This Couple Gets Petty & Personal With Their Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV


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  • pao
    pao 4 minutes ago

    I think she’s a bitch...

  • Brittany Johnson
    Brittany Johnson 7 minutes ago


  • Kamora
    Kamora 17 minutes ago

    The girls tattoo ain’t even that bad it looks kinda cute

  • Mueze The Mouse
    Mueze The Mouse 22 minutes ago

    And they immediately broke up right after

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara 31 minute ago

    0:17-0:22 nobody gonna talk about how terrible their dancing was?

  • Rebecca Rabbit
    Rebecca Rabbit 59 minutes ago

    Till they break up...

  • Jernelle Rosales
    Jernelle Rosales Hour ago

    He took a personal jab. She held her own by saying I am the number one in my man's life. I think she is a better person. Girl..... run.

  • Natalia Lyko
    Natalia Lyko Hour ago

    Why did I laugh so hard at his tattoo 😂

  • big bad
    big bad Hour ago

    micah's a dumb ass. period.

  • Lili Lira-Munoz
    Lili Lira-Munoz Hour ago +1

    This girl needs to realize that a guy is always, ALWAYS! Going to love his mother more than her. That is the person who has taken care of him from the day he was born. If I was his mom, I would put her in her place. Lol. Us as girls, need to understand that.

  • carla c
    carla c Hour ago +1

    Lol he needs to break up with this chick. Lol she sounds like an asswipe

  • Theyadoreava _
    Theyadoreava _ Hour ago +1

    Oh she petty petty

  • Online Autsitic
    Online Autsitic Hour ago

    No he doesnt like that

  • Bryan Moreno
    Bryan Moreno Hour ago

    When he spied I love it I was like fucking lies

  • toonon🐁
    toonon🐁 Hour ago +1


  • Princess Fondu
    Princess Fondu 2 hours ago

    This is a terrible idea but very entertaining to watch. Thanks television.

  • Money Manifestations
    Money Manifestations 2 hours ago

    Hers is the bomb! #1💕

  • susan matthews
    susan matthews 2 hours ago

    LoL LoL LoL

  • Nicole Johns
    Nicole Johns 2 hours ago

    Her boyfriend us a fucken idiot

  • Love Namata
    Love Namata 3 hours ago

    I swear this is a b Tec just tattoo of us

  • Larisa T
    Larisa T 3 hours ago

    Wha show is this called

  • Brandi T
    Brandi T 3 hours ago

    When he started i crying i died 💀

  • Laura Alvas
    Laura Alvas 3 hours ago

    Yo this is just rude.

  • Patrici Taveapont
    Patrici Taveapont 3 hours ago

    Omg tbe number one preson is there mom or dad like no one can take that away

    PCLHH 3 hours ago

    I don't think I want to be in a relationship with either of them...

  • Mister TOLI
    Mister TOLI 3 hours ago


  • Kala Blue
    Kala Blue 4 hours ago

    I already dont like the girlfriend

  • garfie666
    garfie666 4 hours ago

    Snookie makes this bearable

  • CookieGacha Tv
    CookieGacha Tv 4 hours ago

    *the nude lip...*

  • lıţţłēBøı!
    lıţţłēBøı! 4 hours ago +1

    Break up routine nice

  • lıţţłēBøı!
    lıţţłēBøı! 5 hours ago +1

    Toxic kids here

  • M. Romero
    M. Romero 5 hours ago

    That botched barbie tattoo was actually dope...

  • becca spragg
    becca spragg 7 hours ago

    I laughed so hard when they showed the number one tat

  • jessica pattinson
    jessica pattinson 7 hours ago

    Aaaw honey when he started crying :(

  • Turtle Babe
    Turtle Babe 8 hours ago

    Instead of talking things through i give you message through tatto...okay. Idiocy at its best.

  • James Powell
    James Powell 8 hours ago

    Fuckin Americans always have to go and copy us English people

  • James Powell
    James Powell 8 hours ago

    Wtf is this shit it’s like a fake “Just Tattoo of Us”

  • Cherriezz
    Cherriezz 8 hours ago

    *I'm confused*


    What she's like it she's a pretty b**** with her girlfriend I mean what the fuc and really quick?
    Oh my God

  • hey guys
    hey guys 9 hours ago

    *so the best way to tell her about it is to tattoo it on her so she can have it forever*

  • J
    J 10 hours ago

    Her tattoo is really cute. But his tattoo not so much

  • Kayla Warner
    Kayla Warner 10 hours ago

    He actually had her looking good in her tattoo. She was curvy with a 20 inch waistline...bitch, he had you snatched. Why you mad?? And why was he bitch-crying over his mom??! Mama's boy

  • ally kulhmann
    ally kulhmann 10 hours ago

    When he said "im sorry" he sounds like my boyfriend when he eats my cookies🤣

  • Geoff Braid
    Geoff Braid 10 hours ago

    What a dumb cunt

  • AvalonBishop
    AvalonBishop 11 hours ago

    why would you get a permanent thing on your skin that you wont like

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright 11 hours ago

    WTF did I just watch he has got to be gay, is this program a crock of shite.????

  • JaylaPosts
    JaylaPosts 11 hours ago

    Dating for a year

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 12 hours ago

    Lol she told his mom I guess

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 12 hours ago

    My brothers name is Micah XD

  • Pheebs S.
    Pheebs S. 13 hours ago

    I don’t think they’re right for each other and both tattoos were kinda messed up.

  • Small Rockyseal
    Small Rockyseal 13 hours ago

    If they break up a tattoo artist is just gonna chance it to "number none"

  • Daisy Blue
    Daisy Blue 14 hours ago

    the girl is problematic af

  • Jdsoso Ssjs
    Jdsoso Ssjs 14 hours ago

    M:Oh.....oh my gosh *I LOVE IT*

  • Lashanda Johnson
    Lashanda Johnson 14 hours ago

    Have they ever heard of laser removal though?

  • I hate Life
    I hate Life 14 hours ago

    I like the girls tattoo but the story behind it, it’s fucked UP.

  • mwazzie
    mwazzie 14 hours ago

    this is why im glad I'm gay

  • J Hap
    J Hap 15 hours ago

    Psyco girlfriend much?

  • J Turner
    J Turner 16 hours ago +1

    She looks like the tattoo tho 😂😂😂

  • Aiden Love
    Aiden Love 16 hours ago +1

    That girl shows wayyyyy too many red flags... poor guy
    Edit: OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT EVIL BITCH SMIRK SHE FUCKING KNEW 4:54 I wanna bust her shit in

  • yasmin sara
    yasmin sara 16 hours ago

    *oh my god, that girls face is on his back forever- bye*

  • reicse owen
    reicse owen 16 hours ago

    and then they broke up a month later the end

  • Hidden Bunnies
    Hidden Bunnies 16 hours ago

    Hold on, let me get a tattoo of me drinking bleach~

  • Winter Wolves
    Winter Wolves 17 hours ago

    This bitch is a whore

    • ••ANNA BANANA••
      ••ANNA BANANA•• 16 hours ago

      Winter Wolves I do not agree, that statement is sooo out of line! If you mean because of the plastic surgeries then that is just not a nice or ok thing to assume, she must not be too much of a whore if she's in a happy relationship. Just please be more respectful and polite next time.

  • its roxy love
    its roxy love 17 hours ago

    Snooky WHAT THE F*CK

  • Whateverxox
    Whateverxox 17 hours ago

    That is tooooo far

  • HelloLoloXD
    HelloLoloXD 17 hours ago

    *hOw FaR iS tAtOo fAr?*

  • its roxy love
    its roxy love 17 hours ago


  • NaTayla Perry
    NaTayla Perry 17 hours ago

    Wtf happened to the guy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe 17 hours ago

    Im evil for laughin at all of these but these people know the show and whats gonna happen so. This couple cute but crazy loll.

  • Just Eve
    Just Eve 17 hours ago

    I was actually going to cry when he did lmaooo

  • 『Certified Tears』
    『Certified Tears』 18 hours ago

    lmao the awkward silence at the beginning was hilarious

  • IHaveCripplingAnxiety
    IHaveCripplingAnxiety 18 hours ago

    What if they break up? He will have his ex’s face on his back forever, it’s worse then having an ex’s name tattooed on you

  • albret einstong
    albret einstong 18 hours ago +1

    that micha thot IS disrespectful

  • JSgames
    JSgames 18 hours ago

    Nope. NOPE. He should have broke up with her. THEY SHOULD BREAK UP. That narcissistic little brat.

  • TheAerykalyn
    TheAerykalyn 19 hours ago

    When u brake up put "number done" and then put number one on your moms

  • chloe thomas
    chloe thomas 19 hours ago

    Isn’t this just a knock off of just tattoo of us?? I think yes!😂🙄

  • Proper Beast
    Proper Beast 19 hours ago

    They both are in the wrong

    EOWYN LOPEZ 19 hours ago

    Whether this is real or not, this is so dumb for them to go on some stupid drama show on social networks and try to confront their problems in this way, it is horrible. That woman sort of defending the girlfriend by saying how she got her surgery to make her breasts smaller, that's so different. It's necessary and not changing much of your appearance. They should just TALK out the damn problems and the girl better not be hating the mother when she didn't do anything to deserve that much damn negativity. You need to understand this woman birthed the boy and raised him.

  • Gena Razie
    Gena Razie 20 hours ago

    5:42 ''Aww, I wanna kiss my wife now-a''

  • Nicole Bennie
    Nicole Bennie 20 hours ago

    Bitch if I had a boyfriend and he did that u would have been laughing and crying at the same time

  • Sikor
    Sikor 20 hours ago

    She acts and looks like one of these typical 'queens'

  • Kaden Reeves
    Kaden Reeves 20 hours ago

    Imagine if they broke up the dude is so fucked

  • Maria Elena Jefferds
    Maria Elena Jefferds 20 hours ago

    If they break up he say number 1 worst

  • T DRIT
    T DRIT 21 hour ago +1

    Micah looked so much better before the plastic.

  • Tumi Dimond
    Tumi Dimond 21 hour ago +1

    Damn girl he didnt even look at it yet and he already knew it was fucked up
    Never mind

  • Hanna Baban
    Hanna Baban 21 hour ago

    the second I learnt she doesn't like his mum I was like yooo she has to go XD i feel like it should be parents over partner any day

  • angel dowda
    angel dowda 21 hour ago

    Thats what he gets

  • Emily/Bacon Seto
    Emily/Bacon Seto 21 hour ago


  • Caroline Arguello
    Caroline Arguello 21 hour ago

    Hes taking a jab at her insecurities.

  • Caroline Arguello
    Caroline Arguello 21 hour ago

    The botched barbie was cute but hes a dick for that tattoo

  • Lalalalisa
    Lalalalisa 21 hour ago

    That girl is an ass to me not at ALL A REAL LADY

  • 🎭 Drama Queen
    🎭 Drama Queen 21 hour ago

    How u spell toxic? This relationship.

  • Lan Bon
    Lan Bon 22 hours ago

    💫I'm Micah also😍😍😍😍😍😍💫

  • Natalie _Creates
    Natalie _Creates 22 hours ago

    One and one equals 11

  • Hightex 2004
    Hightex 2004 22 hours ago

    Number 1 + number 1 = number 2

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl 22 hours ago

    5:21. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵😵😵😵 lmao 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😵

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 23 hours ago

    we are number one and number one together soooooo bitch that makes you #2

  • Melvin Svensoon
    Melvin Svensoon 23 hours ago


  • KatZ
    KatZ 23 hours ago

    Imagine how funny it'd be if they broke up

  • JoleiJackson Official
    JoleiJackson Official 23 hours ago +1