We Tried Styling Shoulder Pads • Ladylike


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  • Rhianna.Louise
    Rhianna.Louise Day ago +1

    Imagine Jen with shoulder pads😂❤️

  • Miss Blackheath
    Miss Blackheath 2 days ago

    Kristin looks gorgeous

  • DREA
    DREA 3 days ago

    I understand a *good* shoulderpad, but they were in EVERYTHING so I cut many many out of my shirts

  • Elle Shoal
    Elle Shoal 4 days ago

    Off topic but if anyone can read this i have a question. What type of eyeglass is Kristin wearing? Im new to eyeglasses and ive been recently started using them to see. So is there a specific name to it?? Thank you to whoever answers and im sorry to bother.

  • TJ Addison
    TJ Addison 5 days ago

    "Punch me in the face"
    *No...that's illegal*

  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass 6 days ago

    The 80s shoulder pads would have been MUCH more dramatic a change. And hilarious to see the reactions!

  • Grace O'Connell
    Grace O'Connell 7 days ago

    Kristens hair curly is utterly beautiful

  • Lola Amazon
    Lola Amazon 7 days ago

    Fashion trend that will last only 5 minutes

  • Lola Amazon
    Lola Amazon 7 days ago

    They look football uniforms lol

  • Halle Burton
    Halle Burton 10 days ago

    My dad was born and in 1947

  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Jonathan Monaghan 10 days ago

    Literally every Ladylike woman is gorgeous

  • Chloe Porter
    Chloe Porter 10 days ago

    My blazer for school has shoulder pads and they’re horrific

  • funkdoobiest
    funkdoobiest 11 days ago

    Omgggg Kristin looks so AMAZINGGGG EEE!!

  • Caitlin Pennington
    Caitlin Pennington 11 days ago

    what picture is Freddie talking about?

  • Jason Cheers
    Jason Cheers 12 days ago

    “Yes... I’ll beat you up with my shoulders...”😂😂😂

  • jess v
    jess v 13 days ago

    “punch me in the face”
    “no that’s illegal”

  • charro028
    charro028 17 days ago

    Kristin yassss

  • Scarlett Gaming
    Scarlett Gaming 18 days ago

    0:17 is the best part

  • Lillian Flynn
    Lillian Flynn 20 days ago +1

    Not to be a hater at ALL but i feel like Kristen photo-shopped her pic SRY NOT to be a hater at all i love you guys!!

    Like if you love ladylike

  • Diana Muniz
    Diana Muniz 24 days ago

    Freddie giving me Whitney Houston vibes in the shoulder pads

  • Enlightened Apple Fan Boy

    Starbucks and target!? Who would have thought!?

  • Kirsten Muchmore
    Kirsten Muchmore 25 days ago

    Those S-S-S-Shoulder Pads

  • Fathimath Izwa
    Fathimath Izwa 26 days ago +1

    With shoulder pads,you are a whole new person

  • Rachel Lott
    Rachel Lott 27 days ago

    Kristen: "I'm a general."
    Me: "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikaela Anderson
    Mikaela Anderson 29 days ago

    Yeah I'm built like a linebacker so I'm going to skip the shoulder pads.

  • fatim ah
    fatim ah 29 days ago

    We still wear shoulder pad in our national costume..

  • Irilan M
    Irilan M 29 days ago

    im falling for Devin 😍

  • Carly Miller
    Carly Miller 29 days ago

    Kristen that red dress looks amazing on you!!!

  • Arely Sanchez
    Arely Sanchez 29 days ago

    What Kristen said at 4:43, I felt that 😂😂

  • Itzzzmegan !!!
    Itzzzmegan !!! Month ago

    I have to wear a blazer for school (I have a uniform cause I live in England) so I wear shoulder pads every week day!! 😂

  • Night Woin
    Night Woin Month ago

    If you want a good role model for wearing shoulder pads look at heather chandler

  • Lord Cinnabon
    Lord Cinnabon Month ago

    4:47 *mood*

  • um i dont know what to name my username

    My vice principle wears *very* intense shoulder pads every. *single* . day.

  • carol stengel
    carol stengel Month ago

    shoulder ps

  • Jazzy Fizzle
    Jazzy Fizzle Month ago

    Kristen looks great in this video! Her hair looks beautiful

  • Jackie Vergara
    Jackie Vergara Month ago

    Kristen looks beautiful

  • don'tblink
    don'tblink Month ago

    Kristin I'm in love with your glasses! I know they're Warby Parker, but which ones? I can't find them ANYWHERE and it's driving me crazy! Love your work girls

  • It’s _Wolfie
    It’s _Wolfie Month ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have that cheetah shirt and the pants and I always where them as pajamas also this is so me I always where comfy clothes as pajamas what there comfy and you get to go to bed stylish lol 😝

  • Simmers LOl
    Simmers LOl Month ago

    Ewwwww I hate shoulder pads

  • Arsenik17
    Arsenik17 Month ago +3

    Yeah, you guys should have swapped the pads at the end to see the different shapes!

  • r i t p a l k
    r i t p a l k Month ago

    The first picture for an example I thought that was the blonde girl...

  • Alex Amphonephong
    Alex Amphonephong Month ago

    The beginning:

  • moony
    moony Month ago

    "Punch me in the face"
    "No that's illegal "

  • Raindrop
    Raindrop Month ago

    Jen: I think they make you look like a superhero!
    Kristen: Daww, thank you
    Jen: Punch me in the FACE

  • Nora Salek
    Nora Salek Month ago

    Can yall make gingerbread houses??!?!????? That would be awesome!

  • Oyuky limelight Jauregui


  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson Month ago

    0:01 : T-T-TASTY TASTY

  • Eva Breedveld
    Eva Breedveld Month ago

    My mom's old wedding dress has shoulder pads...

  • Annabelle does Gacha

    Jen: punch me in the face
    Me: **slow clapping** most beautiful speech ever

  • I’m just your average band trash

    *”Punch me in the face!”*
    “No that’s illegal.”

  • minty_spice247 minty
    minty_spice247 minty Month ago +1

    I want you all to wear clothes that make you look like you have a very important job :) or like your a independent lady who is not afraid to wack some sense into someone XD

  • Gloria Eastman
    Gloria Eastman Month ago

    Shoulder pads are awesome especially for people with broader hips/things they balance the figure and make the waist look way tiny.

  • Rj _awsome
    Rj _awsome Month ago

    What's funny is they all wore red

  • skribbles art
    skribbles art Month ago

    yall r so beautiful

  • pamela_anne52
    pamela_anne52 Month ago

    really feeling Kristen's hair in this video!

  • Hailey Bayer
    Hailey Bayer Month ago +1

    Fashun from Clevver made it to ladylike❤️❤️🤣🤣

  • RedRose1010100
    RedRose1010100 Month ago

    "your shoulders, but a little bit more."

  • JinO Chil
    JinO Chil Month ago +3

    4:32 I live for Kristin's shoes!! and overall look. It's a *lewk*

  • Aly Reeves
    Aly Reeves Month ago

    I just bought the same cropped sweater that kristin picked up in the beginning :)

  • Reese Worthington
    Reese Worthington Month ago

    Awe they all look so pretty!

  • With Sisu
    With Sisu Month ago

    I like Kristen's hair!

  • Spicycat
    Spicycat Month ago +1

    Dev and Fred's outfits were basically the same lol

  • Teagan Cat
    Teagan Cat Month ago

    Hamilton reference ahead:

    Ima general, WHEEEEE

  • JasPiz ZaLuv
    JasPiz ZaLuv Month ago +1

    I have the same sweater that Devin bought and it tore the first day i wore it. And i hate the way it looks on me as well worst $20 ever

  • Btslover 123
    Btslover 123 Month ago +1

    When Devin said put your head on my shoulder, I started singing Paul Anka

  • Riley Sumerix
    Riley Sumerix Month ago

    "Punch me in the face" lmao #TeamJen

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    2:22 OMG so truuuuuu!!

  • bree honey
    bree honey Month ago

    freddie’s hair growth is truly goals 😍😍😍

  • Noa Reim Givon
    Noa Reim Givon Month ago

    please stop with the stock images.


    Omg, my school blazer has shoulder pads 😂

  • Livi Bailey
    Livi Bailey Month ago

    I fricking love shoulder pads

  • The Mellow Lyfe
    The Mellow Lyfe Month ago

    My mom had flowery blouses with shoulder pads, they were so ICONIC.

  • Alex Woodard
    Alex Woodard Month ago

    Kristin I am obsessed with your hair this style! Girl you are like one of my biggest inspirations. 💜

  • Robert Vela
    Robert Vela Month ago

    Devin looks like Sabrina Spellman

  • lia
    lia Month ago

    Kristen's look was bomb I'm shook

  • Kenley
    Kenley Month ago

    Walking through the high school halls with a hot pink, shoulder padded blazer and matching stilettos really just makes you feel a certain way

    KRICKET R Month ago +1

    Kristins laugh at like 8:50ish

  • Katrinia Bass
    Katrinia Bass Month ago

    I had some clothes of my own with shoulder pads. Class of 1991 here.

  • Tanaka Haruki
    Tanaka Haruki Month ago

    In Malaysia, we still use the shoulder pads.

  • Cici’s Life
    Cici’s Life Month ago

    They said grays anatomy because Dr. Shepard did that pose before a doing surgery and before she had her surgery. P. S. I love that show I really recommend that show to all of y’all scrolling down the comments it is on Netflix with 14/15 seasons if you want to see the 15th season you have to have cable T. V. One like = more chances of the 15th season to get on Netflix. Thank you.

  • Juliana Cromwell
    Juliana Cromwell Month ago

    All wherein red

  • Elsie Otis
    Elsie Otis Month ago


    Me while listening to Northern Downpour

  • Eva Gonzales
    Eva Gonzales Month ago

    5:41 "no thats illegal!" i am dead

  • Sue Werner
    Sue Werner Month ago

    OK Gals, as one who was in her 20's in the 80s... There were a LOT of dresses with the shoulders like Kristin wore and as I mostly always wear dresses and/or blazers, I wore a lot of shoulder pads.
    - Most '80s clothes came with the shoulder pads built in.
    - We didn't have the option of different kinds of shoulder pads. I like the natural ones Freddie got. They were either with [most clothes] or without.
    - Some clothing lines came with velcro in the shoulders so you could put the pads in and out easier, but were dangerous to throw in the wash with other clothes.
    - NEVER throw shoulder pads into the machine. It was a real bummer when the built-in pads would get scrunched or turned upside down in the wash. Much seam ripping and swearing ensued.
    - With my shape, hour-glass more heavily weighted on the bottom aka "pear-shaped", shoulder pads did help balance the look.
    - Some clothes I did not buy because the shoulder pads were ridiculous.
    - After the '80s, I had to rip the pads out of a few fave outfits and some didn't survive the transition. Those were the ones that look like they have permanent hanger bumps.
    - I have one shirt, a white, silk, tone-on-tone pattern collared button-up, that retains its' built-in shoulder pads to this day. It also has a shoulder like Kristin's dress and is my go-to interview/meeting/power shirt.

  • Julia Mendonca
    Julia Mendonca Month ago

    I like shoulder pads!! I use my moms shoulder pad leather jacket my mom used while she was pregnant with me.

  • Giovanna Ferri
    Giovanna Ferri Month ago

    Omg yasss ladies!! I love how you styled them! I recently started a makeup channel and would love it if you checked it out!

  • Delaney Chamberlain

    You should do Ohio for your next dress code video

  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker Month ago

    You’s should do a vid on eyebrows and lashes like get a lash lift

  • Concerned Scientist

    Come to Ann Arbor!

  • Boba Tea
    Boba Tea Month ago

    *POP* *POP* *POP*

  • Nichole Roberts
    Nichole Roberts Month ago

    Kristin's hair and dress look amazing ^-^

  • Anna Kecskés
    Anna Kecskés Month ago

    Kristin's little shimmy is everything 💕

  • let's get this bread

    devin is literally kiernan shipka??

  • Aly Vaurigaud
    Aly Vaurigaud Month ago

    Jen is so cute. "Punch me in the face"

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago +1

    Thanks, I hate it.

  • Daisie Nightingale
    Daisie Nightingale Month ago

    Kristens hair and glasses yessss

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith Month ago

    My school blazers have built in shoulder pads and they are soo annoying. They also make my shoulders look like cliffs 😂😂

  • kylie johnston
    kylie johnston Month ago

    can shoulder pads come back already. My natural shoulders look like Devin's shoulder pads 😂

  • Patrícia Cruz
    Patrícia Cruz Month ago

    Can you do a video about facial hair? I always keep my face as hairless as possible, but this is stating to stress me out. Also, I feel that a lot of guys don't even know that woman also have facial hair (not in the same intensity though). If you do a video about it, I can show it to my male friends to educate in order to show that this is not abnormal and I also might start to be less bothered about it.

  • Sade' Bark
    Sade' Bark Month ago

    DEVIN! They look GREAT on you honeyyy