We Reveal Our Texting Habits • Ladylike

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
  • "Texting your crush is like playing tennis for people who don't know how to play tennis."
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Comments • 1 136

  • shaila scott
    shaila scott Day ago

    Kristen saying left on “reed” instead of “red” 🤮

  • Jenna Balmer
    Jenna Balmer 9 days ago

    Please, for Kristen's health

    *_use emojis_*

  • Tootsie Megagirl
    Tootsie Megagirl 10 days ago

    Chantel is literally the definition of a Leo in this video

  • Pixel Tiger
    Pixel Tiger 16 days ago

    I am that friend who says 'k'. Like all the time. I can't believe I still have friends...

  • Amber Heart
    Amber Heart 17 days ago

    i text K all the time and its never passive aggressive....

  • Aitza Escobedo
    Aitza Escobedo 20 days ago

    Will you marry me Chantel?

  • Darius Arceneaux
    Darius Arceneaux 25 days ago

    Kristin is a psychopath for saying lol and not L-O-L

  • Amelia Nieland
    Amelia Nieland Month ago

    I always text my bsf but she barely responds😢

  • Tansy Fryer
    Tansy Fryer Month ago

    I say LOL. All the time in texting. A LOT.

  • Roxanne Sykes
    Roxanne Sykes Month ago

    I use emojis all the time lol

  • Fay Munfaredi
    Fay Munfaredi Month ago

    It’s red not read (I wrote it how it’s said)

  • Majestic Mermaid
    Majestic Mermaid Month ago

    6:52 them not getting how unpopular emojis are to the current generation

  • Tiffany Wiseback
    Tiffany Wiseback Month ago

    "Who are these dirt bag people who are saying A COUPLE OF DAYS?"

  • XxLowlymoonlightxX x-x

    My friend Blake ALWAYS says k same with my friend jade I never say k I just say “I have to go” and no matter what they say I don’t answer I’m also very petty

  • Leah Youngquist
    Leah Youngquist 2 months ago

    Is Kristin still married? Does she never wear a wedding ring and I'm just now picking up on it? 😂

  • Sneh Kriti
    Sneh Kriti 2 months ago

    U all need to get over yourself 🤣

  • Eloki 923
    Eloki 923 2 months ago

    My grandmother uses more emojis than I do

  • Ella M
    Ella M 2 months ago

    If I text without emojis I stress out that the person I'm texting can't sense the emotions I'm trying to portray, so I use them constantly

  • Defiantly Desiree
    Defiantly Desiree 2 months ago

    Hey guys hope your all having a swell day and dont forget to thank your maker for this endless well of “togetherness” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘💪🏽

    • Defiantly Desiree
      Defiantly Desiree 2 months ago

      An please excuse my incorrect grammar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • Sofia Gerasimov
    Sofia Gerasimov 2 months ago

    I don't say haha or lol I say hehe

  • Thunderlion19
    Thunderlion19 2 months ago

    Ok you are talking to someone you don’t have to fallow rules or or be picky about how long you should wait to respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leafpool Shines
    Leafpool Shines 3 months ago +1

    Me and my friend always use k, for short of ok.
    Dose anyone else do that

  • Bethany Turner
    Bethany Turner 3 months ago

    Isn’t Kristen married

  • Makaelah M.
    Makaelah M. 3 months ago

    The dirt bags who wait a couple days to text after a date disliked this video

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 3 months ago

    I would love your number's 😀

  • kathrynxlee16
    kathrynxlee16 3 months ago

    Can we talk about Kristin's outfit and she's slaying !😍

  • SpacePumpkin
    SpacePumpkin 3 months ago

    It's funny how much i hate to use emojis XD

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 3 months ago

    I’ll text my best friend completely random things all day. Like 20 different texts

  • Tessa Turner
    Tessa Turner 3 months ago

    “Nobody laughs like *hahahaha* ”
    “I kinda do”
    “You do not! Laugh right now...”
    “Well I’m not gonna do it right now! Hahaha”
    “Okay you kinda do, Hahahah.. and I kinda do too”
    *Me watching at home* Haha..

  • Meghan Jane
    Meghan Jane 3 months ago

    . . . Did Kristen get divorced?

  • avengingloki
    avengingloki 3 months ago

    Millenials use emojis all the time while use them to further their point

  • Emmett Howell
    Emmett Howell 4 months ago

    I only use emojis whenever it accurately shows my mood or reaction more than words on their own

  • Elisabeth Desourdy
    Elisabeth Desourdy 4 months ago

    Kristen’s songs❤️

  • Lom’s Life
    Lom’s Life 4 months ago

    Is Kristen still married ?

  • Evie Brady
    Evie Brady 4 months ago

    The only two comments on this video:
    -WheRes hEr rInG

    -I say K all the time lol

  • 男の子愚か
    男の子愚か 4 months ago +2

    I never use emojis, I prefer faces lol.

    By faces I mean:
    And so on lol

  • Mayah Arnold
    Mayah Arnold 4 months ago

    i say "k" all the time because im too lazy to say ok or okay lol

  • miyandere
    miyandere 4 months ago

    k for me is just an affirmation when you dont have time to elaborate
    also any of yall have people who octuple text all the time......

  • Casera Pinto
    Casera Pinto 5 months ago

    “Look I’m needy and I know that about myself. I know myself and I love myself”

  • Kelly Northlake
    Kelly Northlake 5 months ago

    I hate when people say L O L instead of lol even though it doesn’t make sense to

  • Allison Mirenda
    Allison Mirenda 5 months ago

    Wait a minute... isn’t Kristen married?? Why am I getting single vibes from her?

  • Ur boi Alaina
    Ur boi Alaina 5 months ago

    I have a friend who texts k instead of ok even when they aren’t mad or anything and when I first started texting them I always thought they were mad at me

  • Amrita Ramesh
    Amrita Ramesh 5 months ago

    I think you two are my favourites. Favourite what, you may ask. To which I say: Kristen! Chantel! I choose youuu!!... also lip colours are great, both of you. So well suited to your Complexions.

  • Hailey Delgado
    Hailey Delgado 5 months ago

    If you text me a couple of days after we’ve been on a date and assume you’re dead,Kristen

  • JoceyLin
    JoceyLin 5 months ago

    Beaus??? Kristin...

  • Cara Rose Hegarty
    Cara Rose Hegarty 5 months ago

    Chantel saying ‘I match how long it took them’ petty queennn😂 not hate I love her

  • Kay 16
    Kay 16 5 months ago

    OH NO 666k views

  • Carla REYES
    Carla REYES 5 months ago +1

    Where I live “K” meaning short for okay

  • Lily Zelayandia
    Lily Zelayandia 5 months ago

    i dont say “lol” or “haha” i just go “LMAOO” but when something is truly funny i do the “LMAOAOAOAOAOAO”

  • Sylvia Forgach
    Sylvia Forgach 5 months ago

    when i use k if im tired, over it, anoyed or mad

  • Roger Taylor’s sparkely pink converse

    i use k casually not when i'm mad at someone

  • Full0Grace
    Full0Grace 6 months ago

    I did know K ment you are angry! I USE THAT ALL THE TIME!!!

  • Alexis Faigley
    Alexis Faigley 6 months ago

    kristen and chantel pretend to date for a day..video idea!!

  • Ice
    Ice 6 months ago

    I have a friend who shortens every word. I got a email saying can u send the defs. I spent 5 minutes finding out what it means.

  • safari gambit
    safari gambit 6 months ago

    They make such good a video together!!!

  • Savannah Johnsen
    Savannah Johnsen 6 months ago

    i dont really use emojis ever

  • Kelly Lee
    Kelly Lee 6 months ago

    I saw k all the time usually to answer/end the sentence. Not in a mad way, just cause the convo is over. (Ex. BF: their is food on the bar. Me: K 👌)

  • Ima Kiwi
    Ima Kiwi 6 months ago

    I dm my boyfriend constantly to the point he’s got to tell me I’m too clingy.

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown 6 months ago

    Lol 🙂

  • GoSquinterns
    GoSquinterns 6 months ago

    Does Chantel remind anyone else of Chloe Bennet?

  • victoria Louis
    victoria Louis 6 months ago

    Why is kristen mispronouncing L.O.L LOL hilarious

    GILLIAN KENNEY 6 months ago

    idk who really cares about how you guys text. isn't this a little pathetic?

  • Josie Christie
    Josie Christie 6 months ago +2

    Is no one going to address that the link is NEVER in the description 😂

  • Charlotte T
    Charlotte T 6 months ago +1

    Lol 😂 love how Kristen said read and read even tho it’s pronounced red

  • Victoria Adamkiewicz
    Victoria Adamkiewicz 6 months ago

    Looks at Kristin’s finger
    GASP 😱 were is your ring

  • R C
    R C 6 months ago


  • Auri
    Auri 6 months ago

    5:50 Lets put a pin in it

  • Auri
    Auri 6 months ago

    1:22 😂😂😂😂I ASSUME UR DEAD

  • Trendescenti
    Trendescenti 6 months ago

    I wish you guys didn't drink in soo many videos. its normalizing drinking and sucks for people who suffer from alcohol abuse.

  • moonlite
    moonlite 6 months ago +1

    they make good money. do you see what phones they have?!

  • Just Kaylynn
    Just Kaylynn 7 months ago

    I use haha, lol, XD and 😂. It just is a random cycle tbh!

  • Shelley Uding
    Shelley Uding 7 months ago

    Oh. "Beginning of Dating" texting habits, you mean. I was hoping more in general.

  • Dae B.
    Dae B. 7 months ago

    I need the link to Kristin' s outfit right now dagnabit! 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  • That's so makynna waggoner

    I swear I'm gonna marry Chantel one day. Ummm I know you can't reply to this but just read it at least.

  • AvaTube Films
    AvaTube Films 7 months ago

    i say "k" whenever im too lazy to spell out "okay"

  • fairytalesandfitness
    fairytalesandfitness 7 months ago


  • Foxxets Cousin
    Foxxets Cousin 7 months ago

    I hate emojis but love emojicons

  • Magda Ara
    Magda Ara 7 months ago

    I hate emojis

  • scorpiosniper88
    scorpiosniper88 7 months ago

    I didn't know k meant you're angry or don't want to talk. It's just my default answer to everything

  • katiexxpaige
    katiexxpaige 7 months ago

    I almost NEVER use emojis. I will use one every couple weeks

  • Cynthia Kitchen Home and Life

    Hahah. The ghosting thing makes me laugh. My bf ghosted me (before we were dating and before ghosting had a term) and now cant go more than like 2 hours without texting me.

  • Savannah Hansston
    Savannah Hansston 7 months ago

    I use emojis

  • Andi Gofton
    Andi Gofton 7 months ago

    I use emojis just not all the time

  • Obsidian Girl
    Obsidian Girl 7 months ago

    Where is the quiz?? It's not in the description??

  • toocoolforcapes
    toocoolforcapes 7 months ago

    I don't "haha" or "lol". I do laughing emoji.

  • Madeleine Colonna
    Madeleine Colonna 7 months ago

    I want a guys version of this video!! Would love to understand the other side!

  • WhatTheHeckie ??
    WhatTheHeckie ?? 7 months ago

    I’m absolutely positive I’m the worst texter ever🤠🤠

  • click my picture
    click my picture 7 months ago +2

    You guys are so sweet, I'm one of the worst texters

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 7 months ago

    She looks like when that gremlin was put in the microwave and started to puff up right before it exploded

  • Taylor Roberts
    Taylor Roberts 7 months ago

    You guys should try out Buzzfeed's quizzes, I love them cause there so fun, but most of the time they are wrong lol.

  • Short Films Co.
    Short Films Co. 7 months ago

    All my contacts have emojis..........

    I don't know if that says something about me or my friends

  • Dragonhanx
    Dragonhanx 7 months ago +2

    Weren't these the girls stealing content from other youtubers?

  • Jennyisapokemontrainer25

    I didn’t think K was for anger tbh lol

  • PurpleSwils
    PurpleSwils 7 months ago

    I never use emojis, they seem weird to use so I use my descriptive words... I do sometimes use gifs though, I like those

  • Aliza Mattrazzo
    Aliza Mattrazzo 7 months ago

    Is Kristin not married anymore?

  • Wxnderland
    Wxnderland 7 months ago

    Where's the poll?

  • Mel Sparks
    Mel Sparks 7 months ago

    I don't use emojis.

  • Catherine Jimerson
    Catherine Jimerson 7 months ago

    I love how Kristen is so easily swayed to change her answer... shes able to see all sides of something. i appreciate that.

  • FiFi
    FiFi 7 months ago

    I text K all the time but that's because Im a lazy texter.

  • Allysa Gibson
    Allysa Gibson 7 months ago

    i LOVE kristins glasses!!