Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Comments • 4 529

  • naked panda
    naked panda 7 hours ago

    The blonde girl resembles Billie Eilish a little.

  • lxxgn
    lxxgn Day ago

    She is litteraly the next Taylor Swift

  • Vangster
    Vangster Day ago

    bruh in my family we barley say the "L" word wtfffff

  • Alice Pink
    Alice Pink 5 days ago

    Please do one with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicide and people who don't. I suffer from them myself and often find that people who don't just think I can turn it off or stop.

  • The Jewellery Box
    The Jewellery Box 6 days ago

    Man these people are too perfect lmao
    Great job though! They're all beautiful people. I'm OBSESSED with the British family.

    ANGRYBIRDZPRO 8 days ago

    Part 2: Mexican parents and teens

  • Nex Carter
    Nex Carter 9 days ago

    When did my the name Taylor which was a male name become females? It meant the Son of a Tailor

  • freddie
    freddie 9 days ago

    I feel like the older you are the more you know isn't true for everyone

  • idris idris
    idris idris 10 days ago

    Two snaps😂😂😂😫

  • Hamna Kabeer
    Hamna Kabeer 11 days ago

    I feel soo pathetic compared to these kids.There they are making planes and finding the cure to cancer and here I am trying to complete my maths homework.

  • ta t
    ta t 11 days ago

    these are the most cookie cutter people ever

  • Jacey Rogers
    Jacey Rogers 12 days ago

    Are we less innocent? Well we were raised during a time of chaos of school shooting and terrorism

  • TreyAllDay
    TreyAllDay 12 days ago +1

    "Suicide rates are up, anxiety is up, depression is up, and that comes from a lack of innocence."
    Actually that comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain. If anything those are the things that make you less innocent, not a lack of innocence leading up to those.

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 12 days ago

    mateo is that kid from school with all the highest grades and the suck up to teachers he would be the one who snitched on you for chewing gum lmao

  • Paige Fuller
    Paige Fuller 13 days ago

    i wish they could bring kids in with more of a unstable position and not just basic problems. they’re could be such a better talk with kids that have been through things.

  • Pikey
    Pikey 13 days ago +4

    Mateo probably deleted Instagram cause he got sad because people made fun of him for reporting memes

  • Grace’sKiwi
    Grace’sKiwi 13 days ago

    Why is every person in this video so successful even the 16 yr old . Their all so mentally stable . If this was normal teenagers wit their parents they would all be arguing very loud

  • Rania Cherie
    Rania Cherie 14 days ago

    Questions like should kids do stuff for parents? Is beating allowed? Etc. These are dry lmao

  • Emaan Kabeer
    Emaan Kabeer 14 days ago

    im 15 and i feel kinda pathetic compared to these teenagers.All i do is play minecraft all day.

  • Uncommon Loot
    Uncommon Loot 15 days ago

    The way I see it nowadays adults are just big ass children who happen to drive and pay taxes. You really don't grow up. Hate when an aDuLt thinks their special cause their older. PlEEaaaSEe.

  • S
    S 15 days ago

    i hate the bald man who said depression and anxiety came bc of lack of innocence. go buy yourself a wig and stfu

  • J YT
    J YT 16 days ago

    “Hi I’m Fanny”...

  • Just Judah
    Just Judah 16 days ago

    Fanny 💦🤤

  • Daniel Hanson
    Daniel Hanson 16 days ago

    This kid actin like his mom gonna teach him how to have control over his life 😂😂you learn that yourself

  • BlackSilhouette
    BlackSilhouette 16 days ago

    Isabella look like a whole adult

  • Amanda Valenzuela
    Amanda Valenzuela 17 days ago +1

    Just A suggestion, maybe do a teen and adults can see Eye 2 Eye video where the teens don’t have any relationship to the adult. I think that would make for an interesting discussion if they don’t feel like the parents are looking over what they say.

  • Deecy P
    Deecy P 17 days ago

    No we still don’t talk more about depression and anxiety

  • I want noodles now
    I want noodles now 17 days ago

    Did he seriously blame depression and anxiety on a lack of innocence

  • Stream A No No
    Stream A No No 19 days ago

    Mateo is such a goody-two shoes it hurts

  • Stream A No No
    Stream A No No 19 days ago


  • Lisa Callahan-Sanchez
    Lisa Callahan-Sanchez 19 days ago

    Love Middle Ground! I’ve binged a lot of episodes lately and appreciate how much variety there is in the topics. A few ideas for future episodes:
    Introverts vs. extroverts, interracial couples vs. same-race couples, college professors vs. college students, cat owners vs. dog owners (as a more fun one!)

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    What's 39+1?

  • oche idoko
    oche idoko 21 day ago

    haha "I'm 39 plus 1"

  • Crafty
    Crafty 22 days ago

    These teens are so stable it’s not ok cuz it doesn’t represent everyone

    • Patrick Cooper
      Patrick Cooper 18 days ago

      you deduced all this from a 10 minute video?

  • Kailey Sullivan
    Kailey Sullivan 22 days ago

    How’d they get emotionally stable teens those are rare

  • Rachel Paterson
    Rachel Paterson 23 days ago

    I would love to see do teen parents and parents see eye to eye

  • SouLz RuIn
    SouLz RuIn 23 days ago

    I’m not gonna say my age botch tf how scared are you

  • E Dab
    E Dab 24 days ago


  • Evette Rochelle
    Evette Rochelle 24 days ago

    I don’t like how they picked teens that basically think the same . Like I disagreed with almost everything they said because the conversation basically didn’t go anywhere .

  • Adryan Ortiz
    Adryan Ortiz 26 days ago +1

    Wait, Fanny's 40? She looks so young! omg

  • MarkyBanjo
    MarkyBanjo 26 days ago +1

    They said depression and anxiety are up but what if it's just that people talk more about it that teens feel safer to speak up? They can say things anonymously online as ways of getting support. And as the population gets bigger you also have more people which then means there would be more with some sort of mental disability right?

  • Ava Bibb
    Ava Bibb 27 days ago

    I can't get my mind of the name Fanny

  • Katherine B
    Katherine B 28 days ago

    I think you do know more as you get older, but you have different knowledge than other people, even if it's people you're always around, like you children/parents.

  • crosses101
    crosses101 28 days ago +1

    🤔No black🤨

  • Janina Dillow
    Janina Dillow 28 days ago

    My dads biggest regret is showing me (an animal lover) the planet of the ape's balcony scene. (and also gremlins)

  • Drdrizz
    Drdrizz 29 days ago

    We are treated like children but expected to be like adults

  • Tiffany JadeDarkStar Barker

    I had my son when I was to young, but I would never give him up. I have learned alot and grown a lot. I think many choices would have been different if I had a redo

  • big mood
    big mood Month ago

    did anyone else see fanny and thought she was the lead actress Justina Machaldo from One Day at a Time

  • Cole D
    Cole D Month ago

    I think it’s funny how they only got the good types of kids not the type of kids that are in drugs alcohol ex...that would be the real conversation

  • natalie betancur
    natalie betancur Month ago +2

    So anxiety and depression comes from " a lack of innocence"
    Ok 💀

  • spacefrog 712
    spacefrog 712 Month ago +2

    Depression and anxiety doesn’t come from not being innocent

    • Jennifer B
      Jennifer B 10 days ago +1

      If anything, depression and anxiety can strip innocence away. As far I can remember by the age of 11, I had depression and it just got gradually worse over time. I was not a good teenager and I understand puberty can cause that too, but I mean I was worse than most kids.. I was smoking cigarettes by age 11, having sex at 13, drinking & smoking weed by 15 and I think that had a lot to do with my mental health. I was not a happy child, I was always sad and extremely terrified of what my life would turn out to be. Most of the time I didn't even feel like I would make it through high school without killing myself. The only reason I'm here still is that I got pregnant at 17 and a lot of people don't agree with that statement, but if it wasn't for having my son I would not be alive. I found my reason to be here. Now I have two sons and I don't regret having them at all. Still living with depression though, but I'm now medicated and it definitely helps.

    • Hiwot B.
      Hiwot B. Month ago

      spacefrog 712 that guy was being ignorant by saying that

  • Sugar No Milk
    Sugar No Milk Month ago +2

    imagine being close with your parents like this

  • Rihana Khalil
    Rihana Khalil Month ago +2

    I wanted an emotionally unstable emo kid and their mother. I wanted to relate. I wanted that drama between them

  • Enis Zenuni
    Enis Zenuni Month ago

    Hi I’m 13 and I have a big ego and a high self esteem
    The rarest thing that can happen to a teen these day drop a comment and drop the ego

  • M0M0
    M0M0 Month ago +1

    Teens aren’t less innocent, people are just starting to look at them without rose tinted glasses.

  • Sailor M
    Sailor M Month ago

    Fanny looks like Penelope from ODAAT

  • Jabari deRoux: More

    meNtaL iSsUeS coMe fRoM a LacK oF InnoCence... WTF... that triggered me lol.

  • Jabari deRoux: More

    Mateo always warms my heart in these videos lol. He’s so innocent lol.

  • Barbara Joann Slover

    Do one between husbands and wives.

  • pac24
    pac24 Month ago

    Isabella has great posture

  • Hanesma Bentchakal
    Hanesma Bentchakal Month ago +1

    Hi I am 15 and I am a pro sleep_er
    And a 24/7 yt user AND Idk why MY PARENTS AREN'T PROUD !!!!

  • Mikayla Petroski
    Mikayla Petroski Month ago

    I would like to see Parents (accepting and unaccepting) and LGBTQIA+ Teens. I think that would lead to one hell of a discussion.

  • Roma Martinez
    Roma Martinez Month ago +2

    but they picked teens who have good relationships with their parents...

  • Elsa Hartmann
    Elsa Hartmann Month ago

    iNtErNeT cAuSeS dEpReSsiOn

  • Baiq Maya Zita Aulia


  • lauren lopez
    lauren lopez Month ago

    jeremiah has the most dad laugh ever

  • Alyssa's Dad
    Alyssa's Dad Month ago

    If Fanny (ass) cant feel comfortable and truthful about her age nothing she says I will care about.

  • Spegnag Maglorious
    Spegnag Maglorious Month ago

    Watch them go home and get yelled at in the car

  • Gat Sharon
    Gat Sharon Month ago

    Those are not normal teenagers

  • B Tn
    B Tn Month ago +1

    They should have gotten an emotionally unstable 13 yr old.
    And rebellious and disrespectful 16 yr old
    And and dropout. McDonald's working 18 year old.

  • jonathan williams
    jonathan williams Month ago +1

    Please do this again without biological parents

  • sam Hawks
    sam Hawks Month ago

    I thought mrs. Fanny was like 30. She looks very young

  • Amaya
    Amaya Month ago

    Right, because depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts come from not being innocent.

  • sophia
    sophia Month ago

    lmao why did they have to pick goody two shoes kids to be apart of this

  • H A S A C R U S H ON B I L L I E E I L I S H

    All of these people are so beautiful