CJ McCollum BEST Highlights & Plays from 2018-19 NBA Season!

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by CJ McCollum from the Portland Trail Blazers | 2018-19 NBA Season
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Comments • 149

  • Slap
    Slap 19 days ago

    Top 3 SG in the league. Debate ne

  • Chase Brewer Sr.
    Chase Brewer Sr. 22 days ago

    Ohio, we produce some damn good ballers!

  • Romanian Shadow
    Romanian Shadow 28 days ago

    Is he better then Bradley beal?

  • Jeffrey S. Green
    Jeffrey S. Green Month ago

    All-Star material.

  • Erdogan Oztuncman
    Erdogan Oztuncman Month ago

    Nurk and McCollum is the best dynamic duo

  • ChilledLion
    ChilledLion Month ago

    Think Cj (and Dame tbh) doesn’t get the respect deserved due to their height. If Cj was a 6’6 sg he’d be considered a top 3-5 talent.

  • Scorpii The Scorpion
    Scorpii The Scorpion Month ago +1

    He's just as underrated as Dame lol

  • Joshua Ayuban
    Joshua Ayuban Month ago

    Hope for the best of these 2. They probably got a 5 year span (or even less than 5 yrs.) before young teams like the Mavs and Kings take over the West

  • Manuela Kani
    Manuela Kani Month ago


  • Zac Carter
    Zac Carter Month ago

    Thank you ❤️

  • Collin Sunday
    Collin Sunday Month ago

    Somebody told me Booker > Cj what y’all think tho

    • Meet the Fr34ks
      Meet the Fr34ks Month ago +1

      Booker def cant guard cj boy would be on roller skates with his defense

    • fragile
      fragile Month ago

      Cj can’t guard booker

  • Michael Sotirescu
    Michael Sotirescu Month ago

    One of my favorite players hands-down

  • xd_trump4mvp_ YT
    xd_trump4mvp_ YT Month ago

    He is so underrated

  • R2 NBA
    R2 NBA Month ago

    Nice post ! I love your contents.

  • Mason Nathan321
    Mason Nathan321 Month ago

    Should have replaced Khris Middleton imo

  • 魏復格
    魏復格 Month ago

    CJ ?!!!!OH!!!! HE IS GOOD~~~~~

  • Mr. Fundamental
    Mr. Fundamental Month ago +2

    How can the opposing team guard him? NBA defenses are preventing shots at the rim and behind the arc, while baiting players to take mid-range jumpers. Not only can McCollum take and make contested 3s and layups, he has the one of the best mid-range game as well.

    NBA is trending towards 3>2s, but at the rate that McCollum is making his mid-range Js and floaters, he'll be the rare player where 2>3s. That might be a stretch but I think you get my point.

    • Itz Akuma
      Itz Akuma Month ago +2

      He’s got an inside out game. With minimal weaknesses.
      He takes full advantage of the space on the court, like a real ball player.

  • MISFIT 1-3
    MISFIT 1-3 Month ago +3

    All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ !
    Sorry, wrong video.

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 Month ago


  • JAY_ NBA
    JAY_ NBA Month ago

    Seth should’ve stayed in Portland. They would’ve deadly

  • Chike Mike
    Chike Mike Month ago

    Y’all sleep

  • Johnnion GT
    Johnnion GT Month ago

    2:38 boban got blocked?

  • Willbur Wayder
    Willbur Wayder Month ago

    Hey I’m wanting to start a basketball analysis USclip but I’m not sure how or where to get actual clips of nba games or ncaa games? Or if I’ll even be allowed without getting copyright striked
    Anyone help me out?

  • WatchNo Face
    WatchNo Face Month ago +2

    I don’t get why dame has to be in the thumbnail with CJ, your dame video like this just has dame alone as the thumbnail. Put some respect on my guy CJs name. He’s better than dame in my humble opinion 💯

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      I try not to tell people that their opinion is wrong but yours is wrong

  • Rob Rogers
    Rob Rogers Month ago


  • Akshat Saini
    Akshat Saini Month ago +3

    Amazing how dame and cj each take turns to finish close games

  • Johan Hermansen
    Johan Hermansen Month ago +1

    he's great! incredibly amazing

  • Tay Logan
    Tay Logan Month ago +1

    Awesome content I really enjoyed the video of Cj Lehigh in the house baby

  • Tay Logan
    Tay Logan Month ago


  • Marios Kappa
    Marios Kappa Month ago +1

    The smooth criminal!

  • Jaydan C0
    Jaydan C0 Month ago +2

    Top 5 handles in the nba dont @ me

    • Jaydan C0
      Jaydan C0 Month ago +1

      @Alexis Moore I'd say top 10 for beal. My list is probably weird compared to others since I'd say Beal has better handles than curry since he has to dribble less to score

    • Alexis Moore
      Alexis Moore Month ago

      Beal in my top 5. Is he in yours? If so where does he place

  • Dreadhead Sedd
    Dreadhead Sedd Month ago +4

    Bruh he has the most beautiful lookin floaters 😳💯 its almost effortless for him too since he kinda slender

  • Bro Beans
    Bro Beans Month ago

    Still not better the Zack laVine

  • J Bart
    J Bart Month ago +12

    This dude killed denver with his smooth mid range game. Top 3 SG in todays league. #underrated

    • ZaZa Pachullia
      ZaZa Pachullia Month ago

      @J Bart Butler and Dipo are definitely better than CJ idk wtf ur smoking

    • Mason Nathan321
      Mason Nathan321 Month ago +1

      @J Bart imo its
      Beal (shut up about my pfp)

    • Dame Dolla
      Dame Dolla Month ago

      Kodak White agree with the rest. But dont know about butler.

    • J Bart
      J Bart Month ago +3

      @Kodak White butler oladipo and donavan lmao go get some drink
      Top 3 SG
      1. Harden
      2. Klay
      3. CJ

    • Kodak White
      Kodak White Month ago

      J Bart he’s good but hell no not top 3, he’s 7th, behind harden butler klay oladipo Beal and Donovan Mitchell

  • Abed 1
    Abed 1 Month ago +1

    pure hooper

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez Month ago +2

    The smooth criminal

  • Bing-Bong Brendon ツ
    Bing-Bong Brendon ツ Month ago +1

    My friend asked DLo who the best shooting guard was in the nba, he said cj

  • kickthatbxtch21
    kickthatbxtch21 Month ago +1

    His game is so tuff

  • Nick Hawes
    Nick Hawes Month ago +1

    Get him on a reacts video!!!

  • Jason Berryman
    Jason Berryman Month ago +1

    CJ is a confirmed bucket

  • Stanley Enemuo
    Stanley Enemuo Month ago +7

    He's tough. scores in all 3 levels. Gets his ft's up and could see him getting 25+

  • Burak Ayataç
    Burak Ayataç Month ago +1

    Cj deserves to be an all star

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos Month ago +1

    My favorite highlight is when he got swept by the Warriors

  • Lilit Minasian
    Lilit Minasian Month ago +13

    Cj, dame, Nurkic, and whiteside is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

    • Notorious FOB
      Notorious FOB Month ago +4

      Lilit Minasian whiteside will be traded for Kevin love by the time nurk comes back

  • Whip lash
    Whip lash Month ago

    Couldn’t y’all at least give him a thumbnail without Dame?

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey Month ago

    Regular season CJ>Playoff CJ

    • Numba 23 Kargbo
      Numba 23 Kargbo Month ago

      Bob Griffey did you see him play against Denver?

  • Toni Georg
    Toni Georg Month ago +1

    CJ is underrated just bc his is in Portland

    II EGGO II Month ago

    I feel like he should’ve been an all star...

  • Qipao
    Qipao Month ago +1

    Embiid with a mask on highlights would be cool to see

  • Janat Oweis
    Janat Oweis Month ago +1

    Pls put Tobias Harris highlights

  • BenjiiForbess
    BenjiiForbess Month ago +1


  • Eyez Lo
    Eyez Lo Month ago +3

    My Ninja CJ🙌🏾 That boy is a PROBLUM💪🏾🏀

  • The Jinn
    The Jinn Month ago

    Thismy favorite SG in the nba right now

    • Michael Opoku
      Michael Opoku Month ago

      The Jinn along with Bradley beal and Buddy Heild

  • Late Night Thinker
    Late Night Thinker Month ago +1

    He's an allstar this year for sure

  • Manny Tanios
    Manny Tanios Month ago +1

    please do a Dwyane Wade one!

  • Pseudo nym
    Pseudo nym Month ago +4

    One of the smoothest players

  • Jahurul
    Jahurul Month ago +71

    All Star season for CJ this year, Klay's gonna be out so its the perfect opportunity for him!

  • Haki Ajrula
    Haki Ajrula Month ago +26

    Lets make CJ an All star next season he earned it especially with Klay Thompson injured

    • Mason Nathan321
      Mason Nathan321 Month ago

      @Justice yeah sure but Damian was what 6th in mvp voting laverts. No where close

    • Justice
      Justice Month ago

      Mason Nathan321 Caris levert. He averaged 20 points before his injury.

    • Mason Nathan321
      Mason Nathan321 Month ago +1

      @Peter Smith but cj has Damian lillard on his team what super star does book and Mitchell to share the ball with and d lo back in Brooklyn his best player on his team was who Allen? Harris?

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      GrantisMantis They are both equal scorers but Russell is the better passer and their pretty equivalent on defense. Plus Russell is just going to grow while it kind of feels like CJ has maxed out as a 21 and 3 kind of guy

    • GrantisMantis
      GrantisMantis Month ago +8

      @Peter Smith DLo is not better than McCollum

  • stanley wilson
    stanley wilson Month ago

    Can we get a d rose compilation from his mvp season ?

  • Ārya Kśaņa
    Ārya Kśaņa Month ago +47

    CJ machine!
    One of the most underrated nba talents.
    Go blazers!