Dan has an accident


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  • GFX TorMent
    GFX TorMent 17 hours ago

    Why does Tony look so old?

  • Socially Awkward

    I would have just been like “NOPE” and just walked outta there. Even though you got hurt, that was awesome, Dan, I would be too scared for that.

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen 2 days ago

    its because you mall grabbed dude xD

  • Stick man Lad
    Stick man Lad 2 days ago

    I thought this was the one were he broke his arm

  • mango whiplefilter
    mango whiplefilter 3 days ago

    rist gards?

  • Elda M. Díaz L.
    Elda M. Díaz L. 4 days ago

    This men has the biggest balls on the world

  • Muhammed Akif AKITÜRK

    Oh my god dan it s should be hurt

    AULIS A.O.T 13 days ago +1

    5:53 *CORLICK*

    AULIS A.O.T 13 days ago +1


  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena 13 days ago

    Have you ever busted your chops falling off of a hover board at max speed?
    I bet you it wasn’t even half as painful as this.

  • sophie
    sophie 14 days ago

    imagine saying you injured yourself trying to impress tony hawk though that really is something

  • Robert Yoder
    Robert Yoder 14 days ago

    Tony Hawk's face in anticipation and reactions after were priceless! Lol
    Mad props on the full commitment first time drop in on a monster vert! Too bad it ended in a broken wrist. 💯🔥🍻🤘

  • Ano Nony
    Ano Nony 15 days ago

    Haha he committed so hard he missed the board.

  • sayon dey
    sayon dey 15 days ago

    'Gav' why are you laughing at 'dan',i have a question why gav did't play a stunt most of the time dan is do it,so next time gav do a stunt and dan will record.

  • Ella  Eichhorn
    Ella Eichhorn 17 days ago

    jesus the cracking sound of the wrist during the slow mo

  • Polar534
    Polar534 17 days ago

    I love how proud Tony is of Dan. It's so adorable. He really is such a good guy.

  • Amy Coyer-Westerberg
    Amy Coyer-Westerberg 18 days ago

    at the sound of his wrist i almost passed out :P

  • OwZte
    OwZte 19 days ago

    03:01 lmao

  • Shayla Page
    Shayla Page 19 days ago

    “That was one of the worst case scenarios”

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 19 days ago

    Dan was born on the high way cause that's where most accidents happen

    Dan gets a big boo boo kiss it better

  • Patrick Mariscotes
    Patrick Mariscotes 20 days ago

    Dan died after this

  • Sam Bryson
    Sam Bryson 20 days ago


  • edward cat
    edward cat 23 days ago

    wrist guards, wrist guards, wristguards... (someone who smashed their wrists into 8 pieces that the surgeon still uses as a teaching video and is absolutely incredibly so lucky to have full weight bearing on the wrist with no pain ever 25 years later)... wristguards , wristguards , wristguards.. doesn't matter if you're good... I was... still tight wrist guards... never had an issue after i started using them...and beginners... whoah... everytime...

  • Zeni
    Zeni 25 days ago

    What the guy didn't do is put his front foot on the board AND the back foot was too close to the end of the tail so your back foot would've already slipped out

  • Łukasz Lipski
    Łukasz Lipski 26 days ago


  • lost paradox
    lost paradox 26 days ago

    Tony looked scary when Dan was standing up there and him and gav were looking up at him

  • bashful cuber 102
    bashful cuber 102 26 days ago

    Before the accident Dan was Mall grabbing

  • beckyikechannel
    beckyikechannel 28 days ago +4

    This video should have been called, how Dan hurt his hand again

  • Ben Budd
    Ben Budd 29 days ago

    That was brutal.. Tony said "that was one of the worst case scenarios", and his response was "oh no really!" I'm dying that was priceless 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Purplefood
      Purplefood 26 days ago

      Dan does not seem phased at all

  • Supreme-Underrated Gaming

    maybe thats why he failed so hard. Gav Tony why didnt you say somthing!!

  • Supreme-Underrated Gaming

    And it was the best mall grab i have ever seen ever seen

  • Supreme-Underrated Gaming

    Dan's a mall grabber eh

  • Jacob Rabet
    Jacob Rabet 29 days ago

    I’m surprised he went straight to the 14 ft vert ramp!

  • Alex Van Oordt
    Alex Van Oordt Month ago

    That is exactly how I broke my wrist. I was bringing the whole time.

    NOLAN JONES Month ago

    Gav and Tony hawk look so much alike

  • Koby1092 Gaming
    Koby1092 Gaming Month ago

    Why at the start they green screen

  • Leandro G.L.R.
    Leandro G.L.R. Month ago


  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter Month ago

    Absolute mad lad.

  • Jess N.
    Jess N. Month ago

    Oh dan! Your poor shaphoid. And you went straight through your radius. You almost did it too. You were so close.

  • Mittz The Trash Lord

    1:56 Just seeing how high off the ground he is makes my chest tight.

  • Tobias Zauzig
    Tobias Zauzig Month ago +4

    at least they can show the doc exactly how it happened

  • max is a goblin
    max is a goblin Month ago

    " that was *gnarly* "

  • Campbell Proctor
    Campbell Proctor Month ago +1

    Dan has the largest balls on the planet!!

  • Larry Keene
    Larry Keene Month ago

    I'm sure someone has already addressed this particular interaction, but I thought it was soooo funny.
    Gav: Do you think you'll hurt yourself?
    Dan: Oh yeah. Just depends on how much.
    Far more courageous than I'd ever be. I'm sure glad they showed the xray. I'm an xray and CT tech and that's what I wanted to see most. LOL

  • Wendigo
    Wendigo Month ago

    I'm curious how much that given board cost? Not that I think Dan should sell it, I'm just curious at genuine used board by TH would cost.

  • Xavier Bogaers
    Xavier Bogaers Month ago +3

    When he went down that hole time he wasn’t even on he’s skateboard

  • 12 Gauge
    12 Gauge Month ago

    Hes never gonna ride that board again

  • breadfan262
    breadfan262 Month ago

    Very impressive. Back when I skated in high school, it took me a long time to build up the nerve to try that

  • Jerry Nilsson
    Jerry Nilsson Month ago

    So... Dan won the "bet" by overcoming his survival instincts? Uhm...

  • bailey the yorkie
    bailey the yorkie Month ago