Playing Golf with Cars - GTA V: Freeplay | Let's Play

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    In this freeplay GTA:5 gameplay, we invade a police station, kill NPCs, and bully Matt.
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Comments • 635

  • Icy Lazer gaming
    Icy Lazer gaming 2 days ago

    Myatt balls looks like a blast

  • Malicron
    Malicron 2 days ago

    Oh man, I love the Nero! Can't wait to see what Jeremy does with the Nero Custom upgrade.

  • LexiEyesUnicorn
    LexiEyesUnicorn 3 days ago

    Ok... But listen...
    A whole video of the raptor part... Called Mooncar

  • LexiEyesUnicorn
    LexiEyesUnicorn 3 days ago

    Jeremy's birth @11:45 had me dead

  • Jacquelene Lopez
    Jacquelene Lopez 7 days ago

    Gav: Matt come in the office *drives motorcycle up the wall in attempt to do a full 360*
    Gav: *Flying around corner picks up matt* Kill that cop!
    Matt: *murders*
    Jeremy: *Get stuck under car and then comes sliding out like some sorta penguin, and then proceeds to teleport* I'm magic *dies*
    Gavin, who I would say, isnt usually the best driver, but is comical as heck.
    Gav: WOOOHOO! *attempts a backflip*
    Matt: oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
    *Gav sticking the perfect landing*
    Me: There it is. 🤣
    Holy fuck. Another favorite moment of RT. Their dynamics is amazing.

  • Maxwell Howig
    Maxwell Howig 8 days ago

    10:41, Gavin and Matt make a daring escape!

  • Icerthebluelion
    Icerthebluelion 9 days ago

    Gavin has still not put name tags back on and i don't think he ever will.

  • Shadow-Wolf-2929
    Shadow-Wolf-2929 10 days ago +1

    11:37 - Jeremy is Magic Man!!!
    12:54 - (O.o)?... wtf? lol
    22:58 - Jack Prime's voice is Awesome! (funny too!)
    25:35 - This entire portion, showed us how well Myatt is as a Crash-Test-Dummy :)

  • Tannar Crossman
    Tannar Crossman 15 days ago

    This let's play had nothing to do with actual golf, so why is it on the sports let's play playlist...?

    HBOT666[REPLACEMENT] 16 days ago +1

    7,700th like!

  • craze09
    craze09 16 days ago

    The lung infections were because of counterfeit dab pens. Vapes like Juul and box mods haven’t been linked to lung infections

  • Korey Cable
    Korey Cable 17 days ago

    whats killing people are the thc vapes not the nic vaps smfh

  • Jack Kelley
    Jack Kelley 17 days ago

    Rocket tim?
    Remy tick?

  • AuraCaster Borealis
    AuraCaster Borealis 20 days ago

    They should have used that one nearly indestructable car Gavin used in the mugger video

  • Meme Wit A Dream
    Meme Wit A Dream 22 days ago +1

    34:47 lego yoda death noise

  • Goatcha
    Goatcha 23 days ago

    X to switch weapons, LB to fire weapons, Horn to drop mines.
    Fully Upgraded Weaponiaed Tampa is pretty powerful, but the armour does squat and the missiles don't lock on. Minigun should be your main weapon.

  • Goatcha
    Goatcha 23 days ago

    There are a few loading docks around the map you can drive onto. One opposite the cement plant.
    Might not be high enough, but worth trying. Could combine with ramp buggy.

  • IkeFanboy64
    IkeFanboy64 23 days ago +1

    They should redo that Mattball thing, but with Matt having a Ramp Buggy

  • Rudy Blackstone
    Rudy Blackstone 23 days ago

    ** Rimmy DeNiro **

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward 24 days ago

    5:41 Matt covers the Wii Sports Boxing theme

  • The Devil
    The Devil 24 days ago

    Boost*flys off screen*

  • Mikayla GB
    Mikayla GB 25 days ago

    jeremy should name the nero the "emperor rim"

  • Mikayla GB
    Mikayla GB 25 days ago

    the nero is a really good car, I won it too

  • moviemaker2011z
    moviemaker2011z 25 days ago

    18:27 - 18:33
    Thats about what i expected from gavin.

  • COD man Out
    COD man Out 25 days ago

    I'm still curious, since you can detach the trailer for the Mobile Command Center, does the trailer hitch on the Phantom Wedge work? Could you have a Wedge hauling the weaponized MCC?

  • iriyan johannsen
    iriyan johannsen 26 days ago

    These episodes are now just becoming failed behind the scenes versions of oldschool Things To Do:, only with add breaks

  • iRambL
    iRambL 26 days ago

    Btw that mode is effectively Cat and Mouse

  • bryan Davis
    bryan Davis 26 days ago

    More Myatt ball!!!!!!

  • pmarley8
    pmarley8 27 days ago

    matt and gavin team name?

  • SSMoonfox
    SSMoonfox 27 days ago

    Myatt ball

  • Carrie At
    Carrie At 27 days ago

    I wasn't expecting the Matt Gav duo to be so much fun

  • DeimOS
    DeimOS 27 days ago

    gavin trying and failing to fight the firefighters was top content

  • Ember Potts
    Ember Potts 27 days ago

    At around 18:20 Ryan is talking about picking up chicks in a car. Wouldn’t the real challenge be doing it in a tank ?

  • Mad King Wedge
    Mad King Wedge 27 days ago

    Jack: Matts going against traffic

    Jeremy in the Phantom Wedge: That means nothing to me. *Starts plowing through following Myatt*

  • Lance Fontenot
    Lance Fontenot 27 days ago

    Do this again but with better car

  • Gabe Puratekuta
    Gabe Puratekuta 27 days ago

    Finally, a new Fore Honor! Feels like months since the last one... How come Geoff isn't in the video?

  • Travis E
    Travis E 27 days ago +1

    "You could just use your lungs for regular air"
    -Gavin, who's brain has yet to do any regular thinking.

  • TheSpyykke
    TheSpyykke 27 days ago

    1:15 Matt flying in the background is my favorite type of continuity

  • Takai153
    Takai153 28 days ago

    I am thoroughly disappointed with this. After seeing the title I was really looking forward to seeing playing golf with cars, but there isn't any of that

  • Steve00007
    Steve00007 28 days ago

    Shoutout to RATM @ 2:15

  • Douglas Rosa
    Douglas Rosa 28 days ago

    The Raptor is perfect for that because it never tips over, so it can always run away.

  • karn75
    karn75 28 days ago

    I'd love to see another run at "The Vespucci Job" featuring Matt and Fiona getting quote unquote bullied.

  • Dash62g
    Dash62g 28 days ago

    They started off focused but ended up out in the grapes.

  • maddy gagliano
    maddy gagliano 28 days ago

    does micheal still work with them?

  • SquidGamerGal
    SquidGamerGal 28 days ago

    Matt: Oh, hello police.
    Cop: Driver! Step out of the vehicle and lay on the ground now!
    Matt: Yeah... I don't feel like it.
    Cop: Last chance! Step out now!
    Matt: First, tell me what I'm being charged with!
    Cop: None of your fuckin' business! Now, get out now or we will use force!
    Matt: Man, I'm outta here. Smell ya later!
    Cop: They don't pay me enough for this. I'll just say he blew himself up.

    • SquidGamerGal
      SquidGamerGal 28 days ago

      Matt: Okay! You asked for it! Here we come!
      Gavin: WHOO!! YOLO!!

    • SquidGamerGal
      SquidGamerGal 28 days ago

      Cop 1: Cover me! I'm going in!
      Cop 2: What the fuck! LOOK OUT!
      Jeremy: CRASH!
      Cop 1: You gotta be shittin' me!
      Cop 2: When is Blaine County gonna stop sending us their freaks?!

    • SquidGamerGal
      SquidGamerGal 28 days ago

      Ryan: Excuse me, officer.
      Female Cop: Hey! You don't belong in here!
      Ryan: Whoa! I just want to ask you something.
      Female Cop: Save it for the judge! You're under arrest for trespassing!
      Ryan: Crap! They're onto me! Better grab the intel quick!

  • Bryson Robertson
    Bryson Robertson 28 days ago

    me when I stub my toe: 30:12

  • Corinna Jolley
    Corinna Jolley 29 days ago

    You ahold do hide and seek with out use of the radar

  • Khalil Desmoulins
    Khalil Desmoulins 29 days ago

    New gta game idea.....maybe AH vs FH or just everyone in AH play a game of hide n seek
    If you call the rc bandito u go off the everyone call a rc car and hide in a confide area and one person has to seek them out and if they want to...the person thats hiding can throw out hints on their location

  • Miss Vidzy
    Miss Vidzy 29 days ago

    I live out in the grapes

  • swaerd
    swaerd 29 days ago

    Gavin hitting the fucking bollard killed me

  • Sam Elliott's Mustache

    Really should’ve done it with the little smart car instead of the 3 wheeled car

  • Saltbino
    Saltbino 29 days ago

    I hope they do this again

  • Michelle D.
    Michelle D. 29 days ago

    This is one of your best videos in forever! I absolutely love u all, but its even better when you guys get to fuck around, just enjoy playing a game and fucking each other up!! Thank you so much for making this. I've had a VERY hard week, and hearing all you amazing idiots laughing and having fun made my day. Thank you!!!!

  • Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips 29 days ago

    That 1080 Snowboarding reference... love it 18:34

  • Beware Foriamsexy
    Beware Foriamsexy 29 days ago

    What if everyone gets a Phantom Wedge and play hackieMyatt

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming 29 days ago

    Welcome to fast and the furious Let's Play

  • Michael Scroggins
    Michael Scroggins 29 days ago


  • theqrokz
    theqrokz 29 days ago

    Gotta say, I'd prefer the ad at the start of the video

  • Rabbit S
    Rabbit S 29 days ago

    Myatt Ball was a fun watch. I would like more please.

  • MegaBebb
    MegaBebb 29 days ago

    The ending with matt ball was pretty much just the gavin becomes the mugger scenario but with a few more extra steps.

    With the fact that this formula worked twice, they should probably do this more often and make a video of it with the intent of doing it instead of a different video that devolves into it