• Published on Oct 16, 2019
    Check out this video full of incredible ideas! You will learn how to make temporary tattoos using henna, how to make fake tattoo sleeves and a lot of lip arts that look fabulous! Stop doing everything and watch this video!
    We share a lot of henna tutorials that are perfect for beginners. You can create various pictures that look so cool! There is no need to have any special skills to create various patterns. The best thing is that if you made a mistake or if the picture doesn’t look so good, you can quickly correct a mistake. Remember that palm tends to take the color very quickly and the tattoo looks a bit lighter. Check out easy tutorials on how to create cute henna leaves using a comb and cool spiral pattern that looks awesome!
    If you don’t want to apply any picture on your skin, we have one more idea. Create any picture on your old tights using a permanent marker. Print any picture you like on a sheet of paper and attach to the Pringles can. Put tights on a Pringles can and copy the picture. Moreover, you can use the same technique to make a fake tattoo sleeve.
    I don’t like boring lip arts and we prepared a lot of tutorials with creative lip arts that look stunning! You can easily make color-changing lipstick by your hands or create a gradient effect that is cool not only for a party. Moreover, you will find a lot of lip arts for a party. My favorite makeup idea is to cover lips with glitter. It’s the easiest lip art ever! Watch the video till the end to find a tutorial on how to create animal print on your lips.
    00:09 Easy temporary tattoo
    00:50 DIY Fake tattoo sleeves
    01:30 Henna tattoos
    02:40 Incredible lipstick ideas
    06:37 Animal print lip art

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    This is the coolest video ever done by you

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      Most of these lip "hacks" ended up looking like trash, but I agree - it's not worth it to possibly ingest, or God forbid, aspirate, some loose glitter just for a look. I don't understand how this channel hasn't been sued yet with all of the bad ideas and a young audience

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