Americans & Russians Swap Snacks


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  • Bryle Derek Vallejera
    Bryle Derek Vallejera 16 hours ago

    Kalinka OVERLOAD

  • Blipy
    Blipy 17 hours ago

    they acting like they dont have american snacks everyday XD yall dont even have an accent you obviously lived in america for 90% of your life funny af

  • Rene Goldbergstein
    Rene Goldbergstein 17 hours ago

    wow - what bunch of fake bastards

  • 「αкαѕнι _ σяяαναи 」

    i actually never tried a twinkie

  • FredMonster
    FredMonster 18 hours ago

    Eric really got on my nerves in this video. Don’t pretend like you’ve never heard of the American snacks. I’m a Russian-American immigrant and there are snacks from both countries in my kitchen. I’m also kind of disappointed that they didn’t dress the Russians in adidas tracksuits.

  • Lukson
    Lukson 19 hours ago

    Children in russia know to not eat bones

  • Brett Williams
    Brett Williams 19 hours ago

    Do not press read more

    Now you have bad luck for the rest of 2019, like to undo

  • Michelle Braz
    Michelle Braz 19 hours ago

    All the russian food to me is amazing.

  • Byka Clyat
    Byka Clyat 19 hours ago

    Ay blyat, S I M I C H K I......!

  • walter clements
    walter clements 19 hours ago

    In Soviet Russia, snack eat you

  • Kosta Nikitenko
    Kosta Nikitenko 19 hours ago

    Me being Russian, I love this video

  • Undead Helly
    Undead Helly 19 hours ago

    The Russians were so respectful and the Americans were sorta offensive

  • Junkyard Of Art
    Junkyard Of Art 20 hours ago

    Well, both my parents are slavics (Russian/Ukrainian) and I was pretty much raised with that kind of culture. Let me tell you going to school with the innocent idea that all cultures are more or less the same on the matter of feeding oneself was a mistake.

  • Primitive Chief Village

    Hi every one if you want to see cambodian foods you can look at me.

  • Jose Galante
    Jose Galante 21 hour ago +1

    Ur sis is gorgeous

  • EvaDiy
    EvaDiy 21 hour ago

    I am Russian and I had all off those snacks

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy 21 hour ago

    They don't look Russian at all

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. 21 hour ago +2

    1. pryanik has little filling - not how it's supposed to be.
    2. pirozhok is actually supposed to have much more filling, the same way with pryanik. i don't where the hell this one was bought but it doesn't seem like an authentic one or the bakers took all the fillings home XD

    • melodia2772
      melodia2772 17 hours ago +1

      Eva B. EXACTLY! That was a disgrace to all the pirozhki !!!! >:’(

  • Teradactyl turtle
    Teradactyl turtle 21 hour ago

    In mother Russia children are smart enough to not eat plastic or bones in fish

  • Robert's Shirt
    Robert's Shirt 21 hour ago

    my russian ass is heading over to babushkas now

  • Tako Bell
    Tako Bell 22 hours ago

    Russian boys.

  • SIN Wrecker
    SIN Wrecker 22 hours ago

    1:40 Um excuse me sir um are you gunna finish that cwasuant?

  • Shadowquake
    Shadowquake 22 hours ago

    Omg I love the Russian guy who was with the girl

  • Maksim Gough
    Maksim Gough 22 hours ago

    Russian snacks are better.
    Americans are fat lazy idiots who only have simple things like sweet things, sour things and sweet and sour thing.
    Russians have snacks that have difference. Most of the Russian things are healthy or just... plain. Meaning, you won’t get cavities in your teeth.
    I do like some things made in America. Oreos and skittles are my favourite from your country.
    But Russia Wins 🇷🇺

  • Daisy the pug 3
    Daisy the pug 3 22 hours ago

    Wow so diverse

  • Aidan and stuff
    Aidan and stuff 23 hours ago

    bruh i was hoping for some sexy accent, everyone here is american change my mind.

  • Michael Guglielmini
    Michael Guglielmini 23 hours ago

    What about the vodka

  • Batex
    Batex 23 hours ago

    Cyka blyat

  • Galaxiesinyoureyes
    Galaxiesinyoureyes 23 hours ago

    I’m so happy that for once the Russian snacks are actually accurate to my childhood foods and that people liked them! I remember getting marmalade was a specialty reserved for birthdays if it was on a school day, and I loved the orange ones the best. Also do a part two and try северный мишка chocolate candy! Also the bread crumb things don’t get enough presentation lol, they are super cheap to buy and delicious

  • Creator blox
    Creator blox 23 hours ago +1


  • Anya Rudel
    Anya Rudel 23 hours ago

    OH MY GOSH, I just finished watching the Russian vid on your friends channel and I have no clue your Russian!!! This explains so much

  • ProfyDen
    ProfyDen 23 hours ago

    *i just SUCC his little head*

  • Dylan Christman
    Dylan Christman 23 hours ago

    Bloody hell and i thought i was white

  • Kevin Cherveny
    Kevin Cherveny Day ago +1

    I was born in Russia and lived there for 3 years and I’ve lived in America for 10 years now !!

  • TheWassag
    TheWassag Day ago

    Bretzels aren't american, you fktards

  • Scott Farquhar
    Scott Farquhar Day ago +1

    Why did the Russian sound like Americans

  • Tater Tot
    Tater Tot Day ago

    I know all these snacks especially booblickey

  • Jenna O'dell
    Jenna O'dell Day ago

    I love these make more!

  • Laundr Unison league and fortnite

    I love how they zoomed into Kayla’s fingers with the little rings

  • Sara Sharhan
    Sara Sharhan Day ago

    Ya'll have to swap with Arabs

  • Mfmk Anthony
    Mfmk Anthony Day ago

    In mother Russia we get a basement with a gallery of guns

  • CutieDreams Ramos845

    6:18 why do I ship it?

  • Cabokya G
    Cabokya G Day ago

    Nuclear swap

  • Evan Torres
    Evan Torres Day ago

    5:20 *how does he know how a lemon air freshener Tastes like?*

  • Diana Taran
    Diana Taran Day ago

    Americans disrespectful and obnoxious as always...

  • Patrick Gonzalez

    anyone talking about they have no accent and speak english perfectly? they definitlly live in the US and have had these before.

  • Maxim M
    Maxim M Day ago

    My Mother is russian and i love all the snacks

  • LeonTheCatTom LTCT

    I’m from Russia, and this takes me back... The rooster is made of honey...

  • m e q a n
    m e q a n Day ago +1

    eric is adorable

  • Alexander Villagomez

    Thare is kinder eggs in fort Worth

  • Holden Wilson
    Holden Wilson Day ago

    that КОРОЧКИ kinda looks like ghardettos

  • K.U.films
    K.U.films Day ago

    There’s no way they never eaten pretzels before


    Slavs eat 1-2 Breads a day. I eat that much.

  • lil_jayX45
    lil_jayX45 Day ago

    That looks like the guy that got beat in the junior chef vs adult chef

  • Spayderman
    Spayderman Day ago

    They forgot the "Potaeto"

  • M gamer35
    M gamer35 Day ago

    they band kinder egg but they don’t band guns

  • FiRsT NaMe LaSt NaMe

    In america you swap lunch in russia lunch swaps you

  • Bertie Woodward
    Bertie Woodward Day ago

    The American guy reminded me of Martin from love, simon

  • Hanzlah744
    Hanzlah744 Day ago

    these russians need top play cs with me

  • Kacerplayzs 123
    Kacerplayzs 123 Day ago +1

    Never trust an edited comment....

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    5:42 I thought of a bear riding a unicycle

  • Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    Every time people say so delicious those FUDGIN ADS KEEP MAKING ME THINK THEY ARE SAYING SODALICIOUS :( Dx

  • Random V7
    Random V7 Day ago

    My family owns a shop with every single one of those Russian candies. Lol

  • Kim Lomax
    Kim Lomax Day ago

    U now that america cant have kinder surprise why dont they snap

  • BliingBoii
    BliingBoii Day ago +1


  • Dingo
    Dingo Day ago

    b o o b l i c k y

  • Percy Stanford
    Percy Stanford Day ago

    Why are they acting like they just aren’t American at all and have never had these American snacks

  • Kacerplayzs 123
    Kacerplayzs 123 Day ago +1

    W@NT FR33 VBUCK5? ---->then go buy some

  • ll ItsChase ll
    ll ItsChase ll Day ago

    In Soviet Russia, snacks eat you

  • Aline
    Aline Day ago

    On what earth are pretzels from america?

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K Day ago

    That white american guy annoys me.

  • nicholas larke
    nicholas larke Day ago

    Russian food is disgusting

  • Magic Pizza
    Magic Pizza Day ago

    The dude with long hair is a dick

  • Aqua 23
    Aqua 23 Day ago

    4:32 SAMEEEE

  • tea queen
    tea queen Day ago

    Are there any Lithuanians in *buzz feed*?

  • Povilas Masiulionis

    Starts choking on a jolly rancher says “u lied 2 me”

  • Lps Fluffy
    Lps Fluffy Day ago

    Do Swedish :D Unless you've already done it...

  • theo bertrand
    theo bertrand Day ago not American ☝️

  • Sara Mustapha
    Sara Mustapha Day ago

    They don’t sound like Russians they sound like Americans lol

  • xd BlazeFortnite

    Eric is such a fake Russian lol.

  • Meme Spaceman
    Meme Spaceman Day ago +1

    *Add more vodka*

  • Nexik Playing Games

    that rooster on a stick. Saw it first time in old movie Mrazík where Marfuša had it :D

  • Kamile Andriuskeviciute

    I'm kinda pissed Lithuanian thing is there represented as "Russian". It's really irritating knowing that quite some Russians view us as part of Russia just because of their own world domination delusions

  • MyLifeAsAlicia 97

    Philippines actually have the fish one and it’s frikin bombb

  • CelticsMr17
    CelticsMr17 Day ago

    I laughed hard at this😂😂 petushok flavor 😂😂

  • Christopher Parra

    The pitoshot joke is even funnier for mexicans 😂

  • vopster
    vopster Day ago

    Is it just me who laughed at the slow zoom at the finger “food rings” at 4:33?

  • Boris Ch
    Boris Ch Day ago

    3 syrki at a time - that's a rookie number

  • Veepedaldude
    Veepedaldude Day ago

    Why can't buzz feed articles be nice like this?

  • Milena Migliniece

    I'm Russian aswell ✌💖

  • JamesHarden13MVP

    those boob licki are also called baranki

  • JamesHarden13MVP

    Pirazok is delicious

  • I need a life 12254

    Sometimes or maybe most of the times I wish Clark would be quiet

  • CheeZy Clan
    CheeZy Clan Day ago

    Am I the only one who knows Clark from when he vs a child chef

  • Kristina Shramko

    OMG Ceerok is like the best thing on the planet, that's my childhood

  • U_can_call_me_mommy

    The guy sounds like Alfred (America ) from Hetalia

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh Day ago

    In soviet russia, darwin snacks weed out the weak.
    While in merica, darwin loses...
    Referencing the fish bones and kinder surprise...for those that don't get it.

  • Crisis for Deppreso Expresso

    *kalinka plays in background*

  • Wizradical
    Wizradical Day ago

    Underrepresenting Poland in these videos buzzfeed.

  • Charli Thorp
    Charli Thorp Day ago

    Why do the Russians sound American