16x9 - Freeganism: Living off trash

  • Published on Aug 26, 2012
  • They live for free. They eat for free. Or as close to free as they can manage. They're more than frugal; they're freegans. With recession woes inspiring more people to look for meaning outside the mall, freeganism is gaining ground. But is it possible to live off other people's trash? Mike Drolet gets an inside look at living the freegan life.
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  • D Light
    D Light Day ago

    Get a freegan life! This was very informative. I had no idea...freeganism birthed the grunge era. ♻Live freegan or die!

  • samantha griffin

    Totally distracted at the fact that the captions keep calling her “Blip” (her name is BLYTH).

  • pho3nix pls
    pho3nix pls 4 days ago

    its crazy how much we throw away stuff

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 5 days ago

    _Freeganism_ is fine for PEOPLE WITH NO SELF WORTH (in the west you are given money by your government to live on and if you budget you can live on the hand out I do)

  • julio para ti
    julio para ti 6 days ago


  • mightierthenthesword

    115lb's, that's... Pretty impressive.

  • Ante Venio
    Ante Venio 8 days ago

    how many end up at hospitals for intoxication?- tax-payers money......

  • Sunny-Of-All-Trades
    Sunny-Of-All-Trades 8 days ago

    the best thing I learned living in an apartment my whole life. We always had people in my building / neighbouring buildings throw really good furniture on the ground floor. I always make it a point to go around those area's to see if there's anything good, and it's saved me a LOT of money!

  • Debra Beverly
    Debra Beverly 9 days ago

    Her flowery salad is beautiful!

  • Michael Alguire
    Michael Alguire 9 days ago

    Maybe all homeless people should get together in their own communities and do this.

  • Michael Alguire
    Michael Alguire 9 days ago

    It's not for me but at least the food is not being wasted.

  • Angela Philbrick
    Angela Philbrick 11 days ago

    Those flowers that you are eating and you don’t know what it is, it’s a clover. Obviously she’s not doing her research that much. There are edible mushrooms and there are deadly mushrooms. Just because you see a picture of something and it says that it’s edible doesn’t mean that when you go out and see something similar that you are going to be safe. You could kill yourself doing this.

  • Danielle Miller
    Danielle Miller 12 days ago

    “When I say free you say free!” at 5:15 nobody else chuckle?😂😂

  • Marissa
    Marissa 13 days ago

    Okay then

  • Danny Sze
    Danny Sze 13 days ago

    She eats salad.. yet shes big and fat. Its pretty disgusting how she is taking trash. Trash is still somebodys belonging

  • Jo LAKE
    Jo LAKE 16 days ago

    The Los Vegas buffets waste would be a virtual goldmine, if it wasn't sold as hog feed.

  • BlendedBeautyXO
    BlendedBeautyXO 16 days ago

    That salad looks so aesthetically pleasing 😩

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree 16 days ago

    If only we lived in a world without greed and money, love would be endless and no one would go without.

  • Andrew Muntean
    Andrew Muntean 18 days ago

    Sounds like communist propaganda but okay

  • Tonya Nicole
    Tonya Nicole 18 days ago

    Freeganism seems fvcking awesome

  • Morlla234
    Morlla234 20 days ago

    I get it and maybe would consider it if the possibility of something else like a diaper being in the same bag as the food didn’t exist. Like, isn’t there other gross stuff in the garbage that is included with the food????? That’s nasty imo, I wouldn’t even eat out of my own garbage

  • Lisha Marie
    Lisha Marie 21 day ago

    That salad she made looks yummy!

  • Alpha Sesay
    Alpha Sesay 22 days ago

    That black girl is trippin...you better go get you some food stamps 2 for 1

  • cos mos
    cos mos 23 days ago

    It's easy to resist consumerism when you don't have money!!

  • Izza Bell
    Izza Bell 23 days ago

    one of the guys had a gucci hat

  • Nevaeh Stewart
    Nevaeh Stewart 24 days ago

    Who’s watching in 2019

  • Bree Lovexoxo
    Bree Lovexoxo 26 days ago

    What about bed bugs and rodents ???

  • Jos Rob
    Jos Rob 26 days ago

    The purple flowers taste like sugar lol, my sister and I use to pick those all the time just to bite on them

  • R
    R 26 days ago

    *Omg the flower salad is beautiful...however she has no idea who could have peed on them or what diseases the might have...😷*

  • Pam Coombs
    Pam Coombs 27 days ago

    I love it...smart ppl!! 🙏💞😉

  • Things I Wonder
    Things I Wonder 28 days ago

    I shop at whole Foods and overheard two men who worked there talking about the enormous amount of produce they throw out ....I wanted to cry.

  • Things I Wonder
    Things I Wonder 28 days ago

    I shop at whole Foods and overheard two men who worked there talking about the enormous amount of produce they throw out ....I wanted to cry.

  • Things I Wonder
    Things I Wonder 28 days ago

    I shop at whole Foods and overheard two men who worked there talking about the enormous amount of produce they throw out ....I wanted to cry.

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    they do not work for anything

    • mightierthenthesword
      mightierthenthesword 8 days ago

      "arrest them" Yeah, but why? It seems that it's much more of a crime to waste food needlessly (and i'm almost certain that it is such a thing in certain countries to do that) as literally 40 plus million American's each year starve from the lack of it.

      "work for something stupid and stop stealing other things" What's more productive and cost effective, having people that already contribute to society that get by on their food situation from literally eating other peoples trash, or having a metric ass-ton of that trash being sent and maintained at a separate landfill/compost heap?

      Besides, it's trash. So it's a moot point to argue whether or not something is being stolen here.

      It's clean, convenient and things don't get wasted in regards to their cost-to-production for its intended purpose, being eaten that is.

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    arrest them

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    work for something stupid and stop stealing other things

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    the b on this video isnt hungry so she shouldnt do it

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    lazy asses lazy asses

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    lazy asses

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    alot of people arent poor do not need to do it so arrest them

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    should put locks on dumpsters

  • jade ac
    jade ac 28 days ago

    sick nothing to brag about

  • da1stamericus
    da1stamericus 28 days ago

    i partake on freeganism. I love it.

  • Bekka Aziz
    Bekka Aziz 29 days ago

    Maggots food poisoning ewww eww eww!

  • Saf New
    Saf New 29 days ago

    What the freeg am I watching?

  • April Justice
    April Justice Month ago

    it is disgusting and unsanitary.

  • Leslie Priest Vlogs


  • korinna ranyak
    korinna ranyak Month ago

    "BUT THEY WONT DO THAT BECAUSE ITS ANTI CAPITALIST." No they dont do it because if you get sick it's a liability.

  • Jessiemarie Maestas

    As long as it is good to eat or use don't waste

  • mejda arfa
    mejda arfa Month ago

    I liked the roses:in my southern Tunisian town flowers aren't sold if you don't order them in advance/Bra vo for your documentaries

  • Charlie gruchy
    Charlie gruchy Month ago

    Dumpster diving

  • Alex Hood
    Alex Hood Month ago

    this is amazing

  • jthoen61
    jthoen61 Month ago

    Stores that claim the food is in a dumpster for a reason throw out perfectly good food. Not rotten, not old. It's like they get a new shipment in and throw out all the previous shipment. I dumpster dived recently and got a whole flat of salad kits, bags of salad, grapes, 6 full loaves of bread. Nothing wrong with any of it. There's such a food waste here in America when there's people hungry. It's more than getting stuff for free. It's taking stuff to avoid all this going in the landfill. People say ick it's in a dumpster. I get all this from what is on top, not at the bottom of a dumpster.

  • Jennie Carmelita Pineda

    Well I love couponing and buying from the vintage store so I can relate but food nah you don’t know what or who touched that before you but to each is own !!!

  • Victoria DeYot
    Victoria DeYot Month ago

    Growing up in a college town it was and still is a normal thing to put things out by the curb for others to take as they wish, old furniture etc. We were grateful that others could find use in the objects we no longer needed. Trust me nothing stayed by the curb for more than a few hours.
    Naively years later when I was married and bought my first house out on the edge of town, far away from traffic, I placed a sleeper sofa out on the curb and called the city to pick it up (it was a separate dept. not the sanitation department). They didn’t come the day they said and it got rained on then when they came the next day they crushed it. I was so dismayed, I foolishly thought they were going to take it somewhere I don’t know where but it just never crossed my mind that it would be destroyed. Like I said I was naive.
    I am happy to pass on anything I have that is useful.

  • Aidan Smyth
    Aidan Smyth Month ago

    Doing a Ph.D. in freeganism...types freegan on laptop...unrecognised word.

  • Destiny Williquette

    The reason the food is tossed out is because it is considered unsafe to eat. That is why they would let there employees eat it because it could make you sick.

  • Eusebia Santiago
    Eusebia Santiago Month ago

    nothing wrong with being wise with ur money. people throw too many nice things in the trash

  • Mountain Flower
    Mountain Flower Month ago

    This is how Hoarders will start!

  • PolyMathMomma, SimplyFly

    I think this is awesome. I feel so guilty about the food we waste so I have a compost bin in my backyard. It was difficult to do this in an apartment. I try to recycle, repurpose, sell, or donate as much as possible. I've very organized and conscious about what I dispose of but my family members don't care and most of the people around us don't care. It makes you feel like what you do is pointless.

  • Janelle Bird
    Janelle Bird Month ago

    I didnt know this was a thing🤔

  • Rose Petersen
    Rose Petersen Month ago

    Taking donated items from a donation bin is theft

  • Maya H
    Maya H Month ago

    I see bedbugs

  • nathan osgood
    nathan osgood Month ago

    No disrespect, as the idea is wonderful and important. But that fella going on about the A for anarchy etc has the best teeth I’ve ever seen. Seems like people that are not in need, its an alternative lifestyle rather than the real problem of waste when so many are homeless and in need. By the way, i have been homeless and this was quite normal.

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali Month ago

    The flies hate those freegans

  • Aaliyah Cova
    Aaliyah Cova Month ago

    Jesus I live in Toronto and I have never seen someone do this



  • Margarita Kulyapina

    Ok, freeganism aside, the woman doesn't know what a clover is.
    P.S.: I would totally take a desk or something *if I needed one* that someone had set out. But taking couches is a great way to get a bug infestation, and they seem to take things before they decide if they need them or if they actually fit the house

  • Ema's Fun/Mum World

    At least that food is reachable!! In the Uk the food gets minced and then thrown away!

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst Month ago

    it's not really free when you have to spend a lot of your time and risk getting sick from the food.

  • Romzy Hol
    Romzy Hol Month ago

    FREEganism does not include stealing. Taking from the donation boxes is straight up stealing. The diabetic association sells their donations by the pound to fundraise. STOP using the DONATION boxes.

  • Sarah Duropan
    Sarah Duropan Month ago

    First minute in. And the woman was stealing from a diabetic charity. I think many people don't realize that this is theft. Those items were donated to the charity. It then becomes the property of said charity! We all need to know this if you want to ethically get free stuff. I'm down for dumbster diving, finding a way to get something for free. All that is fun stuff. But we need to leave the charity boxes alone! Those items are sold to raise money for their charity. ❤️

  • HandGrenades 4Balls

    Sometimes the thrift store is a goldmine too

  • V H
    V H Month ago +1

    It’s just sad to see how some were so hungry they ate the food on the spot

  • V H
    V H Month ago

    It’s a cool system. They care about what matter to you instead of how person a wears gucci on Instagram.