Dear Lazy People


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  • Rise Kujikawa
    Rise Kujikawa 5 days ago

    I've added this to my favourites, i think my mindset changed today, but it might get lazy again; having it in my favourites is like a reminder to me. 2:41

  • klik beet
    klik beet 8 days ago

    You're right. I'll change.
    But I'm sort off busy now so I'll start tomorrow.

  • 88tongued
    88tongued 10 days ago

    I think he's just an asshole using motivational guidance/inspiration as a pretext for being judgemental and punishing people with counterproductive anxiety and a sense of inferiority. The title of this video is an insult, and I reject the idea that this information needs to be conveyed via the antagonization of the viewer. There's a bad social precedent in doing that.

  • Ewwahh Eternus
    Ewwahh Eternus Month ago

    I watched this after your smoking video...
    I always tell myself i'll quit eventually in the future... this month no next..etc etc...
    But your video made me realize ...
    I really cant trust my future self...
    If i wont do it now then i probably wont do it later either...
    And thats really not good when it comes to quitting...
    Ill try and keep this in mind... and let you all know if it worked for me....
    Thank you for your insights.

  • Christopher Schiraldi

    you're right but I'm not going to change I mean I'm tired and I do a lot of things important things maybe I'll change in a week or month or year or two years I'll cross that bridge when I get there

  • kundai musonza
    kundai musonza Month ago

    Watching this video in bed LOL can’t even move a muscle . The only thing i can wake up for is a smoke and some pringles and maybe the remote 🤦🏽‍♂️......its a Sunday I promise tomorrow i will be a better guy

  • Shannone Valerina
    Shannone Valerina Month ago

    Then I will do it yesterday

  • Pluffs
    Pluffs Month ago

    Eh... I’ll watch this later

  • Guardwolf 34
    Guardwolf 34 Month ago

    Just do it, don't let your dreams be dreams and just do it.

  • moonji Munji
    moonji Munji Month ago

    I just don't believe this anymore in my life I've come to realise it's pretty much 80% genetic whether or not you're a failure, so many time I've seen people raised in the same house almost same age one turns into a loser other one very successful

  • David O'Connor
    David O'Connor Month ago

    Why cnt he say tommorow

  • John Boyle
    John Boyle Month ago

    I'll going to stop being lazy tomorrow...

  • Suresh Chaudhari
    Suresh Chaudhari Month ago

    I will watch half of video tomorrow or Later ;)

  • snowy lillop
    snowy lillop Month ago

    I sit and animate, so technically I'm still being lazy even though I'm still doing what I love

  • Quick to Zen
    Quick to Zen Month ago

    I love being told this for the 100,000th time. We’ve heard this thousands of times. I’ve tried all of these, they haven’t worked.

  • Eli Washington
    Eli Washington Month ago

    I'm lazy and proud.

  • Nick Bauserman
    Nick Bauserman 2 months ago

    I have the opposite problem. I need to make myself stop. If I don’t I get exhausted and that’s hard to recover from.

  • Idiotic Anthony
    Idiotic Anthony 2 months ago

    False motivation is better than no motivation

  • noe ferrufino
    noe ferrufino 2 months ago

    I hate this video this video will make u useless and the guy was being rude everyone has a right to be lazy or not 😡

  • Botram Duuze
    Botram Duuze 2 months ago

    You have Trump hair!

  • A User
    A User 2 months ago

    Thank you soo much for this Video , I really needed to hear that👍

  • hairy melon
    hairy melon 2 months ago

    It really b like dat...

  • Dr Crow
    Dr Crow 2 months ago

    I spent 5 out of my 6 weeks in bed. I had 6 weeks off and for 90% of it I haven’t left my bed. Shit.

  • Ayush Biswakarma
    Ayush Biswakarma 2 months ago

    Can you motivate me to

  • Neptune
    Neptune 2 months ago

    I escaped obesity and laziness while relying on my future self, which almost never failed me.
    Edit: I'm not joking

  • Yuiop Yams
    Yuiop Yams 2 months ago

    Laziness is slightly different than procrastination

  • Will Burns
    Will Burns 2 months ago

    Good stress makes me do it last minute. Thanks future self

  • Alegoless
    Alegoless 2 months ago

    Dear Lazy People,
    If only there were more people like you, we would have world peace.

  • Karma Pakhrin
    Karma Pakhrin 2 months ago

    I saved the video to watch tomorrow morning

  • Haseeb Rehman
    Haseeb Rehman 2 months ago

    I literally found this video in watch later playlist

  • Achilis Dragoon
    Achilis Dragoon 2 months ago

    Thanks bruh!

  • Abdul Alquiae
    Abdul Alquiae 2 months ago

    Thanks great lesson woow😥

  • Divinity Potato
    Divinity Potato 2 months ago

    M8 fuck u, I said I was “gonna do my homework tomoz coz I couldn’t be bothered today”, and I did.

  • ramsy420
    ramsy420 2 months ago

    you don't have to tell me that i am the problem. if i wanted to hear that, i could just read mainstream newspaper

  • omar man444
    omar man444 2 months ago

    Repeat that again

  • DarMarcus-t
    DarMarcus-t 2 months ago +1

    I’ll watch this tomorrow

  • Mellon1222 oakes
    Mellon1222 oakes 2 months ago

    I'll do that tomorrow

  • Pokie
    Pokie 3 months ago

    Me: okay ! So after this video i’m going outside because it’s been days since I’ve got outside. ( because of my lazyness )
    *finishes video*
    Me: how about tomorrow ?

  • Drakulian Thomasson
    Drakulian Thomasson 3 months ago +1

    If you never seem to have any motivation to do anything at all then that so-called "laziness" is more than likely serious clinical depression for which you should seek professional medical help.

  • Zeerious Beeswax
    Zeerious Beeswax 3 months ago

    Fool your brain by thinking and telling yourself you're not gonna do it and then at the very last minute do it. Your brain won't even know what hit it. Also - get angry and do all the things you don't feel like doing out of spite. Spite is a great energy source. Fuck you,dishes.

  • Jool
    Jool 3 months ago


  • Putu  Widyasena
    Putu Widyasena 3 months ago

    do something now that your future will thanks for :)

  • vicky hunter
    vicky hunter 3 months ago

    Am lazy to comment on this video

  • 美しい死yas
    美しい死yas 3 months ago +1

    Thanks man this was so much better than therapy.

  • Kian L
    Kian L 4 months ago

    Called dear lazy people; gets 1,000,000 views...

  • Mee Moy
    Mee Moy 4 months ago

    He's confusing depression with laziness.

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 4 months ago

    A lot of the wealthy people achieved things because they're lazy. Many other materialistic people don't because they're lazy. Lazy can be good and/or bad, it's both.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G 4 months ago

    This guy looks like he hasn’t slept in 2 days lol

  • antoni borzymowski
    antoni borzymowski 4 months ago +1

    Anyone who is lazy write 'me' under this comment.

    I assume the rest were just too lazy to write it...

    • Pokie
      Pokie 3 months ago

      antoni borzymowski uhh m- 😴😴

  • Oscar Soto
    Oscar Soto 4 months ago

    When you mentioned that your future self is lazier, you changed my life because you just helped me realize what procrastination is. Thank you so much for this video👏

  • Kobbass And Co
    Kobbass And Co 4 months ago

    Thank you.

  • SlipperyJypsie
    SlipperyJypsie 4 months ago

    Telling yourself "it isn't a priority" instead of "I'll do it later" is the best advise of this video and the best advise I've heard in a really long time, thank you!

  • Oracle Ra
    Oracle Ra 4 months ago

    These comments are hilarious

  • This Humanoid Musician
    This Humanoid Musician 4 months ago

    I'm not even a lazy person but this video is useful! 🌈

  • deagleninja
    deagleninja 4 months ago

    I'm not going to wear a condom today
    I'm not going to wear a condom tomorrow!
    whew I feel better already

  • Mikkall
    Mikkall 4 months ago +1

    I'm tired. So shut up and go shave your peach fuzz.

  • Dileep Reddy
    Dileep Reddy 4 months ago

    Ok google😂😂

  • Wuvvle
    Wuvvle 4 months ago

    hmmmm i will watch this tomorrow :/

  • Some Asshole
    Some Asshole 4 months ago

    I needed to hear this so bad rn lol. Finally started doing some work today I've been procrastinating with forever. Thank you Mitch.

  • Manuel Velasquez
    Manuel Velasquez 4 months ago

    I’ll just think about this tomorrow.

  • Smok 2112
    Smok 2112 4 months ago


  • Rayan Rostam And the Rostam Roosters

    This is so true.. didn't learn the easy stuff at school and now it's harder and Harder..

  • chinh pham
    chinh pham 5 months ago


  • A.J Collins
    A.J Collins 5 months ago

    I dont deserve to be called out like this

  • Artist In Progress
    Artist In Progress 5 months ago

    OMG * MIND BLOWN *!!!!!!

  • ItsDraconia
    ItsDraconia 5 months ago

    Ok, this made me go study.
    Thanks. x3

  • Huniee
    Huniee 5 months ago

    Next video: DEAR OTAKU PEOPLE

  • FTG Elmun
    FTG Elmun 5 months ago

    im too lazy to watch this video

  • Steven
    Steven 5 months ago

    DAMN my mind is purified

  • Parti Cloud
    Parti Cloud 5 months ago

    Me watching when I am soposed to be asleep

    I will tidy my room after watching my 63rd video

    Yea it’s 2 in the morning”only five minutes “

    6:30 in the morning “OH CRAP MY ALARM WENT OF...”

  • Parti Cloud
    Parti Cloud 5 months ago


  • Three Jewels
    Three Jewels 5 months ago

    All this does is freak my anxiety out. My executive ordering dysfunction looks like lazy, but I literally cannot process. This video makes me feel like crap. I have multiple degrees, a business, two other jobs, and I still feel like I'm not motivated, and this just made it worse. Thanks guys!

  • nilgün ışık
    nilgün ışık 5 months ago

    There is a saying in Turkish: never leave todays job to tomorrow

  • Olivia Foley
    Olivia Foley 5 months ago


  • jkuy
    jkuy 5 months ago +1

    Easier said than done...

  • cockoroach
    cockoroach 5 months ago

    All of this falls into the age old category of motivation. Most people who need this kind of motivation will never be happy with the outcome. I've looked and felt amazing being thin. I've also felt more amazing and been less healthy and not as thin, but also wished I was as thin as I used to be. Being healthy doesn't necessarily mean being thin. Finding YOUR healthy balance is hard, but once you do something amazing happens.. it no longer bothers you!!

  • Ryel Eduave
    Ryel Eduave 5 months ago

    Proverbs 14:23 King James Version (KJV)
    In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.

  • Under Draws
    Under Draws 5 months ago

    Damn,i cant even my goals in random games,im like setting this goal in that game,then ill be "nah,i got time on my hands",but i eventually give up,and i even start getting lazy doing what i want to do,its like when i get lazy doing something its like something is pulling me back,alot,i have this feeling that makes me stop doing that,and i am like "you can fight it",but that thing weighs me down so much i give up

  • Naan Bread
    Naan Bread 6 months ago

    Never trust your future se-

  • J Had
    J Had 6 months ago

    Sometimes my future self does its job. But i understand and love the message

  • Ben s
    Ben s 6 months ago

    i owe you one.

  • Alfani Maulana
    Alfani Maulana 6 months ago

    It makes me stopping the video because i want to go to sleep now, not tomorrow.

  • CountRising MoonStar
    CountRising MoonStar 6 months ago

    (I’m lazy)

  • Yael Benko
    Yael Benko 6 months ago

    I am not a lazy person, that I know for sure. But in the last six mothns I have really let myself down, physically and at school as well, I have been very lazy for the last six months and finding it really really hard to get back to my productive, not wasting time self. This video really makes me think about how I handle my time and what I am doing with myself for the last six months. Those rules are really making me think and try to be again a productive person. I loved them so much I printed them and hanged them above my study desk to motivate me to start taking school serious again and doing things on time!(I wish I could add a picture of them in this commont ☹ ) Thank you for this video and those rules, I will try my best to take them as an everyday motto and rules to live by. 💕


    But I’m a child I can’t do anything!!! 😟

  • Midnight Willow
    Midnight Willow 6 months ago

    I... Don't think this will help

  • Gvidas Mintinis
    Gvidas Mintinis 6 months ago +1

    Dusk pienini usiuk tu krv

    ADZIM GAMING 6 months ago

    Wooow im not lazzy i only laaazy at home work hous hate home work say lame!

  • Mr_K3vin R
    Mr_K3vin R 6 months ago

    Anyone who had HALFWAY decent parents were taught this at age 13.

  • Xero14
    Xero14 6 months ago

    "Don't ever trust your future self because if you won't do it today, you won't do it tomorrow."
    Mitchell Moffit
    Some things can't be changed in-the-moment, so sometimes we are forced to trust our future selves... as long as we have a plan for change.
    What will you do differently for next time that will allow you to change the end result? You may trust your future-self if and ONLY if you have a plan to change the condition that initially caused the undesirable result. He is right on that you shouldn't trust yourself if you won't identify and alter your condition that's preventing your happiness.
    Try to get angry after you make that plan if you can... Anger is an important emotion that people often skip over in fear that it will cause more problems. However, anger supplies us with the much needed motivation to change ourselves and overcome the fear that we have that our past is dictating and ultimately defining our future.
    Sadness is only a good trait for communication, once you've communicated that something must change and you have a new plan for success then it is time to get angry. Let this anger carry you through the battle and may you come out victorious for a happier better future you.

  • Livie
    Livie 6 months ago

    I'm triggered

  • Naso4265
    Naso4265 6 months ago

    2:46 I wont go to school today, I'll do it tomorrow, expecialy considering the fact that it's 9:30 PM

  • Kat M
    Kat M 6 months ago

    I read this title as "Dear Kat" lololol

  • Denis Edwards
    Denis Edwards 6 months ago

    Im procrastinating work rn so idk if I should keep watching or quit...

  • Takohm The Destroyer
    Takohm The Destroyer 6 months ago

    Too long, I'll finish watching this tomorrow

  • m16
    m16 6 months ago

    What a stupid video

  • Nandi Pathefinder
    Nandi Pathefinder 6 months ago

    Another trick I like is to claim this I actually Have to do and shift from when to how. Would I rather do it now while I am bored or stress about last minute. Would I rather go to a co working space or do it by myself.

  • chrissmithy01 Saddington08

    I am 59 and a smoker. I was active until my mid fortys and now I am just a lazy............well you get it. Now for the last four '- five months I started to walk l, gradually getting better at it by going further knowing it's not a competition but something I have to do. I have a car wich I need as my brother is in care and I need to get there by car. Having a car before I started walking was making me very lazy, I don't know if anyone can be like this for ie:I would drive to shop and get food etc but when I got home living two storeys up I was actually panicking as to the thought of having to carry the bags upstairs!and into the flat absolutely getting so worked up and saying to myself that it will be over soon and I can rest !I really hope I am not alone in this. Anyhow I start walking and the feeling would gradually go. Even now I wanted to wash car ad it was embarrassing both inside and out but I finally pushed myself into doing it, when I got outside I did feel a little better but not to go on and on, I finally finished inside and out and was so pleased. It's like a pool of water that's drinkable but if you leave it it stagnate and really that's how I was feeling as well as tired, stressed, all that goes with being lazy I suppose. If anyone does read this, take it from me if your just left a job or something similar and think Yes.....Time to relax and just do NOTHING !! Please don't let it make you Lazy as, it will crush you in the end and depending on the time being idle I think it could defiantly lead to even 'Death' at its worse, just a feeling I wouldn't want anyone to go through. TC. 😵

  • Ninja Sushi
    Ninja Sushi 6 months ago

    God your face is memeable.

  • WitterCritter
    WitterCritter 6 months ago

    I have nothing to do