Women Try On Their Old Prom Dresses • Ladylike

  • Published on May 8, 2016
  • I’m surprised my mom let me show this much cleave.
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Comments • 8 978

  • Hannah Bylsma
    Hannah Bylsma 9 hours ago

    Jen is my spirit animal

  • Luv laugh luv Pentz
    Luv laugh luv Pentz 10 hours ago

    OMG saf is in it yassss

  • Lydia Neikirk
    Lydia Neikirk Day ago +1

    except for my boyfriend ahahahah😂😂😂

  • Lyrics
    Lyrics Day ago

    The white dress looks like a pretty good wedding dress.

  • ForealReign
    ForealReign Day ago +1

    " I feel on bad move away from Boob exposure "

  • diamond saige
    diamond saige Day ago

    Saf and chontell tho??

    TARYN MILLER Day ago

    Long black dress is my fav

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 2 days ago

    How old is Kristen🤭🤭

  • a potato
    a potato 2 days ago +1


  • amayesan
    amayesan 2 days ago

    Why is nobody talking about how different saf looks in her room picture

  • Goga Djuraskovic
    Goga Djuraskovic 3 days ago

    My prom is tomorrow....

  • Lal
    Lal 3 days ago


  • Dana van der Looy
    Dana van der Looy 4 days ago +1

    The long black dress is SO pretty!

  • Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang 4 days ago +1

    Frankie's dress is gorgeous

  • Dorothy Mathers
    Dorothy Mathers 4 days ago

    I was preparing to my prom for six months 😂 Such a wonderful time and the best party! It was 26th January this year if somebody is curious 🤣

  • Hayden Marks
    Hayden Marks 5 days ago


  • Lilybeth Lucero
    Lilybeth Lucero 5 days ago

    Chantel went to prom when I was born! 😀

  • Abigail The cat girl

    Chantel looks like she is wearing a wedding dress

  • 112356 qtuie
    112356 qtuie 6 days ago +4

    2:17 straight outta just dance. 😂😂😂😍 no hate

  • Foxyplays120
    Foxyplays120 7 days ago

    The first girl went to prom when I was threeee

  • Megan Watts
    Megan Watts 8 days ago

    I wasn't allowed to go to prom because my punctuality was too bad...

  • Macey Tarena
    Macey Tarena 8 days ago +1

    Work it girls!

  • galaxy nerd vlogs88
    galaxy nerd vlogs88 9 days ago

    I'm watching this prom season 2019

  • Fehnix gacha
    Fehnix gacha 9 days ago

    I haven't gone to prom yet but I'm gonna in a few years and I'm planning in making my own dress wear (I haven't decided if I'm gonna wear a dress or not) and I swear to god I'll cover that son of a gun with so much holo sparkling stuff that if there is any light source at all in the room you'll get blinded by the power of rainbows just from looking at it. (yes I am a holosexual and if you don't know what holo or a holosexual is then look up the youtuber simply nailogical she's great. And yes nether am I straight I'm probably gonna ask out a girl to prom but I'm pansexual not gay so we'll see.)

  • Sabrina Dudra
    Sabrina Dudra 10 days ago

    I LOVE Candace’s dress, so beautiful

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 11 days ago +25

    When Saf took out her dress I was like
    “ IT ISNT BLACK??”

  • Ocean xx
    Ocean xx 12 days ago

    I watched this cause Saf is here

  • Madelyn Mason
    Madelyn Mason 12 days ago

    Is it just my or does Chantel’s (sorry for possibly spelling her name wrong) dress look a little bit like a wedding dress?

  • Emily Stevenson
    Emily Stevenson 13 days ago

    Lmao I was born in 2009 🤪

  • Cookie_Mish
    Cookie_Mish 13 days ago

    I went to kindergarten in 2012...

  • Lily Rowland
    Lily Rowland 13 days ago

    I like all of them

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 13 days ago

    Jen and Saf are I C O N I C

  • someone who likes K-Pop and emo music

    Chantle looks like a bride.

  • Marlyn Gutierrez
    Marlyn Gutierrez 14 days ago +1

    Wooaaahhh I didn't know Saf is in LadyLike :0

  • Livmaja Kirstine
    Livmaja Kirstine 14 days ago +2

    Today (8th May) its 3 yrs ago...
    Now saf’s engaged

  • G Griffiths22
    G Griffiths22 15 days ago

    Freddie's dress is life 😍

  • Adrian Jordan
    Adrian Jordan 16 days ago

    I’m skipping senior prom to go to Halsey

  • Melanie  Wegner
    Melanie Wegner 16 days ago

    She wearing a Wedding dress 😂

  • Maria..k
    Maria..k 18 days ago

    I LOVE chantels dress

  • Ethan Van Schellebeck
    Ethan Van Schellebeck 19 days ago

    Did anyone see that Jen had long hair

  • Jessica Mabry
    Jessica Mabry 19 days ago

    I wish I could still fit my prom dress! It was a size 3, and 21 years ago. That ain't happening 🤣

    • Snow Bunny Prince
      Snow Bunny Prince 16 days ago

      I can still fit into my 5th grade graduation dress lmao

  • Kamryn Randolph
    Kamryn Randolph 19 days ago

    I was born when chantel went to prom

  • Lauren Slabaugh
    Lauren Slabaugh 19 days ago +4

    I went to prom with my now husband 💙 I didn't feel guilty about the after prom fun 😂

  • MsStarSword
    MsStarSword 21 day ago

    I never went to prom, but my little brother just became prom royalty a week ago :)

  • Lexi Loo
    Lexi Loo 22 days ago


  • Brigida J. Romano
    Brigida J. Romano 22 days ago

    Jen with long hair is awesome! Beautiful either way, but I'd love to see it again!

  • Hazel Herbison
    Hazel Herbison 23 days ago

    This is the only time we will see Jen in a dress

  • Evie Allander
    Evie Allander 24 days ago

    Omg Jen looks amazing with long hair!!

  • Millie O Sullivan
    Millie O Sullivan 26 days ago

    Omg!!! Saf’s dress is exactly like Rusty’s prom dress from footloose!!!!

  • Lindsey Stull
    Lindsey Stull 26 days ago +1

    Saf is so pretty in the picture! 2:58

  • Isabelle Gatenby
    Isabelle Gatenby 27 days ago


  • Emma S
    Emma S 27 days ago +1

    I wasn't even alive when Kristen went to prom

  • GG Girl
    GG Girl 28 days ago

    "last time I wore this I was straight" MeEeEe

  • Hunter Schmidt
    Hunter Schmidt 28 days ago +1

    I saw Jen, Saf, and Kristen (when they were younger) and I was like " _who the heck is that_ "

  • Mia Grace
    Mia Grace 28 days ago +5

    Jen: Last time I wore this dress, I was "straight".
    Me: The last time I wore a dress was in 6th grade when I was "straight".

  • Mochi Immortal
    Mochi Immortal 28 days ago

    i was born in 2008...

  • Gaming_Duckling
    Gaming_Duckling 28 days ago +2

    when i first saw safiyas dress i thought it was different person because THERE WASNT BLACK

  • Anna Foy
    Anna Foy 28 days ago

    I love jen's odd socks!!😂

  • Krazy Kadnce
    Krazy Kadnce 28 days ago

    I love saf

  • Kate Cullen
    Kate Cullen 28 days ago

    1:53 my communion dress looked like that

  • Oudrey Tjikongo
    Oudrey Tjikongo Month ago +10

    The only thing chantel is missing is a veil
    Like if you agree

    HOLLY SCHULER Month ago +1

    Chantel looks like a goodess

  • Khati Rae
    Khati Rae Month ago +1

    The picture of Jen with long hair!??! 😂😂😲

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam Month ago

    O prom don't make me relive it.

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R Month ago

    I don't want to go to prom

  • Conformist138
    Conformist138 Month ago

    Ha, Jen and Kristen traded hair! Also, you can't be old if 1. you still have your prom dress and 2. it fits.

  • nanouille18
    nanouille18 Month ago

    My prom night is in two month and I still don’t have a dress, nor a boyfriend

  • Gabby Tuten
    Gabby Tuten Month ago

    I didn’t go to my junior or senior prom but I’m going to crash my boyfriend senior prom which is next year so I’m excited for that because this year for my senior prom we couldn’t afford it

  • Raven Genius
    Raven Genius Month ago

    We don't have a prom in Germany/Bonn 😭

  • Selina Chellakumar
    Selina Chellakumar Month ago +1

    Wait did I just see Jen with long hair

  • cookie 249
    cookie 249 Month ago

    omg, freddie id older than i thought! i tbh thought she was still in highschool

  • Renny D
    Renny D Month ago

    I am a senior but I’m not going to prom. I kind of want to but the prom dresses are too expensive and then tickets are also too much :/ but it’s ok your videos will keep my company :)

  • Marin
    Marin Month ago


  • Kindness is Everything

    My friend wore a tux on her prom night....

  • Sarah Janes
    Sarah Janes Month ago +1

    Safya looks like Alice and wonderland

  • Miss Mia
    Miss Mia Month ago

    I was born in 2008 lollol😂😂

  • Kiera Sullivan
    Kiera Sullivan Month ago


  • Katarina Rose
    Katarina Rose Month ago

    Freddie looks so good!!!!

  • Melanie Rae
    Melanie Rae Month ago

    Jen: Last time I wore this i was “Straight”
    😂 why is that me

  • anniek
    anniek Month ago

    1:38 lol this dress is in the movie footloose

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder Month ago

    Lol Kristen’s 35

  • Elia Seltzer
    Elia Seltzer Month ago

    1:03 😂

  • Aleigh gator7
    Aleigh gator7 Month ago

    Just wore my prom dress to a gala. It's 17 YEARS OLD!!

  • Those people look fishy

    why did they blur out Tyler face

  • Ally R
    Ally R Month ago

    Am I the only one who is picturing safs matching eyeshadow

  • Donna Day
    Donna Day Month ago

    I don't have anyone to take me to prom so my sister is making me go with her

  • Anna Mars
    Anna Mars Month ago +1

    OMG. I have the dress Jen wore holy crap omg

    • Ally R
      Ally R Month ago

      Hey you just watched it kinda

  • Sohaila Ihab
    Sohaila Ihab Month ago

    I didn't even go..

  • Laura Evans
    Laura Evans Month ago

    I love Saf dress

  • XizoNico Games
    XizoNico Games Month ago

    The dances are hurting my eyes

  • Taylor Flatley
    Taylor Flatley Month ago

    Me and Freddie have the same bday

  • Robyn Rex
    Robyn Rex Month ago

    3:05 what is going on, is it just me or does the dress look black in the photo

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago +2

    Keith must love that dress that’s saf is wearing

    Kieth from the try guys

  • msnoahxlukefan
    msnoahxlukefan Month ago

    Omg Jen with long hair lol

  • Eszter Tóth
    Eszter Tóth Month ago +1

    I'm gonna wear a suit to prom. Everything's gonna be black except the shirt. That's gonna be red. XDD

  • kamal nathan
    kamal nathan Month ago

    Jen looks soooooo good with long hair

  • kzthryn thangjam
    kzthryn thangjam Month ago +1

    Won't anyone talk about how good Jen looked at prom with the long hair??

  • Catty Pritchard
    Catty Pritchard Month ago

    Why isn't devin in this video?

  • suzanne rekseom
    suzanne rekseom Month ago +1

    Ow I would love to have a promdress, why don't we have that in the Netherlands?

  • Valeria vm
    Valeria vm Month ago

    Why do they look older in their pics?😂