Coming Out to My Christian Mom | Live Phone Call

  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • I came out to my mom because closets are for clothes, not for people.
    I'm not ashamed of who I am, and you shouldn't be either. Stay safe, everyone.

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  • Imma Bandito
    Imma Bandito 16 hours ago


  • nonbinary goat
    nonbinary goat Day ago

    I see the pan colours behind you-i like hehehe

  • Danielle Dufoe
    Danielle Dufoe Day ago

    I’m proud of you and your mom.. tuff tuff stuff I wish you all the best 💜💜💜💜

  • Darius
    Darius Day ago

    Wait you’re gay but follow teachings that prohibit homosexual acts. How does that work?

  • Dakota Duffer
    Dakota Duffer Day ago

    I wish my mom was so understanding as her mom, my mom got so mad at me when I told her I am Pansexly.

  • T Jones
    T Jones Day ago

    Very brave and very sweet. Good for u girl. I came out 20 years ago to my entire family at Thanksgiving dinner when I brought my white girlfriend to dinner. I really didn't care if they liked it or not. It was my life and I was finally happy and living my trust self. And I haven't looked back. BTW my family still loves me and my Wife and I are always invited to every family functions. My mom and dad love us both. Good luck and God bless u sweetie 😊

  • l Sawyer
    l Sawyer 2 days ago

    At the end of the day, every person will give an account for their lives to the God who made them. A man's acceptance or rejection means nothing. What does God have to say about the matter?

  • The Panda
    The Panda 3 days ago

    my family is very christian and i think i might be bi but it goes against my religion so dont know what to do

    • The last Shall be first
      The last Shall be first 3 days ago

      Also, read your Bible and may His words sink into your soul. Give Him your whole heart, live for Him and He will surely give you the desires of your heart. Confusion is not from God. You will know what to do and you’ll have peace, not confusion. Sent with 💕

    • The last Shall be first
      The last Shall be first 3 days ago

      Hi Sweetheart, my advice to you is to ask God Himself what He wants for you. Ask Him to lead you on the path He has already laid out for you. I promise He will show you the way. May He bless you and give you wisdom and strength to do what is right. Bye!🙏🏽

  • Faith Wedderburn
    Faith Wedderburn 3 days ago

    We live in a world where the word Christian is used loosely. Being Christian means you are a follower of Christ. The Bible says those who love me keep my Commandments. Think on this.

  • Jem Sanford
    Jem Sanford 3 days ago

    Honey, I think j you just confused your mom. You never came out and said your gay or that you prefer women. She didn't seem to realize what you were saying

  • Queenzy Melanie
    Queenzy Melanie 4 days ago

    Totally unrelated but this blueberry lollipop is hella good

  • Loves Beauty
    Loves Beauty 4 days ago

    Your not gay. Its a lie from that spirit. You have to be delivered of a lust spirit that's all.

    • MoonCheese
      MoonCheese 4 days ago

      +WhySoShayD *_D E F L E C T E D_*

      Also I'm Aro/Ace! Halo fam!

    • WhySoShayD
      WhySoShayD  4 days ago

      Actually, Im ace, so lust isnt really one of my vices. haha. 😂

  • Joshua Michael
    Joshua Michael 4 days ago

    im DL i will never be able to come out.

  • Cooking For BAE
    Cooking For BAE 5 days ago +1

    I told my Christian mother I was gay, when I was 19. She kicked me out of her house, knowing I had no place to live. It really taught me her conditional love for me. Our relationship is BUTCHERED to say the least.

    • MoonCheese
      MoonCheese 4 days ago

      I feel sorry for you...I hope you're getting through just fine now

  • Tanya Marie
    Tanya Marie 5 days ago

    Your mom is so compassionate and she loves you. May God continue to bless your relationship with your mother!💯🙏🏽💯🙏🏽💯🙏🏽

  • Renee Faison
    Renee Faison 6 days ago

    Nope! You're not gay and a Christian. That train of thought is total deception. Read your bible and don't try to find loopholes to suit any excuses for a habitual and sinful lifestyle! God is not confused about anything He tells us in His word. Read Romans,chapter one. That ought to clear up any misconceptions you have about many things. Ask God to let you see how He has already revealed Himself in an undeniable way. If your revelation of Him is that He says,It's okay to be homosexual and you find supporting scriptures for the lifestyle in the word,then you are truly deceived and are a person who fits the description of someone in Romans 1. Even if your mother tells you that God doesn't care about your sexual orientation,she is also deceived and doesn't have understanding of the word of God. Satan comes as an angel of light and is very cunning and knows how to make a lie seem like the truth. Don't continue to believe his lies nor anyone who validates any kind of sin. They are agents of Satan and unless they repent will spend an eternity in HELL as well as anyone who continues to reject their Creator,in the person of Jesus Christ. God is love but make no mistake about it, He commands us to repent. He knows best and He WILL NOT amend His word EVER for ANY REASON or ANYONE!

  • Turnaround Call
    Turnaround Call 6 days ago +2

    The fact that anyone is uncomfortable to come out and say he or she is gay speaks a great deal on whether this is right or wrong. God is so big that He has put conscience in us which first judges us and compels us to obey God but if we refuse to obey God, He has promised to everlastingly punish anyone found outside of Christ.

  • Nadrah Youssef
    Nadrah Youssef 7 days ago

    Trying to understand that point of view, if you weren’t raped or molested. I think you think you’re a Christian but go away from that.

  • Leslie Gray
    Leslie Gray 7 days ago +5

    As a parent if either one of my children told me they were gay or bisexual the next thing out of my mouth would be. what's for dinner. That would NOT change my love for my children. I ride hard for my children.

  • Joyful Living
    Joyful Living 7 days ago

    Praying for clarity🙏

  • Kittycat Ami
    Kittycat Ami 9 days ago

    Can you please tell me how to tell my mom that I'm Bisexual, I'm scared she won't accept me for this reason, so can you please help me and tell me how to do this...

  • Aziza Hemmans
    Aziza Hemmans 9 days ago +1

    I am to nd I'm really scared to tell my mom I remeber when my brother found out i started crying but he told me that he wouldnt tell nd that no matter what I'm still his sister
    But if you think that you need to come out to your parents do it when YOU are ready

  • Anette
    Anette 10 days ago

    Actually lol idk why just lol

  • E F
    E F 10 days ago


  • London Brooke's
    London Brooke's 11 days ago

    I've been watching a lot of these and these are very inspirational 😭

  • Tea Kea
    Tea Kea 11 days ago

    Good job young lady...your so mature and down to earth😊your moms very lucky to have you as her daughter💜

  • Caleb Clemente
    Caleb Clemente 12 days ago

    Im not allowed to be bi or gay

  • Shea Morrissey
    Shea Morrissey 12 days ago

    First of all my name is Shea n second idek yu n I’m proud of yu and so happy for yu bc um bi

  • xYoshi MLGx
    xYoshi MLGx 12 days ago

    I'm not trying to be mean but...... I don't think you're mom understood what you were trying to say

  • Ivy G
    Ivy G 13 days ago

    Everybody knows that "mmhmmm" momma gives

  • Zookie 42
    Zookie 42 13 days ago

    I don’t kno how old this video is but u hve a really sarcastic tone lol

  • julz
    julz 13 days ago

    As a Christian it is not our place to judge because God will be the judge of us all & praying for those who choose this life to see the truth because the word is the word and it will never change. Our choices determine our judgment by God. On Earth we need to love everyone and pray for them.

  • ASMR by Brooke 123
    ASMR by Brooke 123 14 days ago

    I’m Bi but I’m also Christian My mom seems pretty accepting over LGBTQ+ but I’m still scared to come out to her

  • Pretty Kala
    Pretty Kala 14 days ago

    She didn’t really tell her mom she’s gay doe

  • Daisy dolan
    Daisy dolan 14 days ago

    If I told my mom I don't really know how she would react but I talked to her about it and she said if I was bi she wouldn't care but at the same time she said she wouldn't really like if one of us were bi but she also said is our decision and we can love who we want and sometimes when I talk to her about it she always asked me why are you bi and I could never respond to her cause idrk am still trying to figure out my sexuality ♥️

  • 000KRISTEN000
    000KRISTEN000 14 days ago

    Gosh you're beautiful and brave. That must have been so hard. But glad you spoke your truth. M

  • A Hanna
    A Hanna 14 days ago

    I don't hear u come out completely and say Mom I love women.

  • FitzGerald Kachi
    FitzGerald Kachi 15 days ago

    u can't be Christian and be gay that's the most news a child can give his/her parent. I have very hatred for gay people. if only to kill is not a crime. cos I don't not consider them as humans. we straight people need to get rid of gays.

    • baby glizzy
      baby glizzy 14 days ago

      FitzGerald Kachi this the stupidest shit i done ever heard😂.

    TANYA S 15 days ago


    TANYA S 15 days ago


  • Fizzy_ Missy
    Fizzy_ Missy 15 days ago

    Have a virtual hug, it takes a lot of courage to come out

  • Landslave
    Landslave 17 days ago

    Your girlfriend supporting you was SO GREAT. And how her support visibly calmed you says everything about your relationship to her. AND THEN her crawling around on the floor trying to stay out of the video shot is HILARIOUS! TOO FUNNY.

  • Caroline Truth
    Caroline Truth 18 days ago

    You're brave! I think this is the one thing I'll never do. There's this time my parents was summoned to my school for that and when we got home my moma beat me. My dad couldn't coz he a soldier.guess he knew if he did I'd fucking die

  • John B
    John B 18 days ago

    Bro how were you so calm, also I haven't done this yet and I think you are so brave and I want you to know if u need anything or anyone to talk to, I'm here sis. Bye kitty girl

  • Dawn Alveena
    Dawn Alveena 18 days ago

    Awwww you remind me of me and my girlfriend

  • Abby Kreutzer
    Abby Kreutzer 19 days ago

    # gay and prod

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson 19 days ago

    Told my Baptist dad i was Bi in the car, got cussed out, he still thinks it's bullshit. But it's not, haven't brought up the topic since. Life sucks sometimes....

  • James Knoflicek
    James Knoflicek 19 days ago

    Me: Texts I’m lgbtq+ to BFF
    Him: FaceTimes me
    Me: has panic attack and realizes what the fuck I actually just did.
    Also me: declines and starts crying and dying.
    Him: I’m bi
    Me: wut

  • James Knoflicek
    James Knoflicek 19 days ago +1

    Why am I nervous like it’s happening to me but damn girl you got guts this world is harsh and ‘coming out’ shouldn’t even be a thing, acceptance should just be a thing that everyone has and no one should assume your straight. Ok?

  • BasketFunToys !
    BasketFunToys ! 20 days ago

    I’m bi, I’m scared to tell my parents, I’m afraid they’re gonna say I’m too young. Even though I’m 13 and I’m ready to make my own choices.

  • yeet •-•
    yeet •-• 20 days ago

    I know both of my parents will be supportive of my decision.. so why am I so scared to tell them I have a girlfriend?

  • Joey Gagliardi
    Joey Gagliardi 20 days ago

    It is 2019 now and think you did a great job,,, however, I am still sitting here thinking, if your Mom really totally got it,, or are there many more questions she has, I give 2 thumbs up on this and wish you all the best always..

  • samone wilson
    samone wilson 21 day ago

    I came out when i was 33 years old my sister said she already knew i liked girls but i tried to please my family and date men but always was attracted to woman when i was in relationships with men i use always ask them for a threesome they would say no

  • Renee Knocksyouout
    Renee Knocksyouout 21 day ago

    My friend comes out to her parents: I'm gay
    Parents: Congratulations when you bringing a girl home?

  • Cazhmeir Gardner
    Cazhmeir Gardner 21 day ago

    I'm BI but my mom doesn't except BI ppl so I'm scared to come out to her

  • Wyatt/Wystia Campbell

    LGBTEAM,ASSEMBLE! 🌈💙❤️💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💜

  • Petramos Cracks TM
    Petramos Cracks TM 22 days ago

    I can hear the British accent in the thumbnail

  • Glory Moon
    Glory Moon 23 days ago

    Hey can we meet up I am from the Bahamas are there any ways we can communicate on social media ??.....

  • Kaylee Sharon
    Kaylee Sharon 23 days ago

    I’m sorry, but you can’t be a Christian and be part of the LGBTQ community, you can’t be okay with this and still say that you love God! The Bible tells us that being part of the LGBTQ community is a sin.

  • For Fun
    For Fun 24 days ago

    I’m catholic and I love everyone and support lgbtq+ completely

  • Max the furry
    Max the furry 24 days ago

    My parents just could tell and they didn't care that I was bisexual and transgender :p so it went well

  • First Name
    First Name 24 days ago


  • Wolf Mane
    Wolf Mane 24 days ago +1

    Who else is trying to be Christian but is either Bisexual or gay? Or pansexual.

    • Arigna Watersreaser
      Arigna Watersreaser 3 days ago

      We all sin and fall short of glory of god just keep asking the lord to chnge your desires to him that will please him and glorify Him
      You can still be Christian but if you’re a born again believer you will be empowered with the Holy Spirit oh god to help guide and lead you to his truth his way and how to live and get rid of the wrong desires no matter if it’s gossip , fornicating homosexuality etc no matter what sin it is
      Just keep trusting in the lord lean not on your own understanding sometimes it’s good to just tell the lord your problems and not people and just wait on him because people are too opinionated and have their own sins and aren’t perfect so if they can’t pray for you as well as themselves they really won’t ans can’t help the problem no matter what it is or the sins

  • CJ & Mel B
    CJ & Mel B 24 days ago

    Omgosh my coming out story is way worse! Lol 😆 subscribed Come check my vids out!!! Lesbian couple just living life 🤦🏾‍♀️😊

  • Yo WordyOverkill
    Yo WordyOverkill 24 days ago

    i ‘came out’ during a game of the game of life

  • Black Power
    Black Power 26 days ago

    So you know about God because your mother told you. And you know this life style is wrong..SO LIVE YOUR LIFE AND ANSWER GOD LATER .

  • Willow
    Willow 26 days ago

    I didn’t get the part where you came out?
    I know you suggested it a couple of times but people that don’t know and wouldn’t have thought you are don’t tend to understand except if you actually tell them
    I’m sure she understood if you think I she did
    I mean she’s not my mum so I don’t know how good she is at guessing or anything so yeah
    Just ignore
    Well done anyways

  • nyx - chan
    nyx - chan 26 days ago

    i see that attack on titan shirt uwu and congrats! i know im like a year late but still!! this is something thats very difficult to do...

  • American # 1 Patriot
    American # 1 Patriot 27 days ago

    Crucifixion should have been the only recourse jest fucking die or something

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman 27 days ago

    this gave me ptsd

    T-H-E THEONEWHODRAWS 27 days ago

    I hope you’re doing well ❤️

  • It’s Kams
    It’s Kams 27 days ago

    I’m straight but support everything. I have family members who are gay. Or lesbian. So I support everything

  • Sara
    Sara 27 days ago

    Who cares??

  • Lore Bay
    Lore Bay 27 days ago

    I’m a Christian, I don’t hate people. My daughters are away at school now, but I sure don’t want a call like this, but if I did get one, I would probably be calm about it too, but I definitely will say that I do not condone this lifestyle because the God of all creation hates it. She will still be my daughter though. I did tell them that when they go away they will hear lots of strange things, but hold to what is true.

  • Bershics
    Bershics 27 days ago

    I came out as bi a year ago but recently found out I’m pansexual so gotta do it again

  • Gacha_DessertYT
    Gacha_DessertYT 27 days ago

    I know they say this whole gay thing is wrong but on the other hand people need to stop using religion to hate if gay was *so* wrong then why did god make us gay just think about it and everyone should be treated fairly since god / Jesus treat *US* fairly no matter what... I know some ppl will not understand and/or not support my speech but yeah that’s what I think
    *Never wrote something more religious than this on a USclip comment*

  • Mickles
    Mickles 27 days ago

    10 minutes of beating around the bush😂 but good for you

  • Angelica Lytvynchuk
    Angelica Lytvynchuk 28 days ago

    I feel u girl 😔🌈

  • Kaylee Shelton
    Kaylee Shelton 28 days ago

    Me: I like boys... and girls
    Mom: so you have an interest in girls? Like actually dating and being in a relationship with them
    Me: yeah...
    Mom: why didn’t you tell me
    Me: I didn’t want y’all to be disappointed
    Mom: I may not understand you’re choices but I’ll always support you

  • Jhustice williams
    Jhustice williams 28 days ago

    When I came out to my mom she shunned me for a while but she came around and accept me for me I graduated highschool and college with my associates and biochemical engineering and molecular science which no one not even my friends thought I could do now I'm working on my BA and further but my mom is my biggest supporter and I'm proud to say that I'm a lesbian Butch woman with a degree in a field that straight or gay women haven't been big in and I'm loving my life single and ready for someone that can match my stamina sexually and mentally

  • External Death
    External Death 28 days ago

    Bottom line it isn’t a “ i have to tell my parents my sexuality” you can always keep it to yourself or express your sexuality with the people you choose to tell meaning those who don’t necessarily want to tell there parents so there’s always a down fall if you don’t have the courage to tell them I’m pan I told my mom/step dad well funny story I didn’t really the fam was out eating and my brother yelled out “Edward likes both” so 🤷🏻‍♂️ he did the hard part

  • plaenteve
    plaenteve 28 days ago

    man I'm crying :,) I still remember when I came out to my mum, I had my pansexual flag in my hand and I told her that I wanted to tell her something, I told her and she didn't say anything, she just stood and stared at me, she wasn't impressed, she then went on to talk about how straight people were normal and she wanted me to experience me having a child, I broke down and started crying and she came down and hugged me but I didn't feel like she accepted me, she just talked about how I was her daughter and at she would love me but I never really felt comfortable being myself around her and my sister would always call me a lesbian as an insult and I didn't want my mum to really tell the rest of my family because I was scared, I had told my 2 nans before hand and they had told me that I was too young for all that and that it's a phase but they didn't understand that it wasn't a phase and that I was pan, my step dad was really homophobic and racist and after my mum told him I guess he kinda stopped but at least I had my friends who supported me the whole time. But it's really nice seeing other people come out and be accepted when some aren't and it still makes me feel happy that I managed to get it off my chest

  • Lois Kasperkowicz
    Lois Kasperkowicz 28 days ago

    Like if I fooled u

    Read more

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott 28 days ago

    I did this the other day and I was so scared omg but it’s so worth it x❤️

  • Cyarra Marie
    Cyarra Marie 29 days ago

    So last year I came out to my mom that I was bi and she said maybe I’m confused and to talk to her about it when I’m like 16 and so it’s a year later I tried to distract myself with guys and I finally just said I’m gay to my friends but the day after my 16 birthday or the same day ima be like remember that talk about being bi she going to be like Yh and Ima be like I’m not confused now I’m gay ok bye
    If u read my story thank u so much

  • Izzy Djjxjc
    Izzy Djjxjc 29 days ago

    Why are there so many homophobic and racist people in these comments. If you dont like gay people why you click on this video??
    I think you are so brave, like i dont think i will ever be able to tell my parents but you were so caom and stuff🤣🧡😊

  • Kxng Tres
    Kxng Tres 29 days ago

    Personally, I don't get it. Obviously, I'm not gay. I never have been gay and Lord knows after the experiences I've had, I never will be gay. However, I'm just trying to understand a gay person's way of life. I have family that's gay and they hate me, because I'm a Christian and whenever the question of “Do I think gay people should go to Heaven?” comes up, my answer was and still is “I'm not God.” I don't know who's going to Heaven or not. I don't make that kind of judgement. That's between those who are homosexual and the Lord God. And that's if they even believe in God, because I've learned over time that most gay people don't believe in God. I can't say I understand that because I've never been in their shoes. And it's kind of funny, but I never knew where in the Bible does it say “being gay is an abomination”. Well thanks to a certain episode of Family Guy which was called “Family Gay”, I find my answer. Stewie called out Leviticus 22:18. So I looked it up and there it was. I finally found the scripture I've been looking for. Now, don't get me wrong, God said no sin is greater than the other. So being gay is just as bad as a straight couple committing formication. This is coming from a STRAIGHT 18 year old who's about graduate high school and go into college. I'm about to see a whole lot of things. I know. But no judgement. I love every one. Gay, straight, bi, blue, purple or anything. I LOVE YOU ALL! (Say it back please)

  • My Mom Drives Me Crazy

    I’m a babtist..... I’m bi........ how tf do I tell my grandparents?? 😔

  • Sheart 88
    Sheart 88 Month ago

    I came out to my mother irl and didn’t sleep the hole day ha I was too scared to tell everyone else in my family so my only my mother and cousin who’s bi knows so far

  • Lumuk Ynes
    Lumuk Ynes Month ago

    Well it's a long way to go...can't judge anyone

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright Month ago

    Bitch you ugly

  • It'sRandom
    It'sRandom Month ago +7

    Who else was just like, "JUST TELL HERRRR" lol

  • Moon Chane
    Moon Chane Month ago

    i remember this type of conversation with my dad in the car. i tried to avoid it for a very long time but at some point your happiness comes before anybody else.

  • Evil Static
    Evil Static Month ago

    What happened when I came out to my mom
    Me: Hey mom?
    Mom: yeah?
    Me: I need to tell you something, take it seriously
    Mom: **pauses tv**
    Mom: what is it
    Me: ooh boy here we go. I like girls.. dont get mad
    Mom: is that it?
    Me: yeah..
    Mom: ok cool. Now get out of the way, im watching chopped
    Me: -_-

  • Mental Heath Talks with Addy

    I'm 12 and lesbian for until I decide I wanna be straight, and I don't know how to come out. There is no attraction from boys to me, just girls. But I'm gonna wait till either I get a gf or I get 2 college to come out

  • It’s K3l
    It’s K3l Month ago

    Folks be acting like they finna die just tell her u eat pussy already

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago

    I told my mom by telling her that one of my ex “friends” was really my ex gf and I cried the whole time even tho I knew she’d be supportive

  • Jewel V
    Jewel V Month ago +1

    My story 100% true

    Me: *a girl playing hide and seek*
    Friends: Okay we give up! Come out!
    Me: Comes out of closet
    Friends: Yoooo you just came out of the closet 🤣
    Me: *Nods* Okay so about that.. we need to talk
    Friends: *S H O O K*

  • Cookiegirlgaming
    Cookiegirlgaming Month ago

    men were made for women and women were made for men in the bible god told us not to judge in my opinion i love everybody's differences even if they are gay or bi i'm still trying to figure out what i am but i personal believe you love who you love :3

  • For3v3r Ruin3d
    For3v3r Ruin3d Month ago

    Bless your heart hun. Coming out is never easy and you did awesome!! I remember when I came out and yes it’s terrifying!! Stay strong and true to who you are and with that you can’t go wrong. 🤘🏼🏳️‍🌈❤️✌🏼