Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Russians eat some crazy foods during the holidays. In this video two Americans will experience a Russian holiday dinner for the first time.
    Gary Guz: @gariksuharik
    Special thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the food.
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    Dressed herring with juice
    Yingko/Getty Images
    Vintage national flag of Russia background
    myistock88/Getty Images

    Gary Cherkassky

Comments • 4 083

  • Mite Shterjov
    Mite Shterjov 2 hours ago

    Ruska salata!!! There is no xmas and new year without them!

  • Oskars GCT
    Oskars GCT 3 hours ago


  • Yasma Alammari
    Yasma Alammari 3 hours ago

    “Thank” nice try, not funny though

  • Yasma Alammari
    Yasma Alammari 4 hours ago

    wtf are they so disrespectful for lmaooo 💀💀💀

  • Джамиля Муксинова

    Why did you add cheese in Herring under fur coat? 😨🙅

  • Peter Kim
    Peter Kim 7 hours ago

    "daddy says my first word was cheeseburger"

  • Peter Kim
    Peter Kim 7 hours ago

    too slav for you

  • петро Плюта
    петро Плюта 12 hours ago

    Kotleta is Ukrainian food ,not Russian!!!!

  • Dazai Kun
    Dazai Kun 15 hours ago

    that girl so overreact 😒😒😒 im disgusted

  • D Valentine Bernabé
    D Valentine Bernabé 16 hours ago

    Omg the salad thing my family makes and we're mexican weird

  • Sónia Silva
    Sónia Silva 19 hours ago

    Thing I learned in this video:

    - Olivye is "Salada Russa / Russian salad" in Portugal
    Even with this name in Portugal I have never associated with a typical dish of Russia (Sometimes I am very "intelligent").
    And we also like to eat sardines on bread

  • Roar
    Roar Day ago

    1 56 my mom makes that but we’re American I’m confused

  • Наполеон Бонапарт

    Everything know the Olivie in all post-soviet space from childhood

  • Minna Minna
    Minna Minna Day ago

    She used S-word! Can I use the N-word now?

  • Bean 0506
    Bean 0506 Day ago +1

    Nobody disrespects Olivye best potato salad ever

  • Tony Lavey
    Tony Lavey Day ago

    How can you not like herring under coat ? It’s delicious, I can eat a whole plate of that. What is wrong with you people?
    And yeah the girl is fcking weird with her comments. Got me triggered.
    And yes I’m Russian born and raised.

  • Adrian Torres
    Adrian Torres Day ago

    Wow, looks like ide love Russian holiday food! I grew up loving alot of those ingredients and had similar foods from the German side of my family.

  • Jacob Ishii
    Jacob Ishii Day ago

    Did she just call Russian culture "soviet"?wow kids are getting dumber and dumber the more "enlightened" they become

  • Jacob Ishii
    Jacob Ishii Day ago

    Interesting that ikra in Russian is so close ikura in Japanese

  • Mr Gadget
    Mr Gadget Day ago

    There is nothing wrong with ikra, there is something wrong with you if don't love it!

  • juan torres
    juan torres 2 days ago

    Olivye doesn't look good???? Bro it looks like a potato egg salad!

  • Mary Dork
    Mary Dork 2 days ago

    So the chick and the other dude have never seen a potato salad?

  • Maria Zafarabadi
    Maria Zafarabadi 2 days ago

    Oh come on. The girl was overreacting. And seledka pod shuboy isn't that bad. It's like eating fish with potato salad. I personally love it. I guess people have different tastes. But Americans complaining about oil? Lol, a likely story.

  • LEON
    LEON 2 days ago


  • regi
    regi 2 days ago

    Give the girl rice and make her happy

  • Rebekka H
    Rebekka H 3 days ago

    I dont get why everyone in the comments is offended like that. Nobody has to like something just because. I know for sure some German dishes would not be liked by everyone and thats totally fine! Wouldnt it be boring if we all liked the same sh*t?

  • QveenLee !!!
    QveenLee !!! 3 days ago

    The two Americans were very irritating and disrespectful

  • Кто-то Неизвестный

    The first dish is named after Ukrainian capital and u call it russian dish. 10/10

  • NoctLightCloud
    NoctLightCloud 3 days ago

    1:25 Olivye is so delicious, though! We also have it in the Balkans as holiday food, and we usually simply call it "Russian salad". There's only a handful of ingredients, and you can even see them. How can you not taste the ingredients?😅

  • Platypus Artist
    Platypus Artist 3 days ago

    Why no bread with mayo ? ( Lepyoshka)

  • Mascha Stierle
    Mascha Stierle 3 days ago +1

    Omg.... I am russian and hearing the righ guy speaking russian is so..... AAAAH😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️😂😂🦃

  • МОМО
    МОМО 4 days ago

    Хули вам бля не нравится наша хава?

  • katyana
    katyana 4 days ago

    omfg this is hilarious

  • Cheetylicious meow meow

    Chicken Kiev is amazing.

  • amanda o
    amanda o 4 days ago

    No kulich?

  • Super Mojo
    Super Mojo 4 days ago

    Whaaaaat?! Sexy Eric is russian?!

  • anonym
    anonym 5 days ago +2

    Lmao Americans don't like anything foreign ,only real fries and burgers lol
    And this girl uhmmm I dunno what this *God* eats but I'm sure it's not human food

  • thor
    thor 5 days ago

    Ова глупа азијаткиња... Исусе

  • Kegne kenkai
    Kegne kenkai 5 days ago

    Omg the Olivie Salad is so similar to my polish familys Holiday Salad for christmas. But we dont put meat in it since Christmas is despite fish, meatless.
    But I think the funniest thing is that Russian and Polish people like Pickled/Fermented Food and Mayonese. Fermented Food is really healthy.

  • Blue Squirtle
    Blue Squirtle 5 days ago

    B U I L D T H E W A L L

  • Mona V
    Mona V 5 days ago

    ok Persians also make salad olviye and it is SO good how dare they not like it lol

  • Eve Black
    Eve Black 5 days ago

    Red tie guy is hot.

  • izzy cash
    izzy cash 5 days ago

    I feel like I have eating a lot of this and I'm not even Russian

  • The Moon
    The Moon 6 days ago

    He doesn't know how to eat a tomato?

  • Robi Yeshua Puerto
    Robi Yeshua Puerto 6 days ago

    Why i love Russia 100% cause thier food
    Example:Plov (Food inside:Carrots,Mayonnaise,And More)
    Why i like Usa 50%
    Example:Chicken And Others (Food Inside)
    (Chicken) Just Chicken
    (Pancakes) Syrup,Butter,eggs
    (Not Healthy Unless If You Make Veg Soup Or Healthy Stuff

    Russian Healthy:100%
    Usa Healthy 50%
    Check Breakfast Of Russia Its Healthy
    Check Breakfast Of Usa Its Both Healthy And Unhealthy Cuz To Much Coke (XD Its Long)

    • signalamplifier
      signalamplifier 3 days ago

      >Plov (Food inside:Carrots,Mayonnaise,And More)
      omg, why do you put mayo into this dish, heretic!

  • SpeakEnEllipsis
    SpeakEnEllipsis 6 days ago


  • Alina Anatolyevna Sidorova

    Is that baba Fira?..

  • Clarissa Gafoor
    Clarissa Gafoor 7 days ago

    That salad...we have that all the time here in Hong Kong. Due to the Russian refugees that came here in the 40s and 50s of course.

  • yamipablo
    yamipablo 7 days ago

    olivye is traditional for xmas EVERYWHERE is known as russian salad, wtf is wrong with americans !!

  • Squid Ward
    Squid Ward 8 days ago

    Chinese girl got used to eat cockroaches and brain of monkeys thats why she doesn't like olivie

    • X O
      X O 7 days ago

      She isn’t Chinese lol

  • Jody Qureshi
    Jody Qureshi 8 days ago

    OMG could you guys find a more bland basic girl. The Irish crew is way better than this.

  • Eddie Leon
    Eddie Leon 8 days ago


  • Life Of Ari
    Life Of Ari 9 days ago

    I’m half Russian and I eat ikra. Regularly. HOW DO LIKE IT BUT NOT. I’m sorry but ikra is a love or not love thing

  • MiaFierceMakeup
    MiaFierceMakeup 9 days ago

    The chicken and the "potato salad" looked sooooo good!

  • jayden Lambertus
    jayden Lambertus 9 days ago

    Ikra is caviar goddamnit just call it caviar

  • jayden Lambertus
    jayden Lambertus 9 days ago

    My mom is Russian and makes olivye, but she calls it Russian potato salad

  • Music Freak
    Music Freak 9 days ago


  • thisisntkelsey
    thisisntkelsey 10 days ago

    I would love to try ALL of this!

  • Svetlana Villegas
    Svetlana Villegas 10 days ago

    Mmmmmm Russian food 😋

  • Ewelina2501
    Ewelina2501 10 days ago +3

    For gods sake "na zdrowie" is in polish and it is said during drinking alcohol. I'm both Polish and Russian and this ignorance is becoming quite irritating.

  • Ecaterina Ojog
    Ecaterina Ojog 10 days ago

    It's funny how they react to caviar.

  • bowtiesandcigarettes
    bowtiesandcigarettes 11 days ago

    we mind of have our version of olyvie in brazil

  • Аркадий Немытый

    fish potato salad covered in MAYONNAISE - russian food in a nutshell

  • edward ed
    edward ed 11 days ago +1


  • Nicole Reve
    Nicole Reve 11 days ago +1

    When he was purely confused about how to eat a tomato 😭😭😂😂

  • may khaing
    may khaing 11 days ago

    Ikra looks delicious ! I love fish eggs . They have so many different flavours and tastes to it

  • irene ndeliso
    irene ndeliso 12 days ago

    I'm an African, live in Russia and I know this THE FOOD IS FREAKING AMAZING . and I have a thing for the culture *mic drops *

    • X O
      X O 7 days ago

      How is it there for you as an African? I wanted to go there for collage but people told me they hate blacks :/

  • yoko soko
    yoko soko 12 days ago

    0:22 Device qshit

  • Choo Chewdee
    Choo Chewdee 12 days ago

    Mmmm.....Mayonnaise, Boris would be proud

  • Stacey Savchenko
    Stacey Savchenko 12 days ago

    Those aren’t gold sardines. Those are sprats. 😂 and the fish eggs is just caviar.

  • irina afanasieva
    irina afanasieva 13 days ago

    I'm not sure Americans are a reference and should juge any other country food, American food is the most disgusting food eveeeeeer not only for the taste but actually the quality of food is so bad !

  • Nicole Deleoz
    Nicole Deleoz 13 days ago


  • N Mack
    N Mack 14 days ago

    Dude with the red tie 💪💪😂😂 funny ishell. How do you get on this show?

  • Taylor Hall
    Taylor Hall 14 days ago +1

    People are allowed to not be a fan of the food. They’re allowed to have an opinion. Don’t take it personal you guys, it’s okay 👌🏽 we like what we like and dislike what we dislike. There are plenty of people who hate on traditional food from my heritage. It happens, its all good

  • Taylor Hall
    Taylor Hall 14 days ago

    We call it ikura in Japanese:)

    • Ivan Alekseichuk
      Ivan Alekseichuk 10 days ago

      Yeah, that is from where it comes from originally... seems sushi will be soon called russian traditional food 😂

  • puffin gaming
    puffin gaming 15 days ago

    You did not taste медавик

  • Toytaricka's MSP
    Toytaricka's MSP 16 days ago

    Break up with your *asian* girlfriend, i’m bored.

  • Toytaricka's MSP
    Toytaricka's MSP 16 days ago

    I eat this kind of food everyday, it is pretty good and that asian girl just ain’t feelin’ it

  • Elizabeth Alderman
    Elizabeth Alderman 16 days ago

    I love selyodka pod shuboy! My aunt makes it

  • Vanessa Kozhukharenko
    Vanessa Kozhukharenko 17 days ago

    actually the only thing I never saw was the deep fried thing

  • Vanessa Kozhukharenko
    Vanessa Kozhukharenko 17 days ago

    trust me Russians don't eat some of the things some, I wasn't born in Russia tho

  • QuaDiamondSurai
    QuaDiamondSurai 17 days ago

    Gary is a pretty russian name. LMAO!

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 17 days ago

    Russian food gives you the runs and then it steals your identity and opens 47 credit cards in your name

  • Igor 21
    Igor 21 17 days ago

    Don’t see why Americans act like they’re automatically disgusted with food from other countries. That’s so disrespectful to peoples’ cultures.

  • Tiko jagashvili
    Tiko jagashvili 18 days ago

    Russian food is really really bed. i know

  • xtph
    xtph 18 days ago

    You mean like Russian salad? It's not that a thing in other countries?

  • Paulina Coronado
    Paulina Coronado 19 days ago

    You guys are complaining about the girl, but she seems to just have a calm personality I kinda like it lol

  • Curtis Child of God Seligmiller

    The guys face when he was eating the Ikra....priceless!!!

  • Urszula Wrona
    Urszula Wrona 19 days ago

    Wow, "na zdrowie", again... I thought by now everyone knows it's not Russian, it's Polish. And you never never ever use it while eating...:/

  • Optical Starline
    Optical Starline 19 days ago +2

    Herring under fur coat with scrambled eggs in the thumbnail? Heresy!

  • Anna Bogush
    Anna Bogush 19 days ago

    im russian and they forgot the holopsie, borsh and nalisnikie

  • David Henao Casas
    David Henao Casas 19 days ago +2

    Here in Colombia the Olivye is pretty common. We call it "Ensalada Rusa" wich means "Russian salad" :D

  • Nik
    Nik 19 days ago

    Aaahh funny. I suppose. That Americans didn't try good food before. Except of fast food hamburgers. If you have not never tried it. I can't say nothing about it) I tried. It's nice food. I was liked

  • Que Pasa Pendejos
    Que Pasa Pendejos 19 days ago

    Golden sardines on white bread and butter has to be accompanied with black sweet lemon tea.

  • Anita Gomez
    Anita Gomez 20 days ago

    Pickles and maynnoise is a staple for Russians I guess oh and potatoes ☺ idk about those flavors together though

  • Daniella Assa Nhaguilunguana

    Making me miss Russia so muchhhhh

  • Мир ЭльМиры A.R.

    И плевать, что большинство я не поняла

  • Jonas Jonavietis
    Jonas Jonavietis 20 days ago

    They really found 2 most pc rusians for these videos didnt they

  • drawingangel2
    drawingangel2 21 day ago

    Am I missing something? I didn’t think the girl was rude. I’ve seen people spit out the food like how Gordon Ramsey spits out food. She at least swallowed hers and she did liked some of the food. Not everybody is going to like what you like. I’d be more understanding...

  • Alexandre Gaming
    Alexandre Gaming 22 days ago +1

    I'm russain and I love thses food anyone else?