• Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • Basically Smash 4 but everybody gets a Captain Falcon Knee
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  • Pacmaster Games
    Pacmaster Games 6 hours ago


  • ThePokeFaceVA
    ThePokeFaceVA Day ago

    12:51-12:53 You Sher-wood (sorry not sorry)

  • AlsoAPuny
    AlsoAPuny 2 days ago

    I was expecting a lot more comments about Chris Hanson

  • Spliccer
    Spliccer 4 days ago

    STOOPID - 6ix9ine 2018

  • Super Andrew Gaming
    Super Andrew Gaming 4 days ago +1

    Yoshi has tax froud *In Smash*
    Waluigi dis nothing *Not in Smash*

  • Azure X
    Azure X 4 days ago

    Timothy goes to school replay buttons here uwu

  • Ricky h
    Ricky h 6 days ago

    You should do mod were evryone has. Donkey kongs kidnapp grab

  • AJ Morales
    AJ Morales 7 days ago +1

    DEM KNEEZ!!!

  • Haydn Waterman
    Haydn Waterman 10 days ago

    So what's the next stage? Equalising everyone's moveset by picking one appropriate move for each? We already have Shine Only Melee mod, so I guess the next additions are Falcon Punch, Bowser Up-Throw, Ness Back-Throw, Ganon Down-Air, Kirby Neutral-Special, Witch Time, etc? Not sure which specials/throws are iconic enough to work with this idea...

  • RynSpin
    RynSpin 11 days ago

    ken is stupide

  • Alex S
    Alex S 11 days ago

    1:33 but in the end it doesnr even matter

  • ItsYaBoyQ
    ItsYaBoyQ 11 days ago

    Did anyone else have a hard time telling them apart at times? Lol

  • Agentgd_Tsundere_ Neko

    *THE KNEE*

  • Monroe Jr
    Monroe Jr 12 days ago

    1:33 I tried so hard...BUTGOTSOFAUR

  • Cat
    Cat 14 days ago +1

    wtf the thumbnail looks like something alpharad would do

  • Jordan Cringe
    Jordan Cringe 15 days ago

    why does the other player sound like Failboat?

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 16 days ago

    Well with Ness’s fair gone NOW how am I supposed to start combos?

  • FroakieTrainer54
    FroakieTrainer54 17 days ago

    Super Knee Bros?
    More like....
    Chris Hansen from Daylight NBC Bros
    Now have a seat

  • Kenryck
    Kenryck 18 days ago


  • Kenryck
    Kenryck 18 days ago

    ninkendo is stupid lul

  • Rohanix
    Rohanix 19 days ago

    Haha stupid

  • wolffrex
    wolffrex 20 days ago


  • Kenneth Golden
    Kenneth Golden 20 days ago

    Sherwood's sense of humor and Ninkendo's editing are a match made in heaven.

  • Hydreigon Enthusiast
    Hydreigon Enthusiast 20 days ago

    Do *A-Knee-Bros* work?

  • Dr.Weavile, PhD
    Dr.Weavile, PhD 20 days ago +1

    Legend says he is still digesting that burger

  • Nathan Lin
    Nathan Lin 21 day ago


  • quak
    quak 21 day ago

    stop quaking at me

  • Dylan Houghton
    Dylan Houghton 21 day ago

    1:49 "you got so big"

  • Aaron Holker
    Aaron Holker 21 day ago

    your stupid 5:23

  • nep addiction
    nep addiction 22 days ago


  • Isaac Castillo
    Isaac Castillo 22 days ago

    Peach is op with the knee cuz the floatiness

  • Madman From Space
    Madman From Space 22 days ago

    This summer....
    Kept you waiting, huh?

  • TriBOTz
    TriBOTz 22 days ago

    mario’s transformation into captain falcon is approximately 27% complete

  • VelvetRhapsody
    VelvetRhapsody 22 days ago

    13:34 “alright so Yoshi went to jail for tax invasion”

  • Marcos H
    Marcos H 22 days ago

    KNEEt video
    Ok I'll make myself out

  • Dream Lyn
    Dream Lyn 22 days ago +1

    11:30 *The best part*

  • Dante Cannestra
    Dante Cannestra 23 days ago

    Dr. Mario actually went to jail for identity theft, as he made people believe that he was the real Chris Hansen.

  • Justin Hype
    Justin Hype 23 days ago

    My smash 4 disc broke today and now I’m sad 😭😭

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder 23 days ago

    10:02 wait so Dedede couldn't knee cause he got no knees but Jiggly Wiggly can???

    SMASHY CARLOS 24 days ago

    Lmao I laughed so hard

  • Blackimar
    Blackimar 24 days ago

    I can't believe Dr. Mario's ACTUALLY in prison

  • Jaden Bigelow
    Jaden Bigelow 24 days ago

    Say Knee Bros fast and you get...

    Knee Bros. What did you think you would you would get.

  • Jaden Bigelow
    Jaden Bigelow 24 days ago +1

    May this videos bring peaceful harmoKNEE for all to see.

  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison 24 days ago +1

    where can I find the mod?

  • Lukas Ramirez
    Lukas Ramirez 24 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Kai The Great
    Kai The Great 24 days ago

    Knee of Justice bois.

  • James Ledet
    James Ledet 24 days ago


  • RobloxMaster69
    RobloxMaster69 24 days ago

    Super Knee Gros

  • PixlJermy
    PixlJermy 24 days ago


  • Mr. Trollface
    Mr. Trollface 24 days ago

    I do not play this game *COMPETITIVELY*

  • Shagun Bhalla
    Shagun Bhalla 24 days ago

    Did you know you have never done a sheik for glory so can you please do one but if you did my bad

  • Clicker Hero
    Clicker Hero 24 days ago

    kinda disappointed that they didn't showcase Rob's knee

  • Mr. Mema!
    Mr. Mema! 24 days ago

    You're stupid.
    But i love you.

  • Zac the cat
    Zac the cat 24 days ago

    He tried so hard and go so faaaaaar in the end it doesn’t even matter he got so far and had to faaaaaal

  • Chase The collector
    Chase The collector 24 days ago


  • Vijval Nandigala
    Vijval Nandigala 24 days ago

    falcons fair becomes bayo's side b

  • Coop :3
    Coop :3 24 days ago

    do this again i wanna see other characters doing the knee (mainly characters with dresses)

  • B_temple_king _
    B_temple_king _ 24 days ago

    You should do the sword ganon mod

  • Seth Grube
    Seth Grube 25 days ago

    Doesn’t Ken sound like Snake at 11:04?

  • GreenTopaz213
    GreenTopaz213 25 days ago

    11:04 Ken's confirmed for snake's new voice :o (not really XD)

  • Vantastic Jackson
    Vantastic Jackson 25 days ago

    Newgame coming out 2019: *Yoshi's Big Break*

  • shizzewoaw
    shizzewoaw 25 days ago


  • AJ Morales
    AJ Morales 25 days ago

    I’m gonna steal a joke from DatPags...

    *Fair & balanced gameplay.*
    (Expecting something else?)
    (Fine, I’ll say it.)
    *D E M K N E E Z!*

  • Nathan Young
    Nathan Young 25 days ago +1

    Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

  • WithMe :v
    WithMe :v 25 days ago

    Stupid xd

  • Terence Shields
    Terence Shields 25 days ago


  • Xliight HD
    Xliight HD 25 days ago

    Knee bros?


  • Auramyst
    Auramyst 25 days ago

    should've used g&w

  • Isam Gemeda
    Isam Gemeda 25 days ago

    I like how basically every other character benefits with the knee more than falcon does

  • 101Binary Ray101
    101Binary Ray101 25 days ago


  • Ian Samedi
    Ian Samedi 25 days ago

    He sounds like wolverine

  • Sam Felix
    Sam Felix 25 days ago

    *S T U P I D*

  • Whale Animations
    Whale Animations 25 days ago +1

    Where’s my deku nut in September 21st Ken?

  • Senior Fighter
    Senior Fighter 25 days ago


  • Een Game kanaal
    Een Game kanaal 25 days ago

    u stoopid

  • someguy GMD
    someguy GMD 25 days ago

    When gamer get gamered by gamer

  • Super Bryson plush kids

    I subscribe to you and send you both a friend request

  • Haha I’m dying
    Haha I’m dying 25 days ago

    I need to see dedede giving someone the knee

  • Tiger_Gaming 64
    Tiger_Gaming 64 25 days ago

    I got burger commercial first thing i hear is ima eat a burger

  • Raúl Garza
    Raúl Garza 25 days ago

    Would you upload Smash Ultimate content?

  • Jaziel Roberto
    Jaziel Roberto 25 days ago


  • spookyBongo _
    spookyBongo _ 25 days ago

    Why did I get a McDonald's Burger ad and then here a man eating a burgar

  • Fell Difference
    Fell Difference 25 days ago

    You want a donut?
    No problem it’s free 😉

  • Eli Tilton
    Eli Tilton 25 days ago +1

    This video made me so happy. You guys are awesome

  • Marvin Basden
    Marvin Basden 25 days ago

    *Falcon Irrelevant Ganon Confirmed*

  • Anthony Mould
    Anthony Mould 25 days ago +1

    I think I fought against the brock guy today in fg

  • Ysrael Truth
    Ysrael Truth 25 days ago

    So this mod gives everyone captain falcon's neutral air..... I'm a casual player and i'm fricken glad.

    PEAJAY 25 days ago

    was NOT ready for the ness knee

  • SansFan1925
    SansFan1925 25 days ago +1

    Holy shit this video is hilarious

  • Ramensnail Productions

    If Dedede had the knee he would be called kneekneeknee

  • DMDude
    DMDude 25 days ago +2

    Legend has it that if Sherwood says "Chris Hanson" 3 times, a Nationwide ad will get out of its way to play for u

  • Hunter Lyons
    Hunter Lyons 25 days ago

    Donald duck had me dying with that attack wheeze

  • Sonic Aidan
    Sonic Aidan 25 days ago

    0:00 lol I got a subway commercial before this

  • Redd Wolfen2019
    Redd Wolfen2019 25 days ago

    "you SD alot Mr. Ninkendo"

  • justin landecken
    justin landecken 25 days ago

    When Nintendo memes violently at the end of a video

  • Sam Livingood
    Sam Livingood 25 days ago

    wow Nintendo is stupid

  • Alexander Skevas
    Alexander Skevas 25 days ago


  • Drainful
    Drainful 25 days ago

    u need to do more videos with sherwood u sexy goose

  • TehSuperC
    TehSuperC 25 days ago