Americans & Russians Swap Snacks

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • Americans and Russians sat in the same room and traded...snacks.
    Gary Guz: @gariksuharik
    Thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the snacks.
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    USA and Russian flag, conflict concept
    Veronaa/Getty Images

    Gary Cherkassky

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  • Someone Random
    Someone Random Hour ago

    i live in latvia and we have the hard candy chicken on the stick and we also can buy it in stores

  • Леви Аккерман

    Русские есть? :3

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter 3 hours ago

    I love bubliki. Have 5 packs at home. I'm not Russia though.

  • Viktor Ivanov
    Viktor Ivanov 4 hours ago

    Why are the Russians faking it that they never tried American food when they sound American

  • Thomas Boswellian
    Thomas Boswellian 4 hours ago

    Boob licky

  • Subnautica Player
    Subnautica Player 5 hours ago


  • Subnautica Player
    Subnautica Player 5 hours ago +1


  • Subnautica Player
    Subnautica Player 5 hours ago +1

    Tylskiy pryanik suko blyat

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 9 hours ago

    Well show them how to eat the fish properly you wouldn't have to worry about the bones! Show them how to eat it properly, get them to do it in front of you a few times, then when you know they can do it right let them take it in to school! Kids learn from doing

  • Dutch Van der Lind
    Dutch Van der Lind 13 hours ago

    That amarican guy is a total ass hole he needs to mature up Russian snacks are awesome boi

  • Dutch Van der Lind
    Dutch Van der Lind 13 hours ago

    You did not do cigarette trades BOI u PROBABLY went to a American pre school ERIC............!

  • Erin DeHart
    Erin DeHart 14 hours ago

    Yes but what's Eric's ig 😏

  • HeyItsHunter 123
    HeyItsHunter 123 16 hours ago

    When clark said but my fingers smell like fish i pooped my pants lol no joke

  • Harpreet Haher
    Harpreet Haher 16 hours ago


  • D Valentine Bernabé
    D Valentine Bernabé 17 hours ago


  • The Noodle
    The Noodle 19 hours ago

    This man Eric has definitely at least has a bag of Cheetos or an Oreo if he lives in America

  • Hambag 14
    Hambag 14 19 hours ago

    Well this video so good either way

  • Peachy Dream
    Peachy Dream 19 hours ago

    I ship Kayla and Eric 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂💖💖💖

  • Naian Nevarez
    Naian Nevarez 20 hours ago

    Que hace aqui el ded?

  • crimps321
    crimps321 20 hours ago

    What's the name of the frozen cheesecake thing? If anyone could write it out...that'd be awesome, thanks.

  • Giovanny Martinez
    Giovanny Martinez 21 hour ago

    What’s Kayla’s Instagram 💀

  • M'n'M
    M'n'M 21 hour ago +1

    Dr. Phil: Your fat don't sugarcoat it, because you will eat that to.
    Americans: Yea, that seams about right

  • Jake The Legendary Gamer

    I never had a Twinkie and I’m American

  • Russian Doggo
    Russian Doggo 22 hours ago

    They didnt give the americans чебурек.
    Look it up its delicious

  • Isaiahgmez834
    Isaiahgmez834 23 hours ago


  • Phil osoi
    Phil osoi 23 hours ago

    We have boob licky\boobliky in Georgia

  • Katrina V
    Katrina V 23 hours ago

    It's like a петушок flavour.... I. CAN'T. BREATH.... I have been laughing for 20 mins... Help

  • Tony
    Tony 23 hours ago

    I cant get over how much the one Russian reminds me of Paulo Costanzo

  • last kings
    last kings Day ago

    Try Mexican snacks

  • Jennifer Bongiovanni

    5:00 i did not now what he was saying

  • zLauv :v
    zLauv :v Day ago

    American vs Mexican next?

  • tracy e
    tracy e Day ago


  • 1000 Subs without a video

    But we are allowed in America instead of kinder eggs is ak 47 which cause most of are shootings

  • Ricky Pez
    Ricky Pez Day ago

    ебать тебя

  • Joshua Oda
    Joshua Oda Day ago


  • Rokas Lankas
    Rokas Lankas Day ago

    Ikr russians trade like cigs or alchohol

  • Fox Magic
    Fox Magic Day ago

    4:42 now u are Russian
    Congratulations .D

  • Tatyana Bosenko
    Tatyana Bosenko Day ago



    2:14 the new roblox oof

  • allitwina
    allitwina Day ago +1

    My bunny’s name is Twinkie but I never have twinkies

  • ImmaRussianSpy
    ImmaRussianSpy Day ago +1


  • Ezequiel Cordova

    And also you know that we have jolly ranchers, *AMERICA*

  • Twilight Dolan’s edit

    Im russian but i was born and raised in america lmao-

  • Amy Hyde
    Amy Hyde Day ago

    They’re pop tart type thing looks AWESOME🎉💜💜💜💜
    Russia has the snack game WON
    hands down.

  • Wulffy Jr.
    Wulffy Jr. Day ago

    “More vodka”

  • Cierra Ruiz
    Cierra Ruiz Day ago

    How tf do I get those specific Russian lemon marmalade snacks😫😫😫😩 help meee

  • davemaster1106
    davemaster1106 Day ago

    The American guy is trash

  • Andy Bosch
    Andy Bosch Day ago

    You‘ve forgot Plombir

  • Martin
    Martin Day ago

    Next time can you please have actual Russians in the video, as opposed to American Russians? They're not the same.

  • Monopoly13 Gaming

    Cyka blyat

  • Sparrow Wilson
    Sparrow Wilson Day ago

    I feèl vindicated by Eric's comment about Twinkies burning your throat. No one believes me when I say that. They burn!

    BRADY HUSS Day ago

    The flavor Is vodka lol 😂

  • Aidan and stuff
    Aidan and stuff Day ago

    the "Russians" are all less than 10% Russia

  • Shyam Malasani
    Shyam Malasani Day ago

    so dis boi has never had pretzels...

  • Србија Русија

    our food is tastier I am from Russia

  • Fonsted
    Fonsted 2 days ago

    The Russian guy with brown hair is a famous USclipr

  • Spectic
    Spectic 2 days ago

    In mother Russia the snacks eat you

  • Elena Gurina
    Elena Gurina 2 days ago +1

    Ok but the way Eric talks without russian accent and then pronounces Russian words perfectly is kind of music to my ears, thank you

  • dalinn sutton
    dalinn sutton 2 days ago

    twinkies are not good

  • Lindsey Walker
    Lindsey Walker 2 days ago +1

    The girl's Cheeto interpretation at 4:14 was spot on. Same girl same.

  • fde.__
    fde.__ 2 days ago

    Kayla lovato?

  • Beans Ontoast
    Beans Ontoast 2 days ago

    They just aren’t Russian tho are they

  • Nevaeh Moss
    Nevaeh Moss 2 days ago +3

    I ship the guy and the girl ❤️❤️🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • Gucci Gamer21
    Gucci Gamer21 2 days ago


  • MEMEBOI 2137
    MEMEBOI 2137 2 days ago

    4:32 has she done it :-|

  • MEMEBOI 2137
    MEMEBOI 2137 2 days ago

    Where's my Russian anthem

  • deandra young
    deandra young 2 days ago


  • Brooke Lily Farquharson

    boob licky 🤣🤣

  • Cropper
    Cropper 2 days ago

    Pretzels are my favourite 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Luis Corrales
    Luis Corrales 2 days ago


  • MinecrafterAlex
    MinecrafterAlex 2 days ago

    What people will be like when Russia and America stop being enemies

  • Edwin DaBeast
    Edwin DaBeast 2 days ago

    Clark is rude

  • Luxor Shark
    Luxor Shark 2 days ago +2

    Could someone reply to me a list of the Russian snacks so I can type these when I buy them online, please?

    • Maya Gredeskul
      Maya Gredeskul Day ago

      Luxor Shark i can send you some pictures of the russian snacks if you want. Write me your instagram.)

  • Lets do the Wink
    Lets do the Wink 2 days ago

    And respect there culture 😡

  • Lets do the Wink
    Lets do the Wink 2 days ago

    Have respect for Russia Clark it offending russians im not even Russian but have respect

  • aKYKJIAa
    aKYKJIAa 2 days ago

    Спасибо, поржала от души 😂 буб лики... извращенец :)))

  • GeoDozerGuy
    GeoDozerGuy 2 days ago

    Is this satire?

    BOT BTW 2 days ago


  • Rythyms
    Rythyms 2 days ago

    So your telling me that the “Russian” side off this doesn’t know what a pop tart is but speaks fluent English

  • Hanna M
    Hanna M 2 days ago

    Who else is both?

  • Vala gymnast
    Vala gymnast 2 days ago

    Now we have a million kinder surprises! I love siroks!!I also love syxariki!and bubliki! marmelad! And the roosters on stick! DELICIOUS

  • Trippy Dalton
    Trippy Dalton 2 days ago

    The guy next to the girl is so anoying

  • Sasha Syskova
    Sasha Syskova 2 days ago

    Не бублики а сушки

  • hostile1ne
    hostile1ne 2 days ago


  • Anthony Asuncion
    Anthony Asuncion 3 days ago

    Who’s the girl 👀

  • Agent Davidson
    Agent Davidson 3 days ago

    Lol more vodka.

  • Jenny Ferguson
    Jenny Ferguson 3 days ago

    I chocked on a jolly rancher in 2 grade

  • WeUnban Gaming
    WeUnban Gaming 3 days ago

    You misspelled the title, it’s Americans trying Russian snacks because they all tried them before

  • ill gio
    ill gio 3 days ago

    Can the American guy not exist

  • Emmett Plante
    Emmett Plante 3 days ago

    That guy is so toxic

  • Maximilianmus Thee great
    Maximilianmus Thee great 3 days ago +28

    Bruh he is acting as if he never ate Oreo's in his life but he speaks English perfectly

  • Proxy Epic
    Proxy Epic 3 days ago +1

    The Russian snacks are WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better then the American snacks

  • LtuGamingLtu
    LtuGamingLtu 3 days ago

    dadu is lithuania food

  • Sara Rønning
    Sara Rønning 3 days ago +1

    okay but Eric is cute af

  • Мария Мак
    Мария Мак 3 days ago

    This fish is not what everyone eats. We have a very popular fish in Russia that has a yellowbelly "zholtopuzik"

  • Aloe more
    Aloe more 3 days ago

    The guy with the shaggy hair is so annoying haha

  • Pepe The Doge
    Pepe The Doge 3 days ago


  • Maira C
    Maira C 3 days ago

    4:42 the girls hand 🤣😂

  • Covered Songs
    Covered Songs 3 days ago

    The russian snack are the finest

  • Keso Aduashvili
    Keso Aduashvili 3 days ago

    Do russians vs georgians lmao