10 Most Interesting Construction Inventions in 2019

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • 10 Most Interesting Inventions For Construction




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Comments • 267

  • Carlos Granados
    Carlos Granados 21 hour ago

    Last one is worthless.... you either learn from the first few hits on your finger or you don't

  • Terminology!
    Terminology! Day ago

    That "#1" WTF, really? And the rest have been around for ever. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  • lee jet
    lee jet 2 days ago


  • ozzy eMate
    ozzy eMate 2 days ago

    The safety mail holder I just use a para side channels and a magnet it keeps all the nails stuck on the side cutters and I let them open it the shit out of him

  • ozzy eMate
    ozzy eMate 2 days ago

    Went digging a hole for a post if you cut a star pattern and put the mixture in your holes much much better

    MILAN MEDIA 3 days ago

    too many ads, thumb down...

  • Stripehead1999
    Stripehead1999 3 days ago +2

    Love how "the efficiency" is the same for hammering those 4 nails in the side-by-side.

  • Edoy Silvano
    Edoy Silvano 3 days ago


  • Richard Telles
    Richard Telles 4 days ago

    My panties are dripping rn

  • AzovPort
    AzovPort 4 days ago

    Thank you 👍🏻➕

  • Internets Funniest
    Internets Funniest 5 days ago

    Majority of these have been around for years just refined thats it and as for that stupid nail thing if you would learn to nail correctly and not be a melt you wouldnt need it i highly doubt you would ever see that on a site

  • F F
    F F 7 days ago

    9 обычный жидкий ппу

  • Tomislav Budrovac
    Tomislav Budrovac 7 days ago +1

    No1 most useless shit i've seen in my 31 years old life. For real!!!

  • Tom Landon
    Tom Landon 7 days ago

    Sadly, Maximum drywall axe gets mostly terrible reviews. The concept is terrific, but the licking mechanism on the rape measure fails OFTEN and the protactor isn't that accurate. Stick with a T-square until another manufacturer with high Q.C. produces one. I recoonend a stainless housing.

  • doka stefanos
    doka stefanos 8 days ago


  • Jay Petersen
    Jay Petersen 9 days ago

    Drywall Axe
    "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." Amazon
    Crap. That tool looks really cool.

    • Yepper 11
      Yepper 11 6 days ago

      Same when I checked. 1 available on Ebay. They want $180.00! LOL! For a tool that makes it a little easier than what we've all been doing with our hand and utility knife forever. If it was 15 bucks I'd get one.

  • Dabasaurus Kex
    Dabasaurus Kex 9 days ago

    lmao that first tool is utter shit! Imagine being so dumb you'd buy something like that
    Edit: nevermind, it's a parody video; all the tools are purposely worthless and idiotic.

  • Tamara DeLorme
    Tamara DeLorme 9 days ago

    @11:43 that looks like a Tonka truck! I love it! lol

  • Janko Martin
    Janko Martin 10 days ago


  • Frank Schäfer
    Frank Schäfer 10 days ago

    Why no ukulele soundtrack? it's 2019

  • ProTektWar (dot) com
    ProTektWar (dot) com 10 days ago

    The last inventions is useless... he was tried to nail it in a knot, well done!

  • nemo aureli
    nemo aureli 11 days ago


  • MrAllen Clemo
    MrAllen Clemo 11 days ago +4

    Door hole jig #4. Yep, I've had my Trend jig since 1992!

  • Donate me pls RBX
    Donate me pls RBX 11 days ago


  • adtvtx vafaee
    adtvtx vafaee 12 days ago

    The nail guide at the end looks like a good idea, but using a clothes pin to hold the nail also works

  • Ennar
    Ennar 12 days ago

    Drywall is such a joke. It's cheap and easy to work with, but thats it for the advantages.

    • Dan Grimes
      Dan Grimes 11 days ago

      Ennar, I believe you but I'm pretty sure all the houses I've been in including very expensive one's are all sheetrock. I've seen houses that were built in the 40's or 50's that were plaster.

    • Ennar
      Ennar 11 days ago

      ​+Dan Grimes Brick, concrete and plaster. The classic trio for modern, long-lasting buildings.

    • Dan Grimes
      Dan Grimes 11 days ago

      What would you use instead?

  • Coen80
    Coen80 15 days ago

    Raising funds on Kickstarter... Good luck with that. Just make sure you have the IP and then sell it to a manufacturer that has everything in place to make a plastic gooberdoody.
    Or sell 3D printing plans or start 3d printing those thingemedjigies.

  • Sean Schmidt
    Sean Schmidt 16 days ago +4

    Never put nails in your mouth. I know a guy who always peed in the nail box

    • Tyler Bell
      Tyler Bell 13 days ago

      Theres got to be more to it then that. Please tell.

  • Phil Gilbert
    Phil Gilbert 16 days ago

    'You have ten seconds to level the post, then you have to hold it still for 3 minutes' Sounds like the most stressful way of setting posts ever holy shit

  • Pablo Ucan
    Pablo Ucan 18 days ago

    Article 13 will do away with videos like this. Maybe.

  • Jason Catlyn
    Jason Catlyn 18 days ago

    Thanks for the reviews!

  • mohamed ali
    mohamed ali 18 days ago

    usclip.net/video/1O1Ij_U8o5w/video.html really nice tools

  • Mister Dude
    Mister Dude 19 days ago +2

    Couldn’t finish watching it because of the music. Why did you cover what they were saying? Thumbs down.

  • Best Inventions
    Best Inventions 19 days ago

    Inventions 2019

  • AJ von Berg
    AJ von Berg 19 days ago

    Porn music starts at 3:22.

  • gekaprog
    gekaprog 19 days ago

    skipped video - too much advertisement. well done USclip...

  • imdamanwithdaanswers
    imdamanwithdaanswers 20 days ago

    16:23 shit test. without the device you'd be able to hold all 4 nails in your hand at once.

  • Vale Aventura
    Vale Aventura 20 days ago +2

    I swear the last one everyone had idea to do, but nobody did.

    RAM SINGH 20 days ago

    Ram ram

  • Tamir Junior
    Tamir Junior 20 days ago

    eu quero imita como que sifas porque eu adoro esa musica

  • Christian Palado
    Christian Palado 20 days ago

    I’m over here doing VoiceOvers haha.

  • Moheb Fanous
    Moheb Fanous 21 day ago

    no sound to hear

  • Computer Guy
    Computer Guy 21 day ago

    #1 was stupid as fuck, get a damn nail gun and a drill.

  • Computer Guy
    Computer Guy 21 day ago +1

    Guy with the safety vest and hard hat riding a power wheels toy was hilarious. 12:00

  • daniel s
    daniel s 23 days ago

    You could never use that safety nailer in the real world. How could you grab a new nail out of your pouch or box or mouth with that fucking thing attached to your hand? Stupid.

  • Castor's Cadence
    Castor's Cadence 24 days ago +1

    Ahh.. that Sika Postfix is not gonna be so great when a good wind lifts the roof over it..

    • 3DVision Gamer
      3DVision Gamer 23 days ago

      How'd you like his pole dancing skills tho? Lol. Sika Postfix, gets hard fast but your balls will fall off if you touch it.

  • Ward Mayfield
    Ward Mayfield 25 days ago +10

    Incorrect title and content. A good portion of these were invented years ago. As for #10, the nail thing, learn to hammer properly and you won't need a finger woobie.

    • Terminology!
      Terminology! Day ago

      How about "Shimz?" Shims have been around forever. 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Terri Pop
    Terri Pop 25 days ago +1

    Dude is a pretty good fence pole dancer.

  • MeesterVegas
    MeesterVegas 25 days ago

    If you're in to woodworking, you might want to check this out: small.news/workshop_3mistakes

  • Pete Moss
    Pete Moss 26 days ago

    Can I get a list of the songs in this video?

  • Johann Yang
    Johann Yang 26 days ago


  • John Turner
    John Turner 26 days ago

    what about Cross-Bone.....the best tool ever and not listed

  • Mark Kroif
    Mark Kroif 27 days ago

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  • Janette Havron
    Janette Havron 27 days ago


  • francisco Santos
    francisco Santos 27 days ago

    Pow nem um brasileiro pra falar onde acho a primeira ferramenta?

  • belly buttons
    belly buttons 27 days ago +1

    Tools for DIY dads.

  • Jesse Oliveira
    Jesse Oliveira 28 days ago

    Quero ver aonde comprar essas ferramentas ótimas aqui no Brasil....

  • vass ilika
    vass ilika 29 days ago +3

    ....had to stop after #8.... this is really bullshit, no one working on construction would .... never mind...

  • vass ilika
    vass ilika 29 days ago +1

    #10, haha, only for people not knowing how to use a folding meter/tape!

  • Jamie Troy
    Jamie Troy 29 days ago

    The bloke starts pole dancing for pound notes 😂😂😂 3:15

  • keeoldman1
    keeoldman1 29 days ago

    The Door jig for drilling door handles and strike and dead bolt has been for 20 or more years all in one jig comes in a nice box the jig itself is all steel

  • You Can't Reason with Madness

    Bosch pro tools reliable? pfft either dead on arrival or duff in no time, buy bosch pro buy twice.
    They make good CCTV stuff but i don't trust Bosch Pro tools at all.Their cheaper green range stuff is more trust worthy.

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago +1

    Useless, inefficient inventions that no one wants or needs. It's like reinventing the wheel, but making it square.

  • Berke Huizenga
    Berke Huizenga Month ago +18

    If you want to build it yourself just google for stodoys. I know you will find good solutions for all your ideas.

  • bluesky6327
    bluesky6327 Month ago +4

    Cheap compilation of manufacturers videos, most without the original sound.

  • Power Tv
    Power Tv Month ago


  • Bao Xiang
    Bao Xiang Month ago

    Great. Surge protector factory from wenzhou from China, usclip.net/video/boeDEqU-qh8/video.html

  • Rando Game
    Rando Game Month ago +5

    Be nice to hear some dialogue instead of the cheap muzak

  • David Ferrand
    David Ferrand Month ago

    Ou en achète ???

  • Sixth Lord
    Sixth Lord Month ago

    So your number one construction tool, is for a method thats been obsolete for like 20 years? And that's being very conservative, nobody hand nails anymore. Maybe the diy homeowner that has absolutely no skill and money to buy arbitrary little nick nacks for literally ever single task. There were a couple kinda neat things here though. Not too many new ideas, though.

  • Otto Lund
    Otto Lund Month ago

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  • jaredloveless
    jaredloveless Month ago


  • stacy lorenzo
    stacy lorenzo Month ago +1

    *I like the idea of the project. I like the flexibility you've built into it ( **lovy.biz/too8** ). However, I wouldn't use Walmart for any supplies. Between a marine and auto store, you could get better quality parts. Thanks for sharing. I'll check out the rest of your vids for practical use of these portable backup generators.*

  • Wolfgang S.
    Wolfgang S. Month ago

    In my opinion: Its a sin to our children to process any kind of plasic within the ground or walls. It will never rott and will stay there for thousands of generations. Its a bad bad bad idea :(

    • Wolfgang S.
      Wolfgang S. Month ago

      +Abandoned USclip Channel Yes, it becomes microplastic. Fool.

    • Abandoned YouTube Channel
      Abandoned YouTube Channel Month ago

      All plastics fall apart. The oldest best plastic are turning to goo. Check out the Smithsonian plastics. 70 years old not holding up.

  • Gary Kessel
    Gary Kessel Month ago


  • Hector Castellanos
    Hector Castellanos Month ago

    lmao If you're going to lie about your product, #4, at least use the same color door after you drill the holes!!! IDIOTS!!

  • Bursatamem
    Bursatamem Month ago

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  • Алексей Хомутников

    Оказывается изобрели шаблон для врезки замка и дверной ручки, охуеть я и не знал что пользуюсь технологиями из будущего.

  • Dana Jorgensen
    Dana Jorgensen Month ago +21

    Bad news, guy. The door hole jig (#4) is by no means a "construction invention of 2019" I've had one of those for nearly 20 years. You got scammed by Irwin into thinking they're new.
    #3, the "tracked motorized wheelbarrow" has been around for at least a half decade, too.

    • Rachael B
      Rachael B 10 days ago

      Yeah I was going to say.... I bought one of those a while ago. The wheelbarrow is pretty cool though. Looks like a giant Tonka truck.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow 22 days ago +1

      The only reason I cued the vid was to make that same comment!

  • Declan Hogan
    Declan Hogan Month ago

    What happens when the tape snaps on the drywall axe??

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey Month ago +1

    ебанутые саундтреки. Подборка тоже сомнительная.

  • wesoly romek
    wesoly romek Month ago

    nail holder... really ?
    dumb hamburger country...

  • Mike Goulding
    Mike Goulding Month ago +1

    #10 gotta say is garbage CT no longer sell them...

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle Month ago


  • tim lopez
    tim lopez Month ago +13

    The porn studio called said “they want their play list back”

  • guardfrk
    guardfrk Month ago


  • UNPsound21
    UNPsound21 Month ago

    Um the link for the Bosch wall scanner is to the D-Tect 120..($53.00).the D-Tect 150 is coming up at $699! on Amazon...

  • Adrian Edhouse
    Adrian Edhouse Month ago

    That's an Irwin lock set - not the Dewalt. Grrrrrrrrr. Waste of my time

  • doka stefanos
    doka stefanos Month ago


  • Jesus Marquez jesus

    Dónde puedo ordeñar una aparadora y cuánto cuesta gracias

  • Bas Meijer
    Bas Meijer Month ago +2

    Weird collection of silly and practical stuff...
    The best use I can think of for no. 3 is for shopping at the supermarket.

    • 2b02b
      2b02b 14 days ago

      laugh and lol some more; its called wack anyway..still laughing

  • Bret Spangler
    Bret Spangler Month ago

    Fuck amazon and wikibuys, what a piece of shit video

  • Let's Laugh & Smile

    I Love tools. they are amazing.

  • gredangeo
    gredangeo Month ago

    "#3, #7 rebars"?

    What the hell does that mean? Can't the size of the bar just be stated? Why use a stupid number system?

    • Sean Hazelwood
      Sean Hazelwood Month ago

      3/8" diameter, 7/8", etc.
      It's been that war since the invention of rebar.

  • PhilosoBlender
    PhilosoBlender Month ago

    shazam can't figure out the song at 9:02. Anybody know? I dig it.

  • cluideman
    cluideman Month ago

    No 1 ..is for retards full stop. No 10 ..handy ..until the tape breaks .Wire tying thingy ..good .The rest ..wtf ?

  • kriga Diga
    kriga Diga Month ago

    2:58 and now the weed is toxic

  • Jan Arve Dyrnes
    Jan Arve Dyrnes Month ago

    Ease of that blody music

  • The Reject Transients

    almost gave up after the 13th ad but i stuck it out then still had 3 to go.