Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer Highlights | Roland Garros 2019 Semi-Final | Eurosport

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Highlights from Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer at the 2019 French Open at Roland Garros.
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Comments • 83

  • Gravity Zero
    Gravity Zero 4 months ago +2

    Spain a small country with many professional athletes, envied by our talent ...

    • Jan Lepp
      Jan Lepp 4 months ago

      Spain is not small at all. It's one of the biggest countries in Europe.

    • Karl
      Karl 4 months ago +1

      try coming from Ireland

    • Gravity Zero
      Gravity Zero 4 months ago

      @Karl Spain is a small country, is that you have not seen a globe?

    • Karl
      Karl 4 months ago +2

      Sorry ,small country are u joking its huge

  • Fedex 34
    Fedex 34 4 months ago +1

    Extremely windy Conditions. In my opinion, Roger has a disadvantage with his onehanded backhand, but Rafa play`s better and deserves it.

  • M.A.S
    M.A.S 4 months ago

    Rafa make looks easy just demolished so easy the Frauderer at pieces !

  • Big D
    Big D 4 months ago +3

    Nadal is the Goat!

  • Abbès Benfarnès
    Abbès Benfarnès 4 months ago


  • Edward CHO
    Edward CHO 4 months ago

    1:53 this is the good example of difference between hard court and clay.
    Federer may not beat Nadal in hardcourt until the end of career. Sad.....................

  • Christian dark
    Christian dark 4 months ago

    Los gabachos mamando polls

  • REBS76
    REBS76 4 months ago +1

    Fed is beaten at RG by Rafa. This is a huge upset. An absolute shocker. The world is definitely ending.

    • Ashley Thomas
      Ashley Thomas 4 months ago

      @thisnamealsotaken Nadal has beat Federer 3 times at the Aus Open actually, 2009, 2012 and 2014.

    • thisnamealsotaken
      thisnamealsotaken 4 months ago

      REBS76 fed has also been beaten by nadal at wimbledon and twice at aus open, was that a shocker enough for ya?

    • Pab O
      Pab O 4 months ago

      Stop crying Federer fanboy

  • Helene B
    Helene B 4 months ago

    Always a great moment when they play together. Federer is a real gentleman. And Nadal is a fighter

    • spice 47
      spice 47 4 months ago

      Helene B i agree Helene

    • M.A.S
      M.A.S 4 months ago


  • Harri Kitaunz
    Harri Kitaunz 4 months ago +6

    Gracias al público francés por su apoyo incodicional, desde el 2005, a Don Rafael Nadal ^^

  • Raul Rilo
    Raul Rilo 4 months ago

    Nadal is Rocky. Poca técnica,mucho coraje. Quien piense que es fácil ahí tiene 12 RG. Bocazas!

    • Gravity Zero
      Gravity Zero 4 months ago +1

      nadal poca tecnica bro? si llega a bolas dificiles y dispara con precisión eso requiere de una tecnica impresionante en el tenis, piensa un poco

    • Raul Rilo
      Raul Rilo 4 months ago

      @M.A.S es verdad. Tú sabes más.

    • M.A.S
      M.A.S 4 months ago +1

      Poca tecnica !!! Qué sabes tu de tecnica !!!

  • Raul Rilo
    Raul Rilo 4 months ago +4

    En tierra hay un rey. Respeto. 12 RG lo contemplan. No es casualidad. Disfrutad de este momento histórico. Frazier- Ali. The same!

  • Juan López Alcaraz
    Juan López Alcaraz 4 months ago

    Grande como siempre Nadal, hoy se an enfrentado las dos mejores raquetas de la historia, un gran habrazo para Federer pero mucha más fuerza para ti rafa, sigue así dándonos muchas alegrías gracias a tu esfuerzo

    • Floyd Zepp
      Floyd Zepp 4 months ago

      Para mi Djokovic es tan bueno como ellos y al 100% incluso mejor que ellos al 100%

    • Fulgencio Hermenegildo
      Fulgencio Hermenegildo 4 months ago

      No te olvides de Djokovic.

  • #Hesch tag
    #Hesch tag 4 months ago

    Nadal: time between first bounce and serve 20 minutes. With storm, 40 minutes. He simply puts you to sleep.

    • M.A.S
      M.A.S 4 months ago

      @#Hesch tag There is a watch on court SO Get FU¨¨¨YOURSELF dirty garbage

    • #Hesch tag
      #Hesch tag 4 months ago

      @O. Fuentes Oh someone can't take any criticism on their precious Nadal. He is great though, he really is. He just takes so much time.

    • O. Fuentes
      O. Fuentes 4 months ago

      then go to sleep

  • Lord Chalao
    Lord Chalao 4 months ago +9

    "You are the best human ever"

  • altijdhenoc
    altijdhenoc 4 months ago +4

    Bueno Nadal

    NAATH KABOOTREE 4 months ago +7

    One of the greatest points you will ever see...

  • John McEnroe
    John McEnroe 4 months ago

    Che rottura di coglioni questo bue di merda ... Ma radiatelo dio cane, ha rotto i coglioni di vincere coi suoi tic con la sua ottusità col suo tutto, ha rotto i coglioni, sta ammazzando lo sport, e la smettesse di ansimare a ogni tiro, RATTO di merdq

    • Matteo G.
      Matteo G. 11 days ago

      Quando avrai vinto qualche roland garros potrai permetterti di parlare in questo modo. Idiota. Rappresenti perfettamente la pessima mentalita che in italia si ha sul tennis

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 4 months ago +1

    فيدرر ملك التنس

  • siberian tiger
    siberian tiger 4 months ago


    • O. Fuentes
      O. Fuentes 4 months ago +4

      you are stupid, this is the truth

  • Tom Holden
    Tom Holden 4 months ago

    too bad rafa will surpass federers slam record

  • Juan Pedro Galvez Aguilera

    Grande Nadal

  • Bruce Stevenson Songs
    Bruce Stevenson Songs 4 months ago +2

    Rafa...you're simply the best!

  • Marc Van Masten
    Marc Van Masten 4 months ago +1

    Potenza Rafa!!! Federer game over

  • piero calaciura
    piero calaciura 4 months ago +6

    Federer has done the maximum he could have done at Rolland Garros then losing with Nadasl there can also be on earth is devastating

  • Honesty
    Honesty 4 months ago +1

    Y’a des français ici ?

  • Lucian Dominte
    Lucian Dominte 4 months ago +3

    Nadal the most annoying tennis player in the world

    • Raul Rilo
      Raul Rilo 4 months ago

      Perhaps you would be faster and better. When you win 12 RG, let's talk.

    • No Name
      No Name 4 months ago +9

      Hahaha cause hes 10-3 against your boyfriend at gs hahaha.

    • Carlos Amecos
      Carlos Amecos 4 months ago +7

      @kong volmer just envy

    • kong volmer
      kong volmer 4 months ago

      agree! But look at it this way….he will be "injured" for the most of the rest of 2019

  • Curly
    Curly 4 months ago +2

    Danke Roger für die schöne Zeit.Ich kann mir die schöne Tennis Zeit ohne dich nicht ´mehr vorstellen.Ich gucke dir nach dem gescheiterten Halbfinale bei den Us OPEN 2010 zu.Da hatte ich einen syndesmoseband Riss.Erst da bin ich wieder zum Tennis gekommen,weil du menschlich und als Typ einfach nicht von dieser Welt bist.Ich sage dir das als männliche Person.Ich liebe dich.Ich bin Hetero.Mach bitte noch etwas weiter.Ich kann mir ein leben ohne dich nicht mehr so richtig vorstellen.Das Viertelfinale bei den French open war unglaublich.Das Halbfinale auch.

  • Mustapha Chabab
    Mustapha Chabab 4 months ago +4

    نادال ان كان في احسن أحواله الصحية ، من الصعب ان يخسر أمام أي كان .

  • andrew pycroft
    andrew pycroft 4 months ago +16

    Brutal display from in my opinion, the best there's been..

  • javier jesus baladés
    javier jesus baladés 4 months ago +22


  • catalin M
    catalin M 4 months ago +5

    i don't think RF will achieve something more important that this SF this year. do you believe in another "ressurection"? maybe it's time to say goodbye. 2020 doesn't look more promising ... :(

    RYBATUGA 4 months ago +24

    That Nadal break from 40-0 down was the most important part of the match. From that moment on Federer's level dropped...
    Still great tournament from Roger!

  • Catanha Catanha catanha
    Catanha Catanha catanha 4 months ago +9

    Vamos Rafa!! 💪🇪🇸

  • Elentail
    Elentail 4 months ago +8

    Federer is the all mighty of tennis. But Rafa is a beast too :)

  • Habiba Oumriem
    Habiba Oumriem 4 months ago +3

    Vamos NADA

    AHMED ADIMI 4 months ago +1

    روجر انت الأفضل والاروع والامتع...وستظل المايسترو كوكب التتس...سبب خسارتك اليوم اجواء المبارة والرياح القويه...هاردلك روجر..

    • Mustapha Chabab
      Mustapha Chabab 4 months ago

      AHMED ADIMI hhhhhhhh

    • Karim Mazouz
      Karim Mazouz 4 months ago


    • chaima Chaimae
      chaima Chaimae 4 months ago

      ههههههههه الجو السيء على الاتنين وعادل الشطي قال ان الجو لصالح فيدرير 😂😂😂😂

  • kamal kamal
    kamal kamal 4 months ago +35

    The best player in the world vamos Rafa 💪 💪

  • • ðємợ 么 мäή ̧.•* ́ ̈

    Grande rafa!! callando a esos bocazas que hablan mucho APLASTANDO A FEDERER CON FACILIDAD! leyendas del tenis los dos mas grandes!

    • Juan Antonio perez
      Juan Antonio perez 4 months ago

      @generalkito Yeah, just like in Rome. Guess what? Thiem beat Dopingvic anyway, lol

    • generalkito
      generalkito 4 months ago

      Not so great. He will get washed off the court if he has to play Djokovic. Stupid doper.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 months ago +8

    Federer is the king of tennis, but Nadal is the king of clay! I really hope they play again at Wimbledon

  • Tom Deverson
    Tom Deverson 4 months ago +5

    Thank you for showing a less bias highlights video than the official RG channel. More than half the points on their video was won by Roger, even tho Rafa beat him quite comprehensive

    • andrew pycroft
      andrew pycroft 4 months ago

      Tom Deverson that's the Roger biased fans then.

  • spigolossero
    spigolossero 4 months ago +4

    Revenge in Wimbledon

    • M.A.S
      M.A.S 4 months ago

      So you think it will be a revenge between them??? Who told you that they will be in the final? You must be a fedretard exactly arrogant as him

      NAATH KABOOTREE 4 months ago

      Wimbledon belongs to Nole