Irish People Try Spicy American Chips

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • Irish people feelin' the heat with Spicy American chips! MERCH MADNESS:
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    We got sent some spicy chips from a lovely fan, Delwin, and so we decided to unleash the heat on our unassuming TRYers and see what they thought of the fiery foods, including the Paqui ghost pepper chips!
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Comments • 2 980

  • WaywardRobot
    WaywardRobot 3 hours ago

    You guys didn't got Takis Fuego.

  • Jewel Hartman
    Jewel Hartman 6 hours ago

    Good thing they didn't do the one chip challenge.

  • Brandy bubs
    Brandy bubs 18 hours ago +1


  • Kristi Valenzuela
    Kristi Valenzuela 23 hours ago

    The way she looked at him when he said the Combos looked like little chopped up poops made me snort.

  • Aaron Sutherland

    Why does cunt sound classy with an Irish accent

  • MK Hobson
    MK Hobson 2 days ago +4

    Wait....does ireland not have funyuns!? They're the best chip ever! I could eat the whole bag....

  • Danika Silva
    Danika Silva 3 days ago

    Everyone does the same mistake of breathing in through their mouth and intensifying the pain...😑

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 3 days ago

    the mouth full of knives!!!

  • Kristy Haynes
    Kristy Haynes 3 days ago


  • Metal Conditioner Squared

    Old Vienna Red Hot Ripplets.

  • Roxy Van
    Roxy Van 4 days ago

    Watched the way u made Xmas drinks then the sandwiches. U didn’t make them right! Po boy has mayo- thousand island. U need to try a Monte cristo, French dip, & a Reuben YUM

  • Jade Obsession
    Jade Obsession 4 days ago


  • Ben Whitehurst
    Ben Whitehurst 7 days ago

    I hope you do the one chip challenge at some point.

  • Peachy Onion Cat
    Peachy Onion Cat 9 days ago

    Will terrify your taste buds and yer bums! More screaming meemees tonight!

  • Vegard Kaspersen Dillerud

    You know its spicy when your tounge is sore. But i feel sorry about your stomachs. Their toilets must had exploded

  • shmeenix !
    shmeenix ! 10 days ago

    They aren't really that spicy lol. They are really good though. I love the haunted ghost chips 😍

  • Tambourine Man
    Tambourine Man 12 days ago

    I just itched my nose after eating a small bag of Paqui haunted ghost pepper chips. Dang it.

  • Psychedelicqat
    Psychedelicqat 12 days ago

    You got the lumberjacks, the eccentrics, and the plains!

  • oOcorridosOo TM
    oOcorridosOo TM 12 days ago

    I just had a bag of those paqui chips and bruh.... Pretty spicy lol

  • The Feed Trough
    The Feed Trough 13 days ago

    Y’all about a bitch lol eat the worlds hottest tortilla chip lol

  • Kumquat Gaming
    Kumquat Gaming 13 days ago

    Those paqui chips are my favorite type of chips

  • Caustic Chameleon
    Caustic Chameleon 14 days ago +1

    Never have water with Pacqui. Always drink milk. Water makes it hotter.

  • Keith Hutcheson
    Keith Hutcheson 15 days ago +1

    Those Ghost Pepper chips are freaking fantastic with beer!!!!! Common guys, give it a shot.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 15 days ago


  • chronically zoey
    chronically zoey 16 days ago

    How TF am I half Irish but I can't do even a little spice... like lays barbecue is spicy ... mad respect to these people

  • Ken M
    Ken M 17 days ago

    Lolsy IS hotter than any Ghost pepper. The girl is smoking hot.

  • spaz douche
    spaz douche 17 days ago +1

    Try the one chip challenge...these ghost pepper chip will be a joke after that.

  • TheDivatoni
    TheDivatoni 17 days ago


  • Runs4Drinks
    Runs4Drinks 18 days ago

    Water? You need beer with these.

  • Lord Eli
    Lord Eli 18 days ago

    nah those Paqui chips aren't that bad, I found them to be a tad disappointed, I rate them like spicy and tingly yeah but not very hot by my standards I buy me a bag every now and then however my complaint is they don't taste good or give you a flavor that makes ya think yum I want some of more of them, they are just kind of boring

  • jzay1899
    jzay1899 18 days ago

    Combos Try!!

  • Jessica Holcomb-Krasnow

    Combos episode!! Yes do it!

  • Your wise cousin Joe
    Your wise cousin Joe 18 days ago

    I ate the half bag of ghost pepper chip as shown the first time... then 2 hours later, i had a bad stomachache...

  • Kim Dono
    Kim Dono 18 days ago

    How is dermot just going to casually eat spicy chips and not tell us he was on GOT

  • Hanable13
    Hanable13 19 days ago

    why does dermot have the pink beanie?? thats not his

  • tiki torch
    tiki torch 19 days ago

    How come you guys always seem to find snacks I've never seen in America?

  • Joel Does Randomness
    Joel Does Randomness 19 days ago +3

    Trying a Jalapeño
    Irish: *cough cough* IT BURNS!!
    Mexican: Tastes good *licks lips*
    Chinese: wkfmska diwmfnc aidjcj
    Japanese: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Bruce Onder
    Bruce Onder 19 days ago

    You do not want water to cut spicy taste. You want a little milk.

  • Abi Shaw
    Abi Shaw 20 days ago

    Dermot and George together was 👌

  • MajorDstruction
    MajorDstruction 20 days ago

    I LOVE Eodin's laugh! 😍

  • Marc G
    Marc G 23 days ago

    After eating a whole bag of Ghost Pepper Chips you will be quoting Cheech Marin "C'mon Ice Cream " 😂

  • Anaya EMP
    Anaya EMP 23 days ago

    Dermot and George Your Awesome Dudes. my BF is crazy he eats the last bag you had like their normal potato chips.

  • blinkeyes
    blinkeyes 24 days ago


  • Evil Flanker
    Evil Flanker 24 days ago

    Why is Dermot wearing a condom on his head?

  • JackJumper X
    JackJumper X 24 days ago

    Big babies. Those haunted ghost pepper chips are not that hot.

  • K McManus
    K McManus 25 days ago

    Oh chest hair!😉❤❤

  • jrdnsees
    jrdnsees 25 days ago

    They probably took a mean shit after that!!

  • hillmanant
    hillmanant 26 days ago

    I love Paqui Ghost chips. WTF man?

  • sonicboy678
    sonicboy678 26 days ago

    What, no Spicy Sweet Chili?

  • Michelle March
    Michelle March 27 days ago

    I worked in a potato chip factory as a seasoner, and i once got a real good bit of the paqui ghost pepper seasoning on me. They sent me home so i could properly get it off of me and stop the burning pain

  • WTF John
    WTF John 27 days ago

    I hope those guys washed there hands before they touch there private’s

  • Alsebra
    Alsebra 27 days ago

    The ghost pepper chips were so good, I asked a local Walmart if they'd order more...after ordering something like 30 bags online.

  • NewMan
    NewMan 27 days ago

    The ghost pepper chips are awful no flavor and BARELY any heat. They are over playing it

  • tzilpoctil777
    tzilpoctil777 28 days ago

    Mmmmm, Paqui haunted ghost. I have a bag every day. Great stuff that’s authentic!

  • Barry
    Barry 29 days ago

    You should have tried BLAIRS AFTER DEATH CHIPS. A lot better than the shit you guys just ate.

  • Atamori
    Atamori 29 days ago

    I've actually had one of the ghost pepper chips, and it was so bad, the spiciness had its own flavor.

  • 4kitties
    4kitties Month ago

    I suggest Hot winds.

  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers Month ago

    You folks do know that water sometimes makes the burn worse, right?
    Milk cools things pretty. Just trying to be helpful. 😎

  • Fredc Killian
    Fredc Killian Month ago

    Should combine this one with Absynth reaction.

  • Queen Ravenz
    Queen Ravenz Month ago +1

    I had to use the headphones at the end of the video thanks to Dermot moan-like sounds of pain.

  • J P
    J P Month ago


  • Travis Rowland
    Travis Rowland Month ago

    Love those Paqui Ghost Pepper Chips. They are my favorites.

  • Marta Sloane
    Marta Sloane Month ago

    Yikes, ghost peppers? Remind me to stay away from those. Not even curious... rather be a wuss with intact mouth and taste buds. :-O

  • Michael M
    Michael M Month ago

    Dermot needs to dial it down; he's simply obnoxious in his forced effort to be funny.

  • Desert Monkey Industry

    Water makes the heat worse, milk or salty chips can help

  • LeslieClaire Heil
    LeslieClaire Heil Month ago +1

    Holy crap! Don't drink WATER!!

  • Sam Fusaro
    Sam Fusaro Month ago

    Love those Irish women

  • GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats Month ago

    Took me a month to get through the Paqui chips. Fukn hot

  • MajorDstruction
    MajorDstruction Month ago

    I think you guys/gals are just too used to bland tasting food. I have to carry my own Tabasco with me, because a lot of the Midwest behaves the same way. 😂

  • Maria Kindhearted
    Maria Kindhearted Month ago

    When it gets cold imma just breathe into the fire place😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Lucy Bell
    Lucy Bell Month ago

    They need to try Red Hot Riplets from St. Louis!

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 Month ago

    Chips in thumbnail are sold at 7-11 yes they are that bad sour cream helps take away Pain

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 Month ago

    Doritos Tapatio Flamas and Flaming Hot

  • Brandon Pollard
    Brandon Pollard Month ago

    I used to get these chips to take to work just so people wouldn’t ask for any. Eat through the pain 😂

  • Brian Sipe
    Brian Sipe Month ago

    I remember buying some of the Paqui ghost pepper chips a few years ago. I could only eat two or three chips then I had to take a break for awhile, but I never finished the bag before they went stale.

  • Stackz
    Stackz Month ago

    And drinking water makes spice worse...

  • Earl Powell
    Earl Powell Month ago

    Toughen up, buttercups.

  • Matt Custer Elf Television News

    First of all, most spicey American foods should give you a delay in the heat. Keeps you on your toes. Secondly, I love spicey foods. The hotter the better and the Paqui ghost pepper chips are the hottest I have found at your local food stores. I actually dip them in Dave's Insanity salsa for the extra butt burn. Paqui also does this one chip challenge. Can only be ordered online and comes with a single chip in a coffin shape box. You'll need to put on your big boy and girl panties for those.

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia Month ago +1

    Ghost pepper use milk to drink

  • Potato Messiah
    Potato Messiah Month ago

    I tried eating a Paqui ghost pepper chip before. I accidentally inhaled the dust. Worst mistake of my life.

  • Sammi J
    Sammi J Month ago +4

    Love how Dermot and George are matching🤣
    Videos where Kellie and seán are paired are my favorite!

  • Mech Ghost
    Mech Ghost Month ago +1

    Omg I laughed so hard at the Paqui chips 😂😂😂 btw Combos are good

  • Wayne's Hammer
    Wayne's Hammer Month ago

    I eat three bags of the ghost pepper chips a week

  • Tess W
    Tess W Month ago +1

    Me: sees they're gonna try Paqui chips......I click!

  • Pervy Turtle
    Pervy Turtle Month ago

    Dermot you got your combo's video. happy now?

    SPIRIT DOT Month ago

    I eat raw habaneros and bird peppers.

  • Erica Ferguson
    Erica Ferguson Month ago

    Lol “The mouth full of knives”

  • Kymi Marcano
    Kymi Marcano Month ago

    For love of chips just close your mouth when you chew. It's obnoxious! 😤

  • Cody Landry
    Cody Landry Month ago

    I love the paqui chips there the bomb

  • Count Duku
    Count Duku Month ago

    Lol he licked his fingers and reached back in the bag

  • Michael Christoferson

    5:49 only bad breath came out

  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes Month ago

    George and Dermont add zero to your channel. I want clever not dolts. How can they think they are cool when they act like a 12 year old boy that had just learned about sex and curse words. they are tired and worn out.

  • Ahanu Coage
    Ahanu Coage Month ago

    The girl that happened to have bright red hair eating spicy stuff.

  • Donald Holben
    Donald Holben Month ago +1

    Ah paqui's i put daves insanity sauce on them

  • Mike Dalhus
    Mike Dalhus Month ago

    man that should do the 1 chip challeng

  • Time Bomb Terry
    Time Bomb Terry Month ago

    Helpful hint for the hot stuff. Sure, the milk helps a little. But it really only delays the heat. Try really hot water and rinse your mouth with it. Or lemon slices. Citric acid helps to deactivate the shit that makes your mouth burn.

  • lester mckee
    lester mckee Month ago

    ask for hot spice you get hot spice....lmao

  • bill Hilliard
    bill Hilliard Month ago +1

    Combos bags truly are a pain to open evenly.

    • bill Hilliard
      bill Hilliard Month ago

      @Chan Kobun I just use scissors.

    • Chan Kobun
      Chan Kobun Month ago +1

      I can do it, but that's down to experience. I've had hundreds of bags of them.

  • ໓นŞtiຖ ђคฬк

    Haven't had Combos in forever. Can't even remember what they taste like.

  • Glitters go
    Glitters go Month ago

    LOL...the guy saying that champagne cocktail is gay just put on a pink hat!!!