Betsy DeVos Struggles In Interview On Education | The View

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018

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  • Jew Shirls
    Jew Shirls 52 minutes ago


  • carol gancos
    carol gancos 4 days ago

    Shut-up, idiot Megan!!

  • Bill Fotsch
    Bill Fotsch 8 days ago

    The only thing Whoopie got right is, "Call me crazy" She and the rest of the "experts" on the view should read this WSJ article from earlier this week:
    This is the educational mess that these liberals and the teacher's union have created. Time for a huge dose of reality and humility.

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick 10 days ago

    Betsy DeVos wants only private schools. But public ones are often better.

  • Marcy Brown
    Marcy Brown 16 days ago

    exactly correct! if you want to see just how bad DeVos is, check out USclip. you'll be appalled.

  • Olaf Potato
    Olaf Potato 20 days ago

    She forgets to mention as to what please Defector for these children from behind even though they are getting some resources and that is that program No Child Left Behind remember that one folks that meant that every child will getting passing grade regardless if they pay attention or not, just so they can keep getting that funding. Big Corporation controlling the back ends?

  • Taylor Delma
    Taylor Delma 24 days ago

    Oh god don't tell me that she's one of those blonde's

  • Mr. Snrub
    Mr. Snrub 25 days ago

    Betsy is the PERFECT representative of the Trump's administration idea of edumacashun.

  • Britts Artistry
    Britts Artistry 26 days ago

    Can someone explain the benefits charter schools compared to public schools? Before you reply, include in your answer, the reason why they can’t make public schools like charter schools? Why segreg... I mean, separate?

  • BigEragon
    BigEragon 27 days ago

    Let’s not forget everyone that every school Betsy DeVos visits gets worse!

  • Chris D Costello
    Chris D Costello 27 days ago

    She doesn't do her homework just like most of this Administration. Not surprising at all.

  • Ian Ramirez
    Ian Ramirez 28 days ago

    I like how everyone was agreeing with her and she still finds a way to argue lol

  • Cutie Elise
    Cutie Elise Month ago +1

    I hope Sunny never leaves The View. I love her!

  • Tammy Nesbit
    Tammy Nesbit Month ago

    Evil white devil

  • Julie Anne
    Julie Anne Month ago

    Ladies, Betsy DeVos killed Michigan's education system. She is clueless and does not care. And you ask what she's been doing all this time? She's doing what rich privileged white people do every day... Nothing. Everything has been handed to them, they have no work ethic, no drive, no understanding on what a full days work looks like, no idea how to create a plan to complete anything, no compassion or empathy toward others. She just in payroll cause she's friends with Trump. Yes, understanding the families connection runs deep.

  • Jill Reviews
    Jill Reviews Month ago

    Louisiana has vouchers, my school district automatically retain any student from Louisiana! Their crime rate is ridiculous!Just saying

  • Mason Koski
    Mason Koski Month ago

    Fun Fact She's the ONLY Cabinet Secretary to EVER have to be confirmed by a Vice-Presidential Tie Breaker 51-50 and her only experience is Chair of Michigan Republican Party and is a Billionaire Republican Mega Donor

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S Month ago

    Sunny is so dramatic I like her but she so dramatic

  • Kelly Mac
    Kelly Mac Month ago

    Meghan had brunch with her friend so she’s an expert

  • Childofearth
    Childofearth Month ago

    Amazing how the rich have such an opinion on the schools they didn’t send their children to. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Taking money from pubic schools to give to charter schools is proof they want to dumb us down.

  • Willie Itson
    Willie Itson Month ago

    What do she do?man the wh is in bad shape.its amazing so many incompetent people coming and going.this is not going to end well America.

  • simon H
    simon H Month ago

    ideologi is a factor in school the nonideology idea is fake when it comes to education and knowledge thats why betso is where is she is

  • Padraig Murphy
    Padraig Murphy Month ago

    Trumps way to keep getting supporters. Hire Betsy to keep people from growing up into intelligent enough adults to make informed political decisions

  • Абрахам
    Абрахам Month ago

    Meghan McCain is ridiculously stupid

  • Robert Waltz
    Robert Waltz Month ago +1

    Meghan's good friend?
    Who she just had lunch with?
    A generous portion of self-importance on display.
    Good job Whoopi @4:24

  • Emespher
    Emespher Month ago

    When she talks so much about her friends, does she even really have friends 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • hattice taylor
    hattice taylor Month ago

    “I had brunch with a good friend”... this irrelevant Megs!! 😂

  • Mademoiselle Opelouses

    amazes me how deeply frustrating Meghan seems to find everything! deeply frustrating! she uses cheat sheets for everything!

  • bayamonrican
    bayamonrican Month ago

    Meghan is a beautiful women but they always got her dressed like a cheap birthday cake

  • djw80158
    djw80158 Month ago

    She's as dumb as she is fine

  • WeDontThink
    WeDontThink Month ago

    As if you can tell about a school by visiting a school. You can't!

  • Misunderstood Squirrel

    Schools are failing because parents are failing. Education begins at home from the time a baby is born. Many parents don’t realize that because there’s a majority of people in poverty and highly uneducated, so they don’t know any better. It’s a cycle that will never end if we do not address the school problems holistically with an understanding that it takes a village. BTW...Meghan is the least qualified person to speak on this topic. She’s a rich white girl with no children of her own. She probably didn’t ho to public school, and if she did, I’m sure it was in an affluent community...which might as well be a private school. Meghan, check your privilege, girl.🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Baulzzz Zzzz
    Baulzzz Zzzz Month ago

    “I haven’t intentionally visited the bad schools in Michigan” anyone who structures a sentence with big words to simply say no is a fucking liar and a fucking snake

  • Emma Burgess
    Emma Burgess Month ago

    Like all the other appointments trump does they are either idiots and/ or corrupt

  • Jean Richard Dukurikizeyezu

    What does having a brunch with somebody has to do with anything?

  • polachee
    polachee Month ago

    Funny, betsy reminds me of someone that trump would appoint to a very important position of high authority.

  • D.L. B
    D.L. B Month ago

    Trump is in office so we, the American people, forget about the idiots who are in positions they aren’t qualified for! STARTING WITH THE TOP!!! ITS AMAZING!!!$$$$$$$

  • Cierra Bernae
    Cierra Bernae 2 months ago

    meghan always adds in unimportant anecdotes. we don’t care that you had brunch with your friend just get to the fucking point

  • John Lovett
    John Lovett 2 months ago

    Devos and Mcain, two ignorant women. Fence post turtles. They certainly did not rise to their positions through any talent, hard work, or ability. Like the turtles, they find themselves on the fence post and have no idea why they are there.

  • Da Di
    Da Di 2 months ago

    I miss Sara so much, Abby is so entitled, under informed, and privileged it hurts

  • willebaldo carlos
    willebaldo carlos 2 months ago

    Why is she still working?

  • Don_StefanoValentini
    Don_StefanoValentini 2 months ago

    Betsy DeVos is an uneducated swine.

  • William Lee
    William Lee 2 months ago

    Are they under pressure to keep that fat b. In pink on the show. She don't know sht. Cause she has a mixed kid sister. Do we know how she treated her?????????? But get rid of her as. Rich fat lazy b. Go eat another large pizza by urself.

    JP BLACK 2 months ago

    You also do a lot of unnecessary standardised testing... You don't need it

  • Sara Cathey
    Sara Cathey 2 months ago

    We spend the most on medical care too and we are 37th as far as healthcare.

  • Josh B'Gosh Reeder
    Josh B'Gosh Reeder 2 months ago

    I mostly hate 'the view' but they are spot on with this one.

  • Matthew Streacker
    Matthew Streacker 2 months ago

    Betsy doesn’t care about public schools because she wants government forced privatization of schools. Even though republicans are all “oh big government ooooOoOooOOhh”

  • Brandy M. Williams
    Brandy M. Williams 2 months ago

    NOBODY trump HIRED is qualified for there position and the money they get paid.

  • Brandy M. Williams
    Brandy M. Williams 2 months ago

    Please stop putting unqualified people in position that they have no clue about what to do.

  • Barry Dews 2
    Barry Dews 2 2 months ago

    Megan r u stupid?

  • teddybruscie
    teddybruscie 2 months ago

    Conservatives live in a bubble. When I talk to Conservatives they always use anecdotal evidence of people they know that are outliers and use that as an argument and when you prove that to be irrelevant they just go back to miss reporting and interpreting statistics.
    Fact is they want to go back to a situation where school is for those who can afford it and if you can't you're just another dirt cheap worker who only has enough education to read, write important information and basic math. Thats the end goal. They don't want to improve education they want to end it. Profiting off the spoils along the way.

  • Fletcher Sinohue
    Fletcher Sinohue 2 months ago

    Planned decades defunding public schools so they can be damaged to give rise to these charter schools with less regulation to benefit the corrupt and the greedy who see this as an untapped cash cow to take over and turn a profit and shape your children into uneducated mindless sheep they can control from infancy.

  • Sandy g.
    Sandy g. 2 months ago

    When people stop electing or hiring people based on being white or rich and solely on credentials, the world would begin to become a better place...

  • Dr. Gwen Dorsey
    Dr. Gwen Dorsey 2 months ago

    Devose it’s time for you to step down

  • Ryan Aronson
    Ryan Aronson 2 months ago

    25% of charter schools fail, which is worse than public schools!

  • Ryan Phelan
    Ryan Phelan 2 months ago

    It’s mind boggling how small minded all of you are. Megan doesn’t disagree, she wants to talk about the real issues and how to solve them. Numbers, statistics, studies, & reports give you the true perspective which is what should be debated. You all are freaking out based on 5 seconds worth of commentary (sound bite) and creating some false reality.
    It’s crazy to me how people only want to believe what they want to believe. Maybe gather the numbers, reports, studies, & facts, and then create your opinion on if she should be removed. If the statistics, data, and results are bad, then yes, remove her from office.

  • crv
    crv 2 months ago

    Ok Meghan... So maybe the woman in charge of our education should try and fix all the things you just mentioned... What a tool.

  • Nellie Poo
    Nellie Poo 2 months ago

    Michigan is corrupt period....devos is against school choice and wants teachers to carry guns to make Michigan schools more corrupt than they already are.😒..this is the type of foolishness the Republican party does...republicans only enforce these rediculous policies in areas that are demographically democratic....she doesn't even stay in the state she supposedly that's why she doesn't even know if the schools have gotten better...i used to work in Michigan schools as a janitor for 6 years and I can see no improvement....where I lived,,,they might have 3 schools out of 50 at the most that rank high...and thats it ...those 3 schools are in wealthy would do stupid corrupt and sneaky things like allowing a 16 year old to open carry with a permit...or some weird shyt like that to make parents not saying they are doing just giving you an example of why those so called " democratic states" are just so corrupt....because Republicans use those policies only in those areas to make it appear as if it's a democratic problem.😶

  • Honey West
    Honey West 2 months ago

    Arizona's princess. Can you say white privilege?

  • Fortnite Nation
    Fortnite Nation 2 months ago

    OMG Education is in Trouble!

  • hutch
    hutch 2 months ago

    I wonder if Meaghan will make this about herself and her friends.....oh, yes, there it is.

  • Sarah Balcom
    Sarah Balcom 2 months ago

    So Meghan is upset that Betsy DeVos "misrepresented" conservatives, while everyone else is mad that Betsy DeVos is ruining education in the US. "It is endlessly frustrating that this woman is misrepresenting me and making conservatives look bad!" I think it's endlessly frustrating that this *idiot* DeVos is completely clueless as to what her job is---on matters concerning education and children--- *CLUELESS* #ThosePoorChildren

  • M Good
    M Good 2 months ago

    She struggles putting on her pants. What a ditz!

  • Ricky Cruz
    Ricky Cruz 2 months ago


  • rampart rod
    rampart rod 2 months ago

    megan what a clueless moron

  • rampart rod
    rampart rod 2 months ago

    devos is an idiot

  • Kimbo Phillips
    Kimbo Phillips 2 months ago +1

    This clown is so unqualified it's ridiculous🤬🤬🤬🤬🐖🐖🐖🐽🐷

  • Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson 2 months ago

    Meghan needs to go she is just wanting to start something betsy doesnt care

  • DoinThe BestICan
    DoinThe BestICan 2 months ago

    What also sucks is if the student goes back to public school, the money doesnt go back. Charter schools keep that money

  • DoinThe BestICan
    DoinThe BestICan 2 months ago

    Why everytime Megan talks she tells us who she is friends with