Dan has an accident

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Dan makes good on a promise he made to Tony Hawk and takes on a halfpipe-with painful results. Check out The Super Slow Show, only on USclip.
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  • Obama’s Uncle
    Obama’s Uncle 10 hours ago

    From Braille

  • Marcy Lee
    Marcy Lee 12 hours ago

    Dont ever let our dan hurt like that again :"

  • Cornicaphobia
    Cornicaphobia Day ago

    When tony was watching dan prep he actually looked like a zombie lol

  • Matthias Romanet
    Matthias Romanet 3 days ago

    zat waz legitnezs!

  • Wablto Acamar
    Wablto Acamar 5 days ago

    Tony Hawk is the uglyest person i ever seen

  • JayzenTP
    JayzenTP 7 days ago

    This video until the moment it happens has 3:33 minutes of anticipation...

  • Zach Lap
    Zach Lap 10 days ago

    Poor little dan

  • Komandor Bentus
    Komandor Bentus 10 days ago

    I had the same breaks/cracks. The same accident - falling off and didn't prepared orrecty my hand in time, so I had the same angle of hit like Dan.

  • ElectroGamer HD
    ElectroGamer HD 12 days ago +1

    "Dan has an accident" should be the title of every Slow Mo Guys video ever.

  • Skyler Hubbs
    Skyler Hubbs 15 days ago

    This made my wrists start hurting again after watching this.

  • NarwhalJoJo
    NarwhalJoJo 17 days ago

    Wow, Dan is not a pro skater............

  • Bob3D2000
    Bob3D2000 18 days ago

    And the mystery is solved.

  • Dina Mehr
    Dina Mehr 19 days ago

    Okay why do Gav and Tony Hawk look like they could be related?

  • Ix De Martino
    Ix De Martino 20 days ago

    this is the definition of gnarly

  • Deeken Wheeler
    Deeken Wheeler 21 day ago

    Should have had wrist guards 100%

  • The Studio Of MSM
    The Studio Of MSM 22 days ago

    which video editing software do you use ? slow mo guys?

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 22 days ago

    Ive been skating 13 years still cant drop in on a vert ramp

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 22 days ago

    Dan mall grabs

  • Ethan Trout
    Ethan Trout 24 days ago

    It took years before I was down to drop in on Vert. This guy is suicidal, glad he took it like a champ and hope he made a full recovery.

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy 24 days ago +3

    I really appreciate Gav saying "oh no that's awful to look at" but then they add the crunching sound effect of his bones breaking

  • Dude380 yt
    Dude380 yt 28 days ago

    1:44 poser

  • Wittzy YT
    Wittzy YT 29 days ago +2

    I love how they still put "performed by professionals"

  • Quazbicom
    Quazbicom 29 days ago +1

    Do you think ur gonna hurt urself?
    Oh yeah

  • Anon
    Anon Month ago


  • Taevyon Daly
    Taevyon Daly Month ago +1

    Congrats dan you're now a father. Oh not THAT kind of accident

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Month ago +2

    dang tony is ssssooooooooo old XD and hes STILL skating. talk about skate4life XD

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Month ago +1

    ahhh yes I remember my 1st drop in... AND A BROKEN TAILBONE XD

  • Natos
    Natos Month ago

    id wipe out just as bad but i would LOVE to try dropping like that.

    i dont skate but it looks cool

  • Alex Mares
    Alex Mares Month ago

    Absolute madlad

  • LKSimbalvr
    LKSimbalvr Month ago

    got a feeling that this intro in green screened

  • Sylvbreon
    Sylvbreon Month ago

    Dan is just the test dummy in most of these experiments 😅

  • Jenny Boi
    Jenny Boi Month ago


  • Nicklas Ivarsson
    Nicklas Ivarsson Month ago

    Poor Dan:(

  • Nomusa Busi
    Nomusa Busi Month ago

    This has happened to me multiple times. ..just imagine on the road...

  • DodderingOldMan
    DodderingOldMan Month ago

    I completely snapped my arm falling in a similar way (actually from a much lower height)... watching the way his hand hit the ground there was really painful.

  • Hunter Vogl
    Hunter Vogl Month ago

    Was that an Iron Cross on the skateboard? I hope it wasn’t.

  • Avixk
    Avixk Month ago

    He WENT for it

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan Month ago

    I dont even skate but I'll probably still do it because there's a million guy with cameras in that room and frickin tony hawk just said he "believed in me" HAHA

  • FBI Ben
    FBI Ben Month ago +19

    6:23 tony looking at the skate board like he regrets giving it to dan

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan Month ago +4

    Dan: It really hurts and i think i might've broken my wrist...
    Gav: Well at least now we can take a look at it in slo mo

  • Patalo
    Patalo Month ago

    Respect to Dan

  • Karthik Ramakrishnan
    Karthik Ramakrishnan Month ago +2

    You guys should collab with ElectroBoom for a video😂

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya Month ago

    Dan. Dude. Don’t do this anymore. Even though it’s bloody hilarious

  • Yajurdev Gohil
    Yajurdev Gohil Month ago

    Top ten most suspenseful anime episodes

  • Skateboarding101
    Skateboarding101 Month ago

    why was he NOT WEARING WRIST GUARDS!!!???

  • Trent D
    Trent D Month ago

    Dan has some serious balls

  • Goodwynn
    Goodwynn Month ago

    Like if the beeping fcks with you.

  • emanresulooc poi
    emanresulooc poi Month ago

    He had it but he used too much force lol

  • Zachary Collie
    Zachary Collie Month ago

    How is he able to walk around anymore. His balls of steel are massive.

  • eries77
    eries77 Month ago


  • Pan Animator Gienioツ

    *That's a lot of damage!*

  • Magnesium Star
    Magnesium Star Month ago

    omg dont mawl grabbb

  • Hulking Fiber
    Hulking Fiber Month ago

    Why does tony hawk look dead most of the time?

  • Collin McLaughlin
    Collin McLaughlin Month ago


  • Salvatore Butera
    Salvatore Butera Month ago

    Tony hawk is a legend

    GT GAMING - 2 months ago

    Mall grab

  • MarkuelTV •
    MarkuelTV • 2 months ago

    That’s great advice though from tony I do have to say that’s the best advice he could have given lol

  • MarkuelTV •
    MarkuelTV • 2 months ago

    Bruh. A 14 FOOTER 😂🤭 your brave af for even considering that ?! Somebody should have not let him do this I mean come on 14 footer???? People can’t even drop in a 4ft first try 🤦‍♀️

  • Penguin Me
    Penguin Me 2 months ago

    I like how chill Dan is when Tony hawk says that this was the worst thing that could happen, Dan: oh no really.... lmfao I'm dieing😂😂

  • Travis Baranowski
    Travis Baranowski 2 months ago

    1:40 how did Tony Hawlk not stop Dan from mall grabbing

  • GallerySpecter
    GallerySpecter 2 months ago

    If Dan ever does something worthy of a Darwin Award, at least it will probably be filmed in epic slow mo for all of us to see and enjoy.

  • Keep It Simple Idea Guy

    It was hilarious til we all saw that one frame... I’m so sorry Dan.

  • Dan Samoilă
    Dan Samoilă 2 months ago

    My name is Dan

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller 2 months ago

    I dont know what was worse dan getting injured or the fact he was mall grabbing that whole time

    Jk luv the vids

  • toxic doughnut
    toxic doughnut 2 months ago

    I fell off of a curb and my wrist is so broken I have a sling and a cast and he falls 14ft and gets a hairline fracture

  • Bonsey Bones
    Bonsey Bones 2 months ago

    Massive props to Dan for even trying this, even after years skating, my first (and only) vert drop in I almost slammed, I can't even imagine how scary it must have been for someone without any experience.

  • Oshawa Tramp
    Oshawa Tramp 2 months ago

    this is the one video I laughed the most on thanks dan lmaoooooooooooooo

  • Stanley Dog
    Stanley Dog 2 months ago


  • Marko12716
    Marko12716 2 months ago

    absolute Madlad

  • Hoseok's Spilled Tae
    Hoseok's Spilled Tae 2 months ago

    Y'all did him dirty and didn't kiss it to make it better.

  • Devon
    Devon 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard when he gave him the board in the end. He new it would be a exspensive medical bill so he can go sell tonys board lmao!!

  • blasty
    blasty 2 months ago

    hi dad

  • Kodiak
    Kodiak 2 months ago +3

    imagine his army comrades. Dan, how you broke your wrist? Dan: i had a bet with Tony Hawk did a drop in and landed on this wrist, broke it, but got Tonys Skateboard for this. worth it. If Dan ever has Kids, they'll go bananas for him havin a legit Tony Hawks skateboard, which Tony even used.

  • Tadhg Shortall
    Tadhg Shortall 2 months ago

    Is this how dan got his cast
    Edit: ye it is

  • Vxbakerboy
    Vxbakerboy 2 months ago

    Dude just dived straight to flat. Literally worst case scenario.

  • 69 subscriber's with no videos

    Mall grab

  • Lucifer's Devilish details

    Did you show the doctor the footage of the impact.

  • Kenko
    Kenko 2 months ago

    would have jump of a roof for the board lmao

  • 8000 cats
    8000 cats 2 months ago

    Cringing with anticipation and sympathy the whole way through xD

  • Galaxy Films [official]

    That made my arm tingle

  • Askejm
    Askejm 2 months ago +4

    Just imagine if the doctor asked what happened and he would have to say something like "I tried to impress Tony Hawk by skating down a steep 14 ft skating hill thingie and ended up just flying off."

  • Mohamed Libaan
    Mohamed Libaan 2 months ago

    Before you say anything just so you know I love Slow Mo guys and I am also NOT a skater. I am just purely stating my opinion. Because from the way Dan put his foot on the skateboard, it looked like he asking for it to go wrong

  • Ian Magill
    Ian Magill 2 months ago

    How Dan hurt his hand. Pt.2

  • Chillton
    Chillton 2 months ago

    The moment Dan's hand was getting near that floor I had to look away :D Can't stand it :D

  • First name Last Name
    First name Last Name 2 months ago

    What Tony hawk said was right about not coming I broke my arm like that

  • First name Last Name
    First name Last Name 2 months ago

    Hey he's got more guts than me

  • NightFox707
    NightFox707 2 months ago

    It's not relevant to the video, but I like how Dan is wearing the same clothes as Tony Hawk from Tony Hawk's Pro skater 2.

  • Gilbatrar ヅ
    Gilbatrar ヅ 2 months ago

    Couldn't watch this with sound due to the people around me, but it was too interesting so I watched this whole video in preview mode😂 (the preview with subtitles you get to see before you click the video)

  • Shivansh Sharma
    Shivansh Sharma 2 months ago +1

    Why always DAN?????

  • GFX TorMent
    GFX TorMent 3 months ago

    Why does Tony look so old?

  • Socially Awkward
    Socially Awkward 3 months ago

    I would have just been like “NOPE” and just walked outta there. Even though you got hurt, that was awesome, Dan, I would be too scared for that.

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen 3 months ago

    its because you mall grabbed dude xD

  • Stick man Lad
    Stick man Lad 3 months ago

    I thought this was the one were he broke his arm

  • Rebecca Drake
    Rebecca Drake 3 months ago

    rist gards?

  • Elda M. Díaz L.
    Elda M. Díaz L. 3 months ago

    This men has the biggest balls on the world

  • Muhammed Akif AKITÜRK
    Muhammed Akif AKITÜRK 3 months ago

    Oh my god dan it s should be hurt

    AULIS A.O.T 3 months ago +2

    5:53 *CORLICK*

    AULIS A.O.T 3 months ago +1


  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena 3 months ago

    Have you ever busted your chops falling off of a hover board at max speed?
    I bet you it wasn’t even half as painful as this.