Coming Out to My Christian Mom | Live Phone Call

  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • I came out to my mom because closets are for clothes, not for people.
    I'm not ashamed of who I am, and you shouldn't be either. Stay safe, everyone.

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  • Anon KSO
    Anon KSO Day ago

    : - ))))) What the others say is never relevancy for me HATERS CAN GO OUT from me

  • Scrimical Duce
    Scrimical Duce Day ago

    Ur fine

  • ImAyaHello :D
    ImAyaHello :D 2 days ago

    Oh my godddd that description is my new life motto: “closets are for clothes, not people”

  • Zenex 4504
    Zenex 4504 2 days ago

    I'm like Harry Potter in the closet

  • nina Chadwick
    nina Chadwick 3 days ago

    Shes so chill like I'm going to be like sitting over the toilet throwing up crying pacing running texting other ppl

  • theoddest 1
    theoddest 1 6 days ago

    Anyone else like watching other people come out knowing you wont anytime soon because you are too much of a chicken, because if so....same 😂

  • Itz_JJPlAz :3
    Itz_JJPlAz :3 7 days ago


  • Alex-Lynn Ray
    Alex-Lynn Ray 7 days ago

    I’m #bisexual 💜💙💗

  • Zero Zenix
    Zero Zenix 8 days ago

    I told my brother I was trans and a few months later I said he has a small dick and he said to my mother I was trans

  • Caramelized Onions
    Caramelized Onions 8 days ago +2

    This is how to come out
    1) call *insert person who you need to come out to * into your room
    2) before they come in hide in your closet
    3) when they come in jump out of your closet and yell “ I’m * insert sexuality* !!!!!!!
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  • Koskenkorva :D
    Koskenkorva :D 8 days ago

    Im planning to come out tomorrow as a Bisexual😬😅 wish me luck

  • Sarah Correia
    Sarah Correia 10 days ago

    So far I've came out to my mom and sister but there is no way I can come out to my stepmom and dad. They are WAY too conservative. It's good cuz my mom is atheist and so far I've come out to 3 friends and my crush.

  • Chimp's Claws
    Chimp's Claws 10 days ago

    you're low-key cute as hecc!!! keep being adorable!! 💞💞💞

  • Sunnii D!
    Sunnii D! 11 days ago

    Your mom is literally amazing!!!

  • Xx Me
    Xx Me 11 days ago

    I think I’m trans, but I’m so terrified to tell anyone cause my family is religious. When my dad came out, everyone was really against it. So I’m scared to even explore it. I feel like I’m wearing a mask half of the time.

  • Luna the Therian
    Luna the Therian 12 days ago

    I came out as bisexual then as lesbian. So glad your mom had a good reaction.

  • Mariah Sullen
    Mariah Sullen 12 days ago +1

    I don’t know who needs to hear this at the moment, but I know we all will at some point in our lives.
    I mean this with my absolute whole entire being. if you ever need anything, please and I beg you, to reach out to someone and if you know someone struggling reach out to them. for me, I will drop everything. I will help you no matter how big or small of an issue it is, how well we know each other, or the time of day. it gets better. I know that sounds so cliché, but it’s true. you deserve to live. I will try to give you the love and support that every human being deserves to have. that's a right that you have. YOU MATTER AND ARE SO SPECIAL! the odds of you being here right now are 1 in 400 trillion; you're definitely here and reading this for a reason. and I can guarantee you that I or anyone else won't have all the answers. but sometimes it is just good knowing you have someone by your side. it's going to be rough. it's important to know that emotions are okay; it's means you're human. it's okay to wonder "why."
    if someone comes to you with an issue please don’t brush it off like it’s nothing, because it’s something to that person. please don’t ever feel like it’s your fault. yes, we all could of done something but we had no idea. you can’t blame yourself for something you didn’t know or even if you did know. God choose who he uses for a reason. and mental health is no joke and should be taken very seriously if not it leads to tragedies like this. your words impact more than you can even imagine. and mental health isn’t just about depression. it can include all sorts of things such as anxiety, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, behavioral disorders, and many more.
    it’s sad to think that a person had so much negative influence in a person’s life that makes them feel like they don’t belong or aren’t worthy enough to be loved... that they need to die, but the truth these are lies and that we’re all broken and need love. I encourage you to live in the moment. enjoy it and make the most of it. but I also encourage you to think about how your choices will impact your future, others, yourself, and God.
    Please message me if you have questions. I’d be so happy to help.
    Call: 1-800-273-8255
    Text: 741741 (Annomously)
    God: Prayer/ Bible
    Psalm 34:18- “There Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
    Romans 8:28- “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.”
    Romans 8:38-39- “ For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

  • Emo Bish
    Emo Bish 12 days ago


  • L U S H I
    L U S H I 12 days ago

    Since i was young,my mom knows that im gay (bc i didn't like dresses,barbies,any girly stuffs) and pushing me to not to.I was like mum im not gay,then a years has been passed and i've found out im GAY..
    I did all so that she will still love me when i come out,being an honor student.
    Im still not coming out,.so ye,im just afraid of that she'll be dissapointed and i don't want her to be dissapointed on me bc i love her like every child do.

  • Your Friendo :3
    Your Friendo :3 13 days ago

    The tension

  • Random Otaku XD
    Random Otaku XD 13 days ago

    I told my dad when I had to go back to school and broke down crying so I wouldn’t have to go to school 😂

  • abbey fife
    abbey fife 13 days ago +4

    My mom is Christian and I'm bi and I'm still scared

  • Tiger Heart
    Tiger Heart 13 days ago +1

    If Harry Potter taught us ANYTHING it's that no one should have to live their life in a closet

    I still I've in my closet

  • GoatedFN
    GoatedFN 14 days ago

    Me 10 year old boy see them holds hands fanboying and ekking rn

  • DarkkSoda
    DarkkSoda 14 days ago

    I was about to come out to my granny but...

    Naaaahhhh i can keep my bisexuality to myself :))

  • saad gamer
    saad gamer 14 days ago

    I am gay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Julia Kennedy
    Julia Kennedy 14 days ago +1

    I am Christian but I also support lgbtq+ ❤️

  • Mackenzie Underwood
    Mackenzie Underwood 15 days ago

    i texted my mom and she said she already knew 😬

  • Nora_playz 159
    Nora_playz 159 15 days ago

    hertosexualism is like the original or like a free for all its not fair for us pan (me),gay,etc the whole lgbtq+ you know?....

  • GliTch
    GliTch 15 days ago

    I pranked my mum and told her I was gay... she told me she could tell anyway...

  • Da Squid
    Da Squid 15 days ago

    My friend is bi and I told her this would be the most epic coming out announcement

    *jumping out of a closet dressed in all rainbow with a giant boombox playing "Im coming out" by Diana Ross😂😂😂😂*

  • fai schifo
    fai schifo 15 days ago +17

    My coming out story:
    (I am Italian, so bread it's "pane")
    Mom I'm pansexual
    Mom: are you attracted by bread?

    • fai schifo
      fai schifo Day ago

      +Sophh lmao

    • Sophh
      Sophh Day ago +2


  • Tay is a wittle wolfie

    When I came out as bisexual to my mom she screamed at me NO YOUR NOT yea...

  • Gucci girl
    Gucci girl 15 days ago +1

    the daughter : so yeah
    mom : mhm
    the daughter : im in the house
    mom : mhm
    the daughter : I am lesbian
    mom : mhm
    the daughter : I am dying
    mom : *MHM*

  • Ethan Lenderman
    Ethan Lenderman 16 days ago

    Yay congrats

  • ann huffman
    ann huffman 16 days ago +2

    Daughter: *Dad......I'm Lesbian*

    Dad: *Ok*

    Daughter #2: *Me too dad....*


    Son: *I Do*

  • Cow Crazy Gacha
    Cow Crazy Gacha 16 days ago


  • Cryley
    Cryley 16 days ago

    Me if i come out to my mum
    *hides in closet*
    Mum: Hey, Come out!
    Me: *walks out* IM COMIN OUT!
    *five million years in the afterlife she realises what I mean*

  • słodzinka
    słodzinka 16 days ago

    me: em.. and i like her.. - like-...
    mom: ur not bi
    me: idk
    mom: ur not
    mom: god don't want
    mom: ur not, this ain't normal

    and we don't talk to each other for like two days

  • Lily Chancey
    Lily Chancey 16 days ago +1

    I just came out for the first time omg she was so incredibly supportive I love her ❤️ not like that tho

  • sarah trombley
    sarah trombley 16 days ago

    You can't be a Christian and serve the devil at the same time. In the end times good will be called evil and Evil will be called good. Love the sinner hate the sin God bless you girl. Lean not on your own understandings if you trust Jesus

    • sarah trombley
      sarah trombley Day ago

      I would die for you and the girl in the video. That's what great love I have for people.

    • sarah trombley
      sarah trombley Day ago

      Do you know who I am LPSSeasour?

    • LPSSeaSour
      LPSSeaSour 15 days ago

      sarah trombley shut up, she can do what she wants. And it is not “serving the devil” to be gay. And you can be gay and believe in god and stuff like that.

  • Don't Read my Profile Pic

    Okay so when I saw this, the amount of views was 1,021,711, and if you change it so no number repeats itself, it gives you 0217, and if you rearrange that, it give you 2017, the year in which this was uploaded.

  • Maisha Broski
    Maisha Broski 17 days ago

    My parents would disown me if they found out.

  • Miya Patterson
    Miya Patterson 17 days ago

    I'm pansexual

  • Why Dont We Limelight
    Why Dont We Limelight 17 days ago

    is the girl in the video your/ her girlfriend??

  • ILoveEatingCupCakes
    ILoveEatingCupCakes 18 days ago +10

    I told my gay mum I was straight she said you need lesbian Jesus

    It’s a joke

  • Caitlin Combs
    Caitlin Combs 18 days ago

    When i told my mom im Lesbian she said that she could tell i was because 2 months before i told her she asked me if i liked boys and i said no

  • Tyler Perk
    Tyler Perk 18 days ago

    *My mom would hand me the Bible, hit me with it, and then yell “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!”*

  • Makatendeka Joe
    Makatendeka Joe 19 days ago

    Get straight to the point ...
    ..Mum l am gay period

    • karate girl9
      karate girl9 19 days ago

      Makatendeka Joe you missed the chance to go how about I get round to the point (( you get it like instead of straight round

  • Savannah Anaston
    Savannah Anaston 19 days ago

    my dad used to voice how he was against lgbt+ but when *his only child* came out as bisexual, he is now starting to accept and understand the communuity. same with my mom even though she grew up around gays lmao

  • I stole you bitch Already

    I literally like girls so much.... like when me and my mom watch a movie and then lesbians show up I try to act like it’s weird but it’s like I like girls so much I don’t know how to tell her I’m lesbian

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget 21 day ago +1

    You came out? When...

  • Lightning Bab
    Lightning Bab 21 day ago

    *I was in the fucking bathtub when I came out as bi*

  • Brennen Bjorgan
    Brennen Bjorgan 21 day ago

    She is beautiful

  • aune
    aune 22 days ago +2

    who else is gay but just doesn't wanna come out because their parents are Christian? ;-;

  • fujoshi lover
    fujoshi lover 22 days ago

    Wow MY mom told me I was confused and I was not pansexual .... Here the back ground story .... My brother told me I was a faggot and I replied so what I'm gay and .my mom says no ur not gay u are confused and don't know what u want in life ..... Life is miserable when they tell u they will support u but tell u ur confused ..... My poor little black cold heart of remains was destroyed/shattered ......

  • xXfizzy lizzyXx
    xXfizzy lizzyXx 22 days ago +1


  • Tay Sim
    Tay Sim 22 days ago +1

    I misread your title and I was so confused because I thought you were coming out as Christian to your mom I’m so dumb

  • Kashen
    Kashen 22 days ago

    Hey everyone! Go checkout our channel Kashen! here is the link to get to know us better! 🌈☀️ #youtubelesbiancouple

  • Bubble Stories
    Bubble Stories 22 days ago

    I am going through this right now I was wanting to know if you could give me some advice

  • alexis carson
    alexis carson 23 days ago

    umm tht girl in the back....

  • Caleum Sol Celui Moreau

    My coming out story is nonexistent

  • Ray Malfoy
    Ray Malfoy 23 days ago +3

    Basically how I came out to my mum at 14 as bi was because I started talking about how my friends shipped me with some other girl (I go to an all girls school btw) and then I replied with "I don't like her though..." and my mum said "I don't suppose you like girls right?" And then I hesitated and after that started crying and my mum smiled at me and replied with "I knew it sweet heart! Come here." And she gave me a hug. I was so relived after that.

  • chloe cervi
    chloe cervi 23 days ago +1

    Came out to my dad
    Dad goes. I know. U were always my little gay child😂

  • chloe cervi
    chloe cervi 23 days ago +5

    My story.
    Me* sees the jeffree sar equality bundle. Tells my mom it's pretty* and goes...oh. I'm pansexual btw*
    Mom* wig flew...then goes. Ok*

  • Phoxxy Six
    Phoxxy Six 23 days ago

    I think I am going to come out too because of you😎

  • John Lennon The Big boi

    Well Jesus hates u

  • Itz_yourgirlcc
    Itz_yourgirlcc 24 days ago

    I would tell my mom im bi

  • Itz_yourgirlcc
    Itz_yourgirlcc 24 days ago

    I wish i could tell my mom stuff

  • Cream_Puff OwU
    Cream_Puff OwU 25 days ago

    I am probably going to come out when i finish because i dont want to be in a relationship until i can support myself❤💛💙I know my mom respects LGBTQ community but, I love her so much and dont want her to hate me or look at me differently, it took me soooo long to find the right sexuality that discribed me and gave me anxiety just thinking about how i wouldn't find love if i dont know who to love.~ but thats just me emptying most of the anxiety in my chest so thx for reading my comment. ~pansexual~

  • Nisha Nyoko
    Nisha Nyoko 25 days ago

    Was waiting to hear “ I’m gay “ lmao but hey I didn’t come out saying I’m gay I just told my mother about a girl I liked

  • Chloe Grant
    Chloe Grant 25 days ago

    Yaaaa.. I doubt that ...

  • Eleanor Underhill
    Eleanor Underhill 25 days ago

    I came out to my parents and they said
    Mum: no shit hun
    Dad: ya I like girls to, they got nice arses

  • Oddie Waddie
    Oddie Waddie 25 days ago

    I’m buysexual

  • Nora Snell
    Nora Snell 26 days ago

    Ur hair is so beautiful

  • ruben the star
    ruben the star 26 days ago

    aww so proud of her and im a gay, and a new youtuber, i posted my coming out story also if yall wanna check it out go to my channel❤

  • jbaby007
    jbaby007 26 days ago

    No offense but where did the coming out part happen?

  • Sketchy Rose
    Sketchy Rose 26 days ago

    My Christian Dad was understanding enough to know that I'm Pansexual

  • Rebecca Tucker
    Rebecca Tucker 27 days ago +2

    I am gay to and it is very hard for me come out to my mum and stepdad and that I am gay and was very easy come to my brother is gay it was very easy for me till me

  • Sharon Kelly
    Sharon Kelly 27 days ago

    If I was coming out to my Christian mom she would probably do an exorcism on me

  • i’m hungry
    i’m hungry 27 days ago +1

    I remember one time in elementary school where I pretended to like girls so this guy would stop liking me. He kept on playfully touching me. Like lightly punching me. I didn’t think much of it until he told one of his friends to ask me out. I was shocked so I just said “I like girls” not knowing what that meant 😂 everyone in school thought I was gay for the remainder of my elementary school life.

  • pastel pajamas
    pastel pajamas 27 days ago

    Im scared to come out as bisexual to my parents. They are religious and I am only a teenager so I wouldent want them to kick me out. But it's not really that great staying in a closet either. Most of my friends already know. I just don't think my family could deal with it. Any advice?

  • baka banana
    baka banana 27 days ago

    aw I’m so proud of you❤️❤️
    Also nice attack on titan shirt 😂

  • allinkedup always
    allinkedup always 27 days ago

    I'm Baptist and my parents were horrible. Mean hurtful ect

  • Reed Schwieterman
    Reed Schwieterman 28 days ago

    i cried so much

  • OhHelloPotato 12
    OhHelloPotato 12 28 days ago

    omg your mom said it was three forty five and i looked at my clock and it was three forty five.

  • Danna Albarran
    Danna Albarran 28 days ago +7

    Girl starts to come out, finally
    ad interrupts
    Me: throws my phone

  • Sienna Wilson
    Sienna Wilson 28 days ago

    I am gay but no one knows

  • Il Y Aura Du Soleil
    Il Y Aura Du Soleil 28 days ago

    Yeah it’s tough coming out as William Jackson Harper.

  • Your Local Lizoggo
    Your Local Lizoggo 28 days ago +3

    *comes out to parents*

    Mom: alright im fine and stuff dont let people put u down *tells the whole family*

    Big Brother: I could tell-

    me: I-

  • ItsYaBøí Clūtś
    ItsYaBøí Clūtś 29 days ago

    Either way you did it

  • Zoya's Life
    Zoya's Life 29 days ago +1

    I'm Bisexual.💜

  • AveryLee's Art Studio
    AveryLee's Art Studio 29 days ago +2

    If I had to come out over the phone I would call her and say "Hey wanna say hi to my girlfriend"

  • AveryLee's Art Studio
    AveryLee's Art Studio 29 days ago

    My coming out story is me talking with my mom about something I just mentiom liking girls quick and we continue talking. She didnt care. Well I mean she does care but she didnt care I like girls or not. Later that year she was talking about how she just likes planning our lives out for us and she said she imagions me going to an art college and meeting a cute girl 😂😂😂

  • AveryLee's Art Studio
    AveryLee's Art Studio 29 days ago

    *Remember about me dating Parker in stuff-* ad.

  • sierra xo
    sierra xo 29 days ago +1

    Someone tell me when the video starts

    • sierra xo
      sierra xo 14 days ago

      +LPSSeaSour no. She comes out after rambling for what seems like an hour about insignificant shit.

    • LPSSeaSour
      LPSSeaSour 15 days ago

      sierra xo 0:00

  • Sarah Johns
    Sarah Johns 29 days ago

    I am lesbian I think I have not kissed a girl yet but I really want to also only 2 people in my house know I cannot wait for my first kiss

  • Kqwezz
    Kqwezz 29 days ago +1

    Would love to watch the video but I’m fr jealous of your skin
    *_its so smooth_*

  • Michelle Hawkins
    Michelle Hawkins Month ago

    So you are telling me the God that I serve Jesus Christ is a God that makes mistakes?

    • LPSSeaSour
      LPSSeaSour 15 days ago

      Michelle Hawkins i dunno, what is a mistake? All the school shooters- oh wait, are you too focused on people loving who they want then school shooters and people running around murdering people?

  • ZombieSlayer
    ZombieSlayer Month ago +3