Stop Complaining About Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going far above and beyond to be the best it can possibly be and there’s STILL people who are disappointed proving that you can’t please everybody even if you give them Simon Belmont and assist trophies like Zero, Knuckles, and Waluigi.
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  • Niklas Universe
    Niklas Universe 10 months ago +142

    5:47 You better not be talking shit about my main man *Lloyd's dad*

  • Akirafan99
    Akirafan99 2 months ago

    You guys REALLY hate Goku, do you?

  • Twisted Bonnie
    Twisted Bonnie 3 months ago

    Waluigi not in smash 5

  • Racinq
    Racinq 3 months ago

    He deserves way more appreciation and recognition for how hard he works

  • T-Bird
    T-Bird 3 months ago

    7:30 "Let's not fiend over smash 6"

    But... Smash Ultimate *IS* Smash 6! The 3DS version of Smash 4 has enough differences to be considered an entirely seperate game from the Wii U version.

  • wayne denham
    wayne denham 5 months ago


  • Gil Rosen
    Gil Rosen 5 months ago

    ""...and there's STILL people who are disappointed"
    Do you realize there's a difference between being disappointed and being ungrateful. I understand that it's not right to harass Sakurai, but people have the right to be disappointed. I understand you may get angry at people with different opinions than you, but they're just opinions.

  • TimboSlice083
    TimboSlice083 7 months ago

    What’s the weird boxing video at 7:00?

  • fat o.c.d
    fat o.c.d 8 months ago

    uganda knuckles knows dae wae
    uganda knuckles spits on you for dae queen
    uganda knuckles follow you now brudda
    uganda knuckles is now unlocked why you running

  • masterofbloopers
    masterofbloopers 8 months ago +2

    This, this, this! I used to be that guy that complained about assist trophies and the such, but then I realized that there’s 900+ songs, 100+ stages, and probably 80+ characters when it’s all said and done. To focus on one character is just not worth it. I am a huge fan of Waluigi and it upset me to find out that he’s an assist trophy once again. It upset me even more to hear people say he’s a joke character with a 0% chance of ever getting into Smash despite him being not only a Mario character, but the last unique Mario character that has yet to be added. Then I realized that Sakurai has worked so hard, bringing us so many good features and content, and we should show more gratitude for what he has already done rather than what he could do or should have done. Not to mention the fact that this time this could be the final Smash game, and will forever be ported over and over again with a few new fighters sprinkled in here and there. The man is clearly tired, and understandably so. No matter what he does, he can’t seem to catch a break. It’s never enough for some people. And the harsh reality is that negativity is louder and more noticeable than positivity, so this negativity Sakurai is experiencing is only amplified in his eyes. I wish him the best of luck in all that he does and that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is released without a hitch and is met with critical acclaim, because Sakurai deserves it.

    • FUgameCrue
      FUgameCrue  8 months ago +2

      Thanks! I think they over delivered in my opinion. I though it really was just gonna be Ridley, Inklings, and echo fighters at first and was happy but then they just kept adding more and more to the point of overkill....which isn't bad!

  • U Knighted
    U Knighted 9 months ago

    I'll never stop asking for Goku or Banjo-Kazooie

  • King Peepa
    King Peepa 9 months ago +1

    I actually want waluigi. Idc about memes

  • Zack E.
    Zack E. 9 months ago

    Kirby, smash, kid iccarus; this man needs a serious raise.

    So THAAAAAAATS why switch online is 20 bucks a year!

  • Cold_ Soup
    Cold_ Soup 9 months ago +1

    *_I just want fortnite default guy confirmed_*

  • Apiwit Wanichakunpituk
    Apiwit Wanichakunpituk 9 months ago

    Yeah! Listen to him
    I don't want Uganda knuckles in Smash,goku in Smash, and waluigi as playable! (damn this a lot)

  • Yukki
    Yukki 9 months ago

    Im just going to say something about Goku...He cannot be in the game no matter what! Also Funimation also tweeted a broly approaching tweet...some actual websites thought it was a REAL leak, as much as I want my girl Froppy in SSBU it can't happen. "But why can't they be in it? SCREEEEEEEEEE!" well it's because they haven't been originated from a video game...Sakurai explained they much be created as a video game to get in!

    • Yukki
      Yukki 9 months ago

      I want to also talk about Waluigi...Can he can get in to Smash? Yes he could but It is unlikely, like he said he is a MEME that's the only reason why you guys want him. But Waluigi is one of my FAVORITE Nintendo character's ever second to Diddy Kong. I have played with Waluigi in almost every sports game since Super Mario tennis 64! I now play Aces with Waluigi (Also Diddy when he is out.) But I'm just saying I'm not only here for the Memes, I won't lie I wanted to pull my hair out after seeing Waluigi get massacred by Marth. But we have to face It I truly think Sakurai needs a break, LOOK AT WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE FOR US! Also that leads to me saying...ITS NOT A FUCKING PORT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sly_Guy
    Sly_Guy 9 months ago

    Smash Bros. characters are from video games, Goku originated in an ANIME. (and yes I know Sakurai hasn’t confirmed if they NEED to be from games or not but I still don’t get why people want goku so bad) fight me

  • waltermelone
    waltermelone 9 months ago

    It’s more an ironic hate, since Waluigi is yet to be added.

  • NiccTheSlicc
    NiccTheSlicc 9 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I really want Waluigi, but I’m still so freakin’ greatful for everything Sakurai has done for us

  • Pixel Mash
    Pixel Mash 9 months ago

    Well, you are right about everything but you can't stop the complaints from everyone. Because soon enough, there is going to be more theories, memes, and rage posts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    PS: You referenced Pearl Harbor Bombing in the beginning of the video.

  • Troy1941
    Troy1941 9 months ago

    Mario, Luigi, and Wario are all soooo great, but Waluigi would complete it. How dare you say that we don't need him!

  • ACertainGoldEevee
    ACertainGoldEevee 9 months ago

    No matter what, fans are gonna find something to whine about. A lot of people don't understand the work that goes into getting all these characters from different companies, as well as balancing, bug testing, so on and so forth. I mean come on, we have more than 70 characters in a single fighting game and people are still unappreciative....

  • Tio Majin Buu
    Tio Majin Buu 9 months ago


  • Jeremie Nadeau
    Jeremie Nadeau 9 months ago

    Waluigi should be playable and it is NOT a joke 😤

  • poke tube awsome 101
    poke tube awsome 101 9 months ago

    You better not be talkin shit bout my waaaaaaa waluigi king

  • Jimmy Jon
    Jimmy Jon 9 months ago

    I saw a cunt who said it’s just a product. THEY CALL THEMSELVES A SMASH FAN... fuck them.

  • Rice Nauv
    Rice Nauv 9 months ago

    4:31 Yeah that Hentai-Game was pretty good. I played it too yeah. If u Need a link just ask me

  • Maxson At The Fort
    Maxson At The Fort 9 months ago

    The Waluigi for Smash meme needs to stop...
    Especially those idiots that praise Waluigi like a god or send death threats to Sakurai.

  • Toxic and salty aren’t insults Change my mind

    Yeah why don’t people just ask it’s more nicer and it makes more probability

  • SmokieTheDog
    SmokieTheDog 9 months ago

    Who else wants
    ░▄█▀▀█ █▀▄ ▄▀▄ █▄─█ ▄▀▀─ █▀▀──░▐█▀▄─ ▄▀▄ █▀▄──
    ░▀▀█▄▄ █─█ █─█ █─▀█ █─▀▌ █▀▀──░▐█▀▀▄ █─█ █▀█──
    ░█▄▄█▀ █▀─ ─▀─ ▀──▀ ▀▀▀─ ▀▀▀──░▐█▄▄▀ ─▀─ ▀▀───
    In smash ultimate?

  • Sparroww Rowand
    Sparroww Rowand 9 months ago

    Idk why but your mouth doesn't move right when you talk... 😓

  • Mellow
    Mellow 9 months ago

    If only Raiden and Zero were playable

  • Papyvic
    Papyvic 9 months ago


  • Shouto Todorokiはなせません

    Sakurai really needs a long rest once the game comes out.

  • LittleFireHD
    LittleFireHD 9 months ago +1

    I would love to play as waluigi... he represents the underdog and wants to be popular, but at heart he’s a big goofball. I wish he was in the game but I’m not out here harassing some poor guy who put his heart in soul in it.

  • Derpygamer11
    Derpygamer11 9 months ago

    Hope we get another Kid Icarus game after Smash Ultimate

    • Dan Z
      Dan Z 9 months ago

      Derpygamer11 N o

    • Derpygamer11
      Derpygamer11 9 months ago

      Also, *Goku for Smash Ultimate*

  • Scorpio strick
    Scorpio strick 9 months ago

    I want waluigi not cuz he's a meme cuz of the fact that mario, Luigi, and wario r in

  • ernesto chavez
    ernesto chavez 9 months ago

    Why in THE FUCK is the voice volume so low but your god damn static is so FUCKING LOUD???!!!!

  • DuoLingo Bird
    DuoLingo Bird 9 months ago

    Nice movie pass reference

  • Space Giraffe
    Space Giraffe 9 months ago

    K so I'm the only person who wants waluigi as a non meme fighter. Neat. Now he really has 0 chance.

  • EliasBobias
    EliasBobias 9 months ago

    You’re definitely wrong about people not really wanting waluigi. I and I think a lot of people grew up loving his personality in all the Mario kart and party games we grew up with or just played. He’s genuinely been my favorite mario character since I was like 7 and him being in smash would genuinely make me feel like it’s a perfect game. It’s been that way from the start

    • FUgameCrue
      FUgameCrue  9 months ago

      Not to self promote(I mean I am though) but I actually made a video response to this

  • John George
    John George 9 months ago

    lol troll time goku goku goku goku hehehe good video respect

  • the drawing man
    the drawing man 9 months ago

    The only reason he's not in cuz he would be the most op top tier character in the entire franchise

  • The Michael Of Rosen
    The Michael Of Rosen 9 months ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that kojima was sucking sakurai off?

  • Kazuhira Miller
    Kazuhira Miller 9 months ago

    Most people only wanted to play smash for these characters though that’s why people are pissed especially since they added Daisy instead of Waluigi

  • Christroyer
    Christroyer 9 months ago

    I hate people who criticize sakurai for not having shovel knight as a playable character. Just appreciate the fact that an indie game finally made it into smash.

  • DJ The Skeleton
    DJ The Skeleton 9 months ago

    WAIT.... WTF DID YOU SAY ABOUT WALUIGI!!! (Please note, this is a joke, I do truly wish waluigi would be in the game, but I will love Smash 5 anyway)

  • NickARam u know
    NickARam u know 9 months ago

    Why does nobody realize that the Waluigi for smash thing is a joke?

  • CTG_AverageJoe
    CTG_AverageJoe 9 months ago

    the only person we are missing now is Steve from Minecraft.

  • BlackBlazon
    BlackBlazon 9 months ago

    Waluigi has been an assist trophy for too long seriously we do want waluigi in as a playable character he’s apart of the mario brothers franchise as a whole and he’s never been recognized for his characteristics

  • BlackBlazon
    BlackBlazon 9 months ago

    Waluigi is not just a meme I legit want waluigi in! This is the last smash game! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING HIM OUT? SAKURIA WHYYYYYY

    • BlackBlazon
      BlackBlazon 9 months ago

      Also like we as a community thought we would get waluigi eventually in a future smash game but when people realized this IS the last smash game people start to really care for him to be playable

  • Destinyisanawkwardfailure :D


  • RazzWolf
    RazzWolf 9 months ago

    1:33 *FUCK Y O U*

  • Not So Gr8
    Not So Gr8 9 months ago +1

    i'm going to ignore the fact that you put ugandan knuckles in the thumbnail

    • FUgameCrue
      FUgameCrue  9 months ago

      People are mad that Knuckles is as assist trophy and Ugandan Knuckles, while a "dead meme", is still funnier than Regular Knuckles and is a lot more eye catching. That was my thought process anyway

  • President Pixel
    President Pixel 9 months ago +1

    I mean I would love to have Waluigi in smash but if he doesn’t get it that’s fine it’s still a good roster either way

  • Kdog 713
    Kdog 713 9 months ago

    6:35. ;)

  • squwuip
    squwuip 9 months ago +1


    *its ironic i swear*

  • G-K Awe
    G-K Awe 9 months ago

    But I didn’t want K rool. I need my purple nigga

  • Bathalicious18
    Bathalicious18 10 months ago

    I want waluigi in smash to play as not as a meme since i love waluigi. I was upset since he is an assist but not because he is a meme, i like waluigi. Wah

  • Guillermo Calvillo
    Guillermo Calvillo 10 months ago

    1:32 That shit hurts my *EARS*

  • Dylan McVillian
    Dylan McVillian 10 months ago


  • _ TheBigPig _
    _ TheBigPig _ 10 months ago

    Poor Sakuri, he puts all this hard work into this game just for us gamers and all he gets is people crying over a purple Luigi.

  • Bingo Bongo
    Bingo Bongo 10 months ago

    It's completely reasonable to be mad about waluigi getting the shaft for the third time in favor for some of the obscure characters.

  • DJHannibalRoyce
    DJHannibalRoyce 10 months ago

    U r so random. I love it😂😂😂

  • Soul17
    Soul17 10 months ago

    I don't know what the fuck that intro was... but holy fuck I fucking love it

  • _Ufearme
    _Ufearme 10 months ago

    GoKu FoR SmAsH

  • SeaTheAlchemyst
    SeaTheAlchemyst 10 months ago

    Sakurai has done way beyond what I had expected him to. This just shows that he cares about his fans. Yet a ton of them act like ungrateful children who didn’t get the exact toy they wanted for Christmas. It’s obnoxious to see negativity and especially since it’s before the game is even available to the public

  • Not actually Manson Pham
    Not actually Manson Pham 10 months ago +1

    The sad thing is that most of the characters they want won't even be good

  • Ultra Instinct Megaman
    Ultra Instinct Megaman 10 months ago

    5:58 ayooo wtf that's a dick.

  • Buzz Replayzz
    Buzz Replayzz 10 months ago

    We just want waluigi

    • FUgameCrue
      FUgameCrue  10 months ago +1

      Might I direct you to my newest video then?

  • Cedric Giyo
    Cedric Giyo 10 months ago

    Just let the guy make the game and buy it when it comes out for the love of God

  • Gomaco Pineapple
    Gomaco Pineapple 10 months ago

    I’m happy shovel knight is an assist trophy

  • proto
    proto 10 months ago

    1:32 unintentional jumpscare

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago

    Straight up, I just need banjo and kazooie and I won't even need another smash

  • Duckwah Nublet
    Duckwah Nublet 10 months ago


  • T0bz - 211
    T0bz - 211 10 months ago

    I will WAAAAAAH Forevermore

  • Waffle Foffle
    Waffle Foffle 10 months ago

    I really want waluigi in smash but i’m just hoping that he will be added
    I also singed the petition to add him but whats the harm in that

  • TSH
    TSH 10 months ago

    I think waluigi would fit really well in smash. But it's more then just that Waluigi deserves better.

  • Snes Bro 64
    Snes Bro 64 10 months ago

    DAMMIT USclip

  • CrazyMario
    CrazyMario 10 months ago

    I just want waluigi I do not care so much that I start anzalining chairs and tbh I would rather him not be in the game at all

  • CrazyMario
    CrazyMario 10 months ago

    No the chairs are skull kid

  • SomeGuy18
    SomeGuy18 10 months ago

    King K Rool was where the game won me. Ridley and inklings were good, but K Rool, and really, the rest of the second Direct made me satisfied with the game. I still have my hopes for characters (and while Waluigi was a hope for me the toxicity around getting him in killed my want, I'm just gonna hold out for a waluigi game one day) Anyways I had forgotten how bad the community in general gets, the launch is gonna be hell for sakurai cause people are probs gonna complain about "This character is broken" before anyone even learns the game. I'm still hyped tho and dammit Sakurai needs a nap or something the mans doing so much

  • Judith Nyx
    Judith Nyx 10 months ago

    Sakurai desreves a 5 year vacation with full pay

  • The Chosen Turtle
    The Chosen Turtle 10 months ago

    I do actually want waluigi because of how strange he is

  • Nic Nac
    Nic Nac 10 months ago

    I’m just saying I don’t want waluigi for the memes I think he will be a really good newcomer and have a bunch of wacky attacks but if he doesn’t get in oh well

  • Mr Bong Along
    Mr Bong Along 10 months ago

    Duck hunt dog: Only been in one game and all he did was hop in a bush and laughed at you when you missed. -added.
    Pichu: Just a random evolution from pikachu and not really a character for anything. -added
    R.O.B: Not even a game character but just a failed consol accessory. -added
    Dr. Mario: Only there for one weird spin off on tetris and not even playable in his own game. -added.
    Sooooooo Waluigi doesn't have enough to be a character whyyyyyy?

  • Adam Hennessy
    Adam Hennessy 10 months ago


  • Human Ratteler
    Human Ratteler 10 months ago

    Nintendo is going to get so much money from this game that they’re going to reach the maximum amount and the numbers will reset back at $1

  • Pylonade
    Pylonade 10 months ago

    I hope sakurai doesn’t backpedal on his choices because crybabies want him to. There’s already 70+ characters & people still have the audacity to complain that some purple freak isn’t in

    • Pylonade
      Pylonade 10 months ago

      I don’t hope waluigi doesn’t become a fighter, I hope sakurai isn’t pressured into making it happen because of these shitty “fans”. He’d have to change his inclusion as an assist trophy to a fighter (I meant “in” as in “on the roster”)

    • Sam
      Sam 10 months ago

      It's not backpedalling. Sakurai didn't decide to not put in waluigi, he just didn't decide to put him in.
      Obviously waluigi isn't gonna be in the game, because it's way too late for sakurai to change his mind, but why do you hope that he keeps a fan favorite character OUT of the game because a couple people are being dicks about it.

  • Rock
    Rock 10 months ago

    4:31 stop

  • Rock
    Rock 10 months ago

    Reminder 56% of ashley fans are pedos

  • ProBro X
    ProBro X 10 months ago

    The fact yu said waluigi shouldn't be in, but you go along with, zero, *bomberman,* and shovel knight...


  • Jaxon Moreno
    Jaxon Moreno 10 months ago

    When smash ultimate comes out the complainers will be purged and sakurai will watch the sun set on a grateful universe.

  • ShiNijuuAKL
    ShiNijuuAKL 10 months ago

    Is funny that when people don't like something that others like, they will just said "It's just a meme, a joke, is not possible that people are actually into something that I don't like that much"

  • Casey LaMarca
    Casey LaMarca 10 months ago

    This is entire video is just you complaining that other people don't agree that this game is the most perfect game ever.

  • Samuel Lopez
    Samuel Lopez 10 months ago

    I can really relate to the title like everyone is begging and saying "No Goku? Where's my waifu Goku? Please Goku!" Literally everyone wants Goku like dragon Ball Z fans do anyway.

  • Mello Squad_02
    Mello Squad_02 10 months ago

    Stop complaining about our complaining

  • Luke Newton
    Luke Newton 10 months ago

    Well said.

  • Bump3r
    Bump3r 10 months ago

    Honestly, I'm really hoping Waluigi doesn't make it.

  • ExoticKeko
    ExoticKeko 10 months ago

    Wanting a character is fine
    Being sad that your character doesn’t get in is fine
    Being sad that your character isn’t playable is fine as long as your a little happy he’s an assist trophy
    But being mad about a character not getting in isn’t okay
    And being mad he’s an assist is even worse