Charlize Theron On Raising A Black Son, Showing Reality Of Motherhood | The View


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  • Keya Vaughn
    Keya Vaughn 2 days ago

    She does not have to their her kids .Why because her kids are black she has to talk about it constantly,she don't owe anyone anything except her kids and herself.

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 5 days ago

    Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing be yourself and tell the truth you are in a nother world no fun be careful in the street ppl well call the police on you Linda j. ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯

  • leretour23
    leretour23 14 days ago

    Everything is about race in United-States, isn't ridiculous and sick! She is raising a child period, not a Black child. My mom who is Caucasian raised all 5 of us as a single mother after the death of my dad who was African-American. Being raised in the 60s and 70s, comments were awful from both sides. Blacks and Whites told our biological mother in front of us when we were kids to place us for adoption and thank God my mom has aways refused to do so. And people never understood how come I have never seen my mom as White lady, but let me answer that question again for the imbeciles. When I see my mom I don't see a White lady, I simply see my mother. When my mom sees us, she doesn't see Black people, she see her kids. To add a little spice to the story, my friend told me once that he doesn't see how gay his son is, he simply sees his son, nothing else (because people always refer him as the gay guy), I replied to him "this is how you should see your son", as your son period.

  • Prince Nathan
    Prince Nathan 18 days ago +1

    She is part African she is an 👼 angel Jesus

  • 759 Gear
    759 Gear 21 day ago

    Children and pets are not a fashion statement or some trend

  • 759 Gear
    759 Gear 21 day ago

    Wow.....funny how could adopt kids without being qualified to raise said child 😔

  • Mr.K-Dizzel 4Real
    Mr.K-Dizzel 4Real 22 days ago

    She's turning the BLACK BOY Into A Girl

  • Latrenia Bryant
    Latrenia Bryant 22 days ago +1

    Not sure why the host(s) did not address the elephant in the room such as WHY IS SHE DRESSING HER BLACK MALE SON AS A FEMALE? Contributing to the emasculation of The Black Male. Btw, as others have pointed out, she never answered the question about raising a black son. SMH.

  • Bill Kill
    Bill Kill 23 days ago +1

    She turned her black son into a black tranny

  • Talbert Talbert
    Talbert Talbert 24 days ago

    I liked her before but Now I feel she is very WEIRD SOMETHING IS WRONG HER WOW 😳

  • Demetri Wayne
    Demetri Wayne 24 days ago +2

    Also Charlize eyes red as the devil🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

  • Demetri Wayne
    Demetri Wayne 24 days ago

    Really joy behart.... it never used to be an issue? How did that not break the internet?

  • Adrian Williams
    Adrian Williams 26 days ago

    Then pray tell me why she is raisingvhim as a girl?

  • MsUsagi513
    MsUsagi513 26 days ago

    Maybe the reason why she didn’t answer the question is because her son doesn’t identify as a boy. So she isn’t raising a “son.” (Shrugs shoulders)

  • 759 Gear
    759 Gear 26 days ago

    I was told when you point a finger you have three more pointing back at you

  • 759 Gear
    759 Gear 26 days ago

    I believe things get serious when you throw someone else children in the lime light

  • superkala fragilistic
    superkala fragilistic 27 days ago

    We don’t have a problem with her raising black kids, the problem is her raising black boys as white girls. Wheres Black Lives Matter when you need them?
    This show should be called “Distorted View”.

  • Gigi Go
    Gigi Go 29 days ago

    That’s y I won’t hv kids

  • ffic4life
    ffic4life Month ago

    I think the question of how are you raising your black son in this political climate is such a violating question. She’s raising him by being his mother. I highly doubt she is making his lunches while thinking to herself I’m making lunch for my black son. That isn’t happening. And the insinuation of that is awful. Edit: Furthermore, after reading through some of these comments, I’m blown away when I shouldn’t be, at the amount of true hatred that can be in someone’s heart. Standing in judgement of a woman you don’t even know. Disregarding her own personal experiences and going so far to question her worth as a mother is appalling and downright scary. The real threat to her children is your ignorance and hate. Sometimes humanity truly disgusts me.

  • Mousta Samatar
    Mousta Samatar Month ago

    joy is same time sound ignoren never happened when we grown up really she fuckin delusional Mrs joy ur time was 60s one of the worse racial and turbulent time in American history black people didn't have right to vote

  • Hyrule Legend
    Hyrule Legend Month ago

    People like her are the reason why I don't have pride

  • Davey Houston
    Davey Houston Month ago

    Payback ha ha

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago

    Well.. She is African American...

  • Gloria Daniels
    Gloria Daniels Month ago

    I am still trying to identify ANY PLACE on the globe where white people have gone and NOT KILLED, STOLEN FROM, and DESTROYED the native people of that land. There is no place they have gone where they can say the people of that land are better off after white people arrived. Even the animals of that land become targets in their lust for trophies. The Bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and they are truly living up to that description. I am not saying white Europeans are the devil, but throughout history, they have acted like devils in their pursuit of power and wealth. I wonder if that's why God didn't put any natural treasures in England. No gold, oil, diamonds, etc. SMH.

  • dosto tshipe
    dosto tshipe Month ago +4

    Charlize is true definition DEVIL

  • Unterreo Edwards
    Unterreo Edwards Month ago +1

    Charlize had the audacity to adopt a child, and then change his gender... Oh, so she's playing "GOD! He is so young and this is so wrong. Where's child services? The NWO has lost their minds and are out of control. This is a disturbing agenda being forced on the masses.
    Satanistic practices of impurity by sacrificing their child to the cult of Satanism. Charlize is moving up in the pyramid of lies and deception. #ChildSacrifice #GenderIdentityDisorder #NWOAgenda

  • Michele Ellis
    Michele Ellis Month ago

    Shut that ugly red mouth, ding bat

  • Angie Donaghue
    Angie Donaghue Month ago

    Child abuser !!!!

  • steven litvinchyk
    steven litvinchyk Month ago

    Adobting black kids is noting but a career moves , Just like licking Harvey Wiestein's balls ! We worry about black kids ,don't you watch the news .

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago

    To anyone criticizing Charlize for ‘not addressing the “Black Son” question’. She is African, from South Africa! She knows what Apartheid was and sad the effect of it. Give her a break. Why does everything have to be racial? She did a good thing, let’s acknowledge that.

  • Luke Marciano
    Luke Marciano Month ago

    Now we know why seth rogan didnt tap that

  • Beth Bosheers
    Beth Bosheers 2 months ago

    Skin color does not matter. Why bring that up? But God made 2 genders. So, let the children decide who they are, by who they are, organically, and spirituality. Peace y'all.

  • Alex Bane
    Alex Bane 2 months ago

    Those black boys should be removed from the custody of this woman. You know a child does not have the capacity to make decisions of the nature this faux mom claims he made that he is a girl in the wrong body of a boy. She is a lying sick racist psychopath who is likely to chemically castrate the child at a young age to keep him from developing as a male child protective services needs to save these kids. How could she have been found fit to have these kids? How much did she Pay,?

  • Gary Gowan
    Gary Gowan 2 months ago

    All these women belong together. They are all scorn and cray-cray.

  • November Flower702
    November Flower702 2 months ago

    Speaking of “rearing kids in an honest way”...Putting your children in a “time out” in place of actual communication? Usually kids are only “out of control” when no one is LISTENING to them. Should stop talking about parenting and start doing!

  • Eeko Aafin
    Eeko Aafin 2 months ago

    TWISTED, DEMENTED BYTCH dressing little Black boys in girls clothing and parading them around in public. Forcing them to become something they’re not. You have RUINED their precious minds. You don’t deserve to have anyone’s children. Monster isn’t the word for you. YOU ARE A DEMON!!!😡

  • ResearcherOne
    ResearcherOne 2 months ago +4

    What she is doing to her son's is just as bad as what Kevin Spacey did. When will you people wake up!

  • ResearcherOne
    ResearcherOne 2 months ago +8

    Organize and boycott all her films. She's using her children for popularity. This is demonic!

  • ResearcherOne
    ResearcherOne 2 months ago +3

    Whoopi Goldberg is obviously a child of Satan for not calling this woman out for raising her son's transgender.

  • eduardo landolt
    eduardo landolt 2 months ago

    Something wrong with the water in America...

  • Seseblue Seseblue
    Seseblue Seseblue 2 months ago

    Charlize Theron gives me the creep. Secondly For how long is the world going to keep putting color to everything. It’s enough already

  • nikki lott
    nikki lott 2 months ago

    She skated around the ?

  • Delilah Rainelle
    Delilah Rainelle 2 months ago

    Whoopi said, “Our daughters!” Wow, she identified their gender

  • Leni G.
    Leni G. 2 months ago

    This weirdo has her young son so screwed up he thinks he's a girl. Obviously trying to please Mommy who is simply following Hollyweird's latest trend.

  • ResearcherOne
    ResearcherOne 2 months ago +1

    She's sick in the head for raising her child transgender. This woman is an agent of Satan, the liberal Hollywood sickness.

  • sashakimi31
    sashakimi31 2 months ago

    I don’t support white people adopting a black child unless they are truly a great fit. Growing up black you are already judged by your skin color. Then to have a white mom who doesn’t know how to do your hair or grow up surrounded by mostly white people who don’t understand the struggle and can’t teach you your own culture is not easy. When you go out into the world regardless of the family you come from or the amount of wealth you have society still treats you a certain way. It’s important to grow up knowing who you are and where you come from as a black person.

  • lisa thomas
    lisa thomas 2 months ago

    Published 1 year ago to the day! (5/4/2018*5/4/2019) she was asked about raising a black "son". Now she's raising him as a black "daughter"! Fuckin heathen!👿👿👿👿😡😢

  • lisa thomas
    lisa thomas 2 months ago


  • 88 88
    88 88 2 months ago

    she said rose COLOURED and UGLY she was directing that to whoopie i know how she operates with underhanded comments!

  • truestar070
    truestar070 2 months ago +2

    Officially and forcefully feminising black men

  • truestar070
    truestar070 2 months ago

    I'm not an expert but a 3 years old is a little more intelligent that a goat and a little less intelligent than a dolphin. At that age they think people on TV are real and even if you tell them they are not, they still won't understand because they don't know what real is. When did sanity leave the building in America ..

  • 88 88
    88 88 2 months ago


  • Saunee 81
    Saunee 81 2 months ago

    She is the devil himself

  • Cristian Dejesus
    Cristian Dejesus 2 months ago +1

    The comments here are disgusting and ignorant. She is letting her children grow in a non biased environment. Gender is a social construct and different from sexuality . She’s not forcing anything on the child and whether the child realizes they’re straight or not she just wants to make sure they know she’s always there for them.

    • Blake Timbs
      Blake Timbs 2 months ago

      Cristian Dejesus Then she should raise that way her own white children and leave black children and other races of children alone.
      Let her destroy her kind and leave us alone with this BS.

  • Elysha Holt
    Elysha Holt 2 months ago

    How to rise a black boy??
    Pull him in DRESS. And tell him is a girl.

  • Rocco Sophie
    Rocco Sophie 2 months ago

    Grotesque. Are woman truly this ignorant? These pandering moron "hostesses," make me physically sick.

  • Rocco Sophie
    Rocco Sophie 2 months ago

    They're adopted. At least they aren't plagued with her genetics.

  • Rocco Sophie
    Rocco Sophie 2 months ago +40

    We need stronger adoption rules.

    • MrDreadsupremefly
      MrDreadsupremefly Month ago


  • social brownbutterfly
    social brownbutterfly 2 months ago

    Why NOT adopt black girls from Africa??? Wtf..Tuskegee experiment ? Government giving black men syphilis? White women adopted black boys to dress them as girls..smdh...they dont know there own history..brainwashed from birth

  • 76rodderz
    76rodderz 2 months ago

    She shouldve had her own kids and messed them up.

  • j blah
    j blah 2 months ago

    Wtf she talkimg bout gaining
    weight for didmt she adopt lol

  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 months ago

    "Mommie Dearest 2" in the making?

  • agatha nansimbi
    agatha nansimbi 2 months ago

    This woman had a hidden agenda because she should have not raising a boy am raising a girl...she knows she's wrong. Calculated

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 2 months ago +2

    Messing up our black sons hmm what a mockery of a mother

    NEETU KAHLON 2 months ago

    She’s THE MOST AMAZING actress of my times

  • Prino Prince
    Prino Prince 2 months ago +3

    I would buy into the idea that Biological sex is just a social construct once I see a biological male get pregnant. Until then good luck!!

    • Cristian Dejesus
      Cristian Dejesus 2 months ago

      Prino Prince gender and sexuality are different educate yourself

  • Jacquelyn Scott
    Jacquelyn Scott 2 months ago

    This brings tears to my eyes....

  • Deborah Gaston
    Deborah Gaston 2 months ago


  • So Called Black Man
    So Called Black Man 2 months ago +29

    😠 Question???? To those in agreement with this evil... How do you know that baby asked or wanted to become a girl??? Are you close friends with Charlize Theron ??? Did she invite you all over to her house and discussed this young boy decision to become a girl??? and at what age did he exactly confessed that he was a girl??? Or are you all going by WHAT SHE SAYS HE SAID??? 👁☎️🐂💩 👀😮👉 the agenda against the black man and his family is real...

    • Fraink White 👑
      Fraink White 👑 2 months ago +1

      So Called Black Man The fact that you put more interest in what someone else is doing with their life or how their children are being raised rather than improving your own community and your own life will continue to be the downfall of the black race and their misguided energy they choose to invest in issues that do not benefit them.

  • Kondjee Katuemutima
    Kondjee Katuemutima 2 months ago

    This a woman that comes from an Apartheid era in South Africa.what gives her the right to raise our black kids? those kids must taken away and she can go rot in jail.