Do You Hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)


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  • Selah Smith
    Selah Smith 29 seconds ago

    I hear both

  • Taylor’s Show
    Taylor’s Show 8 minutes ago

    Bro I hear yanny when you say laurel I’m scared

  • Hamza Abbasi
    Hamza Abbasi 22 minutes ago

    I here yavvy

  • Hamza Abbasi
    Hamza Abbasi 23 minutes ago

    I here yanny

  • Luca Craig
    Luca Craig 28 minutes ago

    I hear yanny

  • I Love Unicorns
    I Love Unicorns Hour ago

    When I turned up the volume the first two were Laurel but the next two were Yanny

  • I Love Unicorns
    I Love Unicorns Hour ago

    I hear Laurel

  • Sinoz
    Sinoz Hour ago

    i hear Yanny

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus Hour ago

    Just say yanny or laurel in your head as you listen and you can hear both

  • Keylee Hall
    Keylee Hall Hour ago

    ive seen this like 20 times aand only 17 of them i heard yanny 3 times i heard laurel

  • Andi935
    Andi935 Hour ago

    I hear Yuri 😂

  • Michael Masson
    Michael Masson Hour ago


  • ShadowBomb360
    ShadowBomb360 Hour ago

    I heard yanny

  • Ritchie 123
    Ritchie 123 Hour ago

    I hear yanny

  • Autumxx Msp
    Autumxx Msp 2 hours ago


  • daniel Mattock
    daniel Mattock 2 hours ago

    I hear laurel and yanny

  • Ishak Aganovic
    Ishak Aganovic 2 hours ago +1

    47 procent are retarded, thats what i learned

  • Ilan Paul
    Ilan Paul 2 hours ago

    It is both

  • FBI loli killer
    FBI loli killer 2 hours ago

    Lol I hear yanna and I cover my ears it says laurel

  • icheebs Diaz
    icheebs Diaz 3 hours ago


  • teen girl
    teen girl 4 hours ago

    Why people wondering? He just saying both at first he says yanny than laurel

  • Shivam Dwivedi
    Shivam Dwivedi 4 hours ago

    Doubt ... If I listen in with cheap headphones or speakers , I hear "Yanny" but with expensive headphones like the Senheiser 4.50 BTNC and Bose QC 35 , I hear "Laurel"

  • Edward Arbaiza
    Edward Arbaiza 4 hours ago

    Yoooo i used to hear yanny 😓😂

  • Poof the Pup
    Poof the Pup 5 hours ago

    Do u hear yanny
    I heard Laurel all four times

  • Definitely not Stalamina's 3rd channel

    I hear Larren ;_; am I normal?

  • Vad Kakas
    Vad Kakas 5 hours ago

    Molnár Krisztiánt hallom😊

  • Tiffany Chan
    Tiffany Chan 6 hours ago

    What if I hear both at the same time

  • Lorena Edenbaum
    Lorena Edenbaum 6 hours ago

    I hear Yannny

  • KawaiiKatz101 Mendenhall


  • miss Szisziii
    miss Szisziii 8 hours ago

    I hear not laurel but not Yenny I hear Yerry

  • Hamad Xbdb
    Hamad Xbdb 8 hours ago

    I heard yourail

  • mirriam kelly
    mirriam kelly 8 hours ago

    I heard both wtfff

  • Das Jiggels
    Das Jiggels 8 hours ago

    Yanny is like a ghost to me. I can only hear it after long breaks of watching this video when i forgot how laurel actually sounded like after expecting a high pitched voice. I hear it clearly its there, but 5 seconds later i hear laurel and yanny is gone for another few weeks. But it will come back every time.

  • Яна Костадинова


  • Ishraaq Malin-Ulusow
    Ishraaq Malin-Ulusow 9 hours ago

    I can hear both

  • Predator MagusK
    Predator MagusK 10 hours ago


  • Leland Vlogz
    Leland Vlogz 10 hours ago

    I was upstairs and I heard laurel then I went downstairs and heard uanny

  • Derpy Pumpkin
    Derpy Pumpkin 10 hours ago

    I hear both xD

  • Beebee Rodda
    Beebee Rodda 11 hours ago

    On the pitch up 30% if you think about yanny you hear yanny and same with Laurel

  • Kawaii Gem 205
    Kawaii Gem 205 13 hours ago

    i hear both it noramlly depends on which word im thinking of so if i think of yanny i hear yanny but if i think of laurel i hear laurel

  • Glacha Gal
    Glacha Gal 14 hours ago

    You sound like joey graceffa

  • Weirdo guy
    Weirdo guy 15 hours ago

    U just put on laurel yanny

  • Flamingo Guy
    Flamingo Guy 16 hours ago

    I heard yanny first time and I am now hearing laurel

  • Edit Antonson
    Edit Antonson 16 hours ago

    I can hear the video in 8D😱

  • fun 0
    fun 0 17 hours ago

    I hear both

  • Raghad Alsubai
    Raghad Alsubai 17 hours ago

    I don't hear Yanny or Laurel....I hear *Yammy* ??? 😐

  • Jonathan Foote
    Jonathan Foote 18 hours ago

    Ok so first off I heard yanny kept watching couldn’t hear laurel. Now when I listen to it all I hear is laurel how on earth did I ever hear yanny?

  • Jessica Li
    Jessica Li 19 hours ago

    I hear ya n n y

  • smelly kpop
    smelly kpop 19 hours ago

    I hear both.

  • Anymations :3
    Anymations :3 19 hours ago

    I can choose whether I hear yanny or laurel.. can anyone else do that?

  • amin battal
    amin battal 20 hours ago

    I hear yanny and i have 13 years old

  • Abisha Philip
    Abisha Philip 20 hours ago


  • Sosenek Vlog
    Sosenek Vlog 21 hour ago


  • Angga
    Angga 21 hour ago

    I heard yelly at 30% lower pitch

  • CottonKitty11
    CottonKitty11 21 hour ago

    I hear yammy who else years yammy

    Just me?

  • Stanley Noble
    Stanley Noble 21 hour ago

    omg when this was trending i could only hear yanny. but now i only hear laurel

  • Zoe Leyba
    Zoe Leyba 21 hour ago

    I hear uie (you-ee)

  • Wolfy Narwhal uwu
    Wolfy Narwhal uwu 21 hour ago

    I used to hear sunny when this was popular but now I hear laurel 😱😂

  • ;Rylee Thomas;
    ;Rylee Thomas; 21 hour ago

    I hear “YANNY!”

  • Italia Vitiello
    Italia Vitiello 23 hours ago

    in the beginning on yanny i heard laurel and on laurel i heard yanny...

  • Morgan Parsons
    Morgan Parsons 23 hours ago

    I hear Yanny I’m not liyng

  • Dylan Stuff
    Dylan Stuff 23 hours ago

    I kept hearing laurel I somehow heard yanny once

  • hakuna.matata
    hakuna.matata 23 hours ago


  • Wesishere
    Wesishere 23 hours ago

    I heard laurel for like 3 seconds then it changed to yanny😔

  • Sanaa Drayton-Bey
    Sanaa Drayton-Bey 23 hours ago

    if u say out loud yanny than u can hear it, same for Laurel

  • Hossein Kariminia
    Hossein Kariminia 23 hours ago

    I hear both but do you realize how at the start of the video it says it two times?
    First time I heard yanny the second laurel.
    and I was freaked out.

  • WolfyGamer 09
    WolfyGamer 09 Day ago


  • Elisa Hoerth
    Elisa Hoerth Day ago

    I hear yaurel😂😂

  • Der Professor
    Der Professor Day ago

    I can hear both

  • Ballislife 2324
    Ballislife 2324 Day ago

    That’s not true because me and my friend have the same hearing and he hears yanny and I hear laurel

  • Juane arc
    Juane arc Day ago

    I can here them both at the same time

  • Een Gamer
    Een Gamer Day ago

    I hear all two

  • I'm generic
    I'm generic Day ago

    I only hear yanny, I will never hear laurel :(

  • Adnan Rifaie
    Adnan Rifaie Day ago

    I hear yammy

  • Mir Alhan
    Mir Alhan Day ago

    I never heard Yanny!!!! I always hear Laurel and I'm 11 years old

  • c'est la Vie
    c'est la Vie Day ago

    So turns out I am old and correct.

  • Lukas Mayrwoeger

    Its yanny!!!!!!

  • superman123!
    superman123! Day ago

    I used to hear yanny and then I came back to the video and heard laurel for a few times and now I hear yanny and I can't switch back, I think somethings wrong with my ears help 😂

  • TheWhiteFrozenFoxPlayz

    I hear laurel and jelly combined together lol

  • Suomipeliä
    Suomipeliä Day ago


  • Ela l
    Ela l Day ago

    Lol when he said do you hear yanny I heard laurel and when he said or lauler I heard yanny

  • Flaming PvP
    Flaming PvP Day ago


  • ɪᴢᴀᴄʜɪɢᴀʀᴏ倒

    In this video I hear Laurel, in another video Yanny. Wth

  • Paun Adina
    Paun Adina Day ago

    I hear Laurel

  • Zak Noyce
    Zak Noyce Day ago

    Trick question, it is NEITHER

  • Siwanator Forever

    I only hear yanny but I wanna hear laurel

  • Manu o
    Manu o Day ago


  • Marshallow
    Marshallow Day ago


  • Merciless Fury
    Merciless Fury Day ago +1

    I hear Yanny

  • E.J. Uy
    E.J. Uy Day ago


  • E.J. Uy
    E.J. Uy Day ago

    I heard Laurel(WTF)

  • Ryandacoolguy
    Ryandacoolguy Day ago


  • Suanne Nolan
    Suanne Nolan Day ago

    ahhh i hear yanny

  • Jhude Ferrer
    Jhude Ferrer Day ago

    I hear both though..

    XDIM DIE IN Day ago

    I hear yami

  • Abby Kreutzer
    Abby Kreutzer Day ago


  • Nehan Khan
    Nehan Khan Day ago

    I hear Laurel, who’s with me?

  • Adyan Arshad
    Adyan Arshad Day ago

    I HEARD YANNY WHEN I WAS 7 And know I hear yanny when I’m 8 it’s weird

  • Adyan Arshad
    Adyan Arshad Day ago

    I hear yaurel

    MARIATU Day ago

    I Hear Both