Believe in the dream [study/sleep/homework music]

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
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    ● Spotify Playlists :
    👁Art by gemi

    00:00 acxle - Faces
    03:38 YungRhythm - To The Moon And Back
    06:45 enkae - never forget [2.10.2018]
    09:17 mell-ø - morning blunts
    10:35 ginji - lullaby
    12:21 DLJ - Pretend
    [A Fall Journey Beattape]
    14:58 mell-ø - waiting for you
    16:30 solus et vanae - essence
    18:20 Meister Eder - Meraki
    20:43 Baely - Beginnings
    22:47 mell-o & neru. - Inhale
    24:07 acxle - Masked
    27:25 Vynix - Late-night talks
    solus et vanae
    Meister Eder
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  • rainboh_is_my_name_oh
    rainboh_is_my_name_oh 7 months ago +7193

    *sending virtual hug back*

  • Peachy Wonder27
    Peachy Wonder27 Day ago +1

    i wish there was a way to stop
    i wish there was a way to make it stop
    i wish there was a way i could listen
    and stop reading the comments and study

  • Peachy Wonder27
    Peachy Wonder27 Day ago +1

    And study for le god's sake

  • Dani Chamberlain

    How do people study to this kind of music? I would literally drop the pencil and close my eyes and just vibe for 45 minutes I couldn't get anything done LOL

  • Boba Popss719
    Boba Popss719 Day ago

    It’s amazing to see such positive comment section 😊 I actually love this! Keep up the good work

  • Itifilinb
    Itifilinb Day ago

    This comment section is one of the nicest on youtube

  • Laiyoho .2
    Laiyoho .2 Day ago

    This is my favorite lofi comp djdjde idk why bht while I write and read this is my favorite to listen to

  • itisdeedee
    itisdeedee 2 days ago

    6:45 is amazing

  • Durka Naidu
    Durka Naidu 2 days ago

    Love this so much💗

  • まねる mimik
    まねる mimik 2 days ago

    follow your heart

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  • sfkingalpha
    sfkingalpha 2 days ago

    Not monetized: links monetizing link.

  • bernardo capelari
    bernardo capelari 3 days ago

  • 東海かめさん
    東海かめさん 3 days ago


  • Aim.Unicorn
    Aim.Unicorn 3 days ago

    i listened to this while playing minecraft lol

  • ian mac dougall
    ian mac dougall 3 days ago

    Ty for the virtual hug tho-

  • Purple Cat
    Purple Cat 3 days ago

    9:16 bruh this is so lovely i cant

  • H411UCIN093NIC
    H411UCIN093NIC 4 days ago +1

    When you are having a bad day and the lofi saves your soul. Its the nostagia of the virtual hug that got me. My love used to send me the same virtual hug GIF. Though times may change, the good memories are there, we just cant only long for them. The more we long for what we had, all the more we are blinded by our own inability to change. So take a deep breath. Keep moving forward, make a now that your future self will long for, because once upon a time you did the same. Soon you won't even be looking back anymore.
    Everyone stay safe out there
    Thanks for the beats :)

  • Pitohui
    Pitohui 4 days ago

    who else was singing fly me to the moon in your head? lol 3:38

  • Merkerler
    Merkerler 4 days ago

    I absolutely love this kind of music but I can almost never make myself turn it on and listen to it. Tonight, I had one of those rare moments.

  • Jacob WRIGHT
    Jacob WRIGHT 4 days ago

    (>*-*)> sending hug back

  • Comrad C.
    Comrad C. 4 days ago +1

    Screw it I'm putting a comment because I've been reading all of these comments and it just makes me smile so to everyone, you're amazing and well just, reading everything makes me happy. Thank you all

  • kruthika kreethi
    kruthika kreethi 5 days ago

    Best tune. .ever(best when ..u hear this song having a warm cup of coffee in rainy day with the relax mind)...thats my thought......^u^.....#awesome
    (Excited)waiting for your new song 'v'...♡

  • iLauraPlays
    iLauraPlays 5 days ago

    Quiero cambiar. Ser una mejor versión de mí. ⭐️
    Quiero ser ese tipo de amigo que nadie quiere perder
    Ese tipo de familiar que siempre quieres a tu lado
    Una persona que para la mayoría es simplemente maravillosa.

  • Hannah :p
    Hannah :p 5 days ago

    - if you’re going through a tough time now please know that everything’s going to be alright 💘
    -if you feel alone I promise you you’re not. Because I’m now by your side ✌🏻
    -please try not to suffer in silence and ask for help. 💜
    Have a nice day Xx

  • Anime-Chan
    Anime-Chan 6 days ago +2

    Study! You need to study! Stop reading my comment and study! You have exams tommorow! geez!

  • Adulous Terence Rey
    Adulous Terence Rey 6 days ago +1

    this beats actually makes me feel something I don't understand like I wanna cry lol
    Study/Sleep well bois

  • Incognito Official
    Incognito Official 6 days ago +1

    Lisening after the exam i hope it will help me :>

    RYO GLEN VILLEZA 6 days ago +3

    57:43 WHAT'S THE NAME of the this song?

  • Brody Thompson
    Brody Thompson 6 days ago

    The bards truely worked hard on these wonderful songs, so take the time to enjoy them, my good friend.

  • Ashara
    Ashara 6 days ago

    dreamy is my inspiration for my mixes

  • Shannon _ 12357
    Shannon _ 12357 6 days ago

    some of these give anyone else animal crossing vibes?

  • Foxy gamer
    Foxy gamer 6 days ago


  • 結城実
    結城実 7 days ago

    I'm never getting tired of this

  • TheRandomEmerald
    TheRandomEmerald 7 days ago

    Repost if...

    -You always hear your name even if it's not being called.
    -You hate hearing your voice in recordings.
    -You use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called.
    -You pretend you're writing in class so the teacher won't call on you.
    -You say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next.
    -You and your best friend can say one word and crack up.
    -You hate it when one of your hoodie strings is longer than the other.
    -You hate it when someone thinks you like someone when you clearly don't.
    -You hate it when your favorite song comes on as you pull in the driveway.
    -You feel like if you turn on the lights, you'll be safe from anything.
    -You push those little buttons on the lids of fast-food drinks.
    -You love it when you tell a guy to shut up and they copy you in a higher voice and you both start laughing.

    Much Love,

  • xInaki
    xInaki 7 days ago +2

    at this moment I am working on 3 assignments that are due in 2 hours for summer school :( I knew I shouldn't have taken a year up math over the summer :/

    • evespresso
      evespresso 5 days ago

      i hope you get a good mark on those assignments. you can do it!

  • Sammy 124
    Sammy 124 7 days ago

    I love how everyone is connecting in the comment sections of these simple, yet calming videos. Everyone is so united here. Why can't the rest of the world be like this? Why is the world so full of hatred when we could just care for each other?

  • texnonik
    texnonik 8 days ago

    i love this music :) ♥

  • napieracz
    napieracz 8 days ago

    I'm a 32 year old guy, still trying to learn something new in my life. It can be really frustrating and this music calms me down. Good day to you all :)

  • Pritika Wadhwa
    Pritika Wadhwa 8 days ago

    I still come back to this playlist because it has helped me so much. I’m not allowed to be alone because of all my medical issues... but I don’t have many friends that I can reach out to. (plus I wouldn’t want to put my problems on them even if I could talk to them). It’s hard for me to be my positive and giggly self when I’m alone, I need a hug:/

  • scarlette
    scarlette 8 days ago +2

    First track is wonderful 😍 (then again, all of them are, lol)

  • SKgaming
    SKgaming 8 days ago

    is it just me or this sounds like some porn music?

  • Joshua Lewandowski
    Joshua Lewandowski 9 days ago

    I got the hug!
    And gave it to someone else who needed it more than me.
    Everyone should give hugs to all people they see, whether it is virtual or real, and if you dont want to hug, just give a small smile, it can make someones day

  • katryna
    katryna 9 days ago

    Very nice.

  • Snakesrcool 2003
    Snakesrcool 2003 9 days ago

    well that was a cute intro

  • mel xx
    mel xx 9 days ago

    i usually get bored when i get to a certain point in these kind of playlists, but i guess this one hits different. i really enjoyed the relaxing music!

  • tony head
    tony head 9 days ago +1

    today was a good day because you did your best! :-)

  • Chauncey Springett
    Chauncey Springett 9 days ago


  • let's all support hanbin.

    I love the comments section. It's so calm. Let this comment dive deep. Not deep enough to reach all the scary comment. No thanks! Who ever is reading this, please take care, stay safe.

  • Daily fashion updates Fashion

    listen to this and rain sounds together you will thank me later

  • Rooftops
    Rooftops 10 days ago +1

    Sometimes I just want to sleep all day and dream about having a happy life and a girl who never actually existed

  • Abraham Carrillo
    Abraham Carrillo 10 days ago

    you guys should listen to my first lofi song with a trap vibe it would mean a lot to me :(

  • Perre Klok
    Perre Klok 10 days ago

    hey u !

    have a great day

  • DiGiorno
    DiGiorno 11 days ago

    *I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream. And my dream is that you will have a good day today!*

  • mini_
    mini_ 11 days ago +1

    ...then exhale.
    you're going to be ok. :)
    p.s: im just at my lil desk drawing stuff, listening to this, and ive got my window open listening to the soft sounds of summer. have a great day. remember, someone loves you.

  • RimauTV
    RimauTV 11 days ago +3

    This is that community we need full of love and kindness Thanks every one for giving me a warm feeling.❤️

  • RimauTV
    RimauTV 11 days ago +1

    Hello Every one i am Rick Uges i am 14 years i miss people that i love, but it wil be okay with me, and it wil be okay with you to. sorry, my english is nog very good, i am stil learning :) but it wil be better in the future. And for every one thats feelings sad there are enough people that love you. Come here i wil Give you a virtual hug. Thanks for Reading and have a great day:)👋🏼

  • Richi Jaison
    Richi Jaison 11 days ago

    Yep, I wasn't wrong! Study and Sleep goes together!

  • whaat
    whaat 11 days ago


  • whaat
    whaat 11 days ago


  • A Toaster with legs
    A Toaster with legs 11 days ago

    1 sec shy to be exactly an hour
    The music is chill and cool tho

  • Grey Virus
    Grey Virus 12 days ago +3

    Awww, you had me at that hug :3 Needed this positivity in my life.

  • aid mob
    aid mob 12 days ago

    this song, this full thrilling and mega calm

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos 12 days ago

    só venho dizer uma coisa ''MUITO OBRIGADO''

  • Syndeeec
    Syndeeec 12 days ago

    52:46 music?

  • Gabriel Mongenot
    Gabriel Mongenot 12 days ago

    Gosh, hope at least there was a dream to believe in

  • Valerie TnT
    Valerie TnT 12 days ago +1

    I've been getting anxiety and trouble sleeping.With the help of lofi and relaxation songs,i am able to concentrate deeper in my mind.It is sometimes hard for me to get away with what the future awaits for me,but now,music is a stress free zone.If you have the same problem like me do not worry.

  • crimson2042
    crimson2042 12 days ago

    Thank you for the hug .could really use one today .back at ya.

  • Handlebar ASMR
    Handlebar ASMR 13 days ago


  • tatatrash
    tatatrash 13 days ago

    I want hugs but no one here to hug, ur virtual hug has been sent back with double the warmth-

  • Francesco Matteo Mazza


  • Moitshepi plaatjie
    Moitshepi plaatjie 13 days ago

    i get distracted easily, so for the 1st time i thought let me try out soothing music to help me concentrate better so that i can finish reading this book, i must say I am loving this sound sooo much

  • Hassan Mohamed
    Hassan Mohamed 13 days ago +3

    i may need to repeat 10th grade, i just need to ace a physics test and then I'll be solid, the problem is that i suck in physics and i only have two days left to learn!!!
    Yes i made it! Thanks for the support in the replies guys

  • Stranger.Things
    Stranger.Things 13 days ago bruh idk why i pasted this here but I'm 11 and I got 43? idk just something to do I'm not a bot lmfao

  • chug 245
    chug 245 13 days ago

    Yea m8 u came to sleep ..ay..well DREAMY gotcha

  • Tyleah Eubanks
    Tyleah Eubanks 13 days ago

    The world's best people are here 😊

  • Rocio Lopez
    Rocio Lopez 13 days ago

    Dude, this literally sounds like every single ad music combined.

  • Coconut Candy
    Coconut Candy 13 days ago

    ah the best mix

  • sour lime
    sour lime 13 days ago +1


  • Light Legend
    Light Legend 13 days ago +1

    The first song and I'm already remembering watching Pokémon every Saturday morning.
    _Dreamy, you have really blessed me with a spell of nostalgia, and I thank you greatly._

  • Julie SLN
    Julie SLN 13 days ago

    I’m feeling nostalgic and don’t know why but I like it

  • •Dorothea •
    •Dorothea • 14 days ago

    That Fly Me To The Moon version hit me hard...

  • Susan McNair
    Susan McNair 14 days ago

    i listen to study music to help me form a picture in my head of what to draw

  • Joel Avalo
    Joel Avalo 14 days ago +1

    I liked your track. :)
    I hope you could do the same and like back on my track

    “First Wave Of Invasion”

  • Deondre Merritt
    Deondre Merritt 14 days ago

    Bro why is is the music and how cute the girl is so great

  • Lucid_ Fr0sty
    Lucid_ Fr0sty 14 days ago +1

    Is it okay if I use Faces
    in my intro?

  • Ezra
    Ezra 14 days ago

    He wants me to say it damn it hhhhhh

  • Ezra
    Ezra 14 days ago

    He wants me to say it damn it hhhhhh

  • Humberto Alves
    Humberto Alves 14 days ago

    3:39 song ?? please

  • Gamen4Bros
    Gamen4Bros 14 days ago +1

    This community is so nice❤️ much love to everybody

  • Just Ace
    Just Ace 15 days ago

    3:39 gave me a heart attack of joy, relaxation and just the pleasure of rest along side the beats is justtttttttttttttt WOW

  • Adwan Aladwan
    Adwan Aladwan 15 days ago

    The best music for study😍😍thanks

  • [Vall]- Kaz[ú]
    [Vall]- Kaz[ú] 15 days ago

    I want to know where are u from! :)
    Peace! ✌

  • Птица Ёж
    Птица Ёж 15 days ago


  • EhCloudss
    EhCloudss 15 days ago +1


    Virtual Hug Recieved📥
    Send a Virtual Hug back?
    Cost: None

    ✅Yes. No.
    ////////////////////// 100%
    Virtual Hug Sent!

  • Floofie Wolfie
    Floofie Wolfie 15 days ago

    :3 i like to listen to this when im playing videogames

  • ApostleFB
    ApostleFB 15 days ago


  • 김하트
    김하트 16 days ago +1

    Can you also send me a virtual kiss?

  • Brandon Huang
    Brandon Huang 16 days ago

    Anybody knows the background illustration's painter? Like to set this as wallpaper

  • Andrew Blancoo
    Andrew Blancoo 16 days ago

    And go to sleep