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  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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    There is probably nothing more American than hitting the open road on a Harley! This is the story of the most successful American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson! Stop reading this and press play!
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Comments • 6 961

  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  4 months ago +6606

    What do you think, should we make more videos about motorcycles?!

    • lego technic
      lego technic 4 months ago

      Yes. Experiment - successful

    • Ethan Obenauer
      Ethan Obenauer 4 months ago

      Donut Media Yes, you know what would be really awesome? You guys doing a video on the 90’s speed wars between motorcycles such as the Honda CBR1100R Blackbird, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11, and of course the Hayabusa.

    • Scott Phelps
      Scott Phelps 4 months ago

      Yes it was great and please do more of them

    • Mid_South_RZR
      Mid_South_RZR 4 months ago

      Yes, this was a nice change up. Triumph & Indian motorcycles should be next.

    • Prathamesh Jadhav
      Prathamesh Jadhav 4 months ago +1

      Hell yeah next video must be on HONDAAAAAAA

  • Gabriel Weiss
    Gabriel Weiss 2 hours ago

    Make a moped video

  • Adam Katundu
    Adam Katundu 7 hours ago +1

    This guy is on another level

  • James
    James 21 hour ago

    Do indian motorcycle

  • Todd Perkins
    Todd Perkins Day ago

    more motorcycles please

  • Vance Shuman
    Vance Shuman Day ago

    When are you gonna make a video of Cadillac?!

  • jean-marc ortiz graulau

    Please do triumph

  • Fahim Mustafa
    Fahim Mustafa 3 days ago

    You gotta do a video on Royal Enfield

  • IOnceAteAPinecone
    IOnceAteAPinecone 3 days ago

    9:58 yeah, in Apocalypse Now

  • Rme Man
    Rme Man 4 days ago

    GSX-R should be a good one they were on top of their game (1984) with the Honda Hurricane (1987) and then 2004 GSX-R started going down hill I myself owned my first GSX-R in 2000 last one in 2003. Great video!!!!

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 5 days ago

    Harley is like Apple, they rely on traditionalist. (Apple relies on hipsters)

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 5 days ago

    Favre is pronounced as “Fab”
    Im no Milwaukeean, I am a Christian boy in from a Christian private school in the only Catholic majority country in Asia. My section is 9-Fenwick, the class in front of us is 9-Favre

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 5 days ago

    Wonder why they chose Milwaukee as an engine name?? 🤔

  • Brett Quiggle
    Brett Quiggle 5 days ago

    As a Minnesotan, I love mocking sconnies. Well done, 100% accurate.

  • Thomas Kirchner
    Thomas Kirchner 5 days ago


  • Dan Park
    Dan Park 5 days ago +1

    Dont forget that the US government raises import taxes on japanese motorcycles in order to keep HD in business. Lol fucking ridiculous. Be better HD

  • roman maslov
    roman maslov 5 days ago

    So what I got out of this is, if you have a piece of sh*t product, just sell it to the government (another piece of sh*t), they can afford the high price of dirt.

  • Lucke Fransbergen
    Lucke Fransbergen 5 days ago

    YES! please do more motorcycles!

  • Johannes Mootz
    Johannes Mootz 5 days ago

    I know it’s hella unlikely but does anyone know where the ad at 13:48 was made? I swear our school has the exact same varsity jackets as that one dude

  • Germain Gonzalez
    Germain Gonzalez 5 days ago

    I would love more motorcycle videos

  • BANNA Clan
    BANNA Clan 5 days ago

    Pershing was the highest ranking general to ever live in US history

  • ittylink
    ittylink 6 days ago

    6:55 basically Emperor Palpatine

  • Alexander Wood
    Alexander Wood 7 days ago

    Watching this after Harley pulled the plug on the Livewire

  • Lance Javier
    Lance Javier 7 days ago

    Do a Royal Enfield one

  • James Adkins
    James Adkins 7 days ago


  • Matthew Gilliland
    Matthew Gilliland 7 days ago

    I'll still be laughing when Harley Davidson over-prices itself out of business!

  • Mark Holzhauer
    Mark Holzhauer 7 days ago

    350 Sprint 21:46

  • Mark Holzhauer
    Mark Holzhauer 7 days ago

    1972 Kawasaki 750 H2 2 cycle. I had 2

  • Mark Holzhauer
    Mark Holzhauer 7 days ago

    They licensed a Ducati called the 350 Sprint. I had one.

  • Luis Llorens
    Luis Llorens 8 days ago

    Intentionally mispronouncing words isn't funny.

  • Sockie Tv
    Sockie Tv 8 days ago


  • Kahfi Ibnu
    Kahfi Ibnu 8 days ago

    we need more

  • Bruno
    Bruno 8 days ago

    I think it’s about time Harley is leaving its cacoon. Time has changed and so their customers age and mentality... electric, sport and (still missing dirt variants) will still carry the brand legacy, but also add to it. As a new era...

  • Cody Kiehn
    Cody Kiehn 8 days ago

    Yes yes and yes

  • First Last
    First Last 8 days ago +1

    I always just generally hated Harley's, but now knowing that they got a 49% tariff put in place to hold onto their market I just think they're sad and laughable

    • Dan Park
      Dan Park 5 days ago

      They are the loudest pieces of crap on the road today

  • kuiperdasniper
    kuiperdasniper 8 days ago

    Harley in the 50's : We're a cool brand that appeals to the blue collar workers; we stick it to the establishment!
    Harley now: We specifically target wealthy upper middle aged retirees, factory workers cannot afford us; we are the establishment!

  • NameYourChannel
    NameYourChannel 9 days ago

    You're wrong about the war bikes becoming "Choppers".
    They were stripped down and fenders "Bobbed". Simple and light. These were Bob-Jobs, or what became known as Bobbers.
    Choppers came later when folks started Chopping and changing the rake on the front of the bike and extending the forks. Often followed by elaborate paint schemes and lots of chrome.
    Liked the video though.

  • Andrew Alcorn
    Andrew Alcorn 9 days ago

    Lol come to Australia. Every v-rod has been bought by lebos. All they do is spend 40+k on them and do burnouts and sell drugs.

  • jasper Ahn
    jasper Ahn 9 days ago


  • James Southworth
    James Southworth 9 days ago

    I loved Harley up to the death of the Dyna. I'm not feeling the new "street" models or the new Softails. Now the new big twins are sterile and way too over priced.
    Dont kill the Sportster you dumbasses. Its the last real Harley left.

  • Squawk EE
    Squawk EE 9 days ago

    Evo came out in 84 yo

  • ken wise
    ken wise 9 days ago

    Good video but the sportster dose not use a evo motor.

  • kamdaddypurp
    kamdaddypurp 9 days ago

    U got the accent down a little strong but funny lmfao this is so accurate I was just in Milwaukee the other day

    BAPHOMET 10 days ago +3

    Am I the only 22 year old that really wants a Harley bagger 💀 I don’t like sport bikes at all tbh

    • Danielle Koran
      Danielle Koran 8 days ago

      Yes because they literally have the worst cruisers. Besides there's more to motorcycles than cruisers and sport bikes. Super Moto, standards, cafe racers, adventure bikes, dirt bikes, touring bikes, sport touring, naked, sport, supersport and cruisers are all different styles/types.
      Anyway even for cruisers they're underpowered, using old tech, horrible NVH, usually still using 5 speed transmissions, not watercooled, and signify more expensive than the competition. the only thing keeping the company alive currently is nostalgia and baby boomers. They're losing significant market share every single year to the British, Italian, German, and Japanese brands.

      BAPHOMET 9 days ago +1

      Vader Walks Facts I’m tryna get a cheap car so I can get an Iron 883 for now. I couldn’t handle riding something that heavy rn anyway 💀

    • Vader Walks
      Vader Walks 10 days ago +3

      You are DEFINITELY not, I thought I was the only one lmao. I wanna get like one more car first before I drop like fucking $40k on a bagger though. Although I do like sport bikes as well

  • Elijah Graham
    Elijah Graham 11 days ago

    I love Harley Davidson, but if you’re doing bike videos, you should do Indian next

  • Reece Patel
    Reece Patel 11 days ago

    More bikes! More bikes! More bikes! More bikes!

  • Dave Forton
    Dave Forton 11 days ago

    MO POWA BABEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angus
    Angus 12 days ago +2

    "the plop plop sound" as a harley mechanic i find this video offensive

    • Danielle Koran
      Danielle Koran 8 days ago +1

      We call it potato potato

    • Joshua Walker
      Joshua Walker 10 days ago +1

      Angus yeah I’m a Harley greaser too and I always thought of it as a “clop clop” but to each his own

    • Angus
      Angus 12 days ago

      im joking btw

  • Steven  Shaw
    Steven Shaw 12 days ago

    I love donut but im primarily a motorcycle guy so this is double great. Do kawasaki or triumph!

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 12 days ago


  • Fede Pole
    Fede Pole 13 days ago


  • Dat Greedy Mouse
    Dat Greedy Mouse 13 days ago

    I loved the Vrod

  • Kembara Jauhar
    Kembara Jauhar 14 days ago

    ahaaaaa harley target for young rider,but the price better for younger buy a car...

  • Papa Meech
    Papa Meech 14 days ago

    Why haven't I seen this video till just now?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago +1

    Harley Davidson translates to “America” in Americanese.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago


  • Wade227
    Wade227 14 days ago +2

    You know, I was about to rip your head off about 45 seconds into this video. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m a tech at a Harley-Davidson dealership and tbh you did your homework. And I liked what you said.

    • Joshua Walker
      Joshua Walker 10 days ago +1

      Wade227 brother I understand the harley pride, I ride and grease around on nothing but oldschool bikes. But u gotta love em enough to laugh a little when fun is poked at our beloved rides. As I like to say, our old Harley’s don’t leak oil, they mark their territory!

  • Matthew Yearber
    Matthew Yearber 14 days ago

    Y’all should do more motorcycle videos! this was great!

  • Pelagio Paulino
    Pelagio Paulino 15 days ago

    Do Kawasaki mennnnnn

  • Frank Larkin
    Frank Larkin 15 days ago

    Please make more motorcycle content.