The 5 Stages of Getting a Bad Haircut | CH Shorts

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
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    Stage Six: Hats. So many hats.
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    Grant O'Brien
    Denise R. Valentine
    Director - Amber Schaefer
    Writer - Grant O'Brien
    Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh
    Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    Make Up Artist - Denise R. Valentine
    Sound Mixer - Matt Kendrick
    Editor - Eve Hinz
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 885

  • jtgoeswild
    jtgoeswild Hour ago


  • Ajmal Jawaheer
    Ajmal Jawaheer 13 hours ago +1

    Totally me

  • Devlin Ash
    Devlin Ash 15 hours ago

    these are literally the 5 stages of losing a close friend or family member

  • Hugo
    Hugo 23 hours ago

    I relate so much right now

  • teh grim griefer

    How tf did USclip know? I just had a bad haircut yesterday

  • MBoss 360
    MBoss 360 Day ago

    THIS IS MEEEEEE!!!!!! except for the ending part

  • c o r n n f l a e k

    Stage 1: cry
    Stage 2: cry
    Stage 3:cry
    Stage 4: cry
    And last but not least,
    Stage 5:


  • Finley James
    Finley James Day ago

    I’m meeting a girl today :( it’s so short I may aswell be bold

  • symon
    symon Day ago

    this is mee hahahahaha

  • The Man With A Million Names

    I talk to myself like this all the time.

  • Danny Gonzolez
    Danny Gonzolez 2 days ago +1

    I stopped getting haircuts entirely and my hair’s been growing since two years now...

  • Pancakes4life
    Pancakes4life 4 days ago

    Gotta love how this is based around the five stages of death or grief 😂 😂

  • Techedcloud 75
    Techedcloud 75 7 days ago +2

    You forgot the last stage.
    Styling it after you walk out

  • imperiongames 29
    imperiongames 29 8 days ago

    Well thats me every time i take a haircut

  • ??
    ?? 11 days ago

    Brub the exact same thing happened to me yesterday she cut an entire inch

  • Jacob Sweat
    Jacob Sweat 11 days ago

    grant's into auto-fellatio. cool...

  • Shubh Makadia
    Shubh Makadia 12 days ago

    Aren't these the 5 stages of grief?

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    He has sacraficed his hair for us

  • Ali Athar Masood
    Ali Athar Masood 14 days ago

    Just had a bad haircut and watched this. Im much better now XD

  • Caelie Cat
    Caelie Cat 15 days ago +1

    The thing is Grant doesn't look that bad, he's kinda cute.

  • DonaldShrump
    DonaldShrump 16 days ago

    I liked the haircut

  • Aaron Vlogs
    Aaron Vlogs 16 days ago +1

    What is Keith doing on college humor

  • foxy_ moonie
    foxy_ moonie 17 days ago +1

    I had a bad haircut today and this is so accurate

  • Furboia
    Furboia 18 days ago

    Excatly my reaction! When I got a bad haircut 😂 not the last part tho I said it looks great, and when I got out, I almost cried.. 🤣

  • Richard
    Richard 18 days ago

    A wow perfect timing.. Cuz I recently got a bad haircut

  • Denis_Gamez
    Denis_Gamez 20 days ago

    1:58 Moisturization

  • SkullySkies
    SkullySkies 20 days ago

    Anyone else realize it’s also the 5 stages of grief?

  • Nix Inferno
    Nix Inferno 21 day ago

    U should just go to a barber instead

  • Bastian Schwerer
    Bastian Schwerer 21 day ago +1

    The worst part is part six:
    Feeling ugly every time you look in the mirror for the next few months and thinking about buying a wig online

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson 22 days ago

    Is this just a rip off from studio c’s “The five stages of netflix”?

  • Giveitalittletappy 0127

    So funny

  • Aul Geta
    Aul Geta 22 days ago

    Watched this before and after a bad haircut I can feel his pain

  • Newark Youngboy
    Newark Youngboy 22 days ago

    I hate when i say cut the top a lil bit and they cut off damn near half of it

  • Christopher De Freitas

    Felt this one in my soul! 😭

  • Mehdi Musawi
    Mehdi Musawi 24 days ago +2

    Don’t trust girls with ur hair boys, I know it sounds bad but it’s the truth🤣🤣

  • Jude Alex
    Jude Alex 27 days ago

    This is what's going on in my mind T_T

  • Cycex
    Cycex 28 days ago

    Told barber I wanted it long on the top

  • Ithehill's Mind
    Ithehill's Mind 28 days ago

    I mean it doesn’t look THAT bad

    CRISPY 28 days ago +3

    The first mistake is getting the cut from a girl 😐😐🗿

  • Ali Ahmad
    Ali Ahmad 28 days ago

    i know this all to well, in fact my barbers name is saved in my phone as "guy who fucks up my hair every time but i still go back"

  • epiphany
    epiphany 28 days ago +2

    Me: I want it a tad bit shorter but not too short
    what the hairdresser hears: so preferably I want my hair 40 centimetres shorter, no wait make it 45 centimetres just in case, maybe bring out the razor for good measure as well and top it off with some trimming.

  • Kevin Mucho Sucko Big PEENO Saravia

    Am i the only one that goes to the restroom after the haircut to try to fix it myself?

  • RizGriz
    RizGriz 29 days ago

    Bangs that dry too short ....

  • MasterPenguin
    MasterPenguin 29 days ago +1

    Stage1: Think of the person you can become
    Stage2: Be poilte
    Stage3: Accept fate
    Stage4: Move to China with a new identity until your hair grows back
    Stage5: Pray your parents still accept you

  • a.m. ottesen
    a.m. ottesen Month ago

    i can't shake the feeling that grant is like the american benedict cumberbatch. don't ask why, there's just something... idk

  • Dab on that yeet
    Dab on that yeet Month ago

    His haircut looks good
    Like who would think that is bad

  • julian stan
    julian stan Month ago

    this is so fucking true

  • junior clement
    junior clement Month ago

    I have dreads

    gODZILLA Month ago

    Would help if he wasnt ugly

  • Rodolfo Hil Medroso

    Yeah i can relate to that.. It's really horrible! 😢

  • Robert Patrick Atmojo

    Thiss isss toooooo reaaaalllllll

    CRISTIAN Month ago +4

    Stage 6 going to school the next day

  • Dominic Modugno
    Dominic Modugno Month ago

    Aye, this video was posted on my birthday.

  • NL
    NL Month ago +2

    take off your glasses and grown a beard, you look better

  • Rajat Chauhan
    Rajat Chauhan Month ago

    I can totally relate to that😂😂😂

  • Jaydenl29 Gaming
    Jaydenl29 Gaming Month ago

    I can relate so much.

  • Subii
    Subii Month ago

    6) *you go school and get fresh trim slap and you get a headache or concussion*

  • Lam Đinh
    Lam Đinh Month ago +3

    Finding a good hairdresser is like finding a soulmate.
    Once you found yours, please cherished and keep him/her for yourself
    The relationship with him/her is a sacred bond.
    Never give up, my friends!

  • Captain Alex
    Captain Alex Month ago +2

    Thank god my hair grows back fast

  • HM Cuber
    HM Cuber Month ago

    My stages:
    1. Take of my glasses
    2. Pretend to see and like everything the person is doing even though I can't see anything
    3. Put my glasses back on look and the mirror
    4. The mirror cracks and my heart attack sets in 😂

  • Rals Becket
    Rals Becket Month ago +2

    But half the time, when you DO say something, the hair dressers get pissed off and roll their eyes. I once saw a hair dresser curse out the person she was working on because when the hair dresser ASKED her if she liked the cut, the woman said "Well one side is a bit shorter than the other...."

  • Gist432
    Gist432 Month ago

    You don't get a haircut the same day as you go on a date. Seems desperate.

  • Julio Espinoza
    Julio Espinoza Month ago

    I used a hoodie 2 months in a row just to cover my hair

  • Tyler Hensley
    Tyler Hensley Month ago

    Hotel?! Trivago?!?

  • w j
    w j Month ago

    Tell the barbers a fucking number 2 on the side trim the top ,everyone's perception of short or not too short is different one barber may think it's a 4 and some a 1

  • Megan Gudgeon
    Megan Gudgeon Month ago +3

    The British mindset to every awkward public service interaction

  • Harriet Redgard
    Harriet Redgard Month ago

    Yeah cuz people get depression from having a shitty haircut

  • evan doge
    evan doge Month ago

    It’s not even that bad

  • Mehrshad Ahmad Ahmadi
    Mehrshad Ahmad Ahmadi Month ago +1

    I just got a haircut

  • s_lx
    s_lx Month ago

    1:08 uh guys. Where’s the barber in the mirror?

  • Adrian Goik
    Adrian Goik Month ago

    Me yesterday...

  • Xorge Studioz
    Xorge Studioz Month ago

    That’s meeee

  • Carter Staab
    Carter Staab Month ago +455

    Before haircut: "My hair looks horrible I need a haircut."
    After haircut: "My hair looked so good before I got a haircut."

  • william deng
    william deng Month ago

    this got gay real quick

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones Month ago

    The funniest and most relatable video I’ve ever seen 😂

  • Trampus Tefertiller

    Your always out

  • taylor crawfishh
    taylor crawfishh Month ago

    I never thought I'd relate to a college humor sketch so much

  • Boiling Ramen
    Boiling Ramen Month ago

    This just happened to me I always say make the top of my hair long and the sides short he does the sides good but then the top almost as short as the sides and it makes me look even worse than I already look

  • Raj Jha
    Raj Jha Month ago

    I got a terrible haircut today. I keep switching from the stages of depression and anger. I had amazing hair, and now it's gone.

  • konoyaro Bakayaro
    konoyaro Bakayaro Month ago

    1. Dont go to big franchises like supercuts
    2. DONT GO

  • Ma nem Jef
    Ma nem Jef Month ago

    Loved it but i like GradeAUnderA's video about haircuts

  • Jesuskun 420
    Jesuskun 420 Month ago

    Grant must be flexible to make those kinds of bargains.

  • Jonathan Cyrus Francisco

    i dunno but there's something about mirrors on babershops, you look better on it compared to the mirror in your house

  • Legit LowQualityGuy

    This is just what i needed

  • P1NK
    P1NK Month ago

    God damn he looks hot without glasses

    MUFASA THE LION Month ago

    It’s worse for me I need glasses I can’t even see the mirror

  • killerskyhawk
    killerskyhawk Month ago

    1:30 we know your ugly but what about your hair cut

  • Box
    Box Month ago +1

    Eat Tuna

  • Wallybeagle kp
    Wallybeagle kp Month ago

    *Binging with babish viewers watch this*

  • Harrison Mundschutz

    The hair looked pretty good in the end tho

  • ItBeenStoped 43
    ItBeenStoped 43 Month ago

    this so ture

  • Heaven Williams
    Heaven Williams Month ago

    Lol been a year since I had a hair cut

  • Tamen
    Tamen Month ago

    I was sitting on the chair, getting my haircut until the barber said “let’s try something new.”
    My parents said “it’s fine, go for it”
    I watch him shave my hair into a buzz cut and god damn I looked like a egg
    I literally wore a cap until it grew back
    (PS, when I got my haircut, the day after I had to get my school photo.)

  • eworkfolas
    eworkfolas Month ago

    Lowkey, his hair looked pretty nice before the gel

  • Brooke Simmer
    Brooke Simmer Month ago

    I have horrible vision so I just have to put my complete trust in the hairdresser and just hope for the best when they are done

  • Simon Strömblad
    Simon Strömblad Month ago

    damnn i love the grant sketches

  • John Andreadakis
    John Andreadakis Month ago

    And this is why my hair is long as shit

  • Demitri Niketopoulos


  • Dallas #1
    Dallas #1 Month ago

    Thank god someone made this

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Month ago

    I don’t have women cut my hair. Its a rule. I’m not sexist in any way... but just from experience, men have always done a quicker and less complicated cut. I really had a girl holding up my hair asking where to cut. This is youre job. I don’t have to direct you every centimeter of the way. They made it made it way complicated and in the end I was disappointed.
    Needless to say every time a man cut my hair he just whipped away at it with expertise.
    Okay?? No doubt please.
    If you are reading this and you are a woman who cuts men’s hair... have some confidence in the cut.