iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • Tiakumla Longkumer
    Tiakumla Longkumer 23 minutes ago

    B.I 😭😭we miss you sm

  • ChubbyChubby Bunny
    ChubbyChubby Bunny 59 minutes ago +1

    stop comparing them to BTS. I’m sorry armys if y’all get butthurt, but IKON is special to us IKONICS just like BTS is to you guys so don’t be comparing IKON to BTS when it comes to popularity or some other sht because no one cares, we’re going through a hard time and y’all childish mf needs shut up and be considerate.
    (This is towards SOME armys,, thank you to those who are mature enough)

  • 1975cccc
    1975cccc Hour ago

    D68 18/8 miss you everyday

  • Lachimolala Army
    Lachimolala Army 5 hours ago

    We're not OK B.I.

  • Sena Iun'
    Sena Iun' 5 hours ago

    B.I live u boy T_T

  • Sophia Peng
    Sophia Peng 6 hours ago

    exo-l, nctzen, atiny stay, blink, army, igot7, carat, once, reveluv, wannable, and ikonic here. and i miss hanbin.
    let’s see what happened.
    hanbin: thought about maybe buying drugs, but never actually did
    yg: completely unacceptable. you must leave NOW.
    seungri: sold women off, h*rarssed women, probably has thought about doing drugs, maybe even did them irl.
    yg: i mean... everyone makes mistakes.

  • Chef Song
    Chef Song 11 hours ago


  • kim yue
    kim yue 11 hours ago +1

    ikon is so underrated ♡

  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy 11 hours ago +1

    iKON - I'M OK
    08.17 12:15AM KST: 26,303,449
    08.18 12:15AM KST: 26,329,484
    Today vi3ws: 26,035

  • Mo7 _iQ
    Mo7 _iQ 11 hours ago

    good rellllly good

  • Voidツ
    Voidツ 12 hours ago

    3:04 that part reminds me of dio from jojo idk why xD

  • W P'Tw
    W P'Tw 13 hours ago


  • Fenysa Ramdani
    Fenysa Ramdani 15 hours ago

    Im not ok without u hanbin 😢😢😢

  • Yuki Hu
    Yuki Hu 15 hours ago

    I'm not OK

  • nano nano
    nano nano 18 hours ago +1

    Huwaaa im ok😭

  • Althea Estrada
    Althea Estrada 18 hours ago

    I don't know why, I only stan YG artist

  • Yellow Fire Warior
    Yellow Fire Warior 19 hours ago

    B.i come back jennie from blackpink might not see you again

  • phương trân
    phương trân 19 hours ago

    Do you love juhue ?
    Yes - like

  • dznn Azzahra
    dznn Azzahra 19 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • Komik Ku
    Komik Ku 20 hours ago


  • n1220aas manoban
    n1220aas manoban 23 hours ago +1

    ikonic?please streaming ok♡

  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia Day ago


  • Thai food Cooking and eating

    อยากให้ B.Iกลับมา 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😟😟😟

  • Erika Nuñez
    Erika Nuñez Day ago +1


  • Soriestel YT Avakin life

    en el minuto 3:14 Ese se parece mucho a dan el de angel last mission love igualito hasta la voz

  • Frennie Loh
    Frennie Loh Day ago

    Pls support dance cover I’m ok . Tq

  • Bernz Pangilinan-Ricanor

    I thank God for giving me the chance to know iKON 🙏😊
    Thank u for Kim Hanbin.
    Thank u for Kim Jinhwan.
    Thank u for Kim Jiwon.
    Thank u for Song Yunhyeong.
    Thank u for Koo Junhoe.
    Thank u for Kim Donghyuk.
    Thank u for Jung Chanwoo.
    Thank u Lord for blessing me these 7 adorable, passionate, talented yet funny dorks.
    Praying for ot7 to be reunited soon.
    I know they have plans. They're the only ones that I believe and trust when it comes to their plan. Stay strong my babies, we'll get through this. Fighting! 💪 💪 💪

  • Ayu Amalia짜누 엄마다

    I always believe about miracle finally the miracle is Happening. Knetz opened their eyes and mind about hanbin scandal and they’re saying hanbin is just a scapegoat. Thanks GOD Hanbin has so many supporters so I can't wait for his name to be cleared and I want the people who ruined his career to get on their knees and beg Hanbin for forgiveness. But I still sad maybe he'll never back to iKON or His brothers

  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy Day ago +2

    iKON - I'M OK
    08.16 12:15AM KST: 26,277,073
    08.17 12:15AM KST: 26,303,449
    Today vi3ws: 26,376

  • ely Arila
    ely Arila Day ago +1


  • Ira Oktamia
    Ira Oktamia Day ago

    B.I 😥

  • Widyasari Intan
    Widyasari Intan Day ago +1

    Sedihnya hanbin harus keluar

  • Widyasari Intan
    Widyasari Intan Day ago +1


  • Ivan official
    Ivan official Day ago +1


  • Miguel Abrenica
    Miguel Abrenica Day ago +4

    still waiting for that comeback!!!🤘😩

  • Evil Angel
    Evil Angel Day ago +1

    1:52-1:56 (Hanbin part)

  • rahma syarifa
    rahma syarifa Day ago +1


  • L Desti Afifah
    L Desti Afifah Day ago +1

    Hanbin.. aku kangen

  • MJ Yanka
    MJ Yanka Day ago +2

    This is one of the first few songs I've heard as a non kpop fan 5 months ago and it captured me right away. The melody, the lyrics, the emotions, it's all right in the feels. I can say that Ikon is deep, group that creates music to express. And I can feel and understand the lyrics to this song more now that I know a little bit about Ikon's background and hardships, esp Hanbin. I miss him :( Idk what to feel seeing ikon perform without him. YG sucks along with JYP and SM. Fuck those companies for mistreating their artists ! Stay strong Ikonics, we love you.

  • kukuyeah ku
    kukuyeah ku Day ago +1


  • Paty Reyes
    Paty Reyes Day ago

    IKON will not participate in YG's ‘August Mood’ merchandise project.
    Only the following artists will be on the project: Lee Hi, BLACKPINK, WINNER, Sechskies and Akdong Musician.
    (I'm so sad for this notice) I think _IKON DESERVE more attention_ they deserve the same attention...!

  • Khal R
    Khal R Day ago +5

    Please protect my 7 boys God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 no more pain for them

  • Tiffy TP
    Tiffy TP Day ago +4

    ikonic is missing Hanbin

  • Black World
    Black World Day ago +2

    Now, I'm not ok😭

  • Emi Kristina Harefa


  • Mherich Brave
    Mherich Brave 2 days ago +5

    Hanbinahh, though we are dying to hear a news from you, don't worry it's OK, we will wait until the end

  • 1975cccc
    1975cccc 2 days ago

    D66 16/8 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯

  • Мелине Микоян

    Мои любови!!! Так грустно и так красиво!

  • แอม ธาดารัตน์ ไชยวัง

    I hope you comeback B.I

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 2 days ago +5


  • C G
    C G 2 days ago +4

    We're all missing Hanbin, the origin of these amazing masterpieces

  • mk s
    mk s 2 days ago +2

    I’m OK
    위로하지 마 동정하지 마
    곁에 있어 줄 필요 없어
    I’m OK
    걱정하지 마 신경 쓰지 마
    차라리 혼자 있는 게 난
    I’m OK
    듣기 싫어 모든 힘이 되는 말들
    현실이 무거워 들지 못해 잠을
    채울 걸 찾다가 채워지는 잔들
    메마른 내 감정에 솔직해지지 가끔
    무덤덤하지 어떤 상황이 와도
    혼자인 게 편할 때도 외로움은 나를 잡고
    하고픈 게 많아도 무기력에 무너져
    잘 지내냐는 물음에 내 답변은 밝은 미소
    세상 속 모두가
    내게 등을 돌린 듯해
    초라한 내 모습
    한없이 작아지네
    다가올 외로움에
    사무쳤을 때
    내 눈물을 보게 되면
    부디 모른척해 줘
    I’m OK
    위로하지 마 동정하지 마
    곁에 있어 줄 필요 없어
    I’m OK
    걱정하지 마 신경 쓰지 마
    차라리 혼자 있는 게 난
    I’m OK
    듣기 싫어 모든 힘이 되는 말들
    난 괜찮은데 왜 유난 떠는지 다들
    이별이 날카로워 조금 긁혔을 뿐
    금방 나아지겠지 하루 이틀 지나면
    침묵의 의미는 꼭 행복하라고
    눈물의 의미는 진실로 사랑했다고
    그녀 떠나간다고
    난 죽지 않으니
    생이 끝난 사람처럼 날 보지 말아 줘
    바람이 스치면
    낙엽이 흔들리고
    파도가 스치면
    바다가 흔들리듯
    사랑이 스친 나도
    흔들렸을 뿐
    내 눈물을 보게 되면
    부디 모른척해 줘
    I’m OK
    위로하지 마 동정하지 마
    곁에 있어 줄 필요 없어
    I’m OK
    걱정하지 마 신경 쓰지 마
    차라리 혼자 있는 게 난
    I’m OK
    내 슬픔은 별거 아니라는 듯
    웃어넘기려는 네가 난 원망스러워
    leave me alone 내게 다가오지 마
    어차피 떠나갈 사람 정들까 봐 무서워
    I’m OK
    위로하지 마 동정하지 마
    곁에 있어 줄 필요 없어
    I’m OK
    걱정하지 마 신경 쓰지 마
    차라리 혼자 있는 게 난
    I’m OK
    아무것도 모르잖아 넌
    다 아는 척하지 말아 줘
    날 위한다는 말
    오지랖도 넓으셔
    혼자 있고 싶으니
    날 좀 내버려 둬

  • Victor Leonel
    Victor Leonel 2 days ago

    Hermosa canción Lovecraft😍😍😍😍😍amo corea

  • ARYAN FARHAT Zulhairy
    ARYAN FARHAT Zulhairy 2 days ago +4

    I cant imagine if ikon make a comeback without b.i seriously the lẹader ikonics lets make a rebellion together we with hanbin!!!!

    Ikonics who with me.
    Make this blue

  • exo miracle
    exo miracle 2 days ago

    I miss hanbin so much😭

  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy 2 days ago +2

    iKON - I'M OK
    08.15 12:15AM KST: 26,250,554
    08.16 12:15AM KST: 26,277,073
    Today vi3ws: 26,519

  • Jenny S.
    Jenny S. 2 days ago

    Hanbin 😭....

  • camille gruta
    camille gruta 2 days ago +2

    No metter what happens, iKON are 7 right?
    Like 👍 if you agree

  • Soe Hartini
    Soe Hartini 2 days ago +1

    I'M NOT OK.....B.I......😭😭😭😭

  • camille gruta
    camille gruta 2 days ago

    Hanbin! I came here again because I miss hanbin😞

  • Kim Rafaella
    Kim Rafaella 2 days ago

    I miss hanbin😭 and remember something funny with June pants 😂

  • micchan shan
    micchan shan 2 days ago

    Yes i'm ok 🖤😭

  • Kpop-BTS 12345678910
    Kpop-BTS 12345678910 2 days ago +2

    Hi im thinking if i should stan ikon 😄
    Im a 😂😄😄😀 Blink,Army,Once,Monbebe,Agsahe,Exo-l,Midzy,Txt,,Wiz*one,Stray,KangDaniel
    Im thinking if i should stan Ikon,X1
    If this gets 200 likes ill stan X1
    If this gets 700 likes ill stan Ikon
    Im multi stan yes 😂

    • Oneus my heart
      Oneus my heart 2 days ago

      But ikon gonna disband i think... bc the leader is also the composer (B.I) left the group. i'm so sad.

  • Sugas Potato
    Sugas Potato 2 days ago +4


  • hajar banna
    hajar banna 2 days ago +1

    Our forever leadernim,hanbin-shi..a guy who don't even smoke but got his supposed bright future ruined in one night due to those foolish reporters who accused him of using drugs. Hanbin-shi,no matter where u are, we sincerely hope u're OK..we will wait for u no matter how long it would take..

  • Sandra Costa
    Sandra Costa 2 days ago +1

    Quando vcs venho pro brasil? I love you ikon sempre❤❤❤

  • Joana Bulalacao
    Joana Bulalacao 2 days ago +1


  • 1975cccc
    1975cccc 2 days ago +1

    D65 15/8 please don't forget him