WWII Tanks Firing in Slow Motion

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • Gav & Dan are at a tank range using the latest and greatest in projectile tracking technology. Combined with the Phantom cameras, they get some absolutely surreal looking footage.
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  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys  3 months ago +552

    Shot on location at drivetanks.com in Uvalde, TX

    • Aukua
      Aukua 6 days ago +1

      You guys are awesome! I like how you guys do things in slow motion that it look just amazing! I congrats you guys for the Slo Mo videos, and you guys just make me laugh a lot! XD

    • H Cooke
      H Cooke Month ago +1


    • Andrew Liang
      Andrew Liang Month ago +2

      where did you guys get the sherman? who did you talk to? No reason, just askin...

    • Torialum
      Torialum Month ago +1

      Didn't notice the tank till you mentioned it.

    • cwoj100
      cwoj100 Month ago +1

      you should have put an angled mirror in front of the barrel with the camera off to the side to get a shot of the round coming down the barrel

  • Steven Milstead
    Steven Milstead 2 hours ago

    Hey SLO Mo guys..Dudes!!! Why didn’t you do that last shot first with the tracking mirror?!!!! You know you gotta redo that right? As epic as that was like you did it just imagine what it would look like zoomed in with the other camera!! Come on you know I’m right. S Milstead

  • cesar krones
    cesar krones 2 hours ago

    "giant gun"
    is-2 and kv-2:" am i a joke to you"

  • Drbomday Dayboms
    Drbomday Dayboms 2 hours ago

    would the name not have been more spot on if it was " WWII Tank and Pak firing in slow motion...

  • cvat cvatov
    cvat cvatov 6 hours ago

    Не мог себе даже представить, что снаряд так болтает в воздухе. Возможно это связано с износом ствола ?

  • felix tubehd
    felix tubehd 7 hours ago

    your driving a r35

  • L
    L 8 hours ago

    Самое крутое что я тока видел на ютубе ))

  • gregorio compte
    gregorio compte 9 hours ago

    total demostrado 10 sandias desvian un cañonazo jajajaj

  • Michael Cent
    Michael Cent 9 hours ago

    This is an unprecedented discovery of a new armor system for tanks. Watermelon Armor!

  • Никита Дугин

    Постанова, танк должен был откинуться

  • Peter griffs
    Peter griffs 12 hours ago

    14:20 Dan thinks he might have killed someone

  • WickhetZz proso
    WickhetZz proso 14 hours ago

    Cualquier plata estos wn

  • Gustavo Bagu
    Gustavo Bagu 14 hours ago +1

    Puzzled by the yawing motion of the projectile... any explanation?

  • A Cat
    A Cat 15 hours ago

    those mirror panning cameras are what the military is using to get those sick shots of their railguns firing

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 15 hours ago

    I guess their brains were rattled. They have their ear plugs in like a couple of dumbasses.

  • При 5
    При 5 16 hours ago

    Вы на зверобое попробуйте

  • ian frogfish
    ian frogfish 16 hours ago

    2:14 wtf is this? You have the chance to live fire a working ww2 vehicle and you choose to stand outside? Seriously? You've wasted a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would have been in the turret enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of such a magnificant machine doing exactly what it was designed for. A banging headache is but a small price to pay.

  • Henrique Serafin
    Henrique Serafin 17 hours ago


  • Klimbo93
    Klimbo93 18 hours ago

    Putin fishing pole for relaxing sunday with family

  • DJ _Staline
    DJ _Staline 19 hours ago

    Watermelons>enormous gun

  • Mr Ninja
    Mr Ninja 19 hours ago

    I would love to see them see a t92 HMC

  • A new Planet is needed
    A new Planet is needed 19 hours ago

    Imagine how people on the other side of that barrel felt!

  • RaccoonMoustache
    RaccoonMoustache 20 hours ago

    Incredible, I had never seen a tank round in slow mo before!

  • Иван Стойчев


  • Oleg Sigal
    Oleg Sigal 21 hour ago

    Чем больше скорость- тем твёрже вода.

  • Lola Kitano
    Lola Kitano 22 hours ago

    That's why my grandfather was half deaf for most of is life !

  • ser Å
    ser Å 22 hours ago

    Sherman = food for Panzers

    • White343
      White343 19 hours ago

      It's actually the opposite.
      Panzers = Food for every Sherman Variant.
      Shermans = Food for Towed Anti-Tank Guns.

  • Ga Laxy
    Ga Laxy Day ago

    ZiPPo :)

  • Allieaxis 1
    Allieaxis 1 Day ago


  • Tamago4a
    Tamago4a Day ago

    огромное спасибо за перевод на русский язык

  • Jardim do Éden Gênesis 2:15

    15:00😂😂bounced off watermelon. even watermelons serve as shielding.😂

  • вова медведев

    предпоследний арбуз рикошетной формы

  • Ghost Silver
    Ghost Silver Day ago

    Где ты блять танки увидел. Долбаеб

  • Paweks
    Paweks Day ago

    10:57 how about fv215b 183mm gun?

  • Epic NOOB
    Epic NOOB Day ago

    Seeing a 152mm round deflect off watermelons, it seems difficult to believe tanks can actually destroy things.

  • Kadoc
    Kadoc Day ago

    1969 f/s = 2160 km/h = 600 m/s

    • Kadoc
      Kadoc Day ago

      (1343 mph)

  • J Leo
    J Leo Day ago

    A Tiger II would have been awesome to watch

  • Виталий Яроцкий

    Видно как при вилете со среза жопу снаряда подкидывает, это что, недостаток поясков или в целом устаревшая конструкция?

  • Techno Bass
    Techno Bass Day ago

    Какие на хер "танки стреляют". Пиздоболы бл

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Day ago

    What You’re British, where’s the fokin Churchill

  • Birsa88
    Birsa88 Day ago

    блин что у вас за заряды такие, что пороха нормально не сгорают ?

  • The new Sargeant Jake

    Actually the second gun that you shot which was the artillery Cannon wasn't the biggest gun in the world there is bigger like the Gustav Cannon and many other German guns and world war II were 10 times bigger than this


    No sorry I didn't see the tank it was camouflage.

  • Mr. Sgushenka
    Mr. Sgushenka Day ago

    Мэтью уничтожал свой пикап на этом же стрельбище.

  • Виталий Чижиков

    хуета а не танк


    RIP C-stands

  • UFCMania155
    UFCMania155 Day ago

    They didn't even fire any German tanks or guns lol

  • Lindberg Luiz
    Lindberg Luiz Day ago

    Simply Amazing.....

  • The Federation
    The Federation Day ago +2

    The slow mo guys: 10:56 This is actually the largest cannon in the world.
    Grille-15: Hold my beer

  • King Kong
    King Kong Day ago

    Where ist the Tiger 1 ?

  • John Spencer
    John Spencer Day ago

    20mm holes in the turret of that sherman

  • Серёжка Сухой

    То есть с помощью нескольких арбузиков можно остановить первые выстрелы огромных пушек, хммм...

  • DEATHMAN 227
    DEATHMAN 227 Day ago

    At 8:46 it almost looks like a cg effect from a show

  • dylan spin
    dylan spin Day ago

    imagine if a random animal got hit with that XD he didnt expect that

  • Max Popko
    Max Popko Day ago

    Could You use a filled Shell, i Think its interesting to See the damage of the guns.

  • Diziel
    Diziel 2 days ago

    Какого хрена заголовок на русском, а видео без перевода????

  • Fedor
    Fedor 2 days ago

    слышится только... рикошет...

  • John C
    John C 2 days ago +1

    Of course you missed, it’s a Russian 152mm gun, derp

  • Gnas 189
    Gnas 189 2 days ago

    I wish it was a tiger tank.

  • Maks Chizhey
    Maks Chizhey 2 days ago

    да вы КВ-2 не слышали

  • Disidencia Descontrolada

    Amazing!! 120mm??

  • マチル
    マチル 2 days ago

    This is interesting?
    I don't know the meaning of

  • Ґля Бандит
    Ґля Бандит 2 days ago

    next time use barrel aim, we are do it if optic don't working

  • Mr Pirate
    Mr Pirate 2 days ago

    Awesmeness as always :) 3:36 that round is yawing like crazy at 100m from the muzzle, I wonder if thats down to the manufacture? no way would that gun be a reliably accurate or effective AT weapon with that going on surely

  • Douglas Mac Fury
    Douglas Mac Fury 2 days ago

    Next Video :Ambush With Tiger 131

  • 05 50
    05 50 2 days ago

    Try the high explosives ammo

  • beadsman13
    beadsman13 2 days ago

    This is why russian build this gun to shoot enemy watermelons :)

  • Jochald
    Jochald 2 days ago

    They are thinking that this gun has an impressiv shockwave. Just look at a german pak 40 with its 75mm gun. You could also watch a Panther firing its 75mm but thats not possible i think.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 2 days ago

      The _PaK 40_ was a slightly capable gun than the _76mm. Gun M1._

    METAL CHANNEL 2 days ago

    So... The Germans just needed to put some watermelons on their tanks to protect them from Russian shells xD

  • Igor D
    Igor D 2 days ago

    15:15 😊😊😊👍😍😍😍😍

  • chris gentry
    chris gentry 2 days ago

    M4 Sherman vs a toyota Prius.

  • Pilik
    Pilik 2 days ago +1

    Дизлайки поставили арбузы

  • Rodrigo Melotto
    Rodrigo Melotto 2 days ago

    TIL, how to brush the hair with style

  • to do
    to do 2 days ago

    Isn't it the M4A3E8 and not M4A2E8?

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 2 days ago

      Nope, _A2._ though the video doesn't present the engine deck well, you get to see the engine deck in _Demolition Ranch's_ video at the same location, using the same tank from about two years ago. You can see its two-piece exhaust vent at the rear, and the six oil-caps on the engine deck.

  • B RT
    B RT 2 days ago

    water melon armor

  • rredhawk
    rredhawk 2 days ago

    Looks like they need a different shell for the Sherman. That or a Sherman with a barrel that has a higher twist rate. Those shots do not look good for accuracy.

  • SuN Storm
    SuN Storm 2 days ago

    You think that’s big? Try and get slo mo from a USS Iowa class battleship. More then likely not going to happen, but would be awesome if you could.

  • Christian Caoili
    Christian Caoili 2 days ago +1

    that’s a tank?
    i just thought it was a car with treads and a gun

  • ytwos1
    ytwos1 2 days ago

    WoW! One of the best USclip vids i’ve ever seen. So, should tanks drop armour and in stead just have a 5 meter deep water bath surround them (with self sealing material keeping the water in). Wouldn,t that stop Any round?

  • Алекс Пиковец

    What these morons shoot from the D-20? This howitzer gun has a separate cartridge loading, and they showed a unitary shot. Fake.

  • Derrick Martin
    Derrick Martin 2 days ago

    only gun video on you tube with ads.

  • Axiven Dias
    Axiven Dias 2 days ago

    Crazy stuff

  • Soviet Red
    Soviet Red 2 days ago +16

    What have we learned kids?
    Russians make the best fun guns

  • David Hanes
    David Hanes 3 days ago

    Amazing video I wish them to use different ammunition types id loved to see HE, HEAT APFSDS or APDS and a smoke shell but still great video I think it’s amazing what the 152mm round did to the melon without even touching it just the blast we need that in video games

  • 岩橋正治
    岩橋正治 3 days ago +1


  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf 3 days ago

    Is that 1/5 charge?
    You read much worse in the war books.
    People believing their tank has been hit, only because the muzzle bore of another tank with muzzle breaker hit them.
    People killing soldiers with their tank's bore by shooting off-target.
    And more.
    They shouldn't swindle.
    Too little propellant, mass and velocity. That's why it got deflected.
    Still, good video!

  • Akmal Komradz
    Akmal Komradz 3 days ago

    This video sponsered by world of tanks

  • Thanoran Than
    Thanoran Than 3 days ago

    und wo ist jetzt der Panzer? :P

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed 3 days ago

    I know this type. It was the easiest food for (Tiger tanks)😏

  • Harambeee Jr
    Harambeee Jr 3 days ago +1

    That sound from the last shot is actually how it bounced of
    Basically a rapid speed in change of direction

  • Kai Turner
    Kai Turner 3 days ago +12

    Me, an intellectual: Watches the video at 0.25x playback.

  • Rainen Sierra
    Rainen Sierra 3 days ago

    Ah Easy8! A liberator of Korea

  • dgodz Mobile Legends

    the sound of the predator

  • barking dog
    barking dog 3 days ago

    Un des pire char de la ww2

  • Nabz Du Terrier
    Nabz Du Terrier 3 days ago +4

    Shell velocity is not higher than Concorde cruise speed. Impressive !

  • Haytham Kenway
    Haytham Kenway 3 days ago

    Sherman xD Biggest Trash USA ever used. The only Reason why the Americans have won so many Tank Battles is because the german Tanks didnt had enough Ammo for every Sherman.

    • White343
      White343 19 hours ago

      The Germans didn't have enough ammo but still can't defeat a single Sherman, but the Sherman still works though, gone into repairs and fight again with the old crew and one fresh new crew member.

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 2 days ago

      What nonsense are you on about?

  • ökx tån
    ökx tån 3 days ago

    😂😅😆 full watermelons jackets for the next war...

  • Holden Cross
    Holden Cross 3 days ago

    M4 was crab lol

  • jako ja
    jako ja 3 days ago

    I want to see a tiger I

  • xoán t4nquex
    xoán t4nquex 3 days ago +1

    Sí hubieran sabido esto en la segunda guerra mundial veríamos muchos blindajes de melones espaciados.