Marvel Studios' Avengers Endgame | "We Lost" Featurette

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • "We're in the endgame now."
    Watch this brand-new featurette from Marvel Studios' Avengers Endgame, in theaters in one month.
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Comments • 5 306

  • Mario Cascone
    Mario Cascone 5 hours ago

    It’s honestly really hard to just search up “The Avengers lose” and find these many results, we all knew that the heroes would always try very hard and win in the end as a relief. That never happened in Infinity War as all our Marvel heroes that we got to connect to who came from the comics to the big screen grief and even worse, die.
    Tony Stark (Iron Man) had anxiety attacks back in Iron Man 3 and saw a reality he seen before in Age of Ultron come true
    Steve Rogers (Captain America) didn’t just fight for America but for others lost the people he held close to back in WW2 with Bucky being brainwashed and never really got the dance with Agent Carter, just to wake up in a world he doesn’t know. He pushed against Thanos but was defeated in the end.

  • tysoon363636
    tysoon363636 3 days ago

    Greatest movie ever made! The only movie leaves many men in tears.

  • U-TEC Studios
    U-TEC Studios 14 days ago

    Good movie,when I saw iron man's death I continued crying in night on that day..
    Why did you do that ,I loved Tony more than my life

  • anupong junsri
    anupong junsri 15 days ago

    Come on the terminator into mavel please.

  • Varu Nexus
    Varu Nexus 17 days ago

    Music used in this featurette ??

  • joseph jean
    joseph jean 17 days ago

    Do anyone know the song in the beginning?

    HYDRA BYTE 17 days ago

    I watched endgame
    i want my money back

  • Music Maniac
    Music Maniac 19 days ago

    I'm debating whether to post spoilers or not...

  • Drex Mimi
    Drex Mimi 19 days ago

    Choose john cena for the next captain america and not hawk eye...

  • Grays Luv
    Grays Luv 20 days ago

    I don’t like avengers, I just wanna watch endgame so for people I hate I can describe it in great detail!

  • Shinichi Kudo
    Shinichi Kudo 20 days ago +2

    Who's here after watching endgame ?!!🙁🙁

  • Rana Asim ali
    Rana Asim ali 21 day ago

    Bring captain back

  • Dilshan Marasinghe
    Dilshan Marasinghe 22 days ago

    Who's watching all the TV spots after watching the movie?

    AISHWARYA KAWALE 22 days ago

    Why did not doc strange used time stone on iron man

    AISHWARYA KAWALE 22 days ago

    How did cap become old

  • Youtube Andra
    Youtube Andra 22 days ago +1

    I love you 3000x

  • I need help
    I need help 23 days ago

    What had you done
    Before ENDGAME I was fan of THOR
    I think that THOR is most powerful and handsome but you had erased every good memories of THOR .
    I DONT like this movie .
    One more question to you that
    Mjolnir can't create thunderstorm as ODIN told in THOR Ragnarok .
    Then how Captain America created thunderstorm.
    One more question if you changed the past then how future remained same i mean if THOR taken his mjolnir in past then why he maked stormbreaker .if you change one thing then everything must be changed . Where is HELA ?
    why can't they come ?
    In this movie where is DORMAMMU? And many more you have to answer these.

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin 24 days ago

    1:37 ADVANCE!!!

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin 24 days ago +1

    The one & Only Tony Stark. We love you 3000

  • AlvineXStar Chanel
    AlvineXStar Chanel 24 days ago +2

    Tony Stark 😭😭😭😭 Why U Dead In Film EndGame Why 😭😭 I Everything Support U

  • Philomina Palathingal
    Philomina Palathingal 24 days ago +1

    1:09 This still hurts.

  • Lloydzkie Elescopides
    Lloydzkie Elescopides 25 days ago

    Avengers End Game Super Nice movie all time worth it

  • JakeLights GT
    JakeLights GT 26 days ago

    For those of you waiting for the credit scene
    There are no credit scene because it’s the EndGame and btw I even waited.

  • JB Tiamson
    JB Tiamson 26 days ago

    1:24 I guess that was his death wish. Lol

  • kimg ghule master
    kimg ghule master 26 days ago

    rusdo destroyed tjor by making him fat

    • JB Tiamson
      JB Tiamson 26 days ago +1

      He felt depressed for not hitting Thanos in the head before the snap.

  • Shiona Curry
    Shiona Curry 27 days ago +2

    0:01 uh your scaring me

  • Thanos
    Thanos 27 days ago

    Thanos didn't kill the other 50% of the avengers. He sent them towards another dimension

  • Manish Menghani
    Manish Menghani 27 days ago +1

    IRON MAN is dead in endgame

  • XxKazxX xoxo
    XxKazxX xoxo 28 days ago

    Only 1hr and 50mins away... I just can't run ... I'm not ready

  • Alex Animations
    Alex Animations 28 days ago +1

    Why u die :(

  • Dark World
    Dark World 28 days ago

    russo brothers please please tony stark is back in Spaider man far from home movie please please please She is my favourite supper hero Favourite actor and my oxygen❤❤❤❤❤😥😥😥😥

    • //FaTaL//
      //FaTaL// 23 days ago

      Dark World I want that aswell T-T

  • shell kanavira
    shell kanavira 28 days ago


  • 肥鮑
    肥鮑 29 days ago +1

    Andy is still here

  • Fenn Droge
    Fenn Droge 29 days ago +1

    Im going today watch Avengers Endgame Im Excited

  • Jervin Quisada
    Jervin Quisada Month ago

    WOW IMPRESSIVE MAN, I really like your videos man. I do same kind of content! ⚡️

    XTENCIONCORD Month ago

    No one:
    Marvel studios: Avengers: Endgame “Hulk farts” TV Spot

  • Johnny. JwabKln Soriano

    Stranger:its 3hour long
    Me:whatever it takes

  • Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven

    5 days lefttt

  • Juliet Raczkiewicz
    Juliet Raczkiewicz Month ago

    When I pee myself 2 hours into the movie :
    There was no other way

  • Mister twister
    Mister twister Month ago +1

    Thor (looking at Captain Marvel): I'd like to try my AXE on this one
    (goes for her head) .... Another!!!

  • Samad khan
    Samad khan Month ago

    i just cry at this moment

  • Mr. Dark
    Mr. Dark Month ago +2

    Is there a video just for the soundtrack of this video???

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White Month ago

    How endgame starts previously on avengers franchise shows end of infinity war everyone in the theater cries

  • BullGoGi
    BullGoGi Month ago

    some people go to the restroom while the movie is ongoing BUT NOT US

  • Amani Kinywa
    Amani Kinywa Month ago

    Hilu, im comming on every trailer and for this one I say pay attention to that one line right before the theme of hope like Tony said 'Pull off one last one'

  • Ana Paula Tovar Serna

    Dulee y mucho💔

  • thefabulousspider Man

    I’m gonna miss you Robert Downey Jr!

  • Ed Knight
    Ed Knight Month ago

    I get that I'm late to the party, but who else noticed that Thor has Mjolnir?

  • Sessão Animes Online
    Sessão Animes Online Month ago +1


  • msarcher1124
    msarcher1124 Month ago

    I'm so excited and so scared for Tony, Steve and Thor.

  • Kiel
    Kiel Month ago

    “ This is no place to daddy “

  • Mitch Sal
    Mitch Sal Month ago

    Imagine if they accidentally released this during the infinity war promo lol

  • Barbz Zania18
    Barbz Zania18 Month ago

    Im glad Nebula and Rocket has their own spot for this Movie😍😍😍

  • hi idiot
    hi idiot Month ago


  • Charlize Isabella Villanueva Mendez

    You gotta build me up 'cause you broke me in infinity war

  • Marsiah Merriweather
    Marsiah Merriweather Month ago +1

    Me: . . .

    Thor: I like the one. Teehee.

  • Game Plays
    Game Plays Month ago

    9 days for the end

  • chloe
    chloe Month ago

    Why is Chris Evans dressed as a suburban dad????

  • fossie and company
    fossie and company Month ago

    End game noooooo

  • fossie and company
    fossie and company Month ago

    I am sad about that

  • Freak
    Freak Month ago

    what do you mean "you lost"?

  • Muhammad Umar Khan
    Muhammad Umar Khan Month ago

    Please give me free tickets

  • Bubby823 Master
    Bubby823 Master Month ago

    I cried during infinity war when Spider-Man and tony did the scene and he did I don’t wanna go Mr Stark somebody laughed and I glared at them

  • Bubby823 Master
    Bubby823 Master Month ago

    I I’ll not go to the bathroom no matter what

  • Sikva Kvam
    Sikva Kvam Month ago

    Still don’t get why Thor’s «hammer/axe» looks different in every trailer. Makes no sense to me please explain🥺

  • Anthony Farrar
    Anthony Farrar Month ago

    “I don’t feel so good”

  • Vikas Verma
    Vikas Verma Month ago

    I really dont wanna see captain or iron man die,some people can handle that shock but

    Not us☹️

  • uhhkylo
    uhhkylo Month ago

    this makes black panther look like a pissing match between kilmonger and t’challa.

  • Krisnanda Rizky
    Krisnanda Rizky Month ago


  • Clarissa Arnaiz
    Clarissa Arnaiz Month ago

    I was full-on sobbing at the end of Infinity War

  • varma sagi
    varma sagi Month ago

    I hope this not end of the AVENGERS

  • BrodCast 7
    BrodCast 7 Month ago +1

    After watching Endgame
    *I can finally rest and watch a sun rise on a grateful universe*

  • Artie Armstrong
    Artie Armstrong Month ago

    “I like this one”
    That makes one of us

  • Roberto Luis Urban
    Roberto Luis Urban Month ago +1

    I know I said no more surprises but,
    I was just really hoping for one last movie

  • Shaurya Das
    Shaurya Das Month ago

    Again every avengers gonna die in this movie included captian america becoz remember that when scarlet witch was control & read tony stark mind in age of ultron then he saw something shocking that every avengers died & the shield is broken. The scene which was the part of Endgame.

  • Raquel Lorenso
    Raquel Lorenso Month ago

    Haaaaa🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 ok no

  • Raquel Lorenso
    Raquel Lorenso Month ago +1

    Yo bring goku!
    And the dragonballs

  • SMG Minnal Gaming
    SMG Minnal Gaming Month ago

    Avengers endgame will defenetly flop in south India
    At least it will confirm flop in tamilnadu(state in tamilnadu)
    This is due to worst dubbing in Tamil (the oldest language in the world)

  • reynoldstheoplis94
    reynoldstheoplis94 Month ago

    Best part 1:38

  • Audrey Toth
    Audrey Toth Month ago +2

    Marvel legit just took the “rule” book ripped it apart, burned it, threw it out the window, and shredded it 😄

    • Jeff Brown
      Jeff Brown Month ago

      And dunked it in the toilet then chucked it out the window which the book landed in a dumpster. Then a garbage truck took the remains of this book and put it into a incenrator and the a nuclear power planet waste facility

  • Bala Kanna
    Bala Kanna Month ago

    This time Thor Will Go for Head

  • Vishal's Game 'O' tech and robotics

    The worst feeling was when doc and panther disintegrated and half of the fans started screaming wtf

  • Edward Verse
    Edward Verse Month ago

    Man i still cry with Spider-Man's death😢

  • Piano Man Lee
    Piano Man Lee Month ago

    What do you guys think of my scene that I think could happen?

    So lets say the Avengers come out of the quantum realm after some missions, and they're like 80% done with their plan. After they come out of the Avengers HQ they're talking and one by one they stop and stare straight forward, Cap is the last to look around and then he faces forward, and they're all in shock.
    The music stops, just utter silence, and the camera shoots to Thanos who's standing there looking furious. It goes back to them with their same looks, and then back to him and he says "What........the you're doing?".
    I feel he'd say something more philosophical though lol but I had this scene thought of in my head all morning!

  • cristofher alcazar
    cristofher alcazar Month ago +2

    Tony star muere en avengers end game

  • Bhavya Prashant
    Bhavya Prashant Month ago


  • Muhammad Aqib
    Muhammad Aqib Month ago +15

    If you don't get goosebumps after watching this one, then
    Your are NOT one of US.

    Not us.

  • Human Cat
    Human Cat Month ago

    For any theorists: The same voice that said the whisper that sounded like "I have telepathy" said a whisper sounding like "we did it" during the marvel studios dusting away. There are also some other sounds such as a male yelling "no" and the same female who said "we did it" making another sound.

  • 01 Player
    01 Player Month ago +1

    Music @0:13?????

  • ஆட்டுப்புழுக்கை. புழுக்கை

    Sir pls contact to marvel india.pls change the iron man voice of tamil version pls

  • Tommy suck
    Tommy suck Month ago

    I will punch the counter lady if i have to see endgame

  • Navin kuniyil
    Navin kuniyil Month ago

    Omg everybody is alive. There talking to the interveiwers

  • killer Sandy
    killer Sandy Month ago

    Marvel please change the Tamil new dubbing team we want only old team for us if you don't do this movie gets spoil in Tamil nadu plz change the new subbing team they are not suitable for that....

  • Mason Brand
    Mason Brand Month ago

    14 days

  • TRaV M.R
    TRaV M.R Month ago

    0:07 that’s just cruel.

  • 1jessie67
    1jessie67 Month ago

    So no one‘s gonna mention that Evans was the only one to say WE? Not just our heroes like Downey or Natasha like Johansson.

  • Mundo Comics
    Mundo Comics Month ago

    Galera já saiu o novo trailer legendado @ONjo

  • mum taj Begam
    mum taj Begam Month ago


  • Mr. Hàn
    Mr. Hàn Month ago

    waiting 24 April💪🏻

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World Month ago



    • Gaming World
      Gaming World Month ago

      +01 Player what are you trying to say or is your English poor?

    • 01 Player
      01 Player Month ago

      Gaming World for that you ain’t allowed in that comment section ...
      It’s the new axe Thor made after mjolnir (his hammer) broke

    • Gaming World
      Gaming World Month ago

      +01 Player What is storm breaker ???

    • 01 Player
      01 Player Month ago

      Gaming World it’s the Axe mate.. already confirmed and you can see it in the next trailer