Why Gamers AGAIN Are Angry With EA.....More Lies & Greed!


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  • LegacyKillaHD
    LegacyKillaHD  7 months ago +581

    The Ongoing EA Saga is equivalent to a Trashy MTV Reality Show....
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    • Lowly Atom
      Lowly Atom 18 days ago

      Hypocrite is the word what EA says are lies

    • KEK
      KEK Month ago

      I'm glad anthem will not have loot boxes, and that all microtransactions will only be utilized for cosmetic use.

    • king Raven
      king Raven 2 months ago

      LegacyKillaHD hey look we should respect mobile games their fun so don’t treat them badly

    • Xcovd The best
      Xcovd The best 3 months ago

      4:25 what game is that?

    • Drafty Satyr
      Drafty Satyr 3 months ago

      You won't win any friends by saying that, but you are absolutely right. EA still make money hand over fist through games that are driven by micro transactions, so what is their motivation to stop?

  • Rex Holes
    Rex Holes 8 days ago

    I started boycotting them when they released SIM CITY and lied about it needing to be online like OK EA fuck you then

  • cloud strive
    cloud strive 9 days ago

    Ea = TRUMP

  • Hexed Hero
    Hexed Hero 9 days ago

    Realistically EA is trying to get their shit together finally. They’re listening to their followers with their new release Anthem. I’m not gonna try to be like a white night for EA here, I think anthem is gonna be trash at launch. But I feel like after a year of feedback and tweaks and such they will dial in the game and make a well refined, top tier game. I as well as everyone else am very disappointed with the outcome of anthem after being teased on the game for nearly 4 years. For such a long lived project this game is, it’s really shitty that this is what’s come of it, they’re releasing an incomplete game and that’s very, very disappointing. But still, they are listening, and they are taking tons and tons of feedback, and even making some changes already based on that feedback.

  • francis C
    francis C 9 days ago

    Its annoying - paying for in-game features. Its simply greed to please shareholders and maintain a high market share. After buying fifa, you have to pay to play online - so stupid. They should add all features and incorporate those extra charges into the full price of the game.

  • Ryan Lorenzo
    Ryan Lorenzo 10 days ago

    See this is why we're not surprised this dickbag "left the company" just before EA announced Genderfield tanked.

  • Acegolden fox Official

    Full value for what you pay for😂 EA don’t give a shit about what you get they only care about how much money they make

  • Link Bui
    Link Bui 10 days ago

    Can they go bankrupt soon and sell all their games to better companies/ studios? I'm tired of their shit

  • Rokie YT
    Rokie YT 11 days ago


  • Quick Action Figure
    Quick Action Figure 12 days ago

    In 2018, many games were dissapointment. It seems all companies and their shareholders did some hidden agreement to scam their customers in 2018.

  • ZacGaming
    ZacGaming 15 days ago

    Just want to say thanks for saying the names of the games instead of the acronyms when reading the Twitter statements. Top notch!

  • Ultimate Ninja
    Ultimate Ninja 16 days ago

    Problem is that UK love their soccer so obviously EA is making a profit of FIFA. I tell my friends to stop buying FIFA EVERY YEAR, but they literally don't care.

  • Neutral Axis
    Neutral Axis 16 days ago

    Gameloft is the EA of mobile gamers

  • SuspiciousX
    SuspiciousX 16 days ago

    The fact that they have to say that it’s “important to them” that their games aren’t pay to win is a pretty good indication that it isn’t actually important to them whether their games are pay to win

  • AusterKlient630
    AusterKlient630 16 days ago

    Lootboxes are gambling! I was never that guy that thought to forbid my children a videogame is the right Solution but this is gambling. Would you let your child gamble?

  • DrakE (original)
    DrakE (original) 17 days ago

    I loved mass effect andromeda after the face patch 😋

  • DrakE (original)
    DrakE (original) 17 days ago

    Activision is worse man, much worse than EA. From the 3 demons, Ubisoft is the one who is more of human

  • DrakE (original)
    DrakE (original) 17 days ago

    They ruined my beloved bioware 😭

  • Krystal Morrow
    Krystal Morrow 17 days ago +1

    Heard next b.f everyone starts looking like bill nye and have to buy a skin to remove it.

  • Tai Little
    Tai Little 17 days ago

    I was still buying EA games but after the last 2 I bought I'm done. Game designers these days are just using cookie cutters and replicating the same thing over and over with slightly better graphics or a new gimmick that they say is a game changer and is nothing but a new ploy to grab cash

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 18 days ago +1

    Fuck EA

  • Morgan Wheelock
    Morgan Wheelock 18 days ago

    Had to unsubscribe cause can’t stand streamers and you tubers who just bash and fuel fire towards gaming companies. Even though your right it’s stupid to just fuel the fire more.

  • Douglas Nascimento
    Douglas Nascimento 21 day ago

    I'll wait a Review os the game. If It really has transactions to make the character stronger, I wont buy It.

  • Arturo Ávila
    Arturo Ávila 25 days ago

    Hey dont put micro transactions in console games anymore in pay to win form just estetic, stop doing hate vids of everything have a life

  • SubZero
    SubZero 25 days ago

    This video is bullshit

  • Jeroc Aldon
    Jeroc Aldon 26 days ago

    Simple when gamers are now cool and not the nerdy/artsy types they were in previous years they seen ppl now play games to play online and brag rather then a true subculture. Throw graphics and broken gameplay and most wont notice they been fooled. Now every triple A game company milking the shit out of every shittty game they create cause they know millions will still buy the cheat loot boxes . Nothing but lies and beta - releases is what we get now.

  • Will .s
    Will .s 27 days ago +1

    EAs stocks may of been good when you made this video but now they are getting what they deserve

  • Blue Avenger
    Blue Avenger 27 days ago

    First of all BioWare Canada made MEA but the people making anthem is the main BioWare in Sweden and you can’t hate on EA for using loot boxes if that’s just their way of selling

  • KnitePrince
    KnitePrince Month ago

    Exactly right.. EA is following the money. They are a business, and like most LARGE businesses, they dont CARE what you think or want. they care about how much money they are making. EA bought and shut down Earth & Beyond on September 22, 2004 JUST because it interfered with games they were releasing. i was playing E&B and i liked it, I was enjoying it.. I have hated EA ever since. They have NEVER CHANGED and they never will. the only way they will ever change is if they go bankrupt, and... wonderfully enough, it looks like that might be a real future possibility. BAD decisions, not listening to the community....
    WAIT, let me back up on that one... not listening to the RIGHT PART of the community... The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but it isn;'t always the squeaky wheel that deserves the oil. I think they have lost sight of reality and what the community REALLY wants. They are letting greed pull them around by the nose.

  • Darkman 70
    Darkman 70 Month ago

    Just stop buying there games ! ... I have for years now. It's a scumbag company.

  • Cj Perkins
    Cj Perkins Month ago

    I think EA is greedy and money hungry.. I am just hoping Anthem is Bioware and EA's redemption.. I really do.. so much so I pre-ordered the leigon of dawn edition.. because I truly like both developers... I really do. They have produced some AMAZING games in the past

  • nick gamble
    nick gamble Month ago

    TBH who really cares in the world we live in there are jobs which we get paid money they have one of many hard jobs in this world and if you don't like micro transactions then don't buy them if nobody buys em they are bound to eventually get rid of them but humans are weak creatures that give in to them no matter how hard you try that's just my opinion though.

  • HyperFazeHQ
    HyperFazeHQ Month ago

    How EA be like: would you like to breath for 59.99$?

  • Kounsavanh Nelson
    Kounsavanh Nelson Month ago

    I like how everyone gets salty about a company making money. It absolutely kills me when people complain about the transactions in ultimate team for sports game. I don't even know any free games that don't have transactions in it. Companies still need to make money.

  • naser 77 Naser
    naser 77 Naser Month ago

    you are a Gredey boi EA

  • Spaghetti Man
    Spaghetti Man Month ago

    EA gone bad. Very bad

  • LelNub69
    LelNub69 Month ago

    Only ea games i have still respect to is old c&c (for example generals) and bf franchise

  • RandyA9
    RandyA9 Month ago

    What the actual fuck is command and conquer dude ig never heard of such thing

  • Alex Wulfert
    Alex Wulfert Month ago

    Ea is a bitch

  • Jérémie Villemagne

    When i buy a game from EA, i don’t really know what i’ll get. I dont know if i really had to pay 80$ for a game that i’ll probably continue to spend my money to advance in it. i don’t have that money and that time, i’ll boycot Ea, they need to change their way

  • Joseph Kang
    Joseph Kang Month ago +1

    I mean anthem is a good game EA made

  • Róan Stam
    Róan Stam Month ago

    EA is shit everybody knows that, the only cosmetic purchases is somewhat of a voor step forward tho

    YEET SKEET Month ago +1

    MEA was made with a different writer and a different bioware location, what was the good location and former writer working on, Anthem, but ea is still grimy as shit

  • Green Root
    Green Root Month ago

    Their CEO looks like a Sith Lord hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahah

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle Month ago


  • Coffey cup
    Coffey cup Month ago +1

    EA is trying
    and anthem is new from EA
    so 1 more chance for EA

  • Gidwens Moline
    Gidwens Moline Month ago

    they make games for you to enjoy how are you gonna get mad

  • Ryan Shahadat
    Ryan Shahadat Month ago

    As a community we should sanction EA for countlessly fucking us over, start a movement or something and like not buy theyre products or idk

  • HolyRamenKing
    HolyRamenKing Month ago +1

    i dislike EA just as much as the next guy but just cuz i dont like them doesnt mean i wont buy a game from them, if they release a game it it turns out to be good ill buy it, like Anthem, im most definitely getting that because BioWare (the original team that made the first 2 ME games, you know the good ones) are the ones developing it, EA is just funding and publishing it (also ive had my eye on the game for a long time and it looks amazing and like a game i could enjoy for a very long time so ya)

  • Mansoorr68 Uvxeg
    Mansoorr68 Uvxeg Month ago +1

    Just give us a GAME THAT IS BASICALLY BF3 but 100 TIMES BETTER im moving to ww3

  • SpartanBlast
    SpartanBlast Month ago

    Anthem’s doomed...

  • Bossvideos 86
    Bossvideos 86 Month ago

    You see this is why you should buy games from square enix and avalanche studios

  • ksawik 1212
    ksawik 1212 Month ago


  • Adrian thegamer
    Adrian thegamer Month ago

    I'm very cautious with EA but anthem looks like it could possibly be a good game because it's being made by bioware not by EA which alot of people confuse. They already said theres no pay to win just cosmetics. If they mess up anthem then they officially fucked themselves and brought a great company (bioware) with them :/
    But EA are money hungry faggits but I just hope that bioware can kinda counter them

  • Alex Walsh
    Alex Walsh Month ago

    So I get that EA is helping make Anthem, but why is it constantly in the background for other games. Yes EA will likely screw up again, but if you're gonna talk about multiple games, get some footage for each game.

  • EEH
    EEH Month ago

    Fuck EA CEO 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Midwaypick 710
    Midwaypick 710 Month ago

    We live in a world where money is the Force lol
    That’s why the CEO looks like a sith lord

  • Tohab
    Tohab Month ago

    - I don't mind EA taking time to create a mobile game, but it's a shame that they had to pull a fan-loved franchise down to do it.
    - EA should probably stop telling their people to say "fair" at every opportunity; it gets old quick.
    - Andromeda wasn't planned well.
    - There's too much of a divide on creativity vs. marketability in most entertainment companies lately. Neither side favors goal-setting and careful experimentation within a safe framework, and instead opts for all-or-nothing gambles. Whether in cash-grab opportunities to maximize income, or in wasting money to give people who love the idea of their work (but otherwise don't know what they're doing) a chance to shine. It's the same type of issue that wrecked The Thief and the Cobbler. We can make our dreams a reality, but without structure those dreams will quickly turn into a nightmare.

  • Veljko Sabovic
    Veljko Sabovic Month ago


  • Major Ramen Vlogz
    Major Ramen Vlogz Month ago

    “My face is tired” of listening, smelling, and seeing your bullshit 💩

  • John Oonincx
    John Oonincx Month ago

    Fifa 19 is shit. It's the worst sports game ever. There. I said it.

  • marylain69
    marylain69 Month ago

    Is it wrong that I actually enjoy Sims 4, but hate how they don't patch broken things like Vampires?

  • No one of consequence M

    Quick question. How much paid dlc is going to be in the new call of duty?

  • No one of consequence M

    Also battlefield V is free dlc. So far no cash grab. You guys are just butt hurt and can’t get over yourselves.

  • No one of consequence M

    And they’ve already said that anthem won’t have loot boxes, and BioWare has said multiple times that EA is not controlling the development. Ea isn’t an idiot. They know loot boxes drive gamers away. They leave them on games like madden because you suckers buy them. Every time fifia comes out you guys buy it before it’s out. I doubt they will release another Star Wars game with loot boxes

  • No one of consequence M

    In my opinion ea makes some good games. You don’t have to buy all the dlc

  • No one of consequence M

    Y’all act like ea is the only game company trying to manipulate people to give them money when that’s literally every game company today

    • marylain69
      marylain69 Month ago

      You're wrong, I know at least one game company that is not AAA and spent over 12 years developing a game in alpha/beta state that is totally awesome and has no micro-transactions. When they released it I didn't have to pay for it cause I purchased it in the beta states.

  • Jerlemi2
    Jerlemi2 Month ago

    You can buy battlefield v for 29.99 now lol. They would have to lower the price to 4.99 for me to consider it.

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy Month ago

    Because they prob make the game on a muti million dollar pc and have to down grade it to PS4 Xbox ex

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart Month ago

    can we just shut fown EA?

  • Exxon Gaijin Coronel

    *EA kills Westwood's legacy*

  • Shadow Striker
    Shadow Striker Month ago


  • Campbell Bennett
    Campbell Bennett Month ago

    I'll never buy EA again

  • Kuky 4ever
    Kuky 4ever Month ago

    And i must say this EA think that we want and need MP games but thats not truth just how many times it happens to you that you join a lobby somewhere and there are people screaming kids saying shits. I mean its only destroy your overhall experience i want singleplayer games and not this shitty games i have enoigh of this

  • Kuky 4ever
    Kuky 4ever Month ago

    EA is a shit and needs to be shut down. I will definetly not buy any game from EA and i actually thinking that i will make a video on how i smash my originall ea games with a hammer

  • Vu Nguyen Duc Anh
    Vu Nguyen Duc Anh Month ago

    Is the world we live in pay to win?

  • MEF Rails
    MEF Rails Month ago

    My opinion on EA? Simple. I won't ever buy a game from them. At least not in the long foreseeable future. They've demonstrated a willingness to be scummy and an unwillingness to learn from their mistakes.

  • Tim Giles
    Tim Giles Month ago

    EA are garbage, I want to know a lot b4 I would purchase anthem cos they have shit trust level

  • Brad Boy
    Brad Boy Month ago +1

    Make why GL is Greedy

  • 胡龙豪
    胡龙豪 Month ago

    Someone needs to launch an anti corruption campaign against EA

    RECUERD0S Month ago

    *Spend $2.99 Dollars to read this comment.*

  • Draxis Blackwood
    Draxis Blackwood 2 months ago

    EA, Bethesda, etc though a mouthful of fat green wads, sobbing black ooze-
    It's n..not fair, we don't w..w..ant your opinions, we jus...t want y...y..your money.
    wagging a fat pudgy finger,
    story, character development and single player mode, what a worthless expensive waste of time, to waist on opinionated, entitled, ignorant gamers, (black snot dribbling from a bloated red snout ) W..we will fight you in c..c.court, for the right to protect our unashamedly grotesque g...gr.eed, what do you people not have phones!? You should be thanking us for giving you (smug snort) " player's choice" because you're simply too ignorant to know what you want. that's why we'll choose for you.
    yours sincerely,
    Blizzard, EA, Bethesda ect

  • Alex Guthrie
    Alex Guthrie 2 months ago

    You do realize that anthem is made by BioWare. EA is just helping fund it.

  • Alex Stachowicz
    Alex Stachowicz 2 months ago

    Love how you ignore the remaster of the first because it fits you

  • Alex Lyons
    Alex Lyons 2 months ago

    I love how much Anthem gameplay they show with only mentioning it for 5 seconds at the end. Super hyped about this game really hope it isn't a micro transaction let down.

  • Matt Golden
    Matt Golden 2 months ago

    It's simple we need to stop buying their games until they change.

  • b w
    b w 2 months ago

    I'm currently personally boycotting all EA, Bethesda, and Activision (save for destiny 2 which I didnt research like I should have) because I would rather spend my money on things that are overinflated piles of poo.

  • Tali'zorah vas Normandy

    EA knows to how fuck the best game trilogies like Mass Effect this why I love EA

  • Alan
    Alan 2 months ago

    Mobile is the biggest market cause who on earth doesn't have a phone

    RX EVIL 2 months ago +1

    2. UBISOFT
    4. SEGA

    {Liar not on my list}

  • Bradly Armas
    Bradly Armas 2 months ago

    since i got fucked when i preorderd starwars battlefront i havent bought an EA game since, they are a joke of a company and dont deserve anyones money and should shut its doors to better game divelopers

  • Joshua Sakmar
    Joshua Sakmar 2 months ago

    Simple solution don't buy any games from AAA companies until after the reviews are out if they're selling it in pieces don't buy it at all there isn't a shortage of decent indie games and no one's changing anything without reason to

  • Richard Abram
    Richard Abram 2 months ago

    i quit on EA nearly 8 years ago. they are a great big SPOS

  • wrpub313
    wrpub313 2 months ago

    EA sucks!

  • Paul Guzman
    Paul Guzman 2 months ago

    Haven't paid for Anything from EA since 2003, and after seeing that they have continued their profit first mentality that trend will continue. Too many Good games out there to throw money away on Garbage, and delusional CEO'S who want you to believe their "rationalizations" on what you are supposed to like!

  • Dylan Mork
    Dylan Mork 2 months ago

    my face is tired from all of this ea fuckery.\\

  • Kanoe Yuuko
    Kanoe Yuuko 2 months ago

    Sith lord killed me

  • Selim Sultan Akbar
    Selim Sultan Akbar 2 months ago +1

    Like I give a fuck, asshole. You people are pathetic!

  • Savi
    Savi 2 months ago

    Activision is just as bad as EA when it comes to making money. I'm not saying it is okay to be a scumbag (it is most certainly NOT). It is important to assess what you let influence your opinion about something. UScliprs that hate on companies typically get more views, they are sheep and will do anything for views. There is far too much bias in this video. Just don't buy anything relating to EA and refrain from making video.

  • DopestDope
    DopestDope 2 months ago

    EA mindfucked bioware until they make masseffect into destiny 3 and called it Anthem