10 Most Interesting Construction Inventions in 2019

  • 10 Most Interesting Inventions For Construction



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  • Jeremie Yap Newk Pin

    your selection of music is awesome. A track list would be great.

  • Edgar Mendes
    Edgar Mendes 3 days ago


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  • Bryan Adams
    Bryan Adams 6 days ago +1

    Why should I spend 1000's on a machine. When I can get Mexicans to do it?

  • Cruz Reyes
    Cruz Reyes 6 days ago

    Roll the bag like if your rolling a blunt I thought he said😂😂

  • Max Violence
    Max Violence 7 days ago

    1st one is pretty useless

  • Saud Khan
    Saud Khan 10 days ago


  • Ezequiel Ramos
    Ezequiel Ramos 10 days ago +1

    Available in Home Depot the knife cut the sheetrock

  • Comedy Star
    Comedy Star 11 days ago


  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 11 days ago

    #1 for when you have your 8 year old on the crew...

  • Beeskneesitem9
    Beeskneesitem9 11 days ago +3

    Door knob jig with holesaw has been around for a long time..

  • Wolf Reicherter
    Wolf Reicherter 12 days ago

    what´s with the bloody music??? the Bosch Video in particular looses massivley from the original usclip.net/video/BeDNVABNkFc/video.html

  • Kirk Livernash
    Kirk Livernash 12 days ago

    Number one is defiantly a DIY tool. Even then, most DIY guys are using nail guns, either air or battery powered.

  • The Gauvinator
    The Gauvinator 12 days ago

    hell no on drywall axe

  • May I Trigger You?
    May I Trigger You? 13 days ago

    The DT10 takes a huge dump.

  • cornenothome
    cornenothome 13 days ago +4

    Sika post fix should not be promoted. That's just another way of earning a quick buck while polluting our planet hardcore!

    • WRAITH
      WRAITH 11 days ago +1

      cornenothome yh i was thinking that

  • Shane Hudson
    Shane Hudson 14 days ago


  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte 14 days ago +1

    Didnt see anything that impressed me or was a game changer for any construction I’m involved with most of the items in the video have been around for years. Or just aren’t practical for professionals

  • cdc3
    cdc3 14 days ago +1

    Loved the efficiency of #1!!! Only 20 or so hits to drive a nail! As a general contractor for many years, I'd have fired me if it took that many. The wimps are using a 16 oz. hammer. Using a 32 oz. framing hatchet, the pattern is usually 2 strokes: set and drive. After a while you learn not to hit your fingers...

    Always loved my framing hatchet. Drive a nail in two, cut a car in half with it in 15 minutes. No joke, I've done it.

  • crashsitetube
    crashsitetube 14 days ago

    This video is waaaaaay to artsy fartsy. Better to give real information than a slick "Lady GaGa" music video type look.

  • id warm
    id warm 16 days ago

    nr 1 is useless for professionals

  • chewtoy99
    chewtoy99 16 days ago

    Tonight on lets go buy this

  • 정선아로니아
    정선아로니아 17 days ago

    브리그스 엔진 제작번호를 알고싶퍼요 어느부분에 적혀 있는지?

  • Matti Olkinuora
    Matti Olkinuora 18 days ago

    So the safety nailer is better than detecting cables and plumbing? Nailguns and electric screwdrivers exist.

  • Allen .Berge
    Allen .Berge 18 days ago

    I know dry-wallers who can do it faster with no measuring tape and an exacto knife. They just hold the drywall in position mark the top and bottom where it overhangs with an exacto knife, cut straight from both points, break the end off and nail it into place. Takes half that time using that gadget. Of course, it isn't perfect, but it doesn't have to be because you're going to tape and mud the joints anyway.

  • William Eddy
    William Eddy 18 days ago

    I do like the door jigs but they are not very durable . I think that " wall sensor" will be a great hit if it works as advertised .

  • Yirley Gonzalez
    Yirley Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Realmente me parece que el calibre que usan para realizar los amarres de la parrilla no es el correcto se ebede itilizar un calibre mucho mayor .
    Encuanto a seguridad este tipo de trabajo lo debe de realizar manualmente .

  • Richard Graham
    Richard Graham 18 days ago

    Junk too

  • RD S
    RD S 19 days ago

    Best new item ??....the little brackets that let you hang a door in 3-5 minutes. They are AMAZING !!

  • Maximal
    Maximal 19 days ago

    Safety Nailer. 2019 Invention, in the age where Framing Nailer exists.

  • Peter Herrington
    Peter Herrington 20 days ago +2

    The rebar tying tool is unbelievable.
    The rest are forgettable and certainly not new or worth buying

  • Andrés Olán
    Andrés Olán 21 day ago

    Seria muy cómico que con el número 1 se golpeara la mano epic fail

  • Francois van Opdorp
    Francois van Opdorp 24 days ago


  • Sales Raymark
    Sales Raymark 24 days ago


  • Paul Mauer
    Paul Mauer 24 days ago

    All Trash

  • Wilfried Laubach
    Wilfried Laubach 25 days ago


  • juji poloiuy
    juji poloiuy 25 days ago


  • Aaron Sky_Strider
    Aaron Sky_Strider 25 days ago

    How did that old guy do that? Lol

  • Constantine Fetter
    Constantine Fetter 25 days ago

    new brands wanting to take some market-share from knowing solutions.

  • Mark P
    Mark P 27 days ago +4

    Do without the "music."

  • Carl Campbell
    Carl Campbell 28 days ago

    Certainly very interesting tools. The safety nailer is a cool idea, however for professional it would be slow. The nailer would be good for hard materials that bend nails. Setting fence posts is simple with the foam. I wonder how long it lasts, and how much it costs? Do the posts rot out quicker or slower than with concrete? The power wheelbarrow is good for contractors that move large amounts of material. How about cost effectiveness, maintenance and handling?

  • Collin D.
    Collin D. 28 days ago +5

    That driving rock bucket does not look at happy it took load that big. 😐😐💦💦 @11:35

  • MrHarborFreight
    MrHarborFreight Month ago

    Cool. Thanks for Sharing!

  • ansherma
    ansherma Month ago

    That nail pussy is the best one

  • Sevan Ruben
    Sevan Ruben Month ago

    why there must be always annoying music ?

  • 1980JPA
    1980JPA Month ago

    That safety nailer is the dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life

  • 1980JPA
    1980JPA Month ago

    Anyone who has done drywall knows that knife is a joke

  • BakerOne
    BakerOne Month ago

    That post is plumb not level, mate . . .

    • Collin D.
      Collin D. 28 days ago

      Haha right, " because it sets so quickly you don't even have too brace the post.... you have 10 seconds to level the post, then hold it still for 3 minutes." So, it does need braced then. Right. By me. For 3 fkn mins. Idiots lmao.

  • John Walker
    John Walker Month ago

    A lot of these have been out for years I hate to break it to you.

  • David Bowser
    David Bowser Month ago

    Lol. If any ass hat on a construction site showed up with that last one, they'd get made fun of for the rest of their life. Maybe it's cool for Joe schmoe at home, but on a huge commercial job, it seems like more of a liability, and also looks goofy AF.

  • MEM-Entertainment
    MEM-Entertainment Month ago


  • Michael
    Michael Month ago


  • Shawn
    Shawn Month ago +1

    That rebar tool is pretty awesome.
    The safety nailer is literally the stupidest thing ever. You can just hold the nail with your hand. You can lightly tap nails in. You are not required to hit them like you're trying to murder them.

    • Carl Campbell
      Carl Campbell 27 days ago

      @David Bowser - OK Dave I got it. This response is totally different than "98% of the time it doesn't matter anyways how rebar tying is completed" This implies sloppy incomplete work with rebar tying is not an issue. There are various critical conditions with form installations and rebar placement when pouring.

    • David Bowser
      David Bowser 27 days ago

      What I mean is that if you didn't tie every one and missed 10% or so spaced out over the whole structure, it will have next to zero effect on structural strength of the concrete. Quality concrete, correct mixing and proper curing has an infinitely larger effect on the outcome than a couple of missing ties when framing the thing. It's only there to prevent major shifting when pouring concrete from a truck or pump. Anyways, what inspector is going to check every single tie on ever single frame? That would take almost as long as it does to build the damn thing and those guys inspect more than just rebar ties. These structures (at least in the U.S.) are way over engineered pretty much able to withstand a nuclear holocaust. I studied Aerospace Engineering in college and have a few years of field experience with Structural Steel and Concrete strength testing in a laboratory so I might have just a little bit of practical experience on the matter.

    • Carl Campbell
      Carl Campbell 28 days ago

      @David Bowser - You said "98% of the time it doesn't matter anyways" how rebar tying is completed. What happens if building inspectors find substandard tying on a big rebar placement job?

    • David Bowser
      David Bowser Month ago

      Yeah. That rebar tie tool looked awesome. It would save a ton of time and prevent a lot of wrist pain from the repetitive BS of tying rebar. That and would give lazy workers less of an excuse to not tie everything they are required, cause let's be honest, those guys aren't always trying every crossing because that shit is so repetitive and boring and 98% of the time it doesn't matter anyways, but that 2% when it does could eliminate a lot of future issues from the rebar shifting funny during a slab or wall pour.

  • Sienna Forrest
    Sienna Forrest Month ago

    I love your inventions please do more

  • Iancov m
    Iancov m Month ago

    sp much bull shit... now i want my time back.

  • Tom C
    Tom C Month ago

    So you lifted a bunch of ads, deleted the useful voiceovers and added your own shitty music. Brilliant.

  • Cecil Gordon
    Cecil Gordon Month ago +1

    🤣🤣🤣 these are only "kewl" tools if you dont already know how to measure and cut your gyp with a square already. Same with all the rest of the other stuff. Home Deopt and lower exist cause the average dude doesnt actually know what a good tool is or often even know how to use them. 👎🏾
    Take a walk near a local commercial construction site, you wont see home depot and lowes garbage out there for a reason.

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA Month ago

    Yeah now you see the song u played while showing that shimz, now play it low through out...thats your theme song

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA Month ago

    God damn it whats with dubstep n indi beats, just play music like low, n make it slow paced

  • George  Bliss
    George Bliss Month ago

    #s 2, 3, and 4 are excellent. Number 1 is 100% bullshit

  • jpalm32
    jpalm32 Month ago

    Post fix really sucks. Tips over easy.

  • shayne sabala
    shayne sabala Month ago

    There were some cool stuff on this video but to end with that was a bit insulting.

  • J. Kelley
    J. Kelley Month ago +5

    Dry wall ax... Lol. This is all clearly amateur stuff

  • hanimal21
    hanimal21 Month ago

    No se que mierda hago acá viendo esto.

  • Automatic Slim
    Automatic Slim Month ago +1

    15:15 - The luckiest nail on earth.

  • supresmooth
    supresmooth Month ago +3

    #4 isn't new for 2019. I have literally had that exact same Irwin door lock installation kit for at least ten years.

  • John Owens
    John Owens Month ago

    Can sure learn a lot about the products trying to lip read what the presenter is saying.

  • Keirnan Allen
    Keirnan Allen Month ago +6

    you could also just hit the nail without looking like Mr crabs

    • Shawn
      Shawn Month ago +4

      Or just get the apprentice to hold the nail while you blindly flail at it.


    harika icatlar

  • Pomponio Nenna
    Pomponio Nenna Month ago

    The Safety Nailer was definitely invented by a millennial. Simply learn how to use a hammer and nail. No one has time for this.

    • sean
      sean Month ago

      exactly! if you can't get a nail hammered down in 3-4 hits, without using some moronic gadget, you have no business using a hammer or being a carpenter.

  • TheySeeYou7
    TheySeeYou7 Month ago

    I think you forgot to add the wheel to this video, bud

  • Duncan Mac
    Duncan Mac Month ago +3

    If I guy walked onto a job with that nail holder thing he'd promptly be laughed off that job.....🤣
    The best by far was the re-bar wire tie tool.
    Thanks for the video.

    • Gerard Brans
      Gerard Brans 3 days ago

      wire tie tool would be nice for ferrocement boat construction...

    • Alex Balandrano
      Alex Balandrano Month ago

      🤣🤣🤣 yep and jokes will never stop lol

    • Sharts Mcgee
      Sharts Mcgee Month ago

      Even in the nail holder speed test the guy with it only finished a fraction of a second quicker. That thing is ridiculous.

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez Month ago

    the music is such garbage

  • Smash 72Cutlass
    Smash 72Cutlass Month ago

    Some if not most of these tools will not survive the daily riggers of a construction site. What do you think that brick pointer will look like after say 5 uses. Sure you clean it best you can but I give it two weeks and it’s trash. That drywall knife that big silly thing good for a homeowner just don’t drop it. Is that supposed to fit in your daily belt ? I’m not trying to shit on everything but when there advertised as a great time saver I’m just here to snap people out of it. Some stuff is good like the brick shims. However most of the cumbersome tools are a waste of valuable space in your belt and your box

  • saintquinn007
    saintquinn007 Month ago

    DO NOT buy that Irwin tubular lock installation tool at 9:25....It is not "new"...I bought the previous model of that and because it's cheap plastic it WILL NOT hold the hole saws straight....I went out and bought the $150 steel one made by A-1 and have been using it for 8 years....

  • histoman4
    histoman4 Month ago

    JMuney, 'chizzel' is spelt chisel, not that way with Zs !!!!!

  • Ehud Gavron
    Ehud Gavron Month ago

    STUPIDEST VIDEO EVER. Wow, couldn't leave the descriptive audio in and had to put in stupid music. NOTHING is discussed... just video showing stuff. You suck. I vote you down and may you die peacefully today.

  • 7BlackOx
    7BlackOx Month ago

    1st place - when yr hands obviously growing from yr ass.

  • Ben McLeod
    Ben McLeod Month ago +1

    Trust the safety nailer to be invented by a soy boy.

  • Jmuney22Trike
    Jmuney22Trike Month ago +1

    i love how the guy useing the chizzel to carve out the catch side of the door handle was useing it upside down,,, total incorrect

    • Dr. Remulack
      Dr. Remulack 12 days ago

      Jmuney22Trike yah sum peeple arr soo stuepid

  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill Month ago

    No professional or really even a half serious DIYer is going to use that safety nail holder. It's actually a lame idea. If you know how to swing a hammer that device is useless.

    QUICKDRAW PRO TAPES Month ago +3

    you guys forgot the most important inovation - the Quickdraw self-marking tape measure -

  • Geoff Smith
    Geoff Smith Month ago +6

    Mortar pointing tool ha ha ha, more like rendering tool. Obviously NOT designed by a Bricklayer!

    • brelgno1
      brelgno1 14 days ago

      Haha came here to look at comments on that piece of crap joint filler.. What a mess that was making!

    • Luca Figueiredo
      Luca Figueiredo Month ago


  • WuPiDu
    WuPiDu Month ago +1

    the purpose of number 5(shimz)?

  • Elidon Canaliaj
    Elidon Canaliaj Month ago


  • Juan Romo
    Juan Romo Month ago +1

    Number one hahah 😂😂😂

  • Edward Lewis
    Edward Lewis Month ago +2

    dry wall axe no way people are buying that you will get laughed off a job site

    • DynamicRange Please
      DynamicRange Please Month ago

      Whoever thought that crap up will prob' be able to retire
      wish I would've...

  • Edward Lewis
    Edward Lewis Month ago +3

    That damn rebar tying tool is next level especially in those parking garages or doing tilt ups. I dont know if you really want to be climbing walls with a 2000$ tool though tbh. You can at least look like an all star on the footing though before the walls.

    • Carl Campbell
      Carl Campbell 28 days ago

      +Edward Lewis - Are you a rod buster? I wonder how they like the tool on the whole? Like you say it is expensive and could be short lived if dropped at a distance. Also it is heavy.

  • MrSaemichlaus
    MrSaemichlaus Month ago

    So lets teach children to hammer in nails using two hands on a hammer and a tool that allows you to be an absolute monkey about your work.

  • Vikings are better
    Vikings are better Month ago

    Infomercial channels SUUCK!!!!
    How about you lazy fuckers get off our ass and put your money down for some of these product and ACTUALLY try them!

  • okos june
    okos june Month ago +2

    Sika Flex makes some good products but this stuff is crap. 1. Foam is not very strong to support a post. Read the negative reviews on amazon. 2. Soil should not be in contact with posts as shown in this video. Soil and moisture is the primary cause of rotted posts. 3. I wonder how it will stand up to UV rays from direct sunlight. 4. Lastly, the video shows the post in the hole before pouring in the compound. There should be either gravel or concrete in the bottom of the hole to keep the bottom of the post from having direct contact to the soil. I would not recommend this product.

    • okos june
      okos june Month ago

      @ZeD Actually wet dirt will eventually rot out even pressure treated wood. It may last longer than redwood, but I have replaced many dry rotted pressure treated posts. And as I mentioned before, the primary cause of rotted posts is wet soil against the post.

    • ZeD
      ZeD Month ago

      "Soil should not be in contact with posts as shown in this video. Soil and moisture is the primary cause of rotted posts."
      Eh, properly treated wood will withstand it.

  • John Cosgrove
    John Cosgrove Month ago +2

    In the UK there is a much better kit for fitting door handles that goes by the name of Jigtech - much better design and doesn't require half the effort of the kit in this video.

  • Jack Torcello
    Jack Torcello Month ago

    I have had my Drywall Axe since 2014 ... !

  • Jack Torcello
    Jack Torcello Month ago

    Drywall Axe!!! Mine - the tape-clamp is useless, and so it cuts bad!!!

  • jsn
    jsn Month ago

    4:30 who knows this song?

  • Manuel Rodríguez Fernández

    Nice music!

  • Azza 179
    Azza 179 2 months ago

    I thought the 1st product was terrible but then the 2nd product the fence post foam really raised the bar for totally crap products so i didn’t bother watching anymore

  • Jim McCall
    Jim McCall 2 months ago +1

    The Donald Trump Porn Star sound track is an odd choice.

  • rex ferral
    rex ferral 2 months ago +2

    Brick chalks have been around for decades , my grand father use to use wooden ones back in the seventies..lol this list is so wacked

  • rex ferral
    rex ferral 2 months ago

    The post setter is just expanding foam and is not legal for use on decks in Canada as it's tensile strength is lower than that of concrete...bet that's what they built the deck with that nearly killed a whole bunch of wedding guest in British coloumbia a few days ago.