemed to be very little recoil

  • Fanny Tricks
    Fanny Tricks 6 days ago +1

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  • Wosso
    Wosso 6 days ago

    4:41 i was wondering how arthur morgan looks in real life...

  • Alex Lassila
    Alex Lassila 6 days ago

    This wasn't fair. Rick Smith Jr already did his video with dude perfect where he did the same stuff. That video was posted July 17, 2017, and this one was February 28, 2018.

  • Calamity Jr.
    Calamity Jr. 7 days ago

    This card thrower is basically Hisoka.

  • Micah Norman
    Micah Norman 7 days ago

    If your ever up against a card thrower just protect yourself with three celery stalks

  • Romi
    Romi 8 days ago +1


  • bReAdY Zuzu
    bReAdY Zuzu 9 days ago

    Always wear 3 layers of celery under your clothes. You never know when you might come across Rick and he attacks you with his playing cards.

  • Alvin F
    Alvin F 9 days ago

    Boys we got the new twisted fate right here.

  • YourUltimatePBRenewer
    YourUltimatePBRenewer 9 days ago +2

    1:43 Dan just blinked.That's how he said it dissapeared.

  • QBU licious
    QBU licious 9 days ago +4

    But yet no speedcubing?

  • Bilegt-Ochir Byambasuren

    He should've tried throwing plastic cards rather than the paper cards

    MiStErI POPULER 10 days ago

    Subscribe too my chanel

  • William Cutting
    William Cutting 10 days ago

    Cowboy was born in the wrong era. A completely awesome skill that has no true value besides a cool factor in todays world... Well besides hunting and self defense etc. But you all get me on this one.

  • William Cutting
    William Cutting 10 days ago +1

    Can he throw a card through a babys finger? 🤔

  • Icecreamtruck Og
    Icecreamtruck Og 10 days ago

    An American championship is not a world championship.

  • Noah Bergeaux
    Noah Bergeaux 10 days ago +2

    Fastest people more like fastest cards am I right

  • LuixDMusic
    LuixDMusic 10 days ago

    With dead eye, everyone can do it...

  • Abdul HuSsain
    Abdul HuSsain 11 days ago

    You haven’t noticed JOHN WICK doing that fastest bullet shot or whatever it is in JOHN WICK MOVIE. Even Faster than that guy😆😆

  • Peko ಥ_ಥ
    Peko ಥ_ಥ 11 days ago

    How fast can the fast draw guy beat his meat

    • Big Bobs
      Big Bobs 10 days ago

      It sounds like a machine gun when he wanks

  • miles styles
    miles styles 11 days ago

    Lol even his socks changed colour

  • Bigweld of Grunk
    Bigweld of Grunk 11 days ago

    Okay Gambit

  • leatile m
    leatile m 11 days ago

    Lol this guy is always hurt 😂😂😂 shame

  • Mahir Sayar
    Mahir Sayar 11 days ago +6

    5:48 Guys! I love your stuff, but how could you *not* show the footage of both balloons popping at the same time! Like how? =]

  • OliGy
    OliGy 12 days ago

    huh look at the colors of the balloons at 4:46 and the colors at 4:48 ?!

  • Themanatíepiléptico777

    4:48 mcree its real

  • Random sick Boon
    Random sick Boon 12 days ago

    No way 9:11

  • L4EN
    L4EN 12 days ago

    4:49 it's high noon

  • virus qlim
    virus qlim 12 days ago

    This card throwing dude can even cut the lock with cards....

  • Luis FCC
    Luis FCC 12 days ago

    Ellos tienen talenteishon

  • Matthew Hengstenberg
    Matthew Hengstenberg 12 days ago +12

    0:09 aw i know that guy he was on a dude perfect show he is so cool

  • 0Kaliber0
    0Kaliber0 12 days ago

    Twisted Fate in Reallife hahaha xD

  • Toby Mizell
    Toby Mizell 12 days ago +9

    fun fact, you can be completely protected by card-throwing ninjas by making 3 stick-thick celery body armor

  • Shannon Hunley
    Shannon Hunley 12 days ago

    Litterally shooting from the hip

  • Hoven
    Hoven 12 days ago

    what's with the cringe?

  • movie plus g
    movie plus g 12 days ago

    What if he threw a steal card

  • RoadKillzine
    RoadKillzine 13 days ago

    I'm Watching someone chuck cards through vegetables, on my lunch break... Wheres my life going?

  • T-series Is Dead
    T-series Is Dead 13 days ago

    Rick Smith is in cardthrowing trickshots

  • Web Tech Yt
    Web Tech Yt 13 days ago

    Watch the guy card thrower from. Dude perfect

  • 87 Tech & Gaming
    87 Tech & Gaming 14 days ago +3

    Ping in real life
    Now I understand why I die when using REVOLVER

  • Des Dreams
    Des Dreams 14 days ago

    5:31 - 5:40 Orange balloon piece:WIEEEEEEEEEE

  • Brambles
    Brambles 14 days ago +1

    First guy looking like Hunter x Hunter’s Hisoka, dude is scary... imma ask him to teach me Nen

  • Asathewizard Veteran_of_Ugandan_knuckle's

    3:47 who else hears bad diarrhea?

  • semiweeb 120
    semiweeb 120 15 days ago


  • Samuel Johnston
    Samuel Johnston 15 days ago

    So if your in a fight against him make sure you are wearing body armor at least 3 celery thick

  • Bajaxp
    Bajaxp 15 days ago

    He actually held another object after seeing what he do with a card...

  • Allen Luo
    Allen Luo 16 days ago

    1:42 ahh the face never gets old

  • michael A.K.A ya boi oWo
    michael A.K.A ya boi oWo 16 days ago +3

    *this summer*
    A scientist gone mad...
    Its the end of the wild west era...
    When the two meat... *cowboy scientist* in a theatre near you..

  • meme grave yard
    meme grave yard 16 days ago

    i put the speed at 2

  • ismail Cem Eroglu
    ismail Cem Eroglu 17 days ago +1

    Train your skill's to perfection and you will be able to cleave things with just cards

  • O Budee boi
    O Budee boi 17 days ago +1

    1:43 dat face do 🤣🤣🤣

  • steadyjohn65
    steadyjohn65 17 days ago +1

    Back to Ed McGivern In an exhibition in1932 he put 5 shots inside a half dollar size on a target at 20 with live ammo. That means real recoil, real bullets making holes in a paper target. And he did it in 9/20 of a second. No breaking a 8 inch balloon at 10 feet with residual powder which has the spraying effect of a shotgun shell. And his guns were not modified. No trigger jobs, no smoothing the inside, Nada.

  • Mush Mello
    Mush Mello 17 days ago

    Fast people???
    Obviously they‘re slow af

  • Rx Fountano
    Rx Fountano 17 days ago +5

    If it's not slow enough for you just set the playback speed to 0.25

  • Bas Manderveld
    Bas Manderveld 17 days ago

    Its like alladin chopping wood

  • Darryl Morang
    Darryl Morang 18 days ago

    Gambit in real life

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas 18 days ago

    I wanna see what the card thrower can do with a throwing star

  • ziddaine sin
    ziddaine sin 18 days ago

    2:47 Imagine this dude throw shurikens

  • chicken crackers
    chicken crackers 19 days ago

    This guy went 2 my school

  • D⃣ A⃣ S⃣ H⃣
    D⃣ A⃣ S⃣ H⃣ 19 days ago

    2:00 Carrot: Good bye kiss

  • Christina Pankey
    Christina Pankey 19 days ago


  • Christina Pankey
    Christina Pankey 19 days ago

    Why would we want to show you? You are not attractive and the other one is fat so go show us that you can lose weight and maybe try and look like a women

  • pshycoterz NA
    pshycoterz NA 20 days ago

    they are not human but an alien from namex 😁

  • Jamar Parkman
    Jamar Parkman 20 days ago

    1:44 when you nut and she keep going.. (his face)

  • Sasuke kuniski
    Sasuke kuniski 20 days ago

    we got our gambit.. marvel make the movie now

  • Jack Albright
    Jack Albright 20 days ago

    The screen on my phone is cracked and I thought that this title said “Fattest people in slow motion.” Lol!!

  • Jon G
    Jon G 20 days ago +3

    Technically being held by THREE threads.