Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

    Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

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Comments • 9 378

  • TheSilentKing TSK
    TheSilentKing TSK 13 hours ago +1

    Add Kazuma Kiryu From Yakuza, He Would Be Awesome And His Final Smash Would Be His Heat Actions And You Could Also Include Other Skins From Yakuza Kind Of Like How You Guys Did With Hero Such As Majima, Yagami And Kaito From Judgment I Mean It All Fits, Literally If Not Added In Challenger Pack 1 For The Final DLC I Hope He Gets Added In The Next And Haruka Could Be Standing Out In The Sidelines Cheering Kiryu On Like The King Of Fighters Characters Cheering On Terry For Example, I Personally Think That Kiryu Is Better For Smash , My Hopes For Kiryu 2020 And I Like The Kiwanis 2 Version Of Him, Like If You Want Kiryu In Smash

  • Leroy Lai
    Leroy Lai 14 hours ago

    Cave story

  • Lenny Google
    Lenny Google 16 hours ago +1

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Shantae Travis Touchdown Tai & Agumon Joins the Battle

  • Hiedi Rosinski
    Hiedi Rosinski Day ago

    The only working website that does the job for me personally and sends me free instagram followers is SMM EMPIRE, just google it - Take my word for it, But for real I tried many different websites however none of them have worked just like SMM EMPIRE lol

  • Luke Matthews
    Luke Matthews Day ago

    You prolly won’t see this but on the off chance you do: fix the damn penalty for disconnecting from the online battles, I shouldn’t be penalized just because my switch can’t load cuz it’s more than 2 ft away from the router. Every time my switch can’t keep up due to the sucky connectivity it logs out of the math AND THEN PENALIZES ME FROM PLAYING THE GAME. I’m NOT disconnecting cuz I’m losing, but cuz the switch can’t be more than like 5 ft away from the router for optimal online experience. This blows cuz I literally have no control over that so please fix that

  • Waka waka
    Waka waka 2 days ago

    omg...the number of cameos from KOF and Fatal Fury. This is why Smash Brothers and Sakurai are the best. The attention to detail and loving's just too much bro.

  • Cubed GameBoy
    Cubed GameBoy 2 days ago

    seeing sakurai gush about his KOF and FF recomendations is amazing

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer 2 days ago +1

    Ken: terry with no hat
    Terry: ken with hat

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick Day ago

      Both is very different than each other tho.

  • Blizard Gacha
    Blizard Gacha 2 days ago +3

    Ever heard of endlag?
    Terry: nope

  • Jorge Vasquez
    Jorge Vasquez 2 days ago

    Bro they should deadass add travis from no more heroes, like they needed him

  • Hung Do manh
    Hung Do manh 3 days ago +1

    I think he want to retire from work to become a youtuber

  • ShadowStar1997
    ShadowStar1997 3 days ago +1

    You won’t let Mai in, yet you’ll let Bayonetta in. Wtf, Nintendo?

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick Day ago

      Don't blame Nintendo for this, is not there fault that Mai can't be in the game.

  • david trezelle
    david trezelle 3 days ago

    They need to put 8 player smash avaiable in custom smash n stage builder stages in custom smash in the new update

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 3 days ago

    I like how he put the king's of fighters 94 England theme

  • Mudshrooze
    Mudshrooze 4 days ago

    Of course me and my immediate friends were all like "Who is he? Why?" But we moved on immediately after we remembered that Sakurai made a Plant fun to play. (Plants in my Top 10)

  • Mudshrooze
    Mudshrooze 4 days ago

    I love how in spite of how much stress and work this series is for him he is still passionate and excited to share.

  • Mudshrooze
    Mudshrooze 4 days ago

    Congratulations to everyone who had a part in making this game.

  • ShadowStar1997
    ShadowStar1997 4 days ago +1

    27:48 WHAT ABOUT K’!!!?

  • Fizz
    Fizz 4 days ago

    So just want to check this explanation is for like 7 year olds right I mean the Neo Geo isn't like not well known now a days right... I feel old.

  • Fizz
    Fizz 4 days ago

    So just want to check this explanation is for like 7 year olds right I mean the Neo Geo isn't like not well known now a days right... I feel old.

  • Speed Gamer
    Speed Gamer 5 days ago

    Terry-ble news....

  • channelofstuff
    channelofstuff 5 days ago

    they need to make assit trophy ganon playable. the OOT ganon.

    • Alejandro Medrano
      Alejandro Medrano 4 days ago

      There's no ganon assist thropy, what are you talking about?

  • David WhatsThatAbout

    Tekken got Geese, Dead or Alive got Mai, Super Smash Bros got Terry. I hope Mortal Kombat gets Iori

    • YuriOnEdge
      YuriOnEdge 3 days ago

      Iori is a guest character in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.

  • KingLS76 P5 Weeb
    KingLS76 P5 Weeb 5 days ago

    Its bad to be using the same move. Sakurai is not promoting spamming in this game.

  • Flonne Angel
    Flonne Angel 6 days ago

    i hope Sakurai not gonna make us wait a month or two just because he didnt wanna give us a reveal charecter.

  • Pat rice
    Pat rice 6 days ago

    Can the smash bros dev team remake fatal fury?!

    • Scissorman
      Scissorman 4 days ago +1

      @Pat rice Well, Fatal Fury isn't intended to be like Smash in the slightest. And it wouldn't benefit from trying to either.

    • Pat rice
      Pat rice 4 days ago

      Alejandro Medrano the combat mechanics are a lot of fun in smash for 2d brawler

    • Alejandro Medrano
      Alejandro Medrano 4 days ago

      @Pat rice
      They are very busy working on smash
      Also that's up to SNK, they can do It, and even if they want to hire the devs from smash, why would they do that, smash and FF are pretty different

    • Pat rice
      Pat rice 4 days ago

      阿軒Nick they can partner with the developers

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 5 days ago

      The game's right doesn't belong to them.

  • ATRO
    ATRO 6 days ago

    If she was going to be in smash the first question would've been
    Will they bounce ???

  • theone itself
    theone itself 7 days ago +3

    38:50 " (i won) BUT with a POWER WAVE ??!! I should have pulled off a Special move" now THAT IS A TRUE HARDCORE KING OF FIGHTERS player talking... (cries proudly)

  • SimplyDanny
    SimplyDanny 8 days ago +20

    Sakurai: "It's more important that a character is fun to play as in Smash than being recognizable, and to show its legacy's appeal through that fun gameplay."
    Toxic Smash Fans: *_*CRITCIAL HIT!_**

  • Don tv
    Don tv 8 days ago

    And add cup head

  • Don tv
    Don tv 8 days ago

    Sakurai I think that when you had rules for online mode I think that you should have rules for the original 12

  • AstroCrunch
    AstroCrunch 8 days ago +5

    Sakurai, after the presentation: Ok, that's all the time I've got. I gotta get back to playing FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION on my Hyper Neo Geo 64

  • kilvasify
    kilvasify 8 days ago

    Terry was one of my favorite characters in King of Fighters, he was so cool, BANDA-KU(or burning knuckle I guess???)! Sadly I always sucked with him though... :(
    I hoped for Kyo as an echo fighter but if he's spectating I guess...not? I know it must be Shingo then, he's the perfect echo fighter, oh well...maybe there's just not gonna be one this time, I guess you would have announced him by now, still too good to frown.

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 8 days ago

      Sadly there won't be any echoes in DLC.

  • SpyGuyVideo
    SpyGuyVideo 9 days ago

    I hope I’m playing the game right.

  • its Dizzle
    its Dizzle 9 days ago

    21:30 lies!! ! solid snakes stage xd

    • Alejandro Medrano
      Alejandro Medrano 4 days ago

      Oh yeah, because when the walls get broken the characters die at the same exacto moment,

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 9 days ago


  • GhettoSamurai
    GhettoSamurai 9 days ago

    Ratchet & Clank for Ultimate, anyone?

  • Cyrus The Great
    Cyrus The Great 9 days ago

    This guy works too damn hard! He needs a vacation that would last a lifetime.


    Mr. Sakura you must get some sleep please for your own health

  • Sonar 617
    Sonar 617 9 days ago

    Hey! Mr. sakurai and Nintendo? I have an idea for a way to put shadow the hedgehog in the game, so, what if you make shadow a playable echo fighter and have his assist trophy’s eyes flicker from Norma to back and green to show that it’s a shadow android, so it wouldn’t be confusing when two shadows are in the game cause shadow androids are a think and it would fit really good I think, just an idea to keep in mind, I hope you read this and take notes, peace out ✌🏻

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 9 days ago

      Yeah, first of all, an Assist Trophy can't be a fighter in the same game, and also, there won't be any echoes in DLC, and third, they won't even read comment.

  • Jayceroger 3
    Jayceroger 3 10 days ago

    Nerf ganondorf

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 9 days ago +1

      "I can't beat this character" doesn't mean "He is too overpowered"

    • Easter _God
      Easter _God 9 days ago

      @Jayceroger 3 still doesn't need nerfing tho

    • Jayceroger 3
      Jayceroger 3 9 days ago

      @Easter _God exactly

    • Easter _God
      Easter _God 9 days ago

      @Jayceroger 3 tru

  • TheGamingWhale
    TheGamingWhale 10 days ago

    hay Nintendo you should make sans and papyrus in smash o ya sans is my faverote

  • Keaton Smith
    Keaton Smith 10 days ago

    The release is November 6

  • tang roro
    tang roro 10 days ago +8

    Love this guy so much, you can see how excited he is when introducing all the background cameo
    It's clear he didn't add these guest characters because it would be profitable, it's because he wants to

    • Goliath Online
      Goliath Online 9 days ago +1

      Each and every character added are some of the most iconic SNK characters, even Chang and Choi.
      Well I would say that he should've added Marco Rossi and Fio Germi of Metal Slug fame. You can only imagine all the MS fans would go crazy to see those too in the background. But alas the Metal slug musics will do, which is great over all. ^^

  • Cornelius Neofytou
    Cornelius Neofytou 11 days ago

    Is Sakurai Going To Add Lemming As Fighter Yet?

  • Gabby Wenzel
    Gabby Wenzel 11 days ago

    Chun Li!! Begging you!!!!!!

  • Cody King
    Cody King 11 days ago


  • Eric Sonic
    Eric Sonic 11 days ago

    I think Lilac The Dragon Girl as color pink could be the mystery Challenger Pack 5 and I like Lilac to fall in love with Sonic.

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 10 days ago

      God please cure my cancer

    • Scissorman
      Scissorman 11 days ago

      You just said two things that don't go well together.

      Lilac in Smash is not very likely, but falling for Sonic? Smash doesn't do stuff like that often!

  • Robert Wall
    Robert Wall 11 days ago

    Idk why, but Terry will be *TERRYFYING* to fight online
    **SRRY 4 B4D J0K3S**

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez 11 days ago

    Sakuri can you plz add plants vs zombis garden warfer and plants vs zombies battle for nighborvill on the nintendo switch

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 10 days ago

      He is not the one to decide what game to put on Switch tho

    • Easter _God
      Easter _God 11 days ago +2

      he doesn't have the power to do that. he doesn't read comments anyway

  • olroxsuit
    olroxsuit 11 days ago +2

    It's precious how much he seems to love the series.
    Anyway, even after playing Terry just once I also just love him. He just plays so nicely and has immediately become my favorite character.

  • Tate the Cowman
    Tate the Cowman 11 days ago +5

    Who remembers when Sakurai’s photo was replaced with a fat dude in a hoodie?

  • Jonathan Avery
    Jonathan Avery 11 days ago +1

    Wow Sakurai said Mai Shiranui is not making a cameo because she’s good 😏

  • Rabbit Cube
    Rabbit Cube 12 days ago +2

    You just know that a whole bunch of "good boys and girls of many different ages" immediately googled Mai Shiranui after this.

  • Sir Wojo 006
    Sir Wojo 006 12 days ago

    This is a paradox
    Terry says are you ok
    Terry one second later

  • Roberto Miifunding Oficial

    Add the video mystery fighter in the last figthter in super smash bros ultimate

  • Antonio Padua
    Antonio Padua 12 days ago +1

    Will waluigi be able to be a character now also a game sakrai

  • Extreme Dawg
    Extreme Dawg 13 days ago +1


  • damien everything
    damien everything 13 days ago

    Does the sans costume also comes with the sans power?

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 12 days ago

      Do you actually thinking before typing this comment?

  • Don tv
    Don tv 13 days ago +1

    Dear Sakurai
    If I’d said your name wrong I’m sorry but we have a character you forgotten and his name is Waluigi and next game you might want to get Inklings a new echo fighter: Octolings so sorry but be more out of the box okay bye
    To Sakurai
    From: Donovan

    • Easter _God
      Easter _God 12 days ago

      sakurai said no echoes for dlc. maybe smash 6.

    • 阿軒Nick
      阿軒Nick 12 days ago

      He didn't forget Waluigi, he is an Assist Trophy.

  • Chance Paladin
    Chance Paladin 13 days ago

    Oh wow I wasn't expecting a 45 minute history video from Nintendo. That's some pretty next-level love!