Dan has an accident


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  • talon55130
    talon55130 2 days ago

    I groaned when watching that first hit on the wrist.

  • Star Galindo
    Star Galindo 2 days ago

    I really feel like Tony Hawk should have known better and told him it was a bad idea instead of cheering him on...

  • Scamper10
    Scamper10 4 days ago

    I fractured my elbow once and just after that I fractured my wrist so I truly feel your pain

  • Israel 239
    Israel 239 9 days ago


  • Spencer Yu
    Spencer Yu 10 days ago +1

    3:47 they clap at the same time

  • Nikki Lynn Gordon
    Nikki Lynn Gordon 12 days ago

    *very tragic bohboh*

  • TheArtisticVampire
    TheArtisticVampire 13 days ago

    I fell tony was actually impressed that he did it and that he committed like im sure he gets people who are like "oH i cAn dO ThAt eAsY" and then when they get up there they nope out of it

  • CallmeVen
    CallmeVen 14 days ago

    Really nice Drop in attempt, most people i know fall backwards, you almost got it.

  • ImperialAetherCarl YT
    ImperialAetherCarl YT 17 days ago +1

    Dan don't deserve such torture lmao

  • Xander
    Xander 18 days ago

    The moment I saw Dan land, I thought "If he doesn't have at least a severe sprain, he is indestructible"

  • StayReal02
    StayReal02 19 days ago +1

    Looks like you fractured your "Scafoid bone" - which is a very hard bone to heal. Sometimes even surgery will not manage to fully restore this damage... :/
    I also fell down on my wrist as well during ice skating session and it was really painful. Also got a fracture - but on my radius bone instead.

    Hopefully the recovery goes well. From now on, I will ALWAYS use wrist pad protection! And probably thick gloves for finger protection as well! People always tend to fall on stretched arm (wrist) when falling so the first hit will always be the wrist unfortunately :(

  • SuperT
    SuperT 21 day ago

    Tony: tells dan not to lean back and lean forward
    Dan: *falls forward on his arm*

  • Forest Inkling
    Forest Inkling 22 days ago

    *Big OOF*

  • Phillip Ferguson
    Phillip Ferguson 25 days ago

    He took that injury like a boss tho

  • Phillip Ferguson
    Phillip Ferguson 25 days ago

    Doctor says what's the cause of injury,"slow-mo guys" no more needed

  • Amanda Chapone
    Amanda Chapone 26 days ago

    Love how no one even tried to convince him not to

  • Xx SnakeNGame xX
    Xx SnakeNGame xX 27 days ago

    Dan: I’m gonna do it!
    Tony: COMMIT
    Gav: He’s go... oh well he’s dead. Tony you wanna join!

  • Twenty øne Phans
    Twenty øne Phans 27 days ago

    "That was gnarly!" Good to see Tony Hawk is still living in the 90s

  • HaloNiteZombies
    HaloNiteZombies 27 days ago

    2:16 that evil look

  • crackspy101
    crackspy101 28 days ago

    Bro you are 1 balsy mofo i know what kind of pain you are in guring this clip had a simular wipe out with a long bord much respect fore your commitment on doing it bro never give up keep up what you do much love from canada

  • Joel Myrland
    Joel Myrland 28 days ago

    seeing how nice everyone was to him after fracturing his wrist is so wholesome

  • Smokey '87
    Smokey '87 28 days ago

    TONY YOU'RE A LEGEND!! Dan, f-ing awesome that you commited like that!! Watched this clip before, but still awesome! :P

  • Avenged
    Avenged 28 days ago

    Does he even know if he is goofy or regular? Lol or ride one across the ground that would help a bit😂

  • Makenna C
    Makenna C 28 days ago +1

    They should've played "Everybody Hurts" by REM while he was falling.

  • Vivian Johnson
    Vivian Johnson 29 days ago

    This gave me so much anxiety

  • Xander Shadow
    Xander Shadow Month ago

    That board will be worth... quite a bit given it's one of his used boards. Dan's got a small pension sorted in exchange for a broken wrist xD

  • Ash- Bob
    Ash- Bob Month ago

    “That was one of the worst case scenarios.”


  • 크래시 피버장화

    Usually I would just laugh in your videos, but *this* one in particular, due to the way Dan hurts his wrist and getting a cast in the upcoming videos, I won't want to laugh at this since it just looks so painful. Dan really did sacrifice himself for a lot of this kind of videos. Respect to you Dan!

  • Luke Holmes
    Luke Holmes Month ago

    Honestly, having dropped in on 10-12ft, it looks exponentially higher in person than on camera. It took me so much to ever drop in on 6 ft, then dropping in on 10.... It took me like 20 mins just to try it once XD. Balls of titanium on Dan. Respect lvl +100.

  • Thallanar Rabidtooth

    It doesn't look like he leaned forward enough on the initial drop. He didn't leak back, which is good, that's what most people tend to do, then they smack the back of their heads on the concrete. I think if he was dropping in on maybe a 5 foot ramp he maybe would have made it.

  • Connor McHarney
    Connor McHarney Month ago

    He threw himself forwards rather than down.

  • Dark Spud
    Dark Spud Month ago

    who else had major anxiety while watching this video

  • RaimeTheTraitor
    RaimeTheTraitor Month ago

    "That was awful to look at" > rewinds

  • Usbombs
    Usbombs Month ago

    I skate bowls, and I wouldn't want to drop in on a lot of Vert ramps lol

  • Charlotte Rhodes
    Charlotte Rhodes Month ago

    Anyone else think Gav and Tony look a bit like father and son ?

  • Ajay bala
    Ajay bala Month ago


  • KITkot_969
    KITkot_969 Month ago


  • Jodi McCoy
    Jodi McCoy Month ago


  • Marshmelowlovr
    Marshmelowlovr Month ago

    I'm sorry about your arm dan :P

  • Samuel Pearce-Davies

    "Hello again! We're gonna break stuff!"
    Clearly the editor had a sense of humour xD

  • KingGamingUltima
    KingGamingUltima Month ago

    That’s 9 feet higher than I am

  • lil shush
    lil shush Month ago

    dans mall grab tho XD

  • Harry Hope
    Harry Hope Month ago

    poor poor dan.

  • Harry Hope
    Harry Hope Month ago

    brave lad.

  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins Month ago

    Good job gav, laugh at a friend in pain, the British way!

  • Michał
    Michał Month ago

    how about a video with Travis Pastrana? don't everyone want to see Dan break other limbs on a motorbike?

  • Tevin Dies
    Tevin Dies Month ago

    He should of went to his knees

  • MrFlashMode
    MrFlashMode 2 months ago

    From Paris,
    I love to follow you!
    and your gags with the crazy ball laughs !!
    Dan, thank you that you had the reflection to put your hands on it!
    More fear than harm ?
    But what a fall! at real speed
    you crush yourself alone like a bag!
    It's courageous ! I hate this kind of sport :) see you soon

  • Palash Rathore
    Palash Rathore 2 months ago

    at 3:35.
    thanks me later.

  • Mortos DerSoulStealer
    Mortos DerSoulStealer 2 months ago

    Tony Hawk looks dead now

    S. HITMAN 2 months ago

    Next time you land, hit the ground with your elbow and forearm instead of hand.

    SQUIGGY_isJAZZY 2 months ago

    at 1:46

    SQUIGGY_isJAZZY 2 months ago

    Anyone notice tha mawl grab

  • Sanidhya Gupta
    Sanidhya Gupta 2 months ago

    Dan you are absolutely amazing and incredible......hats off to ur guts

  • CalumF1
    CalumF1 2 months ago

    I had to keep pausing it.

  • David Briggs Gaming
    David Briggs Gaming 2 months ago

    What a away to learn how to drop in by tony hawk

  • Olek Tindall
    Olek Tindall 2 months ago +1

    SUB TO ME PLZ!!!

  • ORION The Misc of The Internet

    3:30 they look so evil right before he did it, especially tony hawk. They're just lord palpatine.

  • Dorian Van Herreweghen
    Dorian Van Herreweghen 2 months ago

    the mallgrab

  • Ashleyy
    Ashleyy 2 months ago

    This gave me anxiety

  • Tigs_ 3039
    Tigs_ 3039 2 months ago

    I thought my 12 inch kicker was tall. Nope!

  • Willow Yocky
    Willow Yocky 2 months ago

    We finally discover how he broke it

  • Shylok
    Shylok 2 months ago

    For your viewing pleasure.

  • maddy810493
    maddy810493 2 months ago

    whenever i watch this and tony says "that was legit" i always think of that vine of the kid who says "that was legitness"

  • Dwellisys
    Dwellisys 2 months ago

    Tony is awesome.

  • Mocha Lake
    Mocha Lake 2 months ago

    When i saw his arms impact on the floor my mind just went *"oooooooooooooggggggggghhhhhhhhhh"*

  • Bilbo Jenkins
    Bilbo Jenkins 2 months ago

    Dan is suuuch a poos

  • Ryan Cavanaugh
    Ryan Cavanaugh 2 months ago

    Bro tony hawk that dope

  • Azra Rillian
    Azra Rillian 2 months ago

    They did too good of a job on the audio design of that slow mo footage 😨

  • miles morales
    miles morales 2 months ago

    Dan falling was so anticlimactic

  • beachboy 714
    beachboy 714 2 months ago

    Zexyzek from braille army brought me here

  • James Dickinson
    James Dickinson 2 months ago

    Dan should have a special shirt saying I broke a limb with Tony Hawk

  • Macatom General Channel
    Macatom General Channel 2 months ago +1

    How Dan hurt his hand Vol. II

  • Bogdan Kuzmanov
    Bogdan Kuzmanov 2 months ago

    3:34 your welcome

  • Airifi
    Airifi 3 months ago

    Him falling is at 3:35

  • ProneXGaming
    ProneXGaming 3 months ago

    It starts at 3:33

  • Dalene Sevenster
    Dalene Sevenster 3 months ago


  • Random Human
    Random Human 3 months ago

    glad he is ok

  • Jynksi
    Jynksi 3 months ago

    I love how he completely missed the drop in and fell straight to the floor 😂

  • Kyle Meeker
    Kyle Meeker 3 months ago

    Way to commit! Seriously that’s no joke! Get Dan sponsored!

  • ClanSlayer -
    ClanSlayer - 3 months ago

    2:14 is that a zombie?

  • Dedun
    Dedun 3 months ago

    Why does Tony Hawk look like he's beeing addicted to heroine for 5 years?

  • marthymc
    marthymc 3 months ago


  • Tane Dixon
    Tane Dixon 3 months ago

    I love how Tony hawk was so chill

  • Agent Baxter
    Agent Baxter 3 months ago

    for the love of mall grab

  • flash gaming33
    flash gaming33 3 months ago

    That sound

  • Puppet Studios
    Puppet Studios 3 months ago

    I fractured my thumb and i hade to where a hand sock and a thumb cast

  • Pierre Demet
    Pierre Demet 3 months ago

    "Hello again, we gonna break stuff! A lot of stuff!"

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 3 months ago

    I'd be way too nervous to do this, definitely chicken out

    SHARATH Rao 3 months ago

    Slow mo Bros pls be careful k

  • MING__3451
    MING__3451 3 months ago

    How much psi was that impact?

  • Tuytle
    Tuytle 3 months ago +2

    He just brushed that off like it was nothing!

  • Shrek the onion juicer
    Shrek the onion juicer 3 months ago

    0:48 mall grab

  • Troll city
    Troll city 3 months ago

    3:35 fail

  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile 3 months ago +1

    2:04 - Tony looks so concerned.

  • CAS
    CAS 3 months ago


  • Kallan Arredondo
    Kallan Arredondo 3 months ago


  • Prabhakar Veturi
    Prabhakar Veturi 3 months ago

    Make a slow motion video of sodium on ice

  • Sage Fielder
    Sage Fielder 3 months ago

    That Mall Grab tho,1:40

  • Will Playz
    Will Playz 4 months ago