Betsy DeVos Struggles In Interview On Education | The View


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  • tigress63
    tigress63 11 days ago

    I am so proud to be Canadian! Candada has a one of the best educational systems in the World Education Rankings, excellent healthcare and on the whole when you have those two things going for you, I must admit I feel extremely fortunate. To watch what is happening in the US and to see segments like this, you just shake your head. Instead of them talking about it with no real productivity, why don't they DO something about it. Organize a bipartisan association or consortium for education! At the very least, they could organize a rally for education across the country and for one day instead of people watching television take the time to invest for the future generations before all is lost.

  • Ruth Lishanu
    Ruth Lishanu 19 days ago

    😂 that's the woman in charge of education in the US ....miss idk ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the irony

  • Nolafan77
    Nolafan77 20 days ago

    She came off as 'Foghorn Leghorn' in that interview!!!

  • Israel T.
    Israel T. 21 day ago

    I think she a robot 🤖 🤣 smhh

  • T R
    T R 26 days ago

    Betsy devils is out of touch with reality of many. Sonny you were in danger of becoming a statistic yet you said that your mom was a teacher????????? Haha

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 29 days ago

    Taking food out of the mouths of poor students and giving it to the rich will not solve the problems of American education. Betsy DeVos is not qualified to make decisions in an area where her only expertise is conning federal funding out of the hands of the poor right into her own pockets. Betsy DeVos: Degrees Я Us.

  • thomas gordin
    thomas gordin 29 days ago

    you are not who you say you are mam really old mahoney's old lady

  • mimi a
    mimi a Month ago

    Please get rid of Meghan she is always off topic!

  • Will Hesemann
    Will Hesemann Month ago

    How is she still in the White House?

  • Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott Month ago

    Yeah maybe you should you freak of nature.

  • Louis Anthes
    Louis Anthes Month ago

    Megan McCain is so fat. But then, so are a couple of her co-hosts.

  • ziegle9876
    ziegle9876 Month ago

    ABOLISH the Department of Education.

  • AntPDC
    AntPDC Month ago

    This Meghan, whoever she is, looks and sounds like one of Littlefinger's employees from Flea Bottom...

  • gracie1508
    gracie1508 Month ago

    Lol I love Joy!

  • James Pharris
    James Pharris Month ago

    Thanks for fighting for the innovators.

  • Fabian Gomez
    Fabian Gomez Month ago

    Sooooo, the solution is to close all public schools and send all the kids to private schools? Is that her point?

  • Non Mirage Truth Vision

    Betsy DeVos has done more positive things for schools then all of these women combined.

  • Tom greifzu
    Tom greifzu Month ago

    Just like another one of Trumps candidate, DeVos has proven shes not smart or even competent to be Education Secretary. Start giving these candidates competency testing before confirming them, and not just a pulse. This is ridiculous to say the very least. How Republicans can except these flunky candidates is not surprising, because they are Afraid of Trump. The (R) senators want their job and health benefits. If they go against Trump, he'll come down on them with verbal abuse. They don't want to lose the good thing they got going. They don't have a backbone to stand-up against him.

  • dietlamp
    dietlamp Month ago

    Megan “Straw-man Argument” McCain

  • Anthony T
    Anthony T Month ago

    4:30 Obama has arnie duncan who has "uh uh uh uh uh uh". Talk about choking. Anyway there have been way more school shootings under arnie duncan sooooo. Whatevs

  • Lisa Wood
    Lisa Wood Month ago

    Obvious Republicans do not care for our Public Education. Betsy Devos is a horrible joke

  • Giovanna Greeff
    Giovanna Greeff Month ago

    I mean, many other countries do year round schooling and they're at those schools much longer than our country if I'm not mistaken. I'd have to go look again.

  • Mad Penguin
    Mad Penguin Month ago

    Disgusting how the likes of Betsy DeVos has her position of United States Secretary via her familys $ billions. Why do such people have these jobs????? Ordinary people should run our countries!

  • ivybaby66
    ivybaby66 Month ago

    If you're not white, wealthy with a penis, trump doesn't give a sh!t about you....his views on women, thepoor and minorities is ample proof of sad...

  • Joel Schwerd
    Joel Schwerd Month ago

    its not the fact that she didn't prepare for that interview...the fact is that....SHE IS NOT AN EDUCATOR...SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM AT ALL.... she is just somebody that knew somebody that got her the job she is not qualified to happens all the time...NOW TO HAVE IT HAPPEN IN OUR GOVERNMENT AND TO THIS EXTENT IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS....mob voice:"how did I get this job...I know a guy" shrugs shoulders, winks.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Month ago

    What I really dislike about Meghan on this show is that she is arguing just to argue. No matter what happens, she is going to have a defence for the republicans in the story.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Month ago

    I’m really gonna miss Sara, she is so educated on every point and speaks so well.

  • Sharon Needles
    Sharon Needles 2 months ago +1


  • Lord Cinder
    Lord Cinder 2 months ago

    Aren't we 38th in math and science simply because our school system is organized differently than other countries?

  • Alberto
    Alberto 2 months ago

    I love Megan but I don’t care about your friend from brunch yesterday morning.

  • crv
    crv 2 months ago

    Meghan. Your friend isn't in charge of the ENTIRE country's educational system. Your argument is absurd and your friend is irrelevant. It's really as simple as that. I swear the View just keeps this woman around to make Republicans look stupid.

  • guy man
    guy man 2 months ago

    what I don't understand is if charter schools are better, if private schools are better, why doesn't the republican congress and president institute at least some of their policies? one being smaller class size.

  • Cat Kay
    Cat Kay 2 months ago

    Goodness! What a joke!

  • Jack Guthrie
    Jack Guthrie 2 months ago

    Has Meghan ever taken a Statistics course? She said that charter schools dropped felony convictions in Milwaukee. Is she saying that one causes the other and that’s been proven? If so, I’d love to see her research because it sounds like she’s out of her mind.

  • Devyn Carter
    Devyn Carter 3 months ago

    Meghan is ridiculous. "He's a good friend of mine...", "She's a good friend of mine...". Stop trying to convince us you have friends! You're still annoying.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 3 months ago

    Why is Meghan McCain like this...? Uggggggghhhh...

  • Nicole Jarel
    Nicole Jarel 3 months ago

    Megan’s every opener: I have a friend..., I had a call with a friend..., I had brunch with a friend..., I have friends..., FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS!!!

  • Albert L
    Albert L 3 months ago

    Megan conveniently always has brunch with a good friend whose sole purpose is to generalize one individual experience into a broader topic.

  • Shelly Howard
    Shelly Howard 3 months ago

    I love how conservatives always defend their blunders and lack of knowledge and utter stupidity. Betsy DeVos could care less about education she just wanted a title.

  • William Islander
    William Islander 3 months ago +1

    Always with the twisted phony smile.

    • Alysha D
      Alysha D 3 months ago

      William Islander I know right?

  • metube
    metube 3 months ago

    Meghan knows nothing about this topic yet is loud and obnoxious about it

  • metube
    metube 3 months ago

    Yes sunny.

  • TheDark Nite
    TheDark Nite 3 months ago

    Another billionaire retard nominated by Trump. Wow, her IQ must be around 20

  • Co Cricklewood
    Co Cricklewood 3 months ago

    Who is this ditzy dumb bleach blonde? She's utterly obtuese! Or deaf dumb and blind

  • Tom H.
    Tom H. 3 months ago

    She may be a twit, but she's still smarter than Trump.

  • Charles Shannon
    Charles Shannon 3 months ago

    As a public school teacher, I prefer Betsy DeVos leadership for national education over the people on "the View".

  • Farhia Hussein
    Farhia Hussein 3 months ago +3

    Meghan at 3:38. That's all I have to say.

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy 3 months ago

    Betsy is stupid. Fire her. She bought that position for a few million donation. Refund her and send he packing. Save America Now

  • Matthew Galter
    Matthew Galter 3 months ago

    The virtue signaling is hilllllllarious

  • Nick Benson
    Nick Benson 3 months ago

    I can’t believe this woman is in charge of my student loans. Jesus cow tipping Christ.

  • TheNaturalust
    TheNaturalust 3 months ago

    Sonny is a dumb lady, what she describes is exactly what DeVos is championing. Parental choice. These ladies are not well informed or have the ability to go deep on isues like this.

  • XYXZProductions
    XYXZProductions 3 months ago

    Has she ever had a good interview

  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio 3 months ago

    hiring the least educated person in America as minister of education,....
    what moron thought that would be a great idea,...
    ow wait,... that moron,...

  • Chris Fjelde
    Chris Fjelde 3 months ago


  • Fred Derf
    Fred Derf 3 months ago

    Charter schools are just a method designed so that rich people can take government money and get richer, they have nothing to do with teaching children. Particularly nothing to do with teaching underprivileged children. Those people that don't understand that and support them because they think they will separate the "good" (i.e. white) students and give them a good education while the "bad" (i.e. minority) students are left to struggle in an broken public school system.

  • Gambit8228
    Gambit8228 3 months ago +1

    do you know she had brunch yesterday

  • Sergio Lobato
    Sergio Lobato 3 months ago

    Trump and his cronies and fear mongering agenda are a direct​ result of our declining educational system.

  • lyni50
    lyni50 3 months ago

    Education is the great equalizer. That’s precisely why our government won’t adequately fund it. Equality is not their goal.

  • 0sum gamezzz
    0sum gamezzz 4 months ago

    Every argument by liberals regardless of topic always comes down to, "And who will be affected the most ---- the poor and the most vulnerable, blah, blah, blah." Why not say something like, "Lots of you little ho's out there screwing at age 12, get your asses on the pill, and make sure that boy you just met 5 minutes ago is wearing a rubber, or do like the muslim girls and not screw until marriage."

  • RockLover007
    RockLover007 4 months ago

    Another white conservative accidentally spilling her natural retardation

  • Brenda LaprinceGoogle next

    Betsy Devoss is a big dummy. She has no business in that position.
    The schools are in enough trouble.

  • Ida Rum
    Ida Rum 4 months ago

    If she'd of been public schooled, Secretary Devos might not have lost so many millions through her Theranos investment.

  • Anne ONeill
    Anne ONeill 4 months ago

    Im calling on Betsy as a mother and as an American to do the right thing and step down so that some who actually cares about children in this country can step in and do something of value for those who will be our future.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    you don't have to go to under performing schools to know why they are under-performing. all the data in terms of subject mastery and assessments, negotiated labor contracts and attendance data, student teacher ratio etc. it's all available at every central administration building in every school district in every state. but with that said, mrs. devoss doesn't convey the sense that she has a clue about how to understand and utilize the available data to make any changes that may be needed. also, she doesn't seem to understand what if anything she as sec of ed. can do to address any issues that come up.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 4 months ago


  • Sean T
    Sean T 5 months ago

    I don't watch The View but wow they did a good job discussing the incompetence of Devos

  • Patty Smith
    Patty Smith 5 months ago

    Amusing how the moronic appearing, Sunny Hostin, tauted that having a "Doctorate in Education" automatically guarantees that an educator possesses morals, standards, values and principles.
    Florida school district to pay $3.6 million after blaming third-graders for being molested by teacher

  • Orange Cheetolini
    Orange Cheetolini 5 months ago

    Seed of Satan

  • Wayne Dooley
    Wayne Dooley 5 months ago

    Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. But it's ridiculous to offer a position on a topic you have not experienced or at least KNOW some one personally who has.

  • Ed Bear
    Ed Bear 5 months ago

    Stupid people don't deserve funding....just get back to work in the mines!

  • Carlo Beecroft
    Carlo Beecroft 5 months ago

    You might have a valid argument Meghan, but you don't need to shout.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 5 months ago

      Carlo Beecroft
      She doesn't have a valid point, that's why she's shouting.
      Seriously, fact check her.

  • katakisLives
    katakisLives 5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that Betsy DeVos opposes the existence of the public school system on ideological grounds, the right wing strategy for education and its current spokesman Betsy DeVos are both the problem

  • indianrunner70
    indianrunner70 5 months ago

    betsy de vos is trash, pure trash.

  • Enrique C
    Enrique C 5 months ago

    Betsy DeVos should hold a town hall so that the school system can be improved.

  • Timothy Duffy
    Timothy Duffy 5 months ago

    Betsy Devos is a good reason for liberals to encourage children of conservative households to rebel against their parents.

  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    Hahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahahahahhaahhahahhahaahahahahahahaha she’s slow as molasses

  • NoOne Alive
    NoOne Alive 5 months ago

    Meghan has a friend for every conversation.

  • Eaton Asher
    Eaton Asher 5 months ago

    Wow. Meghan is a complete dolt XD She COMPLETELY missed the point...

  • Not Me
    Not Me 5 months ago

    man, blonde girls are and will always be the dumbest person in the room.

  • jermaine greely
    jermaine greely 5 months ago

    What's conservative means? This call conservatives are trying to spin an issues to seem she like she's defending other Republicans. They need to remove her from their she.
    She's trying to get points her campaign starts.

  • alexisation
    alexisation 5 months ago

    Why hasn't the illuminati sacrifice them beats me

  • Chris
    Chris 5 months ago

    A good point is made that many students aren't able to take advantage of school choice, but the main reason for this was missed, transportation. Most parents can't transport their kids to schools, and charters and private schools don't usually bus. The regular public schools become schools of poorer kids, typically have more behavioral problems and teachers don't want to work there. The schools become more and more unequal, benefiting those coming from wealth.

    TAO DUH 6 months ago

    Turkey necks.

  • Herbie Shevers
    Herbie Shevers 6 months ago

    Full stop. Betsy Prince DeVos bought her position with her family’s money. Wants to be called Secretary DeVos without doing the work. Period.

  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez 6 months ago

    Megan always seems so hostile.... Ughhh wish I could skip through the parts where she talks

  • Divya Pyngrope
    Divya Pyngrope 6 months ago

    Gawwdd.. Megan is so irritating!!!

  • Bruce Gately
    Bruce Gately 6 months ago

    Now we know that Betsy deVos is in that position because her crook brother has been doing deals with the Russians for Trump. She could be a King Charles spaniel and still be there. Her brother is the clue.

  • supergirl089dr
    supergirl089dr 6 months ago

    😂 this lady is a joke

  • maria G
    maria G 6 months ago +1

    Megan tries to open peoples' minds to ideas beyond the group think. She is of the opinion I'm sure , that we waste money on public schools without any return! How many of you actually think public education is doing justice to students!??? How many people come out of public schools being able to read and write well, to think critically?? That is the larger point and she was trying to get to that but again it's the view-- and the viewers of that show expect FLUFF, as most of the comments here reflect. Keep up the good work Megan!!!!!

  • hum
    hum 6 months ago

    Teachers say then can treat children with mental illnesses? Prove it by
    overcoming their own mental illnesses do that with less funding.

  • Brian Cheng
    Brian Cheng 6 months ago +1

    "The best people" Trump said. Man our country is a living joke.

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 6 months ago

    Cut Military Spending by at Least Half and spend money on Education, Housing, Mass Transit, even Space Programs. We don't need all the Trillions of Dollars spending on the MIliary when we don't have any Major Foes now.

  • dmiller5978
    dmiller5978 6 months ago

    Say goodbye Meghan. Time to dump her, View.

  • Lion Cow
    Lion Cow 6 months ago

    Megan I agree with you but your dad voted yes

  • Stephen Mack
    Stephen Mack 6 months ago

    Ms. McCain is first nepotism's child! Who says that there is a 'debate to be had' which is the a crude apologetic for the Charter School Swindle. Just one of a myriad of reports on this scandal of wasted public funds. Google it!
    Ms. McCain is the apologists in residence for 'Conservatism' that has no actual relation to actual Conservatism!

  • Mia Harmon
    Mia Harmon 6 months ago

    Does she prepare herself for anything?

  • C Gibbons
    C Gibbons 6 months ago

    I knew Betsy DeVos was not bright, but I didn't know she was this Stupid. She needs to go back to Amway.

  • mk toohtwo
    mk toohtwo 6 months ago

    Hey- McCain...Go Back To Brunch, Okay Sweetie...?

  • gjozefi
    gjozefi 6 months ago

    Has public education been in a good state anytime before Devos? Please. Regardless of her not knowing her job she can't make public education any worse.

  • Steve Ottenad
    Steve Ottenad 6 months ago

    I call BS - 620 billion ? more like $62 billion. She probably got that mixed up with our military budget.