Do All Teens Think the Same?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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Comments • 10 323

  • Qtino
    Qtino Hour ago +1

    Bro who let the most stylish one say they don’t like the way they look

  • allen iverson
    allen iverson Hour ago

    Same Alba same ...

  • allen iverson
    allen iverson Hour ago

    Who else reads the comments first and thought Alba would be the black girl

  • Unliveliness
    Unliveliness 4 hours ago +1

    I definitely thought they misinterpreted the influential question. Influence can be looked at as positive *OR* negative. It may have been that only 2 people answered, but they took the hard way out to answer it.

  • pneumoniaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis lol

    *School is hell*

    *strongly agree*

  • Juulia Saarinen
    Juulia Saarinen 5 hours ago

    They look old. Why do you americans look so old?

  • Peeping Xanarchy
    Peeping Xanarchy 6 hours ago

    This short hair girl needs to stfu 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Hippity
    Hippity 7 hours ago +1

    6 hours screen time?


  • Tine Vn
    Tine Vn 9 hours ago

    I want more of Alba! She is a rolemodel for orher 14 y/o's

  • What?! Why?!
    What?! Why?! 10 hours ago

    Make a video about sexism with different genders, ages, sexuality and very different backgrounds (rich, pour, wars, self harm you know the kinda stuff I mean). It would be very interesting to what the outcome will be :)

  • NBA hairtie
    NBA hairtie 10 hours ago

    Yo Alba a real one damn I would be friends with her if I went to school with her I'm 14 to

  • Matthew Paulozza
    Matthew Paulozza 11 hours ago

    My school had a walkout too guess what happened

    Absolutely nothing everybody that walked got marked as a skip and that’s it

  • Isaac Muñoz
    Isaac Muñoz 11 hours ago


  • MadLad 555
    MadLad 555 12 hours ago +1

    Who else would want to be on this kind of show to give people a piece of their mind?

  • Sophia Borderon
    Sophia Borderon 12 hours ago +1

    Taylore and Alba are queens 👑

  • Sowon Kim
    Sowon Kim 12 hours ago

    Alba is 14-- I wish my maturity will be at hers someday :")

  • diecioxo
    diecioxo 12 hours ago

    If u told me Alba was in her early 20s I'd believe it

  • Beast S
    Beast S 13 hours ago

    All this shows is that teens lie

  • Lhenns
    Lhenns 13 hours ago +1

    Am I the only teen who want to do something to make their future lives better but dont know where to start

  • Osef Vosef
    Osef Vosef 13 hours ago

    I look up articles

  • That Watermelon
    That Watermelon 13 hours ago

    They’re all so handsome and beautiful. Hot damn I’m 14 and I look like a potato in adidas pants

  • DMC
    DMC 14 hours ago

    [Sirious one] do all the holocaust deniers think the same

  • Lauren Hunter
    Lauren Hunter 14 hours ago

    Do USclips thinks the same?!!!!! Please

  • Madison Hagen
    Madison Hagen 15 hours ago

    Do all kids think the same?

  • Neutral Person
    Neutral Person 16 hours ago

    "I fet too much stress to my age" broo I felt that

  • -sims-
    -sims- 16 hours ago

    “I literally don’t know how to live in the now”
    girl really called me out with that, like damn

  • DeadKiller
    DeadKiller 18 hours ago

    Alba low key lookin like Demi Lovato

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit 18 hours ago

    The internet and phones do spread information faster, but as Alba said, a majority of people don't use that to look up current events going on in the world. They use it to see what their friends are doing or if their photo got enough likes. On Instagram and other platforms, some pages share stuff so you can see what else is happening worldwide while seeing what your friends are doing. I follow 60 second docs, which bring a little bit of happiness into my day while learning about what other people are doing worldwide (ex. a transgender men soccer team, a woman butcher, a woman that helps out transracial families with black hair). It's people making a difference in big or small ways and it's great to see.

  • it's kubbz
    it's kubbz 18 hours ago

    6:33 thats what she ment by living in a bubble, people only look at head lines and are easily manipulated

  • BellumXyz
    BellumXyz 19 hours ago

    Previous Jubilee videos: Everyone hugs eachother at the end
    Teenager Jubilee video: *_High five_*

    CLINTON KAUTH 20 hours ago

    They get all city kids. Where are the kids that know how to drive a tractor at

  • Taakook
    Taakook 20 hours ago +4

    I have social anxiety and I’m only twelve so it’s really hard for me to not stress

  • Alan Brito
    Alan Brito 21 hour ago

    Im marrying caitlin rn

  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee 21 hour ago

    I need to do this with some other teens so they know me better

  • YouTube Ivan
    YouTube Ivan 21 hour ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

  • Nonkululeko Mthethwa
    Nonkululeko Mthethwa 23 hours ago +1

    Alba is mature for her age

  • Fangirl Heather
    Fangirl Heather 23 hours ago

    Damn and the teens in my school are absolute idiots and cant take anything seriously

  • Dawsty
    Dawsty 23 hours ago +1

    “ my screen time is 6 hours “

    Me: I am on my phone literally for all but 30 minutes a day

  • Tatianna Brown
    Tatianna Brown Day ago

    I literally stan alba

  • Hays Wilson
    Hays Wilson Day ago

    Of course they let the LGBT person speak the most

  • Musical Majesty
    Musical Majesty Day ago +1

    As a person who was in a school shooting before, I respect all of these student’s courage! I became homeschooled afer the whole ordeal, and teens seem to understand how danerous school shootings can be over many adults and teachers.

  • M&M
    M&M Day ago

    Alba is SUCH a cute child i’m-

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Day ago

    What’s the white girls @?

  • Julia Julia
    Julia Julia Day ago

    Great teens

  • n0rmal
    n0rmal Day ago

    This video was so boring, the answers were short and almost scripted, I could give so much better different answers

  • Leah Sifris
    Leah Sifris Day ago

    The guy in the grey top is so handsome and mature

  • LennyGmatique 05

    3:00 this girl is completely right

  • Ellane Tatum
    Ellane Tatum Day ago

    do all insecure people think the same?
    do all depressed people think the same?
    do all broken families think the same?
    do all people who got cheated on think the same?

  • Liel ben atar
    Liel ben atar Day ago +2

    alba has a brilliant mind and a gorgeous look she should love her appearance cause she is drop dead gorgeous

  • Devyn Ermold
    Devyn Ermold Day ago

    All of them moving to the I agree side means that there feeling a normal amount of stress for there age they just think it’s more stress than should be put on them

  • Eva Bagrova
    Eva Bagrova Day ago

    In America 18 year old ppl are soooooo immature. Here at my place 18 is considered to be completely adult

  • boi
    boi Day ago

    I am 24, and when the girl says she is worried about how her life will look like when she is 25.... me too sister. Me too.

  • StarTrick
    StarTrick Day ago +1

    I’ve had 17 hours on USclip in Total in the last 7 days oops 🙊
    And 20 in social media all together

    If you want to check your screen time and what you use the most and set limits for yourself just go into settings on your phone and go to “screen time”

  • Sam Moncayo
    Sam Moncayo Day ago

    I’m actually surprised that some didn’t say that school shooting make them scared to go to school , maybe bc it wasn’t down there street , but I for sure terrified whenever the speaker or the phone goes off

  • joe ward
    joe ward Day ago

    teens today seem to be really good at talking about things. Its great that they admit things that some probably want to hide. i like their opinions so in depth and easy to understand. there are some great teenagers out there today.

  • Cass
    Cass Day ago

    I was not this woke when I was 14

  • jacob amaral
    jacob amaral Day ago

    wish they didn't use beta males and had a guy in there named Chad

  • Braatwurst
    Braatwurst Day ago +1

    That Callaghan guy was chill I wanna be friends with that dude

  • Angel Bravo
    Angel Bravo Day ago

    You should do that do kids think the same

  • Aisha Rose
    Aisha Rose Day ago

    The thing with Gen Z is that our generation is pretty great but people, specifically the media, nitpicks at a few individuals and represents the generation in a negative way.

  • Logan Viral
    Logan Viral Day ago


  • Violet 101
    Violet 101 Day ago

    Everybody's getting lots of likes ....maybe I can do the same!😏😏 * Wink * * wink*

  • Thug Yt
    Thug Yt Day ago +1

    1:47 she said her screen time was 6 ha!!! mine is 9

  • Ellie Fisher
    Ellie Fisher Day ago

    More teens are definitely represented by Alba in the strongly disagree category. People sometimes don’t realize how hard it is for teens to be happy with their appearances. Even with validation, it can be hard to actually believe it when someone calls you pretty. Happy for those who are confident with themselves, however! That’s amazing :)

  • moodyrain
    moodyrain Day ago

    Do all Social Media Influencers think the same?
    Do all Rich people think the same?
    Do all Poor people think the same?
    Do all Teachers think the same?

  • Zoey Valle
    Zoey Valle Day ago

    U should do "do all teen dads think the same"

  • Vs._. Tutorial Help

    Her screen time is 6hours mine is 8 🤣😭

  • Nazirah Stevens
    Nazirah Stevens Day ago

    Omg I am from Nicaragua too😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • IlovekimchiAnDsPrItE

    2:06 hun you the prettiest one there eye-

  • WindUpCandle
    WindUpCandle Day ago

    Don't think about the furture too much cause eventually you won't be in it. Apreciate what's happening now cause it's a once in a lifetime experience

  • bb boi
    bb boi Day ago

    That boy cut hair chick spends way too much time on tumblr lmaooo

  • 10,000 subscribers with no Videos

    That makes me want to be friends with alba

  • BigShot TV
    BigShot TV 2 days ago

    Is the kid who has mental health issues a girl a boy

  • liamsavage619
    liamsavage619 2 days ago

    more like do all teen minorities think the same

  • Avia Adam
    Avia Adam 2 days ago +1

    But honestly, this is not an accurate representation of us, teens

    DR.ANDREI 2 days ago


  • Star Lah
    Star Lah 2 days ago

    Lots of differences between the boys and the girls here.

  • jazzy stuart
    jazzy stuart 2 days ago

    nibbas be like “you’re not making a difference, we as a people need to change the society we live in” doing nothing 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Evii Rose
    Evii Rose 2 days ago

    Alba is kinda cute

  • C4tzy Gaming
    C4tzy Gaming 2 days ago

    Girl my screen time is like 9hrs

  • Ashley’s Jams
    Ashley’s Jams 2 days ago +27

    Alba: I’m ugly.

    ( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ)

  • Austeja Galavcenkaite

    My screen time is 9h47min

  • Trenton Lee
    Trenton Lee 2 days ago

    The one who didn’t like the way they looked made me so sad! You’re beautiful! You have so much to love!

  • joseph boyer
    joseph boyer 2 days ago

    Shii im 16 lemme be on ones of these hoes

  • Angel Bagel
    Angel Bagel 2 days ago

    I'm from Canada. My school is wayyyy to open. Like random homeless ppl be showin up and no one gaf. Like someone could just come in and start shooting but that won't happen cuz ya know... Canadians

  • mary mallery
    mary mallery 2 days ago

    Alba is actually another embodiment of me... like omg.

  • mary mallery
    mary mallery 2 days ago

    That person in the front of the row picked everything I would pick, I'm very suprised!!

  • Just a lonely street Lamp

    Ok I cannot express how badly I just want to hug Alba

  • Eccentric
    Eccentric 2 days ago

    I wanna hug the white boy in the blue shirt he looks like my brother 😭

  • Awhore
    Awhore 2 days ago

    I find it hard to agree with them.

  • Madison Drum
    Madison Drum 2 days ago

    i would die for callaghan

  • Emmanuel Keshy
    Emmanuel Keshy 2 days ago +18

    Mehn..... Alba is a freaking genius. We all need to watch out

  • Melody Giitara Arreola

    Only in america would you be asked about shootings.

  • kian
    kian 2 days ago

    ngl im attracted to alba..

  • Grace Chambers
    Grace Chambers 2 days ago

    Taylore is smart but talks and contradicts to much

  • Putri Takndare
    Putri Takndare 3 days ago

    I can put my phone forever because of my drawing addicted that makes my time a lot to draw and reading books and just sit play with my cat

  • Helen RnR
    Helen RnR 3 days ago

    Alba's voice is so attractive and I just love the way she looks

  • adnerb [][][]》》》

    I mean as a teen how many of us are actually so stressed out but dont show it bc other ppl think that it's nothing due to our age or bc we dont work look all ppl go thru different struggles that are almost the same stress level

  • ShadyJed
    ShadyJed 3 days ago

    They are whiney little pieces of filth. I hope they get whats comimg to them

  • Marvel Fan
    Marvel Fan 3 days ago

    They all are beautiful and smart❤️!!!