YouTubers React To Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018


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    The trending list in this episode was created by USclip and posted in this article:
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  • vixie stix
    vixie stix 7 hours ago +3

    Liza didn’t deserve that

  • eric gautreaux
    eric gautreaux 7 hours ago +5

    Why they gotta do Liza like that

  • Life Of Jeff
    Life Of Jeff 7 hours ago +3


  • abigail
    abigail 7 hours ago +2

    STEVIE!!! shes so cute i stg 🤪🥰

  • mini bear
    mini bear 7 hours ago +2

    6 pnts lol

  • Dayvonn  Alexander Tomas
    Dayvonn Alexander Tomas 8 hours ago +3

    11:19 pause now

  • Zyrex Is Mythable
    Zyrex Is Mythable 8 hours ago +3

    Who Loves Lizaaaaaa?!?!

  • Aika
    Aika 8 hours ago +2

    I failed this challenge😂😅👎

  • Get Creative
    Get Creative 8 hours ago +3

    I've seen Cobra Kai and I love it!!!!!

  • Evo’s Gaming Show
    Evo’s Gaming Show 8 hours ago +2

    It’s was Laurel

  • Marco Papettas
    Marco Papettas 9 hours ago +1

    For the World Cup I bet they thought the whole World Cup not that game

  • Shyla Lawrence
    Shyla Lawrence 10 hours ago +1

    Hell yeah I got 1 point WOOOOOOO

  • Alexis Hatfield
    Alexis Hatfield 10 hours ago +4

    I've never seen Liza so serious

  • Camille Cranford
    Camille Cranford 10 hours ago +1

    8 did better than I thought I would

  • Taya M
    Taya M 11 hours ago

    9 points

  • Jus_ Star
    Jus_ Star 11 hours ago

    7 points. Better than the other ones I did along with the video 😅

  • Cody Crowley
    Cody Crowley 12 hours ago

    2:16 Is The Ninja Kid Fight Scene. I Went To Super Con In 2017 And Met Him.

  • DaOofGurl
    DaOofGurl 12 hours ago +6

    Liza looked like she was going to cry

  • Lionel LaSalle II, CPA
    Lionel LaSalle II, CPA 12 hours ago

    Stevie!!! OMG i love her!

  • RafaLauren
    RafaLauren 12 hours ago

    They Have To Remember That Some Videos Talk About These Things And Sometimes The Videos Are The Actual Thing Going Viral

  • Lisa Todd
    Lisa Todd 13 hours ago +6

    Awwww Liza!!! 💔

  • Sumi Sushi
    Sumi Sushi 13 hours ago +7

    Awwwww poor liza............😭

  • Gaby .C
    Gaby .C 13 hours ago

    11 points

  • Person Me
    Person Me 13 hours ago +2

    For the yanny and laurel I heard both I’m freaking out

  • Haley Middleton
    Haley Middleton 13 hours ago

    7 points!

  • Payton Arnett
    Payton Arnett 13 hours ago

    10 points

  • Valeria Velasco-Vaca
    Valeria Velasco-Vaca 13 hours ago +2

    ...a foreign drama...a video of Christiano Ronaldo...but not tKaNk YoU, nExT

  • Vivian Vuong
    Vivian Vuong 13 hours ago +7

    Poor liza :(

  • Abigail Aparicio
    Abigail Aparicio 14 hours ago +4

    um this video made me hear both yanny and laurel

  • Kyra Geiger
    Kyra Geiger 14 hours ago +2

    I literally got 1 point for every one of them except Yodel Kid and David and Liza!!! I got 8 points baby!!! (Lol, like Liza said)

  • Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen 15 hours ago +3

    im so proud of vietnam for making top 10

  • Jennifer Lay
    Jennifer Lay 16 hours ago +2

    8 points

  • elene berishvili
    elene berishvili 16 hours ago +3

    I have only seen Yanny and Laurel video (and i think watched somewhere else)😂😂 but i'm literally always on USclip 😅😂

  • Romy Clermont
    Romy Clermont 17 hours ago +3

    5 points

  • etherxal_
    etherxal_ 18 hours ago +10

    Alex and Liza in one video yes please

  • Lulu Taylor
    Lulu Taylor 18 hours ago +3

    Love Liza ❤️

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 19 hours ago +4

    I love how at 11:13 Game Grumps use their inside jokes from their channel in this video

  • Kai Nemzer
    Kai Nemzer 19 hours ago +3

    Why isn’t the dancing green alian

  • Kawtar Jed
    Kawtar Jed 20 hours ago +9

    Aayyyyee my girl ayydubs out here getting it on REACT tho

  • Loves 방탄소년단에린/Erin

    Ok first I heard yanny then I heard both now I can only hear laurel.

  • TechnoBoss India
    TechnoBoss India 20 hours ago +2

    Top 10 imdb movies

  • nay hayman
    nay hayman 21 hour ago +6

    Omg I can't believe ayydubs is in here I love her so much

  • SA VA
    SA VA 21 hour ago


  • Orad sin cesar
    Orad sin cesar 21 hour ago

    I feel very accomplish because I only knew one of this videos 🙌😂

  • Linnaea Summer C-B
    Linnaea Summer C-B 22 hours ago +3

    Who else hears laurel?

  • My World
    My World 22 hours ago +1

    متابعه لقناتى بليز

  • Alex
    Alex 22 hours ago

    Believe it or not 1/10 I got only Dude Perfect.

  • spider Dan 21
    spider Dan 21 23 hours ago +5

    I can't be the only one who heard *YAUREL*

  • Narrej
    Narrej 23 hours ago

    Yasss ayydubs

  • Comment Opinions
    Comment Opinions Day ago +8

    You did Liza wrong for that

  • misslaughalot20
    misslaughalot20 Day ago +1

    I got 16. Got 5-10 right but the top 4 mixed up but all within one space 🙄

  • Pandapet
    Pandapet Day ago +1

    I got ten points!!

  • Taliban
    Taliban Day ago +1

    11 points

  • Jordon Garcia
    Jordon Garcia Day ago

    I guess this is how we start out USclip in 2019😂😂😂this is sad

  • Cuauhtemoc Gonzales

    7 points on this. Eh I really don't care what's trending anyways. All I care is the content I watch. I really don't care what is trending minus the kid at Walmart. Now that kid have talent.

  • Razi Trite
    Razi Trite Day ago +10

    *IS IT ME AND DAVID?! YEAA BABYY!! I’m sorry i called you baby david but YEAH BABYY!!*

  • Adalene Anne
    Adalene Anne Day ago

    This is the best ive done! i got 11 points!

  • music music
    music music Day ago +7

    When Liza had to watch her break up video 😢😕

  • abigail soto
    abigail soto Day ago +10

    when liza saw her breakup video 😭😂

  • Lore Jenis
    Lore Jenis Day ago

    4 points

  • Redwave357
    Redwave357 Day ago +3

    What about thank u, next

  • Trinity Le
    Trinity Le Day ago +2

    Kinda thought that maybe Blackpink would have made the list XD. Oh well

  • dawn morante
    dawn morante Day ago +1

    i love how chelsea is with jc wow

  • Ciana Lagier
    Ciana Lagier Day ago +1

    I played along and got 6 points lol

  • derek perri
    derek perri Day ago +1

    i got 9 lets go

  • husky hwanhee
    husky hwanhee Day ago +3

    9:07 "corba kai" lol

  • Hessa Hamad
    Hessa Hamad Day ago +5

    Am I the only one that heard both Yanny and Laurel ?

  • Maia Chinnick
    Maia Chinnick Day ago

    8 points I win hahaha



  • goofy child.
    goofy child. Day ago +11

    I kinda thought baby shark would be on here.

    • Ciana Lagier
      Ciana Lagier Day ago +1

      goofy child. Ikr baby shark has like 1. Something billion veiws

  • Salome Lela
    Salome Lela Day ago +10

    Is it a problem that I have NEVER seen the Cobra Kali Ep 1 - “Ace Degenerate” Cobra Kali video

  • Vio's World
    Vio's World Day ago

    I gooooot 4

  • Jayda .D
    Jayda .D Day ago +5


  • itssophiax
    itssophiax Day ago +2

    I got 8 points !

  • Mariana Clerc
    Mariana Clerc Day ago +4

    I got 9 points babyyyyyyy

  • Mudiwa Chirume
    Mudiwa Chirume Day ago +7

    “Heck yeah! Those are my PEOPLE!” 😂

  • Justin Casas
    Justin Casas Day ago +4

    I got 0 points

  • Nina Marais
    Nina Marais Day ago +16


    • Nic hebertson
      Nic hebertson Day ago

      Being reminded of their breakup has just made me sad all over again.

  • Princess Sprinkles
    Princess Sprinkles Day ago +2

    I got 8

  • Hannah Bridges
    Hannah Bridges Day ago +4


  • Juliana Portillo
    Juliana Portillo Day ago +2

    I got 8 points

  • I'm a weirdo don't judge
    I'm a weirdo don't judge 2 days ago +14

    I hear Laurel. Is it just me?

  • Ella Osein
    Ella Osein 2 days ago +25

    I never have heard or seen Cobra Kai...

  • Minda ANW
    Minda ANW 2 days ago +9

    I can actually hear both Yanny and Laurel! 😂

  • Alexander Drucker
    Alexander Drucker 2 days ago +21

    no bts ? are you serious

    • Zyroo J
      Zyroo J 2 days ago +5

      Alexander Drucker they are not talking about “music video” because if that was the case, this whole list would be filled with music videos.

    • j o c e y
      j o c e y 2 days ago

      Alexander Drucker i was expecting them hh

  • Olivia Gorman
    Olivia Gorman 2 days ago +18

    7:08 Liza's reaction omgg

  • Megan Orsini
    Megan Orsini 2 days ago +1


  • Layla Buller
    Layla Buller 2 days ago +4

    Omg ayydubs

  • Millie E
    Millie E 2 days ago +2


    RAD_ KNIGHT 2 days ago +4

    Liza and DANGMATSMITH should be toghter

  • ThatOne's Blue
    ThatOne's Blue 2 days ago +17

    *its so freaking wird. I hear both Yanny and Laurel. I can switch*

    • sebongie
      sebongie Day ago

      so i'm not the only one!

  • Jonathan Roe
    Jonathan Roe 2 days ago +6

    1 World Cup change to 7
    2 yanny laurel
    3 cobra kai
    4 real life 2
    5 to our daughter
    6 yodeling kid
    7 we broke up, Change to 1
    8 school life
    9 khangprofilm
    10 primitive survival

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex 2 days ago +4

    Game Grumps AND Game Theory? I clicked immediately.

  • C.Q Cumber
    C.Q Cumber 2 days ago +51

    Liza running away from her breakup video is me running away from my grades

  • Aissatou Dieng
    Aissatou Dieng 2 days ago +8

    *me (P.E. is on my schedule):*
    “oh. sports.” 8:44

  • Willow Gibson
    Willow Gibson 2 days ago +28

    liza running from herself is me.

  • Fiona Jones
    Fiona Jones 3 days ago +1

    I got twelve out of 20 and

  • BlacK Panthers
    BlacK Panthers 3 days ago +1

    This baby is really awesome 😍😍😘😙😘😘😘😘😘😘