Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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    The Crew is joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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Comments • 5 044

  • Deviant Rabbits
    Deviant Rabbits 7 hours ago

    I'm surprised they didn't look at the scene in The Raid where a guy gets thrown and breaks his back on a ledge.

  • Traxstaromega
    Traxstaromega 7 hours ago

    this isn't really a stunt, but i think the fight choreography in Avatar the Last Airbender is really interesting,

  • xXDaZealousXx
    xXDaZealousXx 8 hours ago

    plz plz react to Alita battle angle

  • Erik Hoffman
    Erik Hoffman 8 hours ago

    Warrior inspired by Bruce Lee God damnit

  • Matthew Stott
    Matthew Stott 8 hours ago

    Hey crew, we need some more hate for Liam climbing a fence.

  • Sir WritesAlot
    Sir WritesAlot 8 hours ago

    Love this channel! Please please do the long-running fight scenes in the Daredevil Netflix series! The hallway scene in season 1, biker fight in season 2 or prison guard fight in season 3!!!

    ToyFREAKS 9 hours ago

    Also, just saw this amazing stunt from Treasure Island (1934)! A blind pirate gets run over by a stage coach. The wide shot looks completely practical, like Harold Lloyd's wall fall gag. The close up shows the dude get run over by the wheels and it is sooo effective! How did they pull these stunts off?

  • Festivex Festive
    Festivex Festive 9 hours ago

    I like how they included Doug in 6:25

  • dnlkr
    dnlkr 9 hours ago

    Speaking of cars, Blues Brothers 2000 car pile. Lots of car stuff in that one, like the infinite donut.

  • Burrito Bowl01
    Burrito Bowl01 9 hours ago

    5:23 daigo saito's ebisu jump drift

  • MavenCree
    MavenCree 9 hours ago

    Wow with the vault car. Oh my gawd!

  • Ellis Guy
    Ellis Guy 9 hours ago

    do one of the alien scenes from arrival

    MODERN DAY NINJAS 9 hours ago

    District b13

  • Laurence Goldkamp
    Laurence Goldkamp 10 hours ago

    6:18 much appreciation for the Doug Demuro clip here. Bro-love-not-gay all the way.

  • Latshaw, Austin
    Latshaw, Austin 11 hours ago

    You guys should really do the Ben Aflac daredevil with the stunt director for the newer show it’d be really cool and the vfx are well worth a critique

  • Reece Butler
    Reece Butler 11 hours ago

    Harry Potter Series.
    I’m talking Basilik, Hungarian Horntail, Trolls

  • Jim Sills
    Jim Sills 11 hours ago

    The guy in the middle, Eric, talks and sounds like Jesse James. That laid back California cool dude speak. It took me a while to place the voice but it's definitely Jesse James. They could be voice doubles.

  • Jorge Monteiro
    Jorge Monteiro 11 hours ago

    I loved!

  • Rasmus Sandström
    Rasmus Sandström 11 hours ago

    Tintin and the secret of the unicorn; the desert scene when the sand turns into water. Also great animated movie over all. All the transition scenes are superb

  • Mohamad Carruagem
    Mohamad Carruagem 11 hours ago

    Whats with the guy saying subscribe in random parts of the video?

  • pingidjit
    pingidjit 11 hours ago

    I am loving this series!

  • Riki Syahputra
    Riki Syahputra 12 hours ago

    damn dude, the ads is just too many
    it's annoying

  • IosDawn
    IosDawn 12 hours ago

    What about Old Boy? That one crazy corridor scene.

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2 13 hours ago

    Do some on District 13 (french parkour movie)

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2 13 hours ago

    I literally thought the bank vault was cgi

  • ReversedFall
    ReversedFall 13 hours ago

    you should react to "Halo: forward unto dawn" and look at all the covenant scenes

  • Axzack
    Axzack 13 hours ago

    Death proof car chase

  • Erect Elmo
    Erect Elmo 13 hours ago

    doesnt he look like keanu reeves if keanu reeves had given up or is that just me thinking that

  • Awesomo 360
    Awesomo 360 13 hours ago +1

    Eric is a super chill dude btw

  • Devon Dominguez
    Devon Dominguez 14 hours ago

    They really did smash up a lambo countach in the wolf of wall street. I thought it was a kit car at first too.

  • Michael Correia
    Michael Correia 14 hours ago

    Love these guys!

  • Jean Manguy
    Jean Manguy 14 hours ago

    great video

  • Oliver Robinson
    Oliver Robinson 14 hours ago

    You should do some stuff from hardcore henry as they actually hit the stuntmen loads cos its difficult to trick a camera in first person and it is brutal

  • Malcom Heavy
    Malcom Heavy 14 hours ago +1

    This is a 1989 |-| () |\| |) /\ ( | \/ | (

  • Shalimar Rogers
    Shalimar Rogers 15 hours ago

    Please do Agents of Shield! Either stunt fighting for May or Daisy or effects for Daisy’s powers especially in the later seasons.

  • Max de Boer
    Max de Boer 15 hours ago

    01:36:52 At John Wick: Chapter 3.
    Why does the ligth shine through his head?

    • Max de Boer
      Max de Boer 15 hours ago

      or the strange glass scenes at 1:42:43

    • Max de Boer
      Max de Boer 15 hours ago

      Actually from there on it seems to shine trough a lot of things..

  • Derek Best Music
    Derek Best Music 15 hours ago

    I don’t care which scenes you do but can you please do stuff from The Librarians tv series and the Leverage tv series

  • Antti Hyvärinen
    Antti Hyvärinen 16 hours ago

    React to stunts from some older movies, movies that didn't use CGI.

  • charles ritter
    charles ritter 16 hours ago

    Ip Man - the fight scenes are so good and would love to see a scene dissected

  • Akash Patel
    Akash Patel 16 hours ago

    Old Boy (2003): Hall fight scene!!

  • Nacho
    Nacho 16 hours ago

    Eric is super interesting to listen to, I feel like I learned a lot this ep

  • Moacir
    Moacir 17 hours ago

    You could buy a bigger couch, you know?

  • Tyler Remy
    Tyler Remy 17 hours ago

    I don’t usually click clickbaity shit but this is a cool premise

  • Montrel Basher
    Montrel Basher 17 hours ago

    Hardcore Henry

  • purplecow666
    purplecow666 18 hours ago

    Would be fun to hear what you have to say about the rather daring stunt in Cliffhanger where the guy goes between two airplanes mid-air.

  • Yogev Montekyo
    Yogev Montekyo 18 hours ago

    you placed too much ads... no skip option. outa here

  • Snuggles
    Snuggles 18 hours ago

    How about the oil scene in the transporter

  • P H
    P H 18 hours ago


  • Martin Klekner
    Martin Klekner 18 hours ago

    I really didnt like the short clips you edited in, feels kinda distracting. otherwise,Great video!

  • Pawan Singh
    Pawan Singh 18 hours ago

    batman vs superman : batman fight with russian : love to have reaction on it

  • Nathan P.
    Nathan P. 18 hours ago +2

    I wished you had reacted to the raid's kitchen fight scene :( you even put it in the thumbnail

  • SwayWay
    SwayWay 19 hours ago


  • bingo balingo
    bingo balingo 19 hours ago

    Both of the Raid movies are amazing

  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 19 hours ago

    4:03 Thank you for reminding me of that golden clip. That poor lady. I think she broke ribs or something.

  • Muninn Myrkvi
    Muninn Myrkvi 19 hours ago

    I'd like Eric to share his biggest goof he's ashamed of (similar to the pratfalling stuntmen or the ones waiting for their turn).

  • justin t.
    justin t. 19 hours ago

    Do kung fury!

  • Muzzammal Alvi
    Muzzammal Alvi 19 hours ago

    Shoutout Doug DeMuro

  • toAZN4u
    toAZN4u 19 hours ago

    Can you guys do a video reacting to Jackie Chan’s movie stunts? I would like to see that

  • Nx AniClip
    Nx AniClip 20 hours ago

    I swore the raid has the golden star if not the best fighting scenes in the whole decade.. It's really underrated tho... sadly

  • Steve Driemeyer
    Steve Driemeyer 20 hours ago +1

    I would like to see Eric comment on the fall that Dar Robinson makes in Stick.

  • Austin Asbury
    Austin Asbury 20 hours ago

    I would love for you guys to react to under the skin for “cgi artists react”, but I think that might break USclip’s community guidelines lol.

  • danny watkins
    danny watkins 20 hours ago

    5.42 you can hear them say subscribe over the top of the video.

  • Joanna Gibbons
    Joanna Gibbons 20 hours ago

    Do the warehouse scene from Batman v Superman where Batman beats up 2 dozen men.

  • Bless DaPoet
    Bless DaPoet 20 hours ago +1

    Lord of the Rings CGI please 🙏🙏

  • Samson Selleck
    Samson Selleck 20 hours ago

    you guys should make a raiding area 51 video on the other channel

  • levenes romain
    levenes romain 20 hours ago

    Seriously, this is great. We need one of those per week

  • The Kid Inside
    The Kid Inside 21 hour ago

    So no ones gonna react to the subliminal subscribe in between dialogue? Haha

  • Constant Deluge
    Constant Deluge 21 hour ago

    I don’t think they actually used the pickup drivable safe during filming. It ended up being hard to drive and rolled too much. A bespoke chassis was built on the inside, it was turned into an electric car which was much easier to drive.

  • Dhafin RH
    Dhafin RH 22 hours ago

    The Raid 🇮🇩

  • Yash Arya
    Yash Arya 22 hours ago +2

    Please react to Stranger Things and the Shrike creature in sixth season of Agents of SHIED...

  • Dave Brohman
    Dave Brohman 22 hours ago

    The Fast and the Furious is a superhero franchise where everyone's power is cars.

  • sylaise
    sylaise 23 hours ago

    This is so exciting to watch (esp the John Wick part for me since I'm a huge John Wick fan). And Eric seems to really know his shit lmao, the stuff he has to say and explains is really interesting. Thank you so much for your insight!

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover 22 hours ago

      techy techy term for it, but it's fucking awesome.

  • arvin bhattacharya

    Still waiting on the bvs warehouse fight

  • Mathew Gonzalez
    Mathew Gonzalez Day ago

    The raid and the raid 2 had some of the best fight choreographies out of any other movie I’ve seen. It inspired me to learn Silat.

  • Fahad Zubaid
    Fahad Zubaid Day ago

    I would love to see you guys react to the stunts in the epic hallway fight scene in Cobra Kai season 2 last episode. That must’ve been a choreography nightmare.