r/Entitledparents "SHOW MY SON YOUR V*****! NOW!!!" Funny Reddit Posts

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents can be so insane that it actually crosses over into being illegal. The last time an entitled parent demanded a stranger show their kid their vajongo, I thought it was a fluke. Turns out I was 100% wrong. Apparently this is a common thing that entitled parents expect from strangers??? HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT IN JAIL? This HAS to be illegal, right? I don't want to live in a world where entitled parents get away with stuff like this!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  27 days ago +3619

    The first story is INTENSE!
    I almost GAGGED while reading it (no joke) 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • The cow Cow
    The cow Cow Hour ago

    Give me your weed... NOW

  • Avery Sogan
    Avery Sogan 3 hours ago

    I swallowed my dads dip spit 🤮

    I IZ KITTY 4 hours ago

    If the parent demanded that just say “you first”

  • Freddly I.O
    Freddly I.O 5 hours ago


  • Agatha Gigliotti
    Agatha Gigliotti 5 hours ago

    Yea I guess curious looking at worms and the reality but not my tampons and pads covered in once a month sauce.

  • Alphawarrior
    Alphawarrior 6 hours ago

    So on a note of the last story if op is goin to heck and entitled family is goin to heaven then heaven is bad and heck is good

  • New Turkic Channel
    New Turkic Channel 8 hours ago

    I think the kid from the first story had 5 Switches and 15 Vitas.
    Also, I like how the mom was an actor that purposely acted dumb and entitled just to teach her kid that the world doesn't revolve around him.

  • Infinity Might
    Infinity Might 8 hours ago


  • jeremy's gameplay Studio
    jeremy's gameplay Studio 9 hours ago +1

    first story should be in r/Prorevenge

  • sandorsbox
    sandorsbox 12 hours ago

    I really find some of these stories hard to believe.

  • ツnAkEdPoTato
    ツnAkEdPoTato 16 hours ago

    I still dont get what was that cola thing is.....period blood?xd

  • Eian Solis
    Eian Solis 19 hours ago

    That mom is on crack

  • Jeremy Barnicott
    Jeremy Barnicott 21 hour ago

    That kid is a little b**h

  • Arutax/Polaris 4714AXX

    r/Maliciouscompliance: "This is where the Fun Begins!"

  • Shamrock Sans
    Shamrock Sans Day ago

    I would spit in there face and say to the kid if U what to see it Don't look at your mom she got none

  • Boss Sans
    Boss Sans Day ago +2

    For the lasts storys entitled family when the get to heck
    Demon:Welcome to Damnation
    Aunt:I would like to speak to your manager
    Satan:Not this sh!t again

  • Al Gucci
    Al Gucci Day ago

    Spit and drugs

  • big oof
    big oof Day ago

    oh god the first one ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Cleo Jones
    Cleo Jones Day ago

    The last story is just disgusting. Those people have no empathy whatsoever. Laughing in someone’s face just two days after their fiancé died is horrible, and I would have sucker punched them. That house and N’s stuff were the only things the writer had left of him, and it is disrespectful to throw out the art he had put his heart and soul into. Some people just deserve to rot in hell.

  • MessSA
    MessSA Day ago


  • Raelyn Clinard
    Raelyn Clinard Day ago

    Sksksks the first one made me gAg

  • Howard Wilson
    Howard Wilson Day ago

    hey are / that's enough story read yeah once it was dark and I gave my dad a soda bottle it was empty and like I gave it to him for him to spend his snuff out honestly my dad spinning it and I thought there was still soda in the bottle so I took a sip and then why didn't touch my tongue I just almost threw up the worst experience of soda in my life I'm never going to trust a mountain dew code red again at least in the dark cuz it was dark when that happened

  • Marcus Hrycyk
    Marcus Hrycyk Day ago

    Natural selection at its finest

  • mira veta
    mira veta Day ago

    awww I was hoping the little pervert would get a stiletto heel through the eyeball.

  • Klocko Fett
    Klocko Fett Day ago

    Since you asked, if an entitled parent asked me to show my junk to their kid, the conversation would go something like "gimme a minute while I ______ first." While I'm doing whatever else, anything else to stall, I'd be calling 911.

  • Far M
    Far M Day ago

    I was eating when I watched this!!!!

  • Pro8268 Gammer
    Pro8268 Gammer Day ago

    That happen to me at school

  • CuckooFlowers
    CuckooFlowers 2 days ago

    I threw up with the first story 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Haus The Seal
    Haus The Seal 2 days ago

    lowkey I did the first one, No I'm not entitled, my Father and I bought Coke in Hilton Head Island back in 2009 and I hadn't finished mine, He had, and lets say when I got back to our Motel room I drank a small sip (thank god) and Immediately ran to the bathroom

  • Save Pewdiepie OK
    Save Pewdiepie OK 2 days ago

    Coke, spit in disguise

  • BlackSwampOutdoors
    BlackSwampOutdoors 2 days ago

    And I just put a dip in lmao :)

  • Creepy Angel
    Creepy Angel 2 days ago

    Swallowing someone elses spit is kissing though... It basically is, not that that is the goal of kissing, but yeah.

  • Jim
    Jim 2 days ago

    I'm curious as to why you can't say the word hell? You can put it on the screen, but can't say it? c'mon.

  • rachel williams
    rachel williams 2 days ago +1

    that last story was just SICKENING! how dare these people act this way? does anyone else agree with me?

  • Baz Jajo
    Baz Jajo 2 days ago

    Hey what the heck its the same as the other vid.the bat part.

  • Jimmy Reynolds
    Jimmy Reynolds 2 days ago

    I would beat some sense into the parent

  • Vanilla Vodka
    Vanilla Vodka 2 days ago

    I remembered something that happens when I was about 6 or 7. Now I'm 21. I would usually go with my grandmother at a park In the opposite part if the city. The buss ride would take about 35 minutes or so and most if the time during the ride I would eat chips or biscuits or other treats. I had a lot of encounters with EM during these rides because they would demand me give their kids treats or give them the the bag as they had to get off the buss and their kids were hungry. One day I was eating my monster chips and I saw a kid long staring at me and watching me eat. I looked over at his mom who was also staring at me. I knew wbay was coming so I handed him the bag of chips. BIG MISTAKE. she started to yell.at me saying how her son shouldn't be eating that bullshit full of colorants and chemicals. She took the bag out of her sons hand and therw it at me. Almost all if it spilled on the floor. My grandma procesded to jump in and save me. She apologised and said that people usually want me to share my treat and I was just being nice. There was no way I could have known she was going to react like that. I said ok so this happened. I learned my lesson. I wony longer share my treats even if the kid is practically drooling while watching me. A few days passed and I was in the buss again eating the same chips. I was eating and minding my own business when I see an another kid drooling and licking his lips watching me. I thought to myself no. I wont get shit for sharing again. I ignored him when all of the sudden his grandmother said: aren't you a shameless little brat? How can you eat when hes looking into your mouth and watching you lick your fingers? She grabbed my hand and tried to take my bag. My grandma was half asleep and jumped as burned not knowing what was happening. the other grandma starting to yell at her saying how she is not raising me right. My grandma a bit shocked asked me to give the kid some of my chips while he was already pulling my bag with one of his hands already in the bag. My grandma tried to explain her how I always share and how giving away some chips is not a problem but the last time I shared I got shit for it and I had no way of knowing when to give and when to not. While the kod was eating the grandma was eyebawlig me almost judging me for not giving him the bag as I was seated higher and he had to reach for the bag. I was a really shy kid and if I felt uncomfortable I would usually choke on food if people watched me eat or on liquids if I tried to drink while I was being uncomfortable. It didn't take long for me to choke on the chips and eventually I gave up the bag for good.

  • _gacha_chip_ Doughnuts

    Im never trusting coke ever agin

  • RebelHawk 420
    RebelHawk 420 2 days ago

    There's a story I was told awhile back, it's not on Reddit but maybe you can read out to your followers. It's called "Man buys little pink taser for wife" or something like that. I honestly can't read it out loud because it's just that funny. It's a really good story.

  • Tripple C
    Tripple C 2 days ago

    4:11 fricking perv

  • CommanderSteel707
    CommanderSteel707 2 days ago

    For once, I actually like the EP in a story (I’m talking about the first story)

  • The Tiefling Fox
    The Tiefling Fox 2 days ago

    I hope the entitled people at the end gets murdered while in that house by some random burgler

  • Local Dingus
    Local Dingus 2 days ago +1

    I spit drinking story just invented a new phobia for me

  • Sophia Stahly
    Sophia Stahly 3 days ago

    I had to bite my hand to keep from puking of the kid drink spit

  • Gregory McKenzie
    Gregory McKenzie 3 days ago

    Aaaaagh! That first story was gross and AMAZING!

  • D34TH
    D34TH 3 days ago

    Spider-Man 3 is kinda underrated ya know

  • Mary Nicolino
    Mary Nicolino 3 days ago

    When I was at my dad's side of my grandparents I confused my soda with my uncle's and since it wasn't a bottle I couldn't see what was inside and I will spare you the details of what it was like 😵😵

  • Jasper Winchester
    Jasper Winchester 3 days ago

    The rant at the end about who would actually end up in hell made my day

  • Matt Dave
    Matt Dave 3 days ago

    Hey, about the Entitled Mother being one's own, this is honestly veery common. I have my own story I posted on r/EntitledParents, if you're interested.
    There's a whole saga.

  • cwall282
    cwall282 3 days ago

    The mom with the dog story hits way too close to home. My mom has pulled similar stuff.

  • Julia Johansson
    Julia Johansson 3 days ago +1

    That bottle should make an appearance in West of Loathing XD

  • Isabella Wolf
    Isabella Wolf 3 days ago

    Of a kid goes into my stall I would grab him by the hair and throw him OUT And for the mother I would give her A piece of my mind and lecture of how to teach her son not to do that or I grab my phone and videotape of what’s going on and then show people of what this boy was doing and showed this to security and this is my first time commenting on your videos and this one really got me mad but you do really good videos and I can’t wait to see more and can you please give me a shout out you have a wonderful day byeee 🤗👍❤️🐺

  • Tiago Alves
    Tiago Alves 3 days ago

    Jesus Cryst rSlash, I almost GAGGED too while listening to it XD
    and I dont have problems with this kind of story.. but this one was the creme de la cream LOL XD

  • Sssniper Wolf
    Sssniper Wolf 3 days ago +7

    Me: **sees first one**
    *_*evil laugh*_*

  • Jay DarkHeart
    Jay DarkHeart 3 days ago

    For the last one...
    Give us the address of that EC and aunt. We just wanna talk.. *cocks shotgun* Yeah... Talk...

  • sisocrack
    sisocrack 3 days ago

    I almost puked listening to this.

  • Tosin Kuye
    Tosin Kuye 3 days ago

    Bro if u don’t start using actual words like penis and vagina I stg I’m gonna stop watching cuz that shit just sound corny as fuck saying vachonga headass

  • ツEclipse
    ツEclipse 3 days ago

    How n went to hell, god i want to see that woman in hell being tortured by satan

    I know this comment was dark but really? N seemed like a amazing person and for someone to say that?!?! God that made me so mad

  • David Myrick
    David Myrick 3 days ago

    Sketch comedy on the entitled parent side of the story usclip.net/video/qHBv74B1N9U/video.html

  • Marie N
    Marie N 4 days ago

    Omg I cried with the last one

  • Katy McAusland
    Katy McAusland 4 days ago

    i seriously threw up

  • Isabella Waller
    Isabella Waller 4 days ago +2

    I was thinking and a random ass thing popped into my head
    "Q-tips are like tampons for your ears!And wax is the period blood!"
    I know I think of random shit sometimes xD!!!!!!

  • Genius Mine
    Genius Mine 4 days ago

    I vomited on the first one

  • no go away
    no go away 4 days ago


  • Tane Latamari
    Tane Latamari 4 days ago


  • Louisa Azone
    Louisa Azone 4 days ago

    fun fact "gib" means "give" in german

  • Rainy Azza21
    Rainy Azza21 4 days ago

    The mom knew about the bottles contents and at the end she was proving how she was trying to show you don't get everything in life and so i don't think she's entitled she's being a good parent by teaching a lesson yo her son. Sure it was a disgusting way but it work and she could of done it a different way but i think this way worked perfectly.

  • Isaac Denley
    Isaac Denley 5 days ago +2

    Hell no your going to the other much much worse place of which is so horrifying humans cant even handle knowing about it's existence

    I'm going to Britain?

  • Isaac Denley
    Isaac Denley 5 days ago

    What was she muttering probably something like like the nruter yam I taht rewop tneicna eht ecovni I nrub ot emoc sah emit ym l t o l X a

  • Vatal Awsome
    Vatal Awsome 5 days ago

    Wait didn’t op own part of the house though

  • Vulpes Ailurus
    Vulpes Ailurus 5 days ago

    Good on that mom in the first story.

  • Ava Evans
    Ava Evans 5 days ago

    I have a story, how can I tell you it to be in the video?

  • Obey Otterz
    Obey Otterz 5 days ago

    Omg I love this guy please do more r/entitled parents

  • Verix
    Verix 5 days ago

    Every entitled parent always starts with “ExCUse mE?!”

  • Xxxdoge YTxxX
    Xxxdoge YTxxX 5 days ago

    If someone told me to show my private let’s just say they may spend holidays hospitalized

  • Master Reaper
    Master Reaper 5 days ago

    I...I think i would have gone and dogsit... not for the mother but the dog.

  • 8ironadrian Manjarrez

    You never know what is in somebody else’s spit 🤢🤢🤮

  • Komrade Klutch
    Komrade Klutch 5 days ago

    Perfect first vid to watch while eating my lunch.

  • Music lover
    Music lover 5 days ago

    That last one hurts to listen too I’m so sorry she had to go through that

  • Eero Vehviläinen
    Eero Vehviläinen 5 days ago

    Wait. I already read the em dog thing.

  • xxmattmcxx lol
    xxmattmcxx lol 5 days ago

    That boy in the first story KARMA slapped him in the face HARD

  • Layla
    Layla 5 days ago +3

    Ehhhhh just thinking about the first one is giving me flashbacks to event time I accidentally drank out of my dad's spit cup/can..........🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Talking Bot
    Talking Bot 5 days ago

    Fun Fact: You gay

  • DarkLustyHumor
    DarkLustyHumor 5 days ago

    Alright the first story, I literally almost threw up from it. That is sooooo disgusting. I would like to say the kid deserved it, but maaann...I can't really say it because it is soooo groossss. It's strange...I've heard stories like this involving pee, and nothing, but when it comes to spit....I just can't handle it. It always seems to send me into a gag-storm.

  • TheTRexGaming
    TheTRexGaming 5 days ago

    Wow, just wow, that family is a large piece of goddamn shit, for the op, im extremely sorry for what happened, both to your lover and the events that followed. But I swear to god those people get the karma they deserve and that they sit in a deep ass pit of fire in hell, because they deserve no love, respect, remorse, nor mercy if anything happens to them. Hope they experience living hell.

    • TheTRexGaming
      TheTRexGaming 5 days ago

      Btw N, AS and R are completely different story, the others that acted so shitty to op can legit get killed or something for all I care

  • Lillith Dunn
    Lillith Dunn 5 days ago +2


  • professor midnight
    professor midnight 5 days ago +1

    I would punch and kick the kids and mom but the kid a little softer but the mom....😈

  • Skidz1818
    Skidz1818 5 days ago

    What does OP stand for?

  • dizzybynature
    dizzybynature 6 days ago

    i had to skip the end of first story..
    i know i wouldnt make it through..

  • theRYANfist
    theRYANfist 6 days ago


  • Hick Rarrison
    Hick Rarrison 6 days ago +1

    I think the mom knew about the bottle.

  • nicholas daiy
    nicholas daiy 6 days ago

    16:42 yea I don't believe op is the one going to hell. guess who is tho. and I believe N was in HEAVEN. some people should just shut up fro gods sake. if I was there that woman would be in a bodybag.

  • crazed fangirl
    crazed fangirl 6 days ago

    To answer the question, I would take out my pocket knife and cut a b****. I'm just joking, I don't own a pocket knife, but I would punch them in the face

  • Amanda Hall
    Amanda Hall 6 days ago

    Break her bones

  • Soul Lord
    Soul Lord 6 days ago

    My entitled parent story is one day I was on the beach and had a very expensive surf board and I saw a BIG family walk to the beach (ep=entitled parent) (ek 1 = entitled kid) (ek 2= entitled kid) (nk=normal and logical kid) (me= a pink fuckin fluffy unicorn but me) (ef=entitled father) (eg=entitled grandma) any way I saw they only towels no life jackets no umbrellas no bucket to make sand castle not even spare clothes I thought this was weird since everyone else had one of these things but then I thought they might have forgot them or they just wanted to swim or tan since they had towels so I stopped thinking about it about twenty minutes later I decided I want to go surfing witch I’m not that good at but I like it so I grab my surf board and head down there then I see ek 1 run at full speed at me and try to grab my surf board and he looked five so he could not carry it and I’m six ft tall so he could not reach and he said GIVE ME DAT is obviously said no sorry you are to young to be surfing and you might get hurt then he went back to his family right when I am about to get in the water Ef comes up to me and says I’m a pro surfer let me surf but I hesitate because the surfboard costs a lot of money so I say no I will write part two later because I’m going to vacation in a hr and 30 minutes and I haven’t started packing I will wright part two when I’m there

  • Sam Wildfire
    Sam Wildfire 6 days ago

    Last one got me bawling

  • Krista P
    Krista P 6 days ago

    Two stories similar to the dip story that both happened a few weeks apart while I was deployed. The first one happened to a Crew Cheif I knew. He was filling out the electronic aircraft forms and drinking an orange Gatorade. Another crew chief also doing forms was dipping into a half full orange Gatorade bottle. They put them between them. I sat there for several minutes waiting then it happened, dude picked up the chew bottle and took a huge swig. He spent the next hour puking over and over. Second story, I was on our launch truck and a buddy of mine was laying on the bench in the back and lifting his head up to spit into his bottle. There is a metal grate that shakes rocks out of the tires before we get on the flightline. I told me buddy to sit up to dip and he said he was fine. We hit the FOD grate while he was mid dip and the entire bottle spilled all over him. Sorry Lance.

  • Cat NGM
    Cat NGM 6 days ago


    if a random young boy looks at me through the bathroom stalls, i would gently kick him out, make sure i finish up quickly, THEN PUNCH HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE WHEN I GET OUT!!


    Plus, i don't use a Tampon... so eh

  • Faz QT
    Faz QT 6 days ago

    W8 wat