Coming Out to My Christian Mom | Live Phone Call

  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • I came out to my mom because closets are for clothes, not for people.
    I'm not ashamed of who I am, and you shouldn't be either. Stay safe, everyone.

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  • Jarek Zamora
    Jarek Zamora 21 hour ago

    Bruh how does a person of the same gender like the same gender

  • Pandora rose
    Pandora rose 22 hours ago

    Oooof it gave me aniexty for you

  • tamilliarenee
    tamilliarenee Day ago

    Are you in the military

  • Lilly Blackwell
    Lilly Blackwell Day ago

    Since everyone is telling their story I'll do I guess...?
    I mean only my Mom knows, some ppl except my Grandpa would be fine with it, he's a Christian, and it's kinda of weird to think about, so I'm Bi and my Mom only knows, and she doesn't care, also I have the urge to ship the gay when I see it, it's a problem, so yeah...

  • Alley Shannon
    Alley Shannon 2 days ago

    If it makes you happy .☺

  • noemi
    noemi 2 days ago

    I'm not against the LGBTQ community but I don't support them either lol

  • Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW

    My parents absolutely hate the LGBTQ community and they’re also catholic and I’m 10 but I rlly want to open up to them.... idk what to do... ik ppl might think I’m too young, but I’m bisexual and I just want to open up to my parents and have their reaction be super chill.... I wish my parents could accept who I am...

  • Your Average Weeb Here

    So my friends are pushing me to tell them who I like, but I’m lesbian and I like one of them. So they were pushing it and were like “ do you like girls???” And the whole table was listening and I was like “ no.....”
    Edit: My bff just told me she’s homophobic. Fuck.

  • Shay Rose
    Shay Rose 3 days ago

    Wait your names shay? AHA, I watched this since it popped up in my suggested then saw ur user, that’s funny, my names shay and I always joke with my friends and they’re like “ that’s so shaydy “. Great video! Way to go against those stereotypes sis 💪🏼

  • Jessie Gerber
    Jessie Gerber 3 days ago

    I’m lesbian...and my dad is homophobic so that’s great. I’m too scared to tell my parents cause they’re not going to approve.

  • Bob Holmes
    Bob Holmes 3 days ago

    You did it and it turned out good!

  • Billie Bitch
    Billie Bitch 4 days ago

    i want to tell my parents i’m gay kind of casually. i don’t want to make
    a big deal out of it. i don’t want to have some sort of dramatic family meeting, i just want to kind of slip it in conversation. does anyone who has already come out have. advice? i’m scared.

  • J Christopher
    J Christopher 5 days ago +1

    When I to,d my brother to come over because I needed to tell him something, he said o.k., on my way. When he got there, I told him I was gay and he said, “you owe me $20.00 for gas, you could have told me this over the phone stupid! I don’t give a shit, you’re my brother and I love you! Now give me $20.00! I was so relieved. He told me not to ever forget that he’s my big brother and that he loves me no matter who I chose. Then he said, “hey there’s a gay guy at my job, do you want to meet him?” I laughed so hard! Already the matchmaker!!!

  • Issi's life
    Issi's life 5 days ago

    Anyone wanna be in a gay group chat? My ig is @peraltaiagoo, dm me saying your from USclip and I’ll add you 💕

    SLICK BACK 5 days ago

    Deadass seen u on the bus

  • Tee C
    Tee C 5 days ago

    Omg I love her mom!!! She is so understanding!! I wish you the best hun

  • Samarui Gamer122
    Samarui Gamer122 6 days ago


  • Black Apps
    Black Apps 6 days ago

    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender 👭 your welcome

  • Victoria Marrugo
    Victoria Marrugo 6 days ago

    I swear if I come out to my religious mom, it would be a disaster and I would end up alone

  • Victoria Marrugo
    Victoria Marrugo 6 days ago

    I swear if I come out to my religious mom, it would be a disaster and I would end up alone, no thanks

  • Kiid Jaayy
    Kiid Jaayy 6 days ago

    i didn’t tell my mom i was gay.
    she asked me if i was 😂

  • John
    John 6 days ago

    Without lesbians porn will be limited for us guys.

  • AE Language School
    AE Language School 7 days ago

    'do things that please you' -Interesting advice...

  • Katie Burton
    Katie Burton 7 days ago

    Okay I just love this. I don’t understand why ppl hate ppl that come out! They are humans just like everyone else. Ppl see it as a sin or some other crap but it is just them being there self! They don’t understand how brave you have to be to be able to tell ppl something so personal and scary. I myself wouldn’t do it but you can’t hate ppl that do. There is nothing wrong with them! They are just ppl and we just need to love and except them💗

  • Porschea and Breana
    Porschea and Breana 7 days ago

    Super brave! Live your truth.

  • That_1_cat !
    That_1_cat ! 7 days ago

    Well i think we all learnt from Harry Potter, nobody should live in a closet

  • pyt_nyianza 101
    pyt_nyianza 101 7 days ago

    i told my mom i was bi and she was like ok good she told me my aunt was bi to i had no ideo lmao

  • Borussia Dortmund
    Borussia Dortmund 8 days ago

    I don't know this us a he or she

  • Andovia212
    Andovia212 8 days ago

    You're doing amazing, and I hope the absolute best for you in the future.

  • AnimeLoverForevere
    AnimeLoverForevere 12 days ago

    You Have A Shingeki No Kyojin Shirt😂❤️🔥

  • Camerons Music
    Camerons Music 12 days ago +1

    *Shay, no matter what. Love is love and it's okay :)*

  • Zia Buchanan
    Zia Buchanan 17 days ago

    Am I the only stright here!?!?

  • Kinoma
    Kinoma 18 days ago +2

    im super scared to tell my parents im bi

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 7 days ago

      Ya same. They are very religious and think it's a terrible sin...

    • depressedlittleunicorn 97
      depressedlittleunicorn 97 17 days ago +1

      Same. Me and my grandma have a lot of arguments about whether or not homosexuality is a sin. I'm pansexual

  • Britton Stewart
    Britton Stewart 18 days ago

    You did good!!!! This is my first time watching your video. I wish you much happiness....

  • Brook Fischer
    Brook Fischer 19 days ago

    Your inspiring I wish my family was as supportive as your mom

  • Willow Branchflower
    Willow Branchflower 19 days ago +6

    I'm Christian,
    I'm also bisexual.

  • Samoy Francis
    Samoy Francis 19 days ago

    Wow you have an awesome mother and respect the way she handled the situation

  • Desiree Jones
    Desiree Jones 19 days ago

    Girl this is not right. I don’t know what happened to you. Just know it’s not right.

  • Jay Coombs
    Jay Coombs 20 days ago +1

    when girls are gay they act normal and its usually pretty hard to tell but when dudes are gay its like so obvious. Any insight?

    MOONY_GAMES 20 days ago +1

    Is the girl yur gf?

  • levi james
    levi james 21 day ago

    ok im a straight guy and i respect u for doing this u go girl be your true self

  • Hassan Abshir
    Hassan Abshir 21 day ago


    • Clique
      Clique 18 days ago

      Lol you must either be 8 or 65! *with your little edited comment*

  • hungry hungry hippo nyli

    okay i need help with something lol. i have a huuuuuuuge crush on my male best friend but he's trans and i've known him since he was a cis female and idk if that means i'm not straight or whaa? because i like dudes and i've never had a crush on a cis female and didn't like him when he was either. not that i'd have a problem with it, but does anyone know if that'd change my sexuality? i wanna google it but i'm scared my homophobic-ish brother would somehow find my search history

    • hungry hungry hippo nyli
      hungry hungry hippo nyli 17 days ago

      +depressedlittleunicorn 97 that's true i guess eh

    • depressedlittleunicorn 97
      depressedlittleunicorn 97 17 days ago

      Your attracted to him because he looks and presented as a male right? Is not like you attracted to a woman even though he was once a woman, you wasn't attracted to them at that time

  • Amesha Hunter
    Amesha Hunter 21 day ago

    She did not realy say she was .....

  • Karms Animates
    Karms Animates 21 day ago

    ιƒ ι єνєя ¢αмє συт тнєу ωσυℓ∂ тнιηк ιт'ѕ α ƒαzє...

  • Aniyah Morgan
    Aniyah Morgan 23 days ago

    im straight.....PERIOD ill always be not tryna be mean

  • Amanda Curtiss
    Amanda Curtiss 24 days ago

    Her friend/girlfriend in the background though

  • HeY maaRrRrkKKk. Yas bItCh bOoM bOom boOm!

    Lol ok if someone's parents say something like "how do you know you're (pan, bi, gay, ace, ect)" or something in between the lines, just be like "then how do i know im straight?" Lol if that makes any sense😂

  • Berri Nom
    Berri Nom 25 days ago

    I’m Christian but I’m bi. Uhhh.... does that work..?

  • Ms Imperfect
    Ms Imperfect 25 days ago +1

    YOU ARE SO BRAVE!! It takes a lot of courage to do this you are so amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Falcon
    Falcon 25 days ago


  • piper scout
    piper scout 26 days ago

    my stepmom said my asexuality wasn't normal

  • Sarah Purcell
    Sarah Purcell 26 days ago

    The gospel of the Holy Bible is meant to change the sinners! NOT for the sinners to change the gospel to suit their sin!
    The symbol of a rainbow is God's promise! NOT a symbol of your mental illness!
    Satan's greatest weapon is man's ignorance of the word of God! And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

  • The Life Of Mailyn and Kaden

    I’m too scared to tell my mom I’m gay

  • Little Kalaiv Girl
    Little Kalaiv Girl 29 days ago

    You rock

  • Skull Speaks
    Skull Speaks 29 days ago

    I know the feeling. It was hard for me to tell my mom how I truly felt

  • marichan
    marichan Month ago +1

    this is the sweetest ever !! i wish my family would react this way when i come out, but that definitely isn’t gonna happen dksjsk

  • matthew baca
    matthew baca Month ago

    Your a brave young lady. God Bless.

  • Salt n Peppa
    Salt n Peppa Month ago +1

    *Clutches invisible pearls*

  • Jaqueline Monroy
    Jaqueline Monroy Month ago +1

    My heart was beating so hard when the call started. I'm happy how it turned out.
    Ps: you guys are so cute

  • Marie K
    Marie K Month ago +1

    I never understood "coming out". Straight people don't need to come out as "straight", so why should we need to come out as "bi" or "gay/lesbian".

  • Raven Monroe
    Raven Monroe Month ago

    Where are my pans at?

  • TheAnimationGirl YT

    Me 3-4 yrs ago. Homos and lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 are bad and deserve to be thrown in hell. Wtf are all that’s dramatic children doing? Me now. I’m bisexual. Why was I like that! I was so bad. I feel like crying and beating myself for being that way.

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 7 days ago

      I used to think it was a bad sin and people who were LGBTQ were mentally ill. But now I'm bi! And I've changed my way of thinking a lot

  • Terry Prachett
    Terry Prachett Month ago

    You are in alexstrangelove😱😱😱😱😳😳😳😳

  • Jennifer Herndon
    Jennifer Herndon Month ago

    I'm spreading the pan jam hear

  • Sadie Davies
    Sadie Davies Month ago

    I would never dare tell my mum / dad / family that I’m bisexual

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 5 days ago

      +Sadie Davies right. Well my parents think it's a terrible sin.😕 and are very often talking about like it being disgusting. ...

    • Sadie Davies
      Sadie Davies 5 days ago

      Doris Uhlman i dont know i think it would be a bit strange if I asked them

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 6 days ago

      +Sadie Davies I know how u feel😣 I feel the same. Do they support the LGBTQ community?

    • Sadie Davies
      Sadie Davies 6 days ago

      Doris Uhlman because I’d be to scared 😔😔😔

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 7 days ago


  • barnest31
    barnest31 Month ago

    Im 40 and im scared to tell my parents im trans 🙄

  • Dona Louis
    Dona Louis Month ago +2

    Jesus is coming back get ready.

  • 4mariki
    4mariki Month ago

    Did you stop going to church? Do you still believe in God? How did you decide to try girls? As you had always been with boys how did you find a girl ?, and when you did how did you Find out she liked you too? How did you get to that topic? And when you started dating a girl did you stop going to church or still go?
    I’m the same but Lutheran but don’t know many lbgt people so finding a girl is hard and especially as I still go to church and have never properly had a girlfriend and I can’t bring myself to tell anyone that I like girls too. And I wanted children so I had to get married, I have 2boys now but have always wanted to try being with a girl at least once. But am married/separated atm but still want to if I could have at least one relationship with a girl even if to try it out. So I don’t know what to do? Probably nothing right? 1. Am married. 2. I’m old, so that’s it for me I guess.

  • stan twice stan gays

    your mom is nice, you're so lucky. mine is lesbophobic and guess what, i'M LESBIAN YAYY. my dad told me many times that if i ever was gay he'll accept it but it'll takes a bit. he said: "it's not the best thing if a daughter/son came out as gay, i hope you like guys. but in case you'll ever be gay i'll accept you anyway, even if it's a bit of a trauma" and i was like: "...i do!! i'm straight" while i had a secret girlfriend. i'll wait till i move out at least at 23 (now i'm 16)

  • The_Artificials
    The_Artificials Month ago

    ATTACK ON TITAN TOP!!! Sosageo sosageo!!!!!

  • Evi Satens
    Evi Satens Month ago

    Wauw... You are beautyfulll gurll

  • Kaizen Truth
    Kaizen Truth Month ago

    I’m happy you did it!

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    "You can't do things just to please other people cuz then you'd be miserable." 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alyza G.
    Alyza G. Month ago

    Well as a pansexual with christian AND muslim parents i will never do my coming out for obvious reasons (they're 100% homophobic, and believes that gay should be killed...) but it just warms my heart to read all those comments

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 22 hours ago

      +Alyza G. Your welcome! And please never give up faith in Jesus cause even if others says other wise he loves us!

    • Alyza G.
      Alyza G. 23 hours ago

      Thank you so much

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 7 days ago

      My parents are conservative Christians and think it's a terrible sin so I'm scared to tell them I'm bi . But they don't think gays should be killed

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 7 days ago

      I'm so sorry they feel that way. But Jesus loves u just for who u are. God is love and loves all of us! Jesus died on the cross for us and rose again so we don't have to go to hell. All we have to do is have faith and ask him for forgiveness and into yoyr lives and he will save us

  • Løcal Banditø
    Løcal Banditø Month ago

    Coming out at panromantic and Ace was the hardest thing

  • Keke.
    Keke. Month ago

    Im proud of you❤️

  • Fiorella F
    Fiorella F Month ago

    I love this I came here and apparently you’re on freaking Netflix lmao

  • Unstoppable Serenity

    She didn't come out. Smh. She tried but until you say the words and it's confirmed to the person or people your not out. But if her mom watches her changed she'll know.

  • WhosThatEh?
    WhosThatEh? Month ago

    My mother told my father when she was pregnant that she suspected that I would be gay, mother's intuition am I right lol?

  • Amy Gwin
    Amy Gwin Month ago

    WOW that was a amazing reaction from your mom tbh maybe calling her at work was not the best idea. I am a mom and if I was at work and she would have called me and told me something like that believe me I would most certainly not be able to work my mind would be racing and from a moms point of view we love our kids so much and being Christian we know it is a sin to live the way you are telling your mom you want to live and tbh again we don’t want you to go to hell or have a harder life or to be looked at by society differently and be discriminated against. And sadly you have a chance of that. I would be spending the rest of the day asking myself if I did something wrong while you were growing up and just thinking about you all day. You mom sounds like a fantastic mom and a good Christian. You spoke to her with so much love and respect. She has raised a beautiful intelligent young lady. You are truly a blessing to your family you can hear in her voice how much she loves you. I got tears just watching that you both are so respectful of each other’s feelings. Thank you for making this video. And I wish you the best of luck with your life. ❤️

  • simple Southern unicorn angel

    You didn't even tell her

  • Girl of Many Vloggities

    I feel so scared for her, AND IT’S NOT EVEN HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!

  • Karrice Sankey
    Karrice Sankey Month ago

    This was really a heart racing,teary eyed moment for me because I’m facing sumn similar.... my family is a Christian based family for the most part and we’re Jamaicans so it’s not something they are ok with or accept but I am very happy
    Me and my gf have been dating for 8 months now and only a few ppl know excluding my parents
    This was encouraging tho😌very encouraging
    Please, if u will, check out me and my gf’s channel
    A & K Family🌈☺️

  • Dakota's animations

    Your amazing I would be so scared to come out to my parents if they were Christan I'm pansexual but I mostly like girls

  • Karen Ruiz
    Karen Ruiz Month ago

    I have a question. Doesn’t the Bible says men who do homosexuality aren’t allowed in the kingdom of God? I’m also Christian and I’ve been told that being Gay is a sin. But my perspective is that love is love and we shouldn’t judge anybody based on their sexuality but I’m also confused.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes Month ago +1

      @Karen Ruiz: Not everything people say, feel and do is love. And what is and what isn't love is described on the bible. What you have been told is correct; bible forbids homosexuality and other LGBTQ+ orientations.

  • Baby Potato
    Baby Potato Month ago

    I was waiting for her to say mom I’m gay

  • Nikki Empire
    Nikki Empire Month ago +1

    I’m bi, my parents have a feeling I’m bi but they always try to convince me I’m not. They’ve threatened to kick me out, and leave me because who I am. Should I say fuck it and come out?

  • BossLady
    BossLady Month ago

    Omg my heart was beating fast when she was SILENT... my Christian mom doesn’t speak to me this day or acknowledge me as her daughter. Thank God for your mom! Do you boo! Got to be happy!

  • materialkid
    materialkid Month ago

    That was kind of easy gurl...your Mom is LOVELY and react in a very chill way..You're so lucky!!!!

  • David Walker
    David Walker Month ago

    I'm from Jamaica and my family is very religious and are Christians and if I told them that I was... You know gay, I would die before I even finished the sentence of coming out.

  • Mary home cooking
    Mary home cooking Month ago

    so nice i love it--Thanks for sharing👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sheepy Nugget
    Sheepy Nugget Month ago

    if my mom knew im gay she would send me to the pastor or something.

  • Ariana Barboa
    Ariana Barboa Month ago

    I just came out to my mom and I was scared. I had brought up when she had her first crush and I told her that I'm lesbian.

  • june spencer
    june spencer Month ago

    Love how you did that.. I know how you felt..

  • Silje Kvamme
    Silje Kvamme Month ago

    Haha Im laughing bc your friend is crawling on the floor 😅

  • im confused
    im confused Month ago

    So uhh me and my friend has been friends for 3-4 years now, and a year ago I always felt something on my chest whenever I saw her, I always smiledddd, blushed, but I always ignored it, we became closer and closer and last July I realized that I like her... I finally told her a month ago and she feels the same way... AND I ALWAYSS TALKED ABOUT HER, my mom asked "do you like her in a crushing way?" And I quietly said yes.... Djagsudhshhd I'm thinking of asking her to be my gf but I'm scared 😑😂...
    Also we came out to eachother 2 years ago

  • Tia Grant
    Tia Grant Month ago

    Gurl!just blurred it out to her

  • Ariah Horn
    Ariah Horn Month ago

    i could see the gilt and sadness in her eyes
    its gonna be ok

  • toya twopink
    toya twopink Month ago

    Your so beautiful 😍