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    Giggs Vs Fan | #InTheBag First Episode Live NOW

    • NOIZZ Sxt
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    • Justin Ross
      Justin Ross 13 days ago

      Follow my Instagram if yu wit the New Wave 🌊 @jus_quatro_merci #HighSurface📡 u won’t be disappointed 🙏🏿

      THE WATCHER 19 days ago

      What camera you used to shoot this?

    • Dayden Pimentel
      Dayden Pimentel 19 days ago

      b_woww13 XO no

  • Jaymee Ashall-Conroy

    Why does 21 savage have to be the British one we want drake!

  • Lino Ortiz
    Lino Ortiz Day ago


  • CocaineJayy
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  • Chief._.ezekiel 14

    Why are people hating on drake because he's from Canada. like Canada is under the queen is rule so I mean Canada is kinda part of the UK

  • 31k
    31k Day ago +3

    Ahhhh why he saying certain british words

  • Xuly Grapez
    Xuly Grapez Day ago

    21 savage is more British than u and he ain’t been on link up yet what’s going on

  • AFROKI 03
    AFROKI 03 2 days ago +1

    I got hoes
    On hold
    Passed some to my bro

  • CezaMVO
    CezaMVO 2 days ago

    On another level

  • Gjjvf Hghjj
    Gjjvf Hghjj 2 days ago +1

    This guys the biggest satanist, y’all sleep

  • Ross Thompson
    Ross Thompson 2 days ago

    Dreaming about turning yutes into dust,grow up your a man, come fight me no weopeon like a man

  • Aaban A
    Aaban A 2 days ago


  • HM TB
    HM TB 2 days ago +1

    This needs to be on spotify

  • M Y N A M E S F L A S H Y

    This shit was heat, British Drake> 21 Savage

  • JJrulz for president


  • Daniel Camacho
    Daniel Camacho 2 days ago +1

    Fakest rapper of our generation

  • Kahvi Peruna
    Kahvi Peruna 3 days ago +1

    7.7.19 hes going to jail

  • player nine
    player nine 3 days ago

    This isn't even his final form

  • zyotic
    zyotic 3 days ago

    2019? i can do this rap

  • Oliver Hopkins
    Oliver Hopkins 3 days ago +1

    Smashed it for a yank

  • Charge Snipez
    Charge Snipez 4 days ago

    I beg some 1 just recruits him already 😂😂

  • Vrex
    Vrex 4 days ago

    “Big up link up tv behinds baaars

  • Taj Craig
    Taj Craig 4 days ago

    Peg nd chit chat "laughs on own"

  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez 4 days ago

    Madddd tingggg

  • m1
    m1 4 days ago

    Why is he rapping about pagans when he's not from UK

  • V.C
    V.C 4 days ago +2

    bro this shit soo fire still!!

  • XOVO
    XOVO 4 days ago +2

    great response to story of adidon

  • Mxphz.z _
    Mxphz.z _ 4 days ago

    21 savages time now

  • lynden Sanderson
    lynden Sanderson 4 days ago +1

    put this on Spotify please

  • Franty Gutierrez
    Franty Gutierrez 4 days ago

    This man really said big scorpion

  • Xans
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  • NBA_Ali shit
    NBA_Ali shit 4 days ago

    Drake that type of guy to search personality on pornhub

  • Jose Rodrigues
    Jose Rodrigues 4 days ago

    The goat

  • Seth Exodus
    Seth Exodus 4 days ago +1

    Boi is in his zone 💪

  • Serhat doldur Jk
    Serhat doldur Jk 5 days ago

    The way he says waste man in his American accent 😂😂😂

  • Its all Gucci Rahhh
    Its all Gucci Rahhh 5 days ago

    Literal leech. He just leeches of different cultures in order to get popular. How many accents and dialects does he want to copy. Looks like an neeky asshole trying to mimic this shit.

  • dannysgbb XD
    dannysgbb XD 5 days ago

    Never heard a Canadian rapper say “waste man”

  • ghost recon
    ghost recon 5 days ago


  • Keith Watson
    Keith Watson 5 days ago

    Fire boy...Love from Baltimore city

  • xGreenY600x
    xGreenY600x 5 days ago

    Do people in the comments think south London is the only place they talk like that🤔😂

  • Dallas Cowboys #1
    Dallas Cowboys #1 5 days ago

    How do I get to this on Spotify ?

  • Maya Jean-Felix
    Maya Jean-Felix 5 days ago

    This was fire 🔥🔥

  • Pac
    Pac 5 days ago

    “Big up man like rasheed, joey, tight ass. Yeah”

  • Rony Hamed
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  • Noah Clancy
    Noah Clancy 5 days ago

    When will this be on Spotify ffs

  • Lino Ortiz
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    PLASTIC PILLS 6 days ago

    Lmao state of him with the fucking accent he’s trying so hard

  • Chief._.ezekiel 14
    Chief._.ezekiel 14 6 days ago

    Can't believe that I went to school with this guy now he is famous

  • Rob Peezy
    Rob Peezy 6 days ago +1

    I'ma just take my knots n cash they can never tie me down that's facts...all that bark but we know he's a cat I don't really like going tit for tat I'ma just come like tat tat tat I'ma just end that there that's that.... 🔥 🔥 🔥 someone get this man some water... For ever fucks wit Drake

  • gerardo salinas
    gerardo salinas 6 days ago

    My brother hear this song he's 11 he is sick from his heart is pumping 50 percent of blood they send him to the hospital please pray 😭😭😭

  • The MJ Take
    The MJ Take 6 days ago

    Damn Drake and 21 both UK citizens or what?

  • Trump V Obama
    Trump V Obama 6 days ago +1


  • Liam Piasecki
    Liam Piasecki 6 days ago

    why his hair look like the mic?

  • OKOZE *
    OKOZE * 7 days ago +1

    Every time I hear this nigga he has a different accent.

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 7 days ago

    I love these nursery rhymes. 😀

  • ArroWHeaD
    ArroWHeaD 7 days ago +1

    Drake killed X

  • K Dot
    K Dot 7 days ago +1

    BE WHO *YOU* WANT TO BE. Haters jealous of success, stay blessed Drizzy the ting was lit brudda 🔥💯🐐

  • Band Gate
    Band Gate 8 days ago

    drake think he's grime/trap/drill what ever you call it

  • anita lewis
    anita lewis 8 days ago


  • Laiba Khan
    Laiba Khan 8 days ago

    He has a ghost writter

  • K Jeezy
    K Jeezy 8 days ago

    Throwing up 6ix like mans had flu’s 👌🏽

  • Stanislas Bacchus
    Stanislas Bacchus 8 days ago

    BOOM, Drake killed it

  • Lordtee Shaw
    Lordtee Shaw 8 days ago

    I know to much I can not expose ! I keep it onside & laugh on my own ! 👀👀👀

  • Mr. Ph4ntom
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  • Vintagetheartist
    Vintagetheartist 8 days ago

    This should be on Apple Music

    PLAIN SAVAGE 8 days ago

    Drake too good mane

  • Joost Beijlevelt
    Joost Beijlevelt 8 days ago


  • OntsaVuitton
    OntsaVuitton 9 days ago +1

    Mr Grammy himself

  • Daniel Light
    Daniel Light 9 days ago

    Spittin a written by a ghost writer

  • Chad Mathew
    Chad Mathew 9 days ago

    Everyone hating on drake pure jealousy he putting Toronto on the map I'm from Toronto big ups drake

  • jake thagreat
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  • Ben. Jc
    Ben. Jc 9 days ago +1

    Uk music improving while Us getting worse

  • Akua Akyea
    Akua Akyea 9 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2019

    PIRATE 9 days ago

    Stop tryna talk like us bruv.

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller 9 days ago

    This couldn’t have been freestyle. If it is the man was born to rap why did he ever go the acting way

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen 9 days ago

    Someone put this on Spotify

  • MolesoundSS
    MolesoundSS 10 days ago +1

    Drake smashed it up, highly influenced by the UK with them bars 🔥🔥🔥

  • NOIZZ Sxt
    NOIZZ Sxt 10 days ago

    Ooooo he went 'MmmmmmM' like LD xD

  • shaleen karanjit
    shaleen karanjit 10 days ago

    Wow big up to man who wrote this for drake

  • NOIZZ Sxt
    NOIZZ Sxt 10 days ago

    When drake tried to akt like a road man xD

  • Infa
    Infa 10 days ago +1

    *wave check*

  • Hussein XD
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  • Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 10 days ago

    joey tadassss

  • Addmefastbeta3
    Addmefastbeta3 11 days ago

    Throwing his hands like a UK rapper

    HANIF CAWSTON 11 days ago +1

    Word on the street is that Drake has two barbers, one for his hair and one for his beard

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone 11 days ago

    He left that building trough the fire exit that day

  • Oscar Beats
    Oscar Beats 11 days ago

    Still waiting on another one

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 11 days ago +1

    *Big Scorpion Out Now* XD

  • Mousa Tahir
    Mousa Tahir 11 days ago

    Man said drake on drilll😂 cmooon

  • Pulyo
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  • Eric Lin
    Eric Lin 11 days ago

    Can't wait until 21 starts making music again, he's gonna collab with link up tv

  • Denes Kovacs
    Denes Kovacs 11 days ago

    UK!! OK??

  • Denes Kovacs
    Denes Kovacs 11 days ago

    english vibes???

  • Thomas Nicholson
    Thomas Nicholson 11 days ago

    this was deffo not one take

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 11 days ago +2

    Kanye diss ????? Worried bout selling out shoes , idgaf bout jeans or craft 😂

  • Banshee Boii
    Banshee Boii 11 days ago


  • Valeran Saves
    Valeran Saves 12 days ago +4

    I cant listen to this without nodding my head

    • M Rahim Arshad
      M Rahim Arshad 2 days ago

      Valeran Saves replyin to this comment while noddin my head