Why Gamers AGAIN Are Angry With EA.....More Lies & Greed!


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  • LegacyKillaHD
    LegacyKillaHD  5 months ago +570

    The Ongoing EA Saga is equivalent to a Trashy MTV Reality Show....
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    • king Raven
      king Raven 15 days ago

      LegacyKillaHD hey look we should respect mobile games their fun so don’t treat them badly

    • Xcovd The best
      Xcovd The best Month ago

      4:25 what game is that?

    • Drafty Satyr
      Drafty Satyr Month ago

      You won't win any friends by saying that, but you are absolutely right. EA still make money hand over fist through games that are driven by micro transactions, so what is their motivation to stop?

    • sealdog derp
      sealdog derp 2 months ago

      That's why I stick with from software

    • ConspiracyKill Happens
      ConspiracyKill Happens 2 months ago

      Here's a theory. EA has grown so big and has such high expectations from it's board members that it can't make money just selling great games anymore. They're so huge they have to milk every penny from every source they can find just to turn a profit. So...there done. That's all for EA. There business plan had an experation date and it's upon us. This is why I don't game with EA anymore. If they make a game that looks good to me I'll wait maybe a year to check it out. So I know it will hurt their profit. I consider the best way to hurry EA's collapse with every purchase I make. Vote with your wallets folks.

  • b w
    b w 3 hours ago

    I'm currently personally boycotting all EA, Bethesda, and Activision (save for destiny 2 which I didnt research like I should have) because I would rather spend my money on things that are overinflated piles of poo.

  • Tali'zorah vas Normandy

    EA knows to how fuck the best game trilogies like Mass Effect this why I love EA

  • Alan
    Alan Day ago

    Mobile is the biggest market cause who on earth doesn't have a phone

    RX EVIL Day ago +1

    2. UBISOFT
    4. SEGA

    {Liar not on my list}

  • Bradly Armas
    Bradly Armas Day ago

    since i got fucked when i preorderd starwars battlefront i havent bought an EA game since, they are a joke of a company and dont deserve anyones money and should shut its doors to better game divelopers

  • Joshua Sakmar
    Joshua Sakmar Day ago

    Simple solution don't buy any games from AAA companies until after the reviews are out if they're selling it in pieces don't buy it at all there isn't a shortage of decent indie games and no one's changing anything without reason to

  • Richard Abram
    Richard Abram 2 days ago

    i quit on EA nearly 8 years ago. they are a great big SPOS

  • wrpub313
    wrpub313 2 days ago

    EA sucks!

  • Paul Guzman
    Paul Guzman 3 days ago

    Haven't paid for Anything from EA since 2003, and after seeing that they have continued their profit first mentality that trend will continue. Too many Good games out there to throw money away on Garbage, and delusional CEO'S who want you to believe their "rationalizations" on what you are supposed to like!

  • Diogenes of Sinope
    Diogenes of Sinope 4 days ago

    my face is tired from all of this ea fuckery.\\

  • Kanoe Yuuko
    Kanoe Yuuko 4 days ago

    Sith lord killed me

  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 4 days ago +1

    Like I give a fuck, asshole. You people are pathetic!

  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X 4 days ago

    Activision is just as bad as EA when it comes to making money. I'm not saying it is okay to be a scumbag (it is most certainly NOT). It is important to assess what you let influence your opinion about something. UScliprs that hate on companies typically get more views, they are sheep and will do anything for views. There is far too much bias in this video. Just don't buy anything relating to EA and refrain from making video.

  • DopestDope
    DopestDope 5 days ago

    EA mindfucked bioware until they make masseffect into destiny 3 and called it Anthem

  • Aiden Goozeff
    Aiden Goozeff 5 days ago

    EA is killing itself and tbh thats a good thing, i hope other game developers learn from their stupid mistakes.

  • David Green
    David Green 5 days ago

    Subscribe to pewd

  • freaking gamer
    freaking gamer 6 days ago

    Anthem has no lootbox system only cosmetic micro transactions

  • Mario Manga
    Mario Manga 6 days ago

    For me Anrdomeda It's OK, and I've played it twice. So I think there are a lot of worse games that I deleted after a few hours of playing.

  • Tomas Hultgren
    Tomas Hultgren 6 days ago

    EA makes me sad. So many IPs that I have followed since the start. I remember when the first C&C. Unwrapping the big box one Christmas was pure bliss and I disappeared from the world for several months. Now I barely dare to hope for good games from those IPs.

  • James 51
    James 51 6 days ago

    ME:A after 1000s of hours, 100s of $$$, 5 years waiting, Pre-purchase
    Deluxe, insulted and threatened for asking for a white guy character and
    get pre-abandoned game. Lifetime NEVER AGAIN. #MICDROP

  • 35Jeff
    35Jeff 6 days ago

    I haven't insulted my wonderful PC with any filthy, greedy EA games for years. My PC has been happy and guilt free ever since.

  • Wolf
    Wolf 7 days ago

    Oohh EA fucking up again!!!what a surprise 😒😒😂🤣

  • Sabit Selmani
    Sabit Selmani 7 days ago

    give them the money people go buy fifa 19 or bf5 absolute garbage games!!! Support those money wampires and buy their garbage products!!

  • Unreal Gam3er
    Unreal Gam3er 7 days ago

    confirmed buy EA ZERO *pay to power* free story content, zero lootboxes... 100% style only (COSMETIC) MTX git gud scrub!

  • keasy man
    keasy man 7 days ago

    It's capitalism. That's what you hate, not EA.

  • Andy Knolls
    Andy Knolls 9 days ago +1

    I think EA secretly hired Anita Sarkesian to head their development team.

    • Andy Knolls
      Andy Knolls 9 days ago +1

      "Their CEO looks like a sith lord.....",
      Darth EA?

  • Dunix Gaming
    Dunix Gaming 10 days ago

    EA servers don’t even work so i hate them because I wasted my money

  • Universality Known
    Universality Known 10 days ago

    Its gonns take wlot to get me to buy another game by dice or ea again.

  • Santos SkyWalkers
    Santos SkyWalkers 10 days ago

    They also fucked Need for speed..

  • joes04redrx8
    joes04redrx8 12 days ago

    Shit went down hill when they started taking skill out of gaming

  • Samalanderable
    Samalanderable 13 days ago

    I do not normally curse much at all, especially in comments... but *fuck* EA!! They have ruined franchises I used to love.

  • Lightup Darkness
    Lightup Darkness 16 days ago

    Reminds me of a scene from avengers 1 The Hulk- "Im always angry" relates to EA

  • Ricky Castle
    Ricky Castle 16 days ago +1

    Not buy anymore EA games. Titanfall 2 was the last game I bought;ironically it is a great game and Im still palying

  • AlphaDeltaXray
    AlphaDeltaXray 16 days ago

    EA and Bethesda should date

    NAJE GARDNER 17 days ago

    I guess the upside to the mobile game platform is that it has created a income or a form of grant for developers in that field🤔

  • D C
    D C 17 days ago

    EA shits on everything they touch. You guys want them to stop - quit buying their shitty products.

  • Sauna Dive
    Sauna Dive 18 days ago

    I never liked EA games

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 18 days ago

    they should play game$$ v v
    R€€L Önes ^^

  • Trey Hunter
    Trey Hunter 19 days ago

    C&C red alert or zero hero is a real C&C we need remastered not that crap

  • Marty Red
    Marty Red 19 days ago

    I dislike EA we have zero reason to trust them. There are those of us that hope Anthem will be not a Destiny 2 clone as Destiny 2 is a failure in every way. We are end game level in Destiny 2 and at this point just play the weekly resets, (we are very sad how bad this game is in comparison to the hope and hype from the begin and what they actually could have done) and continue to suffer daily waiting and hoping for Anthem. We are looking forward no forced PvP in Anthem or loot box BS and etc. Just want a fun game that one can enjoy solo or in a group, but mostly have fun and enjoy the story etc. Activision is ruining Blizzard and hope Bioware can survive the EA BS and their money grubbing ways.How hard is it to make good games for gamers seems like a no brainer, but "you got phones right?" say it all gamers especially PC and console gamers who are the core of gaming are now treated poorly for no reason other than greedy COOs want more and investors want to take and not give. We need 2 start a revolution. Great Video. Don't trust EA! Make them prove themselves same with Activision and the rest!!!

  • Albert Jachowicz-Brzeziński

    Just wait for Cyberpunk release. EA will lose those investors.

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man 20 days ago

    How do they think it’s not gambling
    Walk in, exchange cash for chips, use those chips at tables with different odds. Receive a set of cards that may or may not help you win.
    Lootbox / ultimate team:
    Exchange cash for virtual coins.
    Use those virtual coins for packs of different odds. Receive cards that may or may not help you win

  • kallme Jay
    kallme Jay 20 days ago

    Im just disappointed in EA just in general lol

  • Danny Mason
    Danny Mason 20 days ago

    It's a shame they ignored that framework in Fifa!

  • FluffyTheComedy King
    FluffyTheComedy King 21 day ago +1

    Thats how you make a greedy ass garbage company go bankrupt. Listen to the youtubers' reviews and appreciate their information and leaks. and DO NOT Buy any games from EA until they change their model. Riot games is probably one of the largest gaming companies in the world. With only 1 Single game which spending model is only and only visual customisations. If they can do that other companies can do just fine with that as well. Simply try dont forget the that you dont have to pay for something that they felt like they were lazy to implement as a free feature.

  • Yid Army
    Yid Army 21 day ago

    Fuck EA

  • Neal Papworth
    Neal Papworth 21 day ago

    I remember back in the day, when EA games were no more that £29.99 now they are £39.99+ with greedy pre-purchase crap.
    I can't say I'd even bother playing BF5, it's over priced for much the same mechanics and game play as previous BF games, sure the graphics are nicer but I'd get bored of it too quick, unless I have a deep wallet full of £$£$£$

  • Neal Papworth
    Neal Papworth 21 day ago

    EA is just a bully publisher forcing their games on to fans, they say that they are changing, but the more you pay for BF5 the earlier you get to play it; If that isn't pay to win?

  • Salman Ahmed
    Salman Ahmed 21 day ago

    That’s why I had cancelled my pre order for battlefield 5 and anthem few weeks ago

  • Someting Crpy
    Someting Crpy 21 day ago

    What game is being shown in the background with the mech suits?

  • Nami
    Nami 21 day ago

    Isn't EA responsible for Peter Jackson Lord Of The Rings Game Series

  • Shawn March
    Shawn March 22 days ago

    Gamers can curtail this behavior from gaming companies, primarily the bean counters, the ones who have gone from the making money on a game design to lets get all there money game design. Why do they continue to do this, I believe its simple. Because as gamers we keep buying!!!
    We do have the power and as a group we need to stand strong and just stop buying until they deliver what we want from a game. Personally I'm completely off the new game train and haven't been for years now. When its on steam for 8 bucks or 75% off I sometimes buy. I just cant in good conscience buy from people who think im stupid and you shouldn't either but then again maybe there right and you are!

  • John Macdonald
    John Macdonald 22 days ago

    the fifa packs are rotten, it gives the % which is true but ive spent good money on these things and i have NEVER had a good player that makes a difference to my team. ive stopped spending money.

  • troymassey90
    troymassey90 22 days ago

    I agree with the mobile statement. I like mobile games and believe developers should continue to push the envelope with them. Diablo and C&C mobile both interest me. I believe more games should be ported to mobile platform.

  • troymassey90
    troymassey90 22 days ago

    I would have bought a linear, uncharted-like Star Wars game.

  • Yaman Al Ali
    Yaman Al Ali 22 days ago

    Fans are angry with ea!!! Fans say ea only steals their money and leave them disappointed....Fans hate ea........And fans are cheap liars as well...you will see All of ea trash games selling millions of copies after all this " hate".....

  • Blake Tenison
    Blake Tenison 22 days ago

    All of ya'll pussy ass people need to realize EA makes the majority of its money off there sports games. Niggas that play madden and UFC ain't hatin on EA like ya'll crybaby little bitches

  • Joshua Tucker
    Joshua Tucker 22 days ago

    So sad when EA is so out of touch they think we are gonna be satiated with "we're gonna make loot boxes better" and pretending to understand and care about player outrage over them. The loot boxes ARE the issue... period. The fact they even exist is a cancer on the gaming community. Players who support loot crates are just lazy fucks that would rather gamble than put in some work to earn something in a game.

  • Justin Mitch
    Justin Mitch 22 days ago

    They making boring games like allways

  • jay park has the biggest boobs in korea

    The Sims 4 was the last game I ever bought from EA. Bought the game and was enjoying until they got greedy. I have to pay over 300 dollars for the game and that's just when the packs and dlcs are on sale. So you're telling me I have to pay 500+ dollars for a game on my laptop? Like dude... They basically gave me an incomplete game.

  • jay park has the biggest boobs in korea

    EA can catch the fade...

  • Jonathan Henry HOUGHTON

    what game were you playing in the background?

  • Dinowarrior21
    Dinowarrior21 23 days ago

    Dont know of your competition thats is BS companies like this can and do hire spies to leak them the info of the competion.

  • Princess Shuri
    Princess Shuri 23 days ago


  • Ixpqd
    Ixpqd 23 days ago

    I don’t buy EA games anymore...

    I pirate them.

  • Mahazri
    Mahazri 23 days ago

    We want skate 4 EA😡🤬😡🤬😡

  • Deadly olivas
    Deadly olivas 24 days ago

    What about Activision?

  • Kershin Ramiah
    Kershin Ramiah 24 days ago

    Unfortunately alot of EA game purchases come from kids under the age of 18 who get too easily impressed by graphics

  • Alan Pensader
    Alan Pensader 24 days ago

    Ea is garbage! Will always be garbage and will never change that! I've never wanted to see a complete collapse of a company except for EA

  • Prince Kosa
    Prince Kosa 24 days ago

    U don’t need to be disrespectful to mobile players. Most can’t afford consoles or PCs and there are absolute bangers in the mobile market. Like vainglory, bragonball legends, fifa soccer. Etc

  • Kj Batista
    Kj Batista 24 days ago

    How to make EA stop greddy behaivior:
    Take away the cashgrabs : (Madden,FIFA) for two years.
    And EA will be on their knees asking for money.

  • Mitchell Hanna
    Mitchell Hanna 24 days ago

    I have come up with a simple three step solution that will save the gaming industry
    Step 1. Stop buying from EA
    Step 2. Invest that saved money in developers like CD Projekt Red
    Step 3. Profit... for everyone but EA

  • James Innes
    James Innes 25 days ago

    I think Bioware have done really well to keep the money grabbers at EA at arms length ... Anthem isn't going to be a hit .. it already is

  • Thyr Lindberg
    Thyr Lindberg 25 days ago

    Don't you mean the greedy, manipulative and slimy publisher we all know and hate?
    I also regret being swedish because of Peter Söderlund.

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 25 days ago

    Here is the thing with mobile gaming. Most players are casuals and whales on mobile not, the hard core. Which makes it a cash grab most of the time.

  • pilotdave1000
    pilotdave1000 25 days ago

    Games are dying.

  • Anthony Cravatta
    Anthony Cravatta 26 days ago

    I hope people remember that not buying/pirating games because of EA hurts the devs, not EA. All EA will do is fire developers, destroy studios, and generally ruin the hard work of those with a passion to make great games, as they always have. I hate EA just as much as anyone else, I just try to remember that the developers aren't EA - as is in evidence every time they do something like give one studio-runner's entire work to someone else.

  • dragonleo 2009
    dragonleo 2009 26 days ago +1

    Last ea game I ever bought. Dragon age inquisition. Last GOOD ea game I ever bought. Dragon age origins ultimate edition. How the might have fallen. Dragon age origins better than star wars battlefront 2

  • Zedsan 82
    Zedsan 82 26 days ago

    The word "Fair" is like ash in my mouth now....

  • skrillex544
    skrillex544 27 days ago

    Im glad that their stock prices have plummeted now because it shows how even their investors have no faith in the company's success.

  • Victor Pereira
    Victor Pereira 27 days ago

    Can someone steal the Star Wars Games rights from EA and give to a good studios please

  • t̲o̲a̲d̲公測
    t̲o̲a̲d̲公測 28 days ago

    EA Is The *U L T R A G R E E D I E R* Boss on TBOIA+

    btw be careful if *U L T R A G R E E D I E R* sees this video he can give u a strike

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 28 days ago

    Weak People of The US. Take the lead and stop buying theyre games.

  • Jingle Baza
    Jingle Baza 28 days ago

    battlefield 4 on my old as hell xbox 360 at launch performed better than mass effect andromeda did on my pc. All they had to do was reskin inquisition and add guns. The failure of andromeda was down to the piss poor management of the project. The writing was awful. The animation looked like a college project. And the worlds carried the same problems as mass effect 1 expect the nomad is somehow worse than the mako. Who wants to drive around an empty plain with nothing but just some bugs to run over? At least in the mako you could blow shit up.

  • Jingle Baza
    Jingle Baza 28 days ago

    Swgoh is a pay to win mobile game where you can just buy the necessary characters to unlock the highest level ones. Everyone else has to spend hours preying to rngesus for 1/80 pieces of a character. EA is cancer.

  • 6spdkeg
    6spdkeg 28 days ago

    It's not just EA's fault. It's the simple fact that the majority of CEOs and people that effect high level business decisions are running companies purely on numbers and greed. Our CEO culture relies too much on the stock market which doesn't actually support the same values as the mojority of the consumer base

  • JeLezen
    JeLezen Month ago

    People Using Emulator to play Mobile Games > Actual Mobile Games Players

  • Matt James
    Matt James Month ago

    Battlefield vagina.

  • manniefaces
    manniefaces Month ago

    Who's angry again? Suckers, who like being separated from their money? Because we all know EA is shit. Protip: stop buying their shit, you're fucking welcome and now you don;t have to watch another video stating the goddamn obvious.

  • Skibbles
    Skibbles Month ago

    What game was in the video? Power armor looking one

  • blech71
    blech71 Month ago

    I’ll never buy an EA game to be honest. They’re just horrible. When you’re voted worst company a few years running... yeah not buying into that. What’s horrible is now Blizzard is being forced to compete in that arena and this becoming just as bad.

  • Christian Jones
    Christian Jones Month ago

    EA Business Practices are really Bad. They have a "Cash Grab Mentality". Buy Companies, Rushing unfinished products, adding micro transactions to the mix doesn't help at all. If The Product's didn't make enough money like "Fifa Ultimate" did, then the company is canned for good?!?! I'm gonna get Shredded for saying this, but i think Playstaion, Xbox, & Nintendo should buy some of these studios to keep away from EA because their behavior is really unacceptable.
    I know that i'm gonna sound like a hypocrite, but the final games that I'm ever buying from EA are Battlefield V & Anthem. I'll try them out......For the People............For the Consumer........FOR.........THE......GAMERRRSSSS!!!!!!!

  • GhostShipSupreme
    GhostShipSupreme Month ago

    Most Mobile games are dogshit. While there are a few gems such as galaxy on fire, the room 1-4, plague inc, and quite a few more, most games are the same money grabbing city builders. They did it with Star Wars, they did it with command & conquer, and they will do it again and again.

  • GhostShipSupreme
    GhostShipSupreme Month ago

    The only game I will ever buy from them again is titanfall 3. And they don't even make the game! Respawn does! They just used origin as a launcher. Unfortunately though, it would seem they bought respawn, so maybe it will just be the next visceral games...

  • fuck you indosat
    fuck you indosat Month ago +1

    EA Lies And Greeds Is a Lie, HOAX. EA Made a Best Game, a Biggest Company. They shouldnt lie or Money Greed

  • sebastian larsen
    sebastian larsen Month ago

    9:43 Vigil is nearby

  • bobouistic
    bobouistic Month ago

    EA is Appling people over.

  • Sinmenon
    Sinmenon Month ago

    I actually had economics class for game development with a then-employee of my country's EA office. He said that companies shove us games that they know they are going to sell so they can make the money for risky projects. Mind you, it was BEFORE loot boxes were commonplace and EA was already considered a soulless and greedy corporation. I almost asked him when EA would release those good, risky games..
    btw the business wasn't lucrative enough on my country and they took off. So long, and thanks for all the money.

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell Month ago

    I have not bought a ea game in years stop buying them might make them look at the bottom line for a change.