Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming.
    Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.
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Comments • 14 985

  • Ngawang NorbŰ
    Ngawang NorbŰ 2 hours ago

    Guys do you feel WIERD of korean culture that girls should be too much skinny....😶😶....SHE DESERVES TO BE MISS KOREA 😗😘😘

  • Micaela 미카엘라
    Micaela 미카엘라 6 hours ago

    I'd love to show this to my students. Would anyone be willing to add Korean subtitles? I'm not skilled enough ^ . ^ '

  • Tobe hero
    Tobe hero 8 hours ago +1

    Can't believe people have the nerve to actually say that stuff. She's literally my dream girl, not even joking.

  • Janine  Ferreras
    Janine Ferreras 8 hours ago

    I think shes beautiful more than the people who questioned her and doubt her.. and at the end of the day, those people are not gonna represent your country that you can do.. Dont mind them

  • Jungkookie with suga
    Jungkookie with suga 11 hours ago

    She’s literally 173cm and 59,8kg
    The other korean girls : oMg ovErwEigHt

  • S K
    S K 13 hours ago

    I am speechless...
    I just want to say I think there couldn't have been any better person who had deserved this title rather than you. You are really inspiring and humble. I think the judges found the diamond out of the ore.

  • Nix
    Nix 15 hours ago

    She was lovely.

  • Antoine Marques
    Antoine Marques 16 hours ago

    Her facial expressions remind me of JiU from DreamCatcher

  • Husna Ariffin
    Husna Ariffin 16 hours ago

    I'm 157cm (5'2) and I think I look the best weighing 48kg. how someone 170cm+ will look with weight is... ofc, I'm 10kg heavier now. I need to step up my diet and exercise game.
    edit: she's so pretty tho! I can see why she won that competition.

  • Samuel Runt
    Samuel Runt 17 hours ago

    I can't believe the interviewer is only 21 (?). He's such a daddy.

  • Samuel Runt
    Samuel Runt 17 hours ago

    What a beautiful woman. The way she speaks... ❤️

  • Cesar Barrantes
    Cesar Barrantes 18 hours ago

    She still cry. People are such a scumbags. Making ppl feel bad. Fck u all

  • Erva Naz Kıdık
    Erva Naz Kıdık 18 hours ago

    I thought she would be all plastic at first but.. SHE'S AMAZING, SHE DESERVED IT.

  • fack you
    fack you 18 hours ago

    wow.....just wow

  • rikitak digidigi di
    rikitak digidigi di 21 hour ago

    Korean girls seem to be so jealous,it's crazy to shame someone like that. Plus she's not beautiful, she's perfect.

  • 김메이
    김메이 22 hours ago

    I heard her comment and i had a chance to think again about how much i'm caring about my looking.
    And i didnt think even why our society make this beauty standard.
    And why we are in this standard situation. So i'll accept honestly me. Let's love myself!!

  • Dana Egizbaeva
    Dana Egizbaeva 23 hours ago

    She is very pretty

  • Dana Egizbaeva
    Dana Egizbaeva 23 hours ago

    Can you make interviews with Miss Japan, Miss China and with Miss Kazakhstan

  • Didier Depardieur

    There were much prettier contestants, but none were as intelligent, graceful and well spoken as her. Must be the American education

  • Rodela
    Rodela Day ago

    She is a gem

  • リシャブシャブ

    You should also interview Priyanka Yoshikawa (Miss Japan 2k16) She's Japanese and Indian and has a really intresting background about being half

  • Kacie Nguyen
    Kacie Nguyen Day ago

    I don’t like how you’re supposedly the most beautiful if you’re miss “insert country name here”... I think the title means being well rounded all over-? Like having a great personality, many talents, intelligence, and also being what is considered pretty, cuz no one wants a beautiful woman who’s also a useless thot who can’t do anything except model. BUT, it just so happens that this woman looks to me like a well rounded, incredibly kind person :)

  • fairytop1
    fairytop1 Day ago

    People are blind if they think she is not pretty......
    Now it's not good to fat shamed and its also not good to thin shamed ...
    I was thin shamed ally life

  • Born in Wales
    Born in Wales Day ago +1

    She's the most pretty and kind and brave Korea girl I've seen . Just ... Special . In her own way .

  • Vkookie's Fan fictions

    She is very pretty and I believe no matter how ft you are, you don’t need others to tell you, your weight.

  • rain asakil
    rain asakil Day ago

    korean standard for beauty is toxic! they want you to be perfect like duh no ones perfect we all have flaws. thats why korean are addicted to plastic surgery! PLASTICS!

  • rain asakil
    rain asakil Day ago

    I love her you know! she smart

  • Long Nguyen-Vu
    Long Nguyen-Vu 2 days ago

    She deserves this. Never seen any Korean girl this real (I've been living here for 5 years), maybe because she's mixed with the world outside (given that she'd been living abroad?)

  • Rob R
    Rob R 2 days ago

    I don't know any man who thinks 5'8" and 104 lbs is an ideal weight, only women who spend hours looking at fashion mags with severely anorexic models do.. Unfortunately any public figure has fans and anti fans and it doesn't take many critics to cause pain.

  • Jimin and Jungkook's Mcthighs

    I Guess in South Korea I'm chubby

  • emma bourgoin
    emma bourgoin 2 days ago

    She is so .....fresh she is pretty yes but something about her makes me feel she is fresh and kind and like....human ?

  • HighLander
    HighLander 2 days ago

    Their english is very good.

  • Arilyn
    Arilyn 3 days ago

    Seeing how strict Korean standards are, it makes me smile that someone with such positive energy won this competition. She is so beautiful but it doesn't go to her head, but she is very humble.

  • ања
    ања 3 days ago

    The fact that she is so down to earth and humble is the most beautiful thing she has

  • Space Case
    Space Case 3 days ago

    She is so beautiful and classy. Glad she won!

  • Chief Ȥʋels
    Chief Ȥʋels 3 days ago

    50kg limit?
    Its the weight of a 14 year old girl here. They must be kidding!

  • Levi Heichou
    Levi Heichou 4 days ago



    she doesn't even look like 55kg++. She is just perfect and good enough.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 4 days ago

    Those people who criticized you are idiot .

  • Dennis Weiss
    Dennis Weiss 5 days ago +1

    Thats so messed up ... that woman is so humble, down to earth, likeable and a natural beauty, but the public single-mindedness seems to be stacked against her. She isn't a controversial person at all, the system attacking her is the controversial point.

  • Sky Fajardo
    Sky Fajardo 5 days ago

    Proud to be Soomin's fan and friend ❤

  • pattychoi
    pattychoi 5 days ago

    She won beacause she is so natural beauty! I love her!

  • Laraib Naseer
    Laraib Naseer 5 days ago

    She is completely intelligent and an awesome

  • P B
    P B 6 days ago

    Not pretty enough to miss Korea? Yeesh, send her to the US, she's "pretty enough" to be miss anything.

  • Justin H
    Justin H 6 days ago

    Shes pretty but this video is boring af

  • Maria Simone
    Maria Simone 6 days ago +1

    I literally weight 47 - 50 kls. at my 163 cms. height and yet someone told me I am fat! Kidding me? This is the standard weight for a petite 5'3 feet woman. This is the standard heights and weights of a flight stewardess. I think Koreans should wake up from their sleep to reset the standard of one's beauty. For me beauty defines you by your heart and intelligence. Not the physical attributes that a plastic surgery can do and this young lady is too beautiful in and out. Intelligence is beauty

  • Yoda Ydyxz
    Yoda Ydyxz 6 days ago

    So how many nose surgery has she done?

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 6 days ago

    Wonderful lady, she is so excellent

    KIRSTEN PHOEBE TIU 6 days ago

    Overweight? Wtf.

  • Eldin Basani
    Eldin Basani 6 days ago

    Why is she so good at english

  • Ragini Pant
    Ragini Pant 6 days ago

    I can tell , by the way she's speaking that she's intelligent and has a beautiful heart. She truly deserves the title of Miss Korea. All those people who had body shamed her in the past are idiots who don't have any better things to do in life.

  • RichardJinny
    RichardJinny 6 days ago

    What's wrong with 50kg for a girl? Maybe in the west they like those 80kg half-men breeds.

  • Martin
    Martin 7 days ago

    I fell in love with her great sensible mind!

  • Europa Man
    Europa Man 7 days ago

    Beautiful girl !! If Korea wants to shame this Yellow Honey for a bit extra, just wait until Korea is shamed and forced into having Blacks as Miss Korea. Because, after all, nationality is disposable and anyone can be any ethnicity.

  • The Tears of Jungkook

    She’s so much more beautiful that she is being given credit for, she’s more than miss Korea tbh

  • Banita Clayson
    Banita Clayson 7 days ago

    Very shallow society.They should be ashamed.

  • Laila Reyes
    Laila Reyes 7 days ago

    She's so pretty and smart. People that called her ugly and fat are insecure. I doubt those same people can even get through the initial look test of Miss Korea Beauty Pageant.

  • Kevin Lim
    Kevin Lim 7 days ago

    This reflect a serious issue in the Korean society, and it needs to be changed for good, starting from the youngest generation. How on earth is she ugly? Shes gorgeous! And too fat? You serious? 173cm and 58kg is the perfect proportion! Read the good comments here and himnae!

  • Dipak Gogoi
    Dipak Gogoi 7 days ago

    60 kg is overweight zzz!!! What are ppl thinking? That's normal by all means!!

  • MamamooXAteez Trash
    MamamooXAteez Trash 7 days ago +1

    “Its Culturally okay to talk/judge other peoples looks in Korea” wow that explains ALOT about Koreans society. Personally as someone from the states talking about another persons looks for absolutely no reason is considered Taboo in a way. Wowww and I honestly would think to myself as I watched some Korean Shows at how mean they were being to eachother...this is insane. Yet very enlightening.

  • Abhiram Reddy
    Abhiram Reddy 7 days ago +1

    Soo, I love you.

  • Hello World
    Hello World 8 days ago +2

    What's wrong with these people? She's beautiful and so is her personality too.

  • normal woman
    normal woman 8 days ago

    pretty girl; w/ real tits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki Yin
    Nikki Yin 8 days ago +1

    But WHY didn't he offer he a tissue when she was crying?

  • Madchen Craig
    Madchen Craig 8 days ago +4

    So she’s controversial just how hyuna is “controversial”- just trying to push boundaries and open the minds of others 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Nelson Geada
    Nelson Geada 8 days ago

    10:34 she is crying and the man is looking with no emotion?? Im a professional.. lol but you still a human or not?
    No respect

  • Cannady Bell
    Cannady Bell 8 days ago

    All Asians really do look alike🤦

  • Glorytothegood
    Glorytothegood 8 days ago

    She's so brave for taking this challenge and sharing her difficult experience for broadcast and she is exactly how a pagent queen should be, beautiful, inspirational, confident, poise and smart.

  • M kell
    M kell 8 days ago

    Sometimes Korean are so desperate about the looks.... And many people don't accept themselves which God has made. Beauty can't be define by outside looks but inside and out. By the way she looks pretty, smart, well spoken and she really deserve it. Grow up people.

  • Louise Leite
    Louise Leite 8 days ago

    you go girl!

  • Vivienne Ly
    Vivienne Ly 8 days ago +1

    she’s so nice and pretty!!
    can we also give a shoutout to the judges for picking a girl who didn’t fit the unrealistic beauty standards

  • Silalahi Hylda
    Silalahi Hylda 8 days ago

    Beauty standart in korea is surely going to destroy their own beauty thing if they called this woman ugly and fat.
    Gosh, over 174 tall and weight 58 kg is faaat? That is ideal you dumbass.
    48 kg? That is so bones.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 9 days ago

    "I didn't prepare a speech" with a trololol face.
    she so won me over.

  • Tony Davies
    Tony Davies 9 days ago

    Shouldn't they have employed Female security guards ! ?

  • Soo ma
    Soo ma 9 days ago

    58.2 is being chubby in korea?? idk if i go there they will confused me with a hippo

  • Alison Georgia
    Alison Georgia 9 days ago

    I love her personality

  • BnTNetwork1
    BnTNetwork1 9 days ago

    As someone who has a fairly good understanding of the pressure Korean people are under regarding their looks and weight, I could not be more pleased that Soo Min won Miss Korea. She is beyond deserving of the title and the judges clearly knew what they were doing when they elected her the winner. She was meant for this platform. She was meant to inspire other young women in Korea to not only love themselves but to take CARE of themselves. I've been very passionate about Korean culture since 2008, and seeing not only celebrities but the general public hurting themselves trying to reach what they consider an "ideal" weight is painful to see, especially when they're already slender and beautiful. Soo Min, I do hate that you've had to deal with so much negativity following your win, but the impact you've had and will continue to have on others is inspiring. You are a step towards a healthier and more accepting Korea, and you should be very proud of yourself.

  • Marine Hanna
    Marine Hanna 9 days ago +2

    I think she's smart, graceful and beautiful to represent atleast 4 countries altogether. Tbh.

  • ebencipe
    ebencipe 9 days ago

    In the Philippines, if you are Ms. PH, you are well known by everyone as Filipinos are pageant lovers, that they even know other countries' winners.

  • Soniverse
    Soniverse 9 days ago

    I thought she used drugs or something that made her controversial😂

  • helena
    helena 9 days ago

    I'm happy that she's Miss Korea. She has a pretty face, and a pretty attitude, she's not like the others, she doesn't mind her weight, face, body, and accepts herself. I'm glad she won, and I hope she can renew the beauty standards of korea. She has the perfect weight for her height, and has a pretty face. I hope she doesn't mind those haters and inspire those young girls in korea, that you don't always have to follow the beauty standards to be perfect.
    ❤️ from 🇵🇭

  • maryel olguin
    maryel olguin 10 days ago

    Wow she is so nice and pretty, korea is lucky to have such a nice girl as Miss Korea

  • Li Xin Ru
    Li Xin Ru 10 days ago

    I think the judges encountered someone more genuine in 2018. She deserves the title, and it's amazing she remained calm in all the contests! The pressure of not winning made her shine onstage!

  • Can someone buy me bleach plz?

    “She is not pretty enough to represent Korea”
    Gurl I tell you if she ain’t pretty enough I’m a potato

  • Tyler Yoon
    Tyler Yoon 10 days ago

    I'd rather have a country who is skinny centric than fat accepting. Obviously, this level is extreme but these new fat models are letting people think that being obese is ok. And it's not, it is a guarantee that you will have a shorter life span and unhealthy living.

  • Lexus Laurito
    Lexus Laurito 10 days ago


  • Pupalina
    Pupalina 10 days ago

    She's gorgeous, brilliant and her personallity is charming!! She's too good for that audience!!

  • SSVida
    SSVida 10 days ago

    She alright... .... .... ... !!!!!

  • CherubiJubell
    CherubiJubell 10 days ago


  • City Light
    City Light 10 days ago +1

    I hope your parents see this positive side comment about you because they must know that you're so well raised, and i hope you and your parents not feeling hurt anymore
    And also... Goodluck with your goals, girll!!!

  • Lukaaa .-.
    Lukaaa .-. 10 days ago

    Omg my friends always tell me omg i love your body your skinny and Im 140😂 IN KOREA they would be like whatttt but its sad But then again I’m curvy and a large percentage of korean women dont have big butts or boobs not saying all dont

  • Marina Azores
    Marina Azores 10 days ago

    Who would ever look at this super skinny girl and think 'oh she's fat' like I'm not even sure how that works

  • Kreee Sqeeel
    Kreee Sqeeel 10 days ago

    Let’s be honest, anyone with clear skin is pretty

  • John Harbey Balase
    John Harbey Balase 10 days ago +1

    Korean srandard is too much and dangerous .

  • Zempro13
    Zempro13 10 days ago

    58 kg is my goal weight and I'm 10cm shorter xD

  • Surya Ziggy
    Surya Ziggy 10 days ago

    I think the korean society is the problem . Nothing wrong with her . Even hear her speak i can tell that shes smart so smarr . Shes pretty as well

  • Jessica Ho
    Jessica Ho 10 days ago +1

    Great interview. Very illuminating of what went on behind the scenes and the challenges faced.

  • Jessica Ho
    Jessica Ho 10 days ago

    She’s so eloquent and charismatic!

  • Brandon Fong
    Brandon Fong 10 days ago

    I'm a guy who is pretty close to her current stats, 176, 61 and wow I can't even imagine being called fat. The Korean standard is wild

  • Garima Uniyal
    Garima Uniyal 10 days ago

    I mean seriously this is the worst thing about Korean industry. For being fit or skinny you have to underweight I mean she is so tall and her weight is super less as dietitian words she should be more than that I am 5.3 and 54. And weight in our society doesn't count bone weight in our total having weight is not a problem but having extra body fat which lead to obesity etc